We here at All Things Crime Blog extend a warm welcome to Yalonda Laugh. Yalonda is a Karla Homolka super-sleuth and is the main author of this post. We thank her for digging deep and providing us with a fascinating depiction of Karla’s childhood.

by Yalonda Laugh with analysis from Patrick H. Moore

tedThe question of who Karla Homolka really is has baffled people all across Canada and the United States (and the rest of the world) ever since the trial of Paul Bernardo in February 1993 , when the ex-accountant from Price Waterhouse and soon to be ex-husband of Homolka was arrested for the rapes and murders of Canadian schoolgirls Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French. Followers of this compelling case are universally aware that in return for testifying at trial against Bernardo, Homolka received what many consider to be a “sweetheart” plea deal, a mere 12 years in prison. Bernardo, on the other hand, received the maximum term allowable by Canadian law — life imprisonment. Karla Homolka currently resides in Guadeloupe in the West Indies with her husband and three young children. She has for all intents and purposes reinvented herself. Is she happy? No one really knows except perhaps those closest to her. Does she sleep well at night? Again, no one knows.

What is known, however, is that Karla Homolka is despised by a great numbers of followers of this case, detested with an almost visceral hatred. The cause of this virulent hatred appears to be the fact that Karla is perceived as having been a “normal child” who enjoyed a “normal upbringing” in “normal circumstances.” Therefore, according to this line of thought, she had absolutely no reason or excuse for turning into a conscienceless rapist and murderess. It’s as if your next door neighbor for purely gratuitous reasons decided to rape and murder for the sheer sport of it. Is this view of Karla as a “normal” person who engaged in truly horrific conduct out of sheer self-indulgence accurate? This is the question we will explore in this inquiry. Or as researcher and co-author Yalonda Laugh expresses so pithily:

littleHow could a smart, head-strong young woman from St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada align herself with school-girl killer and Scarborough Rapist Paul Bernardo? That has been the key question informing this frustrating case since Homolka’s plea deal was first made public on May 14, 1993 . Who was Karla Leanne Homolka? Were there clues in her childhood and early years that signaled what she was to become and why she would ultimately be considered “the most hated woman in North America?”

Let us take a journey toward this destination so that each reader can decide for him or herself:

Karla Leanne Homolka was born on May 4, 1970 to Czechoslovakian immigrant Karel Homolka and Dorothy Seger of Ontario. Karel made a living as a traveling salesman, selling black velvet paintings and lighting fixtures from the sidewalks of shopping centers and malls.

Karla Homolka was asthmatic which resulted in frequent hospitalization during her childhood. Her attacks seemed to be triggered by any type of situation where she felt excited or frightened, such as birthdays, holidays or the first day of school.

According to Karla’s mother Dorothy, this obstacle didn’t stop little Karla from blossoming. She walked and talked at an early age. In the 3rd grade, Karla was given an IQ test in which she scored a quotient of 131, which demonstrated conclusively that she was indeed a very bright girl. (For the sake of reference, an IQ score of 135 is associated with the 98th percentile.)  Karla’s teachers described her as “eager” and “a good student.”

kayOne of Karla’s friends from the second grade at Parnell Public School notes that at this early age she was constantly drawing houses. She was always the first one to be seated at her desk, the first one back from recess and the first one to start her work. She seemed almost fanatical when drawing her little houses and was preoccupied with, even unnaturally intent, on staying within the lines.

Thus, this early snapshot of Karla seems to reveal that at a tender age she was already obsessive, but not in a bad way — a hard worker and a perfectionist, more focused perhaps on pleasing the authority figures than on conforming to the expectations of her peers.

Karla showed a soft spot for animals, even at this young age. Once when some boys on the playground were tormenting a beetle with a stick, Karla rushed to the aid of the insect and screamed: “You shouldn’t kill it. It’s wrong to kill anything.”

As she got to know her better, Karla’s new friend started to see that she was a bit bossy and wanted things to be done her way. She wanted to be pushed on the swings, she wanted to go down the slide first, and she demanded that her new friend come spend time with her at her home on Linwell Road. The friend couldn’t help wondering how much the two girls really had in common. At that stage, Karla dressed only in pink frilly dresses and was downright prissy, while the friend was a tomboy — a hockey fan in the best Canadian barbtradition. The friend wasn’t surprised when she arrived at the Homolka residence and found Karla waiting for her with with over a dozen Barbie and Ken dolls. Karla told her friend that everything about her Barbies was, and had to be, perfect: their clothes, their hair, even their undergarments. The friend recalls Karla fantasizing that one day she would have the perfect life which would include a handsome husband not unlike Ken. In retrospect, it wasn’t much of a play-date for the friend. Karla insisted on rigidly controlling the game. She decided what the Barbies did, where they went, what they wore and what words came out of their little Barbie mouths. When her friend suggested new or different story lines,  Karla reacted huffily and immediately put the Barbies away .

Based on this evidence, it is clear that at the age of 7 or 8, Karla was bossy, controlling and obsessive. This early pattern of selfishness was, of course, her bete noire which would ultimately lead herto the take part in committing the awful crimes that shocked the world.

The friend’s dog Buster hated everyone on the planet except for little Karla, who seemed to have a way with animals. Karla claimed that she had a dog named Lester, an obvious falsehood, which drew stares from the family. Strangely, around this time, animal lover Karla decided it would be fun to make a pillowcase parachute and toss her friend’s hamster out of an upper story bedroom window. The parachute malfunctioned and the hamster hit the ground hard and died two weeks later. After the hamster had been interred for a while, Karla decided it would be fun to dig up the little pet’s corpse and see what the decomposed body looked like. She stared at it for a long time and then exclaimed: “GROSS”.

