by Patrick H. Moore

Those of us who are getting a bit long in the tooth or have even reached the backside of 30 probably remember that unforgettable day when Jared Fogle first burst upon the scene. In 1999, Jared lost 245 pounds in less than a year, going from an alarming 425 pounds with a 60″ waist to 180 pounds with a 34″ waist.

I’m sure most of us felt good for Jared. His was a tale of overcoming a severe life-threatening “disease”; not only that, he apparently greatly enjoyed eating those delicious Subway sandwiches.

jar2By 2000, he was the celebrity spokesperson for Subway, with dramatic “before and after” shots, and also appeared on Oprah and the Today show. No fool (at least we assumed he was no fool), he also earned a business degree at Indiana University.

During the next few years, Jared inspired a Jimmy Fallon parody and a South Park episode. Around that time, a long term Subway employee stated that Jared’s positive impact on Subway sales was completely unprecedented.

During subsequent years, Jared at times packed back on a few of the pounds he had so manfully shed, but hey, who could blame him – he was famous and undeniably prosperous, although not quite as svelte as he had been back when he first became a fixture on our T.V. screens.

Now, I make no claim to labor under the curse/blessing of clairvoyance, but despite Jared’s smashing success, I always sensed that there was something a bit odd about the guy; I couldn’t put my finger on what it was but every time I saw a Jared commercial, I thought: “There’s something about Jared.”

Now it goes without saying that many of us have our share of dark secrets and/or skeletons in our respective closets. As some of you may have sensed, even Old Man Mo’ is (or at least has been) far from an angel at times.

One thing we followers of true crime probably have in common is the sense that we humans, as a species, are conspicuously flawed. Members of our benighted species rape, cheat, lie, steal and murder, and some folks manage to do all of these things.

jar5But in the case of Brother Jared, I certainly never expected him to dramatically fall from grace in such appalling fashion; I just sensed the dude was a little different. But fall from grace he certainly has… On Wednesday in Federal Court in the Southern District of Indiana, Jared expressed his intention to plead guilty to one count of distributing and receiving child pornography and one count of crossing state lines in order to engage in sexual acts with minors. Both counts of conviction carry five year minimum sentences and much higher maximum sentences.

In his Plea Agreement, the parties have thrown out the Federal Sentencing Guidelines and instead agree on the following: The Government promises to ask for no more than a 151 month sentence; Jared agrees to ask for no less than a 60 month sentence, which is the least he can serve by law based on the mandatory minimums. In addition, Jared has agreed to pay $1.4 million in restitution to ten female minor victims.

jar3Based on the evidence, it seems certain that Jared’s “hands-on” victims were all teenagers. No one seems to be implying that he sought out “little children”. Thus, he does not appear to fall into the classic pedophilia category. His partner is crime, however, Russell Taylor, possessed a large number of videos of children in sexually compromising situations, videos that were filmed with hidden cameras. The children were reportedly unaware that they were being filmed in a lascivious manner by Mr. Taylor and his cameras.

In short, it was a “sneak operation”. It’s unclear to me how Mr. Taylor managed to arrange all of this. What is known is the fact Jared received videos depicting these children in sexual poses from Mr. Taylor on numerous occasions and had them in his possession when his house was raided.

jar4My sense is that Jared is likely to receive a sentence of at least 10 years in Federal prison. Because of the nature of his crime, he will not be allowed to serve his time at a Federal prison camp (Club Fed). He is likely to be housed with other sex offenders for his own protection. Sex offenders in Federal custody rarely have to worry about being beaten or killed by other self-righteous inmates. Rather, they wile away their weary hours in the company of others not unlike themselves; in short, they gaze into a sort of mirror from which there is no escape as long as they are imprisoned.

Once released, Jared, like all sex offenders, will have to register with the proper authorities. In theory, he will never be free of surveillance/scrutiny. Thus, even if he gets 10 years or less, he will never again be a truly free man. And keep in mind, although it’s somewhat unlikely, the judge could give Jared a sentence far in excess of the 151 months the Government will be requesting.

* * * * *

So where does this leave us? Very simple. If you or you or you have a problem with desiring children below the age of consent, even if it’s “just” looking at pictures, you need to get help ASAP. That’s just the way it is. Do not pass go. Do not tell yourself, “This is the last time.” Once is already one time too many.

Most of us have weaknesses, obsessions, bad habits, if you will. In most instances, these bad habits will not destroy our lives, or if they do, the destruction will be slow, albeit perhaps painful. But if you suffer from the sexual vice, your demise when apprehended will be fast, dramatic and horrific. Get help while you still can, my friend. Seriously. After all, you don’t want to shake hands with Jared in the sex offenders’ wing of one of our Federal prisons, do you????


5 Responses to Jared Fogle’s Disastrous Fall from Grace

  1. Pam Harper-Smith says:

    Yes, I am one of the long in the tooth readers! Birthday less than 2 months! I also remember when he hit the airways. Now days, there are tv realities re the 600 lb person, actually from Houston, father & son bariatric surgeons. However, he was the first, and I always liked subways! Did he have bariatric surgery? I’m not shocked, surprised when I see someone arrested such as he was. My take, because he was always morbidly obese, he was never a teenager with girlfriends, when he lost the weight, he was stuck in the ’60’s as we used to say. His kids have to deal with this knowledge all their lives. Sooner or later, Pedophiles get outed. but not after the trauma inflicted on children. I hope your advice is followed by anyone that see themselves in this story. Acting on their desires will only have a horrific outcome. I’ve seen that sex-offenders wing when my sister worked there. Not a good place to be. Thanks for this most important message, Patrick.

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      You’re right. Generally these offenders will be caught sooner or later, as, of course, they need to be.

      Excellent comment, Pam. THX very much.

  2. Rick says:

    Great post, Patrick. Now I know why I haven’t seen Jared on TV for the last month or so. . . Unlike you, I never really got a creepy feeling about Jared, other than that he seemed like a nerd. I especially feel for his wife and kids, who now have to acknowledge that their husband/father is a sexual deviant. I suppose that Jared’s family feels much the same way now as that of Josh Duggar, who has been revealed not only as a pedophile who abused his sisters but also a lecherous husband who trolled on Ashley Madison.

    The only solace that the families of Jared and Josh Duggar can take from their situations is that their patriarch at least isn’t a serial killer. . . (so long as we know) :)

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      I don’t know why I was onto that fact Jared was, shall we say, a bit on the weird side. Just one of those feelings you try to ignore.

  3. Matty says:

    My hat is off to your astute command over this toao-cbrpvi!

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