This behavior is, of course, somewhat reminiscent of Jeffrey Dahmer and his well-known obsession with dead and decomposing bodies. The killing of the hamster could be termed an accidental homicide, or perhaps an involuntary manslaughter. In any event, it appears to be the first time Karla killed a living creature and is an early example of her rapidly-evolving penchant for cruelty.

When she was 10, Karla accompanied a friend, whom she later gifted with a booked called Brainchild, by noted behaviorist B.F. Skinner,  to the park to play baseball one afternoon. While the friend played, Karla became fascinated with a small girl playing in the outfield. The girl arms were deformed, half the normal length. Karla walked up to the girl’s brother and shouted: “Your sister’s a freak. She’s creepy looking. She’s got seal arms and belongs in a zoo.” This made the boy and the small girl cry. Karla clearly got satisfaction out of making the two cry. This incident also reveals her growing pleasure in hurting others.

At around the age of 12, Karla became obsessed with the Hardy Boys and the Nancy Drew mysteries. She bought a crime fighting kit and vowed that she would grow up to be a policeman(woman).

Karla and her friend met again when they were approximately 13. Karla had asked if she could bring her Barbie dolls over, but her friend had stated they were getting too old to be playing with dolls. They met up at Grace Lutheran Church and to her surprise, the friend noticed that Karla was hardly dressed in Barbie-like fashion:

On the contrary, she was dressed in black from head-to-toe, and was wearing black Doc Marten boots. Also noticeable was Karla’s new hairstyle. Gone was her beautiful naturally golden hair replaced by a multi-colored look. Her teeth seemed defective which Karla blamed on her asthma medication. The friend recalls that Karla seemed distant and moody and barely smiled. She wore dark eye makeup and black nail polish and seemed to be affecting a Goth look.

littler3Friends at Ferndale Public School have noted that Karla loved shocking people by screaming obscenities for no reason. She was the only one of her peers to talk back to her parents and slam doors during arguments. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was the parent and who was the child. Friend Lisa Stanton described Karla as loud and stubborn and willful. She refused to ever admit that she could possibly be wrong and never backed down on anything for any reason:

“You couldn’t push her into anything. It didn’t matter if you were a parent, teacher, friend or stranger, Karla always spoke her mind. If she was mad about something she would let you know about it.”

Some sources have remarked  that Karla was a daddy’s girl most of the time. If her mother Dorothy refused to give her what she wanted, she would simply ask dear old daddy Karel. However, when Karel drank he had the bad habit of calling Karla a whore or a slut. This, however, was only after Karla had begun dating Paul. Karel was the only man in a house full of strong-willed women and he would often retreat to the basement when he felt outnumbered. Karla and her younger sister Lori were known to scream “Fuck off” at Karel and they would call him “a dumb Czech” when they didn’t get their way. Karla, however, was kind and attentive to Lori. When Lori was sick with the flu and Karla’s parents were gone for the day, Karla gave Lori a little bell to ring whenever she needed something or merely wanted attention.

The summer before high school Karla began cruising around town with her friends. Karla had the audacity to would wave at boys in cars whom she felt were attractive. She had no compunction about striking up conversations with complete strangers.

Once Karla entered high school, she exhibited all the usual symptoms of a typical depressed adolescent, albeit a boy-crazy depressed adolescent. She anguished over the opposite sex. She told her friends that boys were her main concern and that school was a drag. Her style of dress grew increasingly non-conforming. She wore long johns and boxer shorts complete with ballet slippers to Sir Winston Churchill Secondary School, which made her stand out like a sore thumb. The school was considered to be mainly a preppy school  and the majority of the students were well-off. Karla didn’t try to hide the fact that she disliked the preps and the diehard preps hated her. Karla gave the impression that she really didn’t care what anyone thought of her. She was bound and determined to be her own person.

Friend Kevin Jacoby remembers Karla as open and honest. She was seen as someone weird or different who didn’t hold back and always said whatever was on her mind.

Once in high school, Karla seemed to live in two worlds and certainly exhibited mood swings. Her friends recall that at times she seemed elated and would speak enthusiastically about going to university, becoming a veterinarian or an undercover police officer. At other times, she would hardly speak at all for weeks at a time. Karla often spoke about killing herself and once revealed a small slit moving horizontally across her wrist. If it was a suicide attempt, it was a feeble attempt and her friends remarked that they were sure that it was just to get attention. Karla also claimed that she had tried to overdose on sleeping pills. Her peers struggled to understand how someone as vain as Karla, who was constantly looking at herself in the mirror and fixing their hair, could apparently have such contempt for their own life.

Karla talked frequently about her favorite movies which were mostly horror flicks. “Friday the 13th” made a big impression on her and she loved the story line about young virgins being slashed and hacked up by a psychopath.

Karla got a part-time job at the Number One Pet Center, feeding and watering the animals.

Kevin Jacoby remembers Karla phoning frequently, crying and depressed. She complained of her volatile relationship at home with her father who was frequently drunk. She described fights between her parents and her fights with her mother. “Everything she did or said was taken in the worst possible way when Karel was drinking.”

In contrast to this picture of a depressed, negative and brooding Karla, her mother Dorothy described Karla as smart, sweet ,active, fun-loving, outgoing, a leader, an instigator, academically and socially successful, and always surrounded by friends. She liked quiet time to recharge her batteries and loved to read and think. Dorothy did admit, however:

“Mind you, something did change when Karla got to high school.”

During this period, Karel Homolka told Lynda Wollis that he was in love with her and wanted to leave Dorothy. Lynda told him to go home and keep his mouth shut. Apparently, Karel failed to do so. In any event, Dorothy went to Lynda the next day and told her:

“You could save my marriage if you sleep with both of us.” Nobody knows exactly how this might have affected Karla or if she even knew, but it was well-known that Karel was called “The Pervert” at the Shaver faith-based geriatric clinic where Dorothy worked.

Karla developed an interest in the occult when she entered high school. Her friend Amanda said they would burn candles and incense and talk about spirits and the “Screaming Tunnels” which were near the railroad tracks outside of town. Karla placed ads in the papers to buy a Ouija Board.

Friend Debbie Purdie stated: “When we were in high school she was a little rebel. Nobody ever told Karla what to do (or what to think). She was her own person and her own boss.”

Karla studied music and took voice lessons but she would not sing in front of the class. Friends noticed strange circles carved into Larla’s arms and filled in with nail polish. Karla inscribed in a book, Michelle Remembers, which is about satanism, sexual abuse and the repressed memory syndrome:

“There is always something more left to say.”

Karla admitted that in Grade 10, she smoked dope and experimented with white crosses, an upper of mild to moderate strength..

Karla once told her friend Tracy Collins, “You know what I’d like to do…..? I’d like to put dots all over somebody’s body and take a knife and then play connect the dots and then pour vinegar all over them.” Tracy dutifully reported that to her parents who, logically enough, would no longer let her associate with Karla. They said she was strange and domineering and that Tracy’s grades had slipped during the period of their friendship.

badKarla dated a boy named Doug in Grade 12. He found her to be moody and consumed with the thought of death. She was constantly threatening suicide. When Doug moved to — of all places Kansas — Karla, against her parents’ wishes, flew there to visit him. Karla admitted to drinking “Purple Jesus” grain alcohol and snorting cocaine. Karla told her friends she that she had lost her virginity with Doug and described a shocking — and unlikely scene — that involved bondage, dog collars, extremely dirty talk (at least for middle-class teenagers), and strangulation. According to the more conventionally-minded Doug, they had only had normal sex. As Karla related the story to her friends, they noticed that she was detached and displayed no emotion. They wondered who she would get involved with next time. It was clear by this point that unless something or someone stopped her, Karla was heading toward a place that very few of us would like to visit.

At the end of senior year Karla inscribed a friend’s yearbook: “Remember: Suicide kicks and fasting is awesome. Bones rule ! Death Rules ! Death Kicks ! I love death ! Kill the fucking world! “

Oddly, while all of this was going on, Karla and her friends Debbie Purdie, Kathy Wilson and Lisa Stanton formed the Exclusive Diamond Club. Their goal was to recruit rich, good-looking older men, obtain the coveted diamond, marry and live happily ever after.

Friend Kathy Wilson remarked on the fact that Karla was “the tough one of the group.” She kept a pair of handcuffs hanging on her bedroom wall and told friends she was going to become a police officer.

Analysis by Patrick H. Moore:

deadIt is my understanding that many followers of Karla seem to believe that she was the product of a normal upbringing and seem to hold that fact against her as if the products of middle-class homes are given less latitude for aberrant behavior than individuals who are reared in less-privileged environments. It is certainly true that Karla’s family was economically comfortable. Both parents worked and she lived in a decent house in a good neighborhood. However, there are clear signs that her family was at least somewhat dysfunctional. Her father was a heavy drinker, probably an alcoholic, and was reportedly abusive when drunk. There appears to have been an ongoing power struggle within the family as Karla’s father Karel wrestled with the demands of the four strong females with whom he lived. It is also perhaps strange that Karla’s mother Dorothy, when confronted with her husband’s infidelity, suggested they have a threesome as a way to salvage their marriage.

The vast majority of children, however, who grow up in problematic households, do not become rapists and murderers, or even criminals for that matter. Karla’s choice of Paul Bernardo as a partner in crime cannot be explained by her upbringing.

As a child, however, Karla exhibited definite signs that she was not entirely “normal.” The fact that she killed her friend’s hamster by “parachuting” it out of a second story window is not in itself that damning. After all, kids frequently do odd things and she was for the most part an animal lover. However, the fact she dug the hamster’s corpse up after a few weeks in the ground to examine the ongoing decomposition is very unusual and reminds this commentator of Jeffrey Dahmer’s penchant for observing bodies in various decayed states.

kayBy the time Karla had entered the Canadian equivalent of middle school, she had begun exhibiting anti-social tendencies. Her choice of the Goth look and various other non-conforming modes of dress suggest an insecure individual desperate for attention. From the time she entered high school, Karla was clearly depressed, perhaps dangerously so. Her suicide attempt(s) was a red flag that something was seriously wrong, as was her habit of carving peculiar decorations into her arms. The fact that she expressed her desire to play “connect the dots” with a knife on other people’s bodies should have been a warning that she was harboring dangerous fantasies, as was her choice of highly unconventional reading material. Her crowning indication of “strangeness” was her claim that when she lost her virginity with Doug, they engaged in “bondage, dog collars, extremely dirty talk (at least for middle-class teenagers), and strangulation.”

happyBased on my ten years of experience in working with criminals, there is no doubt in my mind that by the time Karla had completed high school, she was was a soul teetering on the edge of the abyss. Could it have been predicted with any certainty that she would turn into a rapist and serial killer? Of course not. Based on her domineering personality and penchant for darkness, however, it does not seem at all surprising that she was drawn to Paul Bernardo who appears to have shared many of these same qualities. I would posit that once Karla and Paul were together, they brought out the worst in each other with the result being that Leslie Mahaffy, Kristen French and Karla’s sister Tammi suffered horrible and entirely unnecessary fates.

Was Karla a normal child? The answer is a resounding “NO!”

Note: The quotations in the factual basis of this analysis of Karla Homolka’s childhood are derived from Stephen Williams’ “Invisible Darkness,” Nick Pron’s “Lethal Marriage,” and Alan Cairns and Scott Burnside’s “Deadly Innocence,” all of which have been widely disseminated and serve as valuable research tools for Karla followers.

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78 Responses to Was Karla Homolka a Normal Child? The Answer Is a Resounding No.

  1. dotty says:

    Interesting details, never seen them before, thanks…

    The play with the barbies… not sure, if it was “bossy”, that other ideas and thoughts were not permitted… when a child, it was possibly so, that she KNEW EXACTLY what she wanted… she KNEW the life, what the barbies “feel”, what they like and what is their character… maybe she had a real, well thought-through world in her mind… this makes it just too difficult to listen to stupid other ideas, which don’t fit… its quite normal for many people… but what ispossibly not “normal” is that fully thought through universe the barbies lived in… she was dreaming a lot…

    She didnt throw the hamser out of the window (murder), he had a real chance with the parachute (from a childs perspective)… not every parachutist survives, particularly when on the prototype… i think this wasn’t extraordinary “strange”, as she didn’t repeat the experiment, after the hamster died…

    With the deformed child on the playground…not sure, if it was intended to make them cry (in the first place)… it rather seems to upsets her, to see deformed or sick people… as it did with the decomposing hamster – that’s why it bothered her so much, that she would dig him out – she was expecting him to look “gross”, but didn’t know how gross and as the gross with peoples or animals looks is important and much on her mind, she needed to verify the thing…
    — She likes the perfect beauty… with the ken and the barbies…
    — She much dislikes anything other than beauty… (much more than “average” people do)…

    The rest of her doings and not-doings – until she met bernardo – sounds fairly normal… most have such phases in life…

    Personally, i thought it was Carla who killed the girls.. bernardo was obsessed with controlling and inflicted pain… he was apparently a sadist… but Carla killed them – imo… the girls were looking ugly, after days of being raped, being pervertly tortured… they were mourning in pain, crying… they possibly had horrible looking wounds… Carla had reason to kill them… the whole thing turned into something entirely “unbeautiful”… nothing, Carla wants to have around… the other reason could be jelousy and hatred: she constantly had to share girls with her husband… she couldn’t do anything about it… she was not enough for him… and there was always the danger, he might get to like one more than her…

    • Patrick H. Moore says:

      Perhaps Karla’s obsession with deformity, the strange and the unnatural is what led her to become fully engrossed in such unnatural actions later on once she had linked up with Paul Bernardo. You’re certainly right that — at least early on in her life — she seemed to be obsessed with perfection.

    • Christine says:

      Really? I’ve read most of this in Nick Pron’s and Alan Cairn’s books. Nothing new here.

    • Kellie K says:

      Your opinion: “…The rest of her doings and not-doings – until she met bernardo – sounds fairly normal… most have such phases in life…”
      I wholeheartedly disagree. I never met budding psychopaths such as Karla, during my “phases in life.”
      As soon as I read about her childhood I was repulsed at how evil she was even then. It’s clearly evident that the monster Karla was far from normal, even as a child.
      What she did on that playground by her cruelty, aimed at the boy and his “deformed” little sister, is very telling of Karla’s maladjusted/maladaptive behavior.

      • Karla Holmoka says:

        I see your point that the things she did as a child reflected what she became but with that being said, I don’t know what kind of childhood you had, but me and everyone I know has had such phases so I have to wholeheartedly disagree. But again, that’s not saying that those actions and “phases” are going to reflect what I turn into, that’s rarely ever the case.

    • Karla Holmoka says:

      You’re entirely right. He really had no motive to kill them except for the mere fact that they may escape and go straight to the police. She had way more motives. Watching her husband rape other girls in front of her for hours just to make him happy? Obviously she’s going to kill them. Anyone who thinks differently needs to reevaluate the whole situation. Most people think she’s some innocent girl who was completely under the influence of Paul, but she played just as big a part as him. Also to add, I do believe that Paul has a least committed murder once, BUT on the contrary, Karla definitely played that role more so then him.

    • Karla Holmoka says:

      And to add on, I believe they both brought out the worst in each other. Of course she may have lived a perfect life, crime free, without Paul, but not saying he should be the one entirely at fault. Tammy for example, her death was indeed an accident but… the danger was gone… at least for Tammy… You can see how she had no care in the world, dressing up in her sisters clothes and having sex with him on her dead sisters bed, whilst Paul was at least in mourning… a psychotic mourning but as much so.

    • Ruth says:

      I dont believe jealousy was her motive. Since begining she didn’t find Paul disturbing, and rather seemed to feed his sadistic fantasies. She didn’t seem to be senselessly in love either and dropped him at first sign of trouble (ie. Being caught) and immediately doing everything to save herself.
      I read about her life in prison, and various accounts by her psychiatrist, she sounds like a psychopath. So if anything , her motive could have simply been thrill seeking.
      Paul being with her just made it worse for her, bought out her criminal tedencies,but again where did these tedencies come from ? Is this possible growing up in a “normal”wealthy house? Because if it possible, they would be a hell lot smarter, and their wealth would keep them out of prison.

  2. dotty says:

    What a horror for a women, when her beloved and adored husband shows a strong sexual interest in her younger sister… as bernardo did with carlas younger sister tammy…

    tammy was (apparently) their first common victim, her death during the rape might have been an “accident”…
    after tammy was dead, the danger was gone – for carla…

    • Patrick H. Moore says:

      This was all part of Karla’s innately cruel nature. Whatever her feelings of jealousy may have been, she was willing to drug her sister and watch and take part in raping her.

  3. dotty says:

    You’re certainly right that — at least early on in her life — she seemed to be obsessed with perfection.

    I dont think she was obsessed with „perfection“, but obsessed with the „gross“ things – they just aint right…

    She had a strong imaginary world… of course, you don’t catch the big fish when being deformed or quite ugly… no, you can’t fulfill the dreams, a young girl has, when being not in possession of the “allright” looks…
    thats not only for barbies true… i dont think, the barbies “changed” anything in her, but they might have made her understanding, that your not on the sunny side of things, when something is wrong with you…
    its possibly not fancy dresses or the perfect beauty, it could be general good looks, of course healthyness, and a strong, confident personality – bernardo…

    Deformed or “gross” looks could mean for Carla – these people are deprived of the right to live that dream or any life, that is worthing to be lived…
    You can’t have a happy life, when not being “allright”… and that upsets her… she is the one who was quite out to help others, wanted to become a police officer, a veterinary, though, not a nurse…

    What would she have done, if bernardo had have an accident, losing a leg? Imo, she would have dropped him NOT – she would have killed him… euthanasia…

    • Patrick H. Moore says:

      Whatever Karla’s personal response to deformity may have been, the fact she chose to make fun of and harass the person with the short arms demonstrates her innately cruel nature.

      • americanocd138 says:

        Years of work as a behaviour analyst leads me to state that Karla, in finding strangeness in a deformed child, was no different than the majority of children of the same age and socio-economic makeup as her. It is 100% NORMAL for a child to be intrigued by that which they view as grotesque. Alarming, however, is the fact that unlike the majority of children in her position, she didn’t keep these feelings to herself but rather vocalized get viewed on this “deformed” child. It is her behaviour, not her personal feelings, about this child that set her apart from others, and is in itself worthy of analysis.
        Other children her age surely would’ve been curious as to why this child on the playground looked different than most but few would openly express their disgust in the manner that Karla did. It is Karla’s inability to resist her internal urges (openly mocking the child, in this case) that set her apart from other kids. This inability to apply “filters” to her speech, and subsequently to her behaviour, is a deficiency that applies not only to the scenario on the playground but to the majority of acts she has committed throughout her life.

        • PatrickHMoore says:

          Very insightful comment. I’ve thought the same thing (lack of impulse control — no effective cognitive/rational monitoring system). Willful in a dangerous way.

      • Kellie K says:

        I agree Patrick. Karla is and always has been a very cruel narcissistic psychopathic witch. That monster would never have been released from Prison if she had committed those atrocious crimes here in the U.S.

        • Karla Holmoka says:

          Kellie, I once again disagree with your perspective on this situation. During that time period even being in U.S., the outcome would have been the exact same. You obviously haven’t fully looked into this whole case. She had a plea deal to help the police catch Paul and expose everything he did, the bodies, etc…. pleading to be all innocent. The police accepted this for the right reasons. That was until, however, they found the videos that told them differently of her “innocence”, to which it was too late since the plea deal had already been signed….

        • Karla Homolka says:

          Perhaps if she hadn’t helped the police, Paul would still be free and more crimes would have been committed.

          • PatrickHMoore says:

            I don’t know whether you are actually Karla Homolka. If you are, “Hello.” If you’re not, “Hello, anyway.” In any event, you make an excellent point. Paul had to be stopped…

  4. dotty says:

    Imo, carla was a fairly normal child… none of us is 100 percent “normal”… her doom was to meet bernardo… the moment they saw each other, they were extremely strongly attracted to each other – on earth shaking moment to both of them… thats not totally unusual, but also doesnt really match the average ecounter on earth… hours later they were in bed…

    Maybe, Carla would have led a “perfectly normal” life, otherwise…
    She would have met her dream guy in life, she was smart and very beautiful… but it was very unlikely to meet him at that young age – then the guys around annoy with extraordinary stupidity, they are unexperienced in everything, they aint confident, secure nor strong… but then she saw bernardo and he was all that – he was with these “skills” very early for his age…

    ..but looking at the people around her, she could have felt like an alien and pretty hopeless in terms of her future…
    with bernardo she might have encountered for the first time in life the guy who met all of her requirements… just too bad, it was also a sadist…

    • Patrick H. Moore says:

      This is a very acute comment. I was just talking about this with a friend and saying that perhaps Karla’s live would have turned out very differently if it hadn’t been her bad luck (and the world’s) for her to meet Paul Bernardo.

      Her combined teenage features of self-hatred and fantasizing about hurting others was rather unusual.

      • Kellie K says:

        Yes, Karla’s childhood and teen year behaviors were very disturbing behavior and very polar of what is normal- as Dottie seems to think.
        Believe me, Karla would be just as sociopathic and a danger to society, with or without having ever met Paul- just as she is now.

        • Karla Holmoka says:

          I have to agree with you for once Kellie lmao. The fact that she was so willing to be involved with Paul, without the use of gradualism just shows that she was just a ticking bomb waiting to go off. She deserves to be locked up with him. After what she did to her sister Tammy, do people really think she doesn’t have the capability to do it again? And to add on, Paul may be getting out in the next couple years due to his new parole deal and if he does what do you think he’s going to do? Go straight after her, and who knows what will happen… She’s still that ticking bomb waiting to, once again, be set off… He has no chance at getting a job or having a successful life, NO ONE would hire him or even be around him, unless he changes his identity, so it’s the only relevant thing. She’s probably waiting for him right now.. Think about her kids as well, when they know who their mom is what do you think is going to happen? On top of that, her insanity genetics have been passed down to them and TO ADD MORE, who the fuck in the right mind would marry someone of under such circumstances.

    • Luscious Twinkle says:

      This is a very naive comment. Its not so much her behaviour as her attitude which is abnormal. She was a sociopath and clearly only displayed empathy to get attention. I think there is more to her family life than has been admitted…..

      • Kellie K says:

        To Luscious Twinkle,
        I agree. That monster showed aberrant behavior as far back as early childhood.
        IMO killer Karla would have committed the same types of heinous crimes whether or not she’d ever have met Paul. As I wrote above, there’s plenty of “Paul’s” she’d have hooked up with.

    • Kellie K says:

      That narcissistic psychopath Karla was far from normal as a child. Quite the opposite. At least here in the U.S. that monster would never be deemed as normal childhood phases regarding her behavior.
      As for blaming Paul for her psychopathic behavior and atrocious truly depraved criminalistic lifestyle and crimes committed- those types of brutal senseless depraved crimes would indeed have occurred- with or without Paul.
      She would have hooked up with with another “Paul” type of monster and he’d be the pawn in taking the fall lest there be a chance of getting caught.
      “Paul’s” are in abundance everywhere. When “Karla’s” and “Paul’s” hookup, that there is triple threat slaughterings in the making.

    • Karla Holmoka says:

      Paul was indeed her dream guy who she always wanted. Clearly you haven’t read through this whole article…

  5. dotty says:

    sorry for writing so much…

    but think of the animals (veterinary), but not nurse…

    animals DONT have the need to be “allright”… of course, life is nicer for them as well, when things are fine, but the “human values” aint really that of the animal kingdom…
    animals can be even more loved by humans, when they are injured…

    so its perfectly fine to help animals, while humans have really lost the game (of life), when things are not “allright”… (?)

  6. dotty says:

    thanks for the replies!

    bernardo was a strong personality, that could take people in easily – as psychopathic people use to do (as they need to)… he didnt tell after a week “lets rape your sister”… more likely, he slowly made her used to “thoughts” of crime and rape…

    she loved her sister much, but when bernardo showed more interest in her than in carla, she must have seen the sister with other eyes… tammy turned into a dangerous competition… and then it took a considerable time, until she only very very reluctantly agreed on the rape… with the method used, that was NOT what was done in other cases (faik), tammy wouldnt have noticed anything of the rape, as she was sedated… she would wake up and have “some pain”, but thats it… and when i remember right, that was carlas precondition for the rape…but it was also her, that made the mistake with the dose…

    very strange is imo, that bernardo allegdly stalked tammy, when she would undress in the evenings (wiki)… carla must have known this… she could have told her sister, just not to do this… one might think, that most women might have done this – talked to the sister, to not provoke any such situations…

    • Patrick H. Moore says:

      Yes, clearly Karla should have protected her sister against Bernardo’s evil desires but she did not. That’s part of what makes her so problematical.

    • satan belial says:

      There is no “normal person”, everybody has different preferences and objectives. The fact that she was selfish does not mean she was not normal,and there is a difference in have satisfaction humilating a person and have satisfaction torturing a person.

      The fact is that a person like Karla could be led to do what she did,especially being led to that by a age of 17, a age that a person does not konw what is better for life and a age that a girl creates ilusions of loving someone.

      For me she abbandoned Paul in the day she realized he didn’t have towards her the same feelings she had towards him.

      • Kellie K says:

        Satan- Karla? Lori?
        Karla was never normal and being a narcissistic psychopath- there was only one chosen path that she wanted to take- and that is the act of brutal savagery and heinous murderings of her prey.

  7. dotty says:

    u know what? maybe the whole tammy thing was, how bernardo got carla in…
    tammy was certainly not that attractive as carla… by far not…
    but he put with the whole thing, he put the maximum horror on carla… her beloved sister was going to destroy her big love !

    was that really what bernardo was up to, what he eventually did with tammy?… nope… certainly, this wasnt what was “usually” on his mind…

    but with tammy, he broke carla…

    • Kellie K says:

      Tammy was not “beloved” by Karla. One doesn’t commit those heinous types of crime against a “beloved” sister period! Not even on a friend or acquaintance.

    • Ruth says:

      he was obsessed with Tammy, peeping into her room and masturbating. I don’t think her not being attractive upto the atandard set by her sister is a fair way to look at it. She was still beautiful, and she was very delicate, naive sort of girl. Someone with sadistic tendencies would like that in a victim. Karla was not delicate naive woman, Paul was dissapointed when he found she was not a virgin. So karla offered Tammy’s virginty to him as a “christmas present” I think this says alot about predatory nature of Paul and Karla’s unashamed readiness.
      Also I don’t believe Karla was tricked into anything. Their second victim was unknown to Paul till the moment Karla drugged and presented her to him, in the bed.

  8. dotty says:

    maybe its possible to add that to the previous comment…

    maybe – bernardo NEVER fancied tammy in any way…
    he did the whole game only to make carla a fair game for his needs…

    blackmailing, manipulating, psycho-terror…

    • JMS says:

      Paul was obsessed with Tammy Homolka. Even after her death. That’s why he turned his rage on Karla. Because she was incapable of feeling such emotions nor empathy. For Paul, it wasn’t so much about physical attractiveness as it was about wanting to have the power to deflower their innocence.

      • PatrickHMoore says:

        Hi Judy, THX for your comment. By the way, we closed comments on the “Candy Crush” post because they had become too incendiary. Sorrow but please feel free to comment on any and all other posts. THX a million.

  9. dotty says:

    …raping a sedated women is a pretty nonsense thing for a sadist…

  10. I know u dotty says:

    Does anybody else think Dotty is Karla? Her responses and need to defend Karla seem beyond those of a normal person.

    Karla, or whatever your name is now…you did have evil attributes. You may feel Paul killed you when he ggot with your sister but the things he forced the other victims to say we’re him not the girls! You should seek help because I think your daughter is in danger from you when she grows up. You are insecure and you need help!

    • americanocd138 says:

      I honestly thought that “Dotty” was also Karla because of the very personal comments she was making, not only on here but also on other threads related to this case. Also, she IMMEDIATELY stopped commenting when you posted YOUR COMMENT which seems very unusual given her previous history of posting non-stop. Very strange but befitting for someone as demented as Karla!

    • sailorgirl says:

      I was thinking that Dotty was Dorothy, her mother!

      • americanocd138 says:

        Oh WOW, I hadn’t thought of that but I think it’s even more likely that Dotty is Dorothy than she is Karla herself. Great thinking :)

    • Kayo says:

      Frankly I think that’s aboutslely good stuff.

    • MR says:

      She wouldn’t have spelled Karla’s name wrong if it were her or her mother.

    • Kellie K says:

      To I know u dottie,
      👌 Bingo! I think the doting Dotty may very well be Krazed Karla the kid killer.
      I think her children are already past the danger zone. That monster has no doubt severely damaged
      her daughter/daughters.

  11. Jamie says:

    We always have to find an excuse. Who had a normal childhood? How about this. The woman was born evil. Everyone of us out there were wired to be a certain way. Sad, happy, excited, bored, smart, dumb, short attention span or long and yes, good and evil. This is all inherent. So stop trying to justify or even understand these mutants. What you should be doing is changing laws so gabarge like this should of been executed no more than a year after they are caught. She and thousands like her are free to harm and or kill others! Jamie

    • Bah says:

      Your assertions are absolutely ridiculous. We are not all “wired to be a certain way”; you are, in fact, absolving anyone from any type of personal responsibility for their CHOICES and actions by claiming so. If that is the case, then neither Karla nor ANYONE should ever be responsible for a crime, because we are all just inherently good or evil, and have no control over ourselves. We should probably just start deciding right away when children are born… just kill off the ones that are “wired wrong” right out of the womb!

      What you are in fact saying is:
      Nothing that happens in our life ever has an affect on us, our personalities, or apparently even our emotions, according to you. You’re born and it’s all just there, automatically, ever single aspect of your personality and whether or not you will happy or sad or evil or intelligent or just a complete jerk… presto! All decided and completely wired by the time you are born. So, our environment and experiences have no effect on us. Stick a person in the woods for 30 years without interaction with other humans or educational opportunities, they would certainly be the exact same as if they lived a normal life! And no one should ever let anything make them upset or get them down… death, loss, whatever… you were already programmed to be sad or not before you were born, why are you reacting to things that happen in your life? That’s not the way it works apparently!

      We are not all “wired” a certain way from birth, and most aspects of our personalities and character are not “all inherent”, but are greatly influenced by our environment, by our community, and certainly be our childhood, both the experiences we have and the way we are raised. No one, and let me repeat this, NO ONE is born evil. The whole concept of good vs evil leads us to believe that, but every person is a product of both nature and nurture – ie. both genetics and their environments, and no one is inherently evil from conception or birth. Again, by saying so, you are absolving those people from the personal responsibility of crimes.

      It’s not an “excuse” people are trying to find when they research things like this; it is an attempt, in some way, to try to understand what happened to the person to make them a criminal, in order that we might be able to learn from it and that it will help to either prevent future crimes, or to give a further understanding that might help to solve these types of crime in the future. It’s not to give the criminal some sort of free pass because they had a shitty childhood; what I find amusing is that your assertion that there IS no reason and the person is just naturally evil gives them more of a free pass than trying to understand how a criminal became what they are.

    • Kellie K says:

      👏 well said! I agree 100% with your views. That monster would have been executed or taken out one way or another had she been in many other Countries. It boggles the mind that not only was that monster allowed to live, she was allowed to be set free and even more appalling is that she was allowed to have 3 babies! She’ll murder them too- after abusing, molesting, and torturing them.

  12. mochell says:

    Karla is now 44. A little over halfway thru life. Then she will meet the Lord. And give an account for her life

  13. mochell says:

    She has aged horribly. Sounds like the sex instinct out of control.

  14. Muse says:

    Karla is really all dried up and withered. She looks spooky. And one day her kids will read all about her. Just imagine! Leslie pleading with her captors, ‘I want to see my little brother again, PLEASE let me go’! and that Karla…deciding to not call the cops. Older and older, and more and more dried up. Wrinkles, sagging, dullness in skin….she really is a haggard witch now.

  15. muse says:

    Tammy was a lot prettier than Karla. Paul was using Karla to get to Tammy. When Tammy came of legal age, he wouls have divorced Karla and married Tammy. Imo

  16. Cate Ellington says:

    Who knows how much of this is taking a simply awkward and rebellious youth, (scores of kids do things similar) and exaggerating events. We don’t know.
    I’m curious if someone were to do an in depth look into Jodi arias’ youth if we wouldn’t hear similar stories. In fact we did hear some but for some reason many on this blog chose to believe those things were just that…exaggeration and lies based on the notoriety of Jodi’s case.
    I struggle trying to understand why there’s such a firm belief here that Karla was a sociopath but jodi arias isn’t.
    For the record, I do believe Karla is one, but I also believe jodi arias is as well. Based on what we know and heard at trial.
    Jodi to some May have given a better performance of the abused victim than Karla, but Jodi had all the same flat affect when it came to appreciating what she did and her actions after she did it.

    • Kellie K says:

      Oh hell ya Jodi’s a strait out narcissistic sociopath- but some difference between her and Killer Karla, is that Jodi is a situational obsessive/stalkerish type killer; ie: “If I can’t have you, nobody else can either.” type- like O.J. Simpson. Then again, Jodi is a lot more mentally unhinged than O.J., but not anywhere in the league of the truly dangerous and depraved Karla.

  17. muse says:

    Type babymaggie and see her posts about adult diaper fetishes.

  18. Jackie says:

    Karla Homolka also posted under username “knittingallnight” on Ravelry.com (part of the “Emily”persona she’s pushing after prison to blend into society) & “love.you.forever” on BabyCenter. She is still a cruel sadist, that hasn’t changed. By all accounts, she also loves to read about other serial killers like herself. The thrill seeking sadist, rapist & murderer is bored with her leisurely, domestic life in Guadeloupe. This is why we should be scared. She needs to be watched, monitored every second of every day for the rest of her life.

  19. Karidan says:

    IMO, when Tammy accidentally died in the hands of Paul and Karla, that alone should had been the flag that Karla must had left Paul if she really felt remorseful of her sister’s death. But instead, she stayed with him and married Paul after that tragic incident of her sister. That proved that Karla is not cable of loving. She married Paul after that incident because she was so insecure and co-dependent. She wanted a good looking man as her husband and did everything to keep him because a good looking man definitely added to her image. Yes- she loved Barbie dolls, she saw herself into being one of them. One way to prove that she has the beauty of a Barbie was to be seen married to a good looking man like Paul. Many children brought up with alcoholic parent did not turned out collaborating with crimes. Let us not give Karla an excuse because her father was an alcoholic.
    Many couples have accepted open marriage prior to the epidemic of AID; but Karla’s marriage with Paul added crimes committed to it. Karla only reported Paul to the police when he had beaten her up badly- she was scared and threatened when she saw her black eye. Why did she not report Paul when the first crime occured? She will not leave what she thinks a good looking man who continues to add to her beautiful looks. Overall summary to my message is that there is definitely something very very wrong to Karla mentally, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually. Hope that she is a better person now with her children and husband.

  20. Jackie says:

    Trust me, she is the same old Karla. Arrogant, boastful, condescending, entitled to the max. It is evident that this “woman” if you can call it that, continues to surround herself with those who she can manipulate & control. She has not changed at all. Anyone who has the unfortunate experience of interacting with Homolka/Bordelais should be worried. No way in hell I’d want here anywhere in my periphery. Especially if I had something she wanted.

  21. muse says:

    Paul B might be released in 3 years, hmmmm. The mind

  22. muse says:

    That incident in the park. Karel shud have placed her firmly across his knees

  23. The Eviscerator says:

    What an incredible amount of baloney. One-time incidents made out to be symptomatic of greater evil, like the rodent-on-a-rope nonsense. Just who is this alleged “friend” of Karla’s who seems to know so much about her, even though they apparently went years without seeing one another? A huge tip-off to the falsity of this article was the tale of Karla searching for Oujia boards by placing want ads. Either she didn’t get out much or the so-called author is making it up as she goes: Oujia boards have been sold by mass-marketers since at least the 1950s, being a product of Parker Bros. I’m sure incorrigible little Karla could’ve just wandered into the Canadian equivalent of Toys ‘R’ Us any old time and picked one up. I’m certainly not condoning Ms. Homolka’s dastardly, disgusting wrongdoing, but please, some actual, verified truth would be preferable to this mess of gossip and hearsay.

  24. Lady Grey says:

    What we can see in the Homolka family is a complete lack of discipline with regard to how they raised their three children, which has disastrous consequences when raising a child with deviant urges who is without a conscience – as seen in the case of Jeffrey Dahmer as well as Karla Homolka. By all accounts, the Homolka daughters ran the household while the parents stood passively by, refusing to correct aberrant behavior or educate their children, allowing them to “run amok” with complete lack of respect for their parents or anyone in a position of authority or leadership. This partially explains the blatant arrogance and unremorseful attitude with which Karla conducts herself still to this day. What’s even more worrisome is the fact that she repeated her crimes until she felt law enforcement closing in on her & her husband. That, coupled with her short prison stint for some of the most heinous crimes imaginable…I would conclude that this serial killer is more emboldened than ever before. I sincerely hope the authorities, wherever she is hiding, are monitoring her closely (not that they would catch her in the act of abusing her children behind closed doors). I have no solution to offer, just observation. It’s terrible that she was released from prison. An absolute travesty. God bless the French & Mahaffy families. I hope they receive the justice they so rightly deserve for losing their precious daughters to two insanely cruel “human beings” (I use that term loosely, as Homolka has demonstrated repeatedly that she is in fact, sub-human).

    • Kellie K says:

      Lady Grey,
      Excellent post. You are spot on about killer Karla and monsters like her. I feel that the children this monster was allowed to have and keep, have already been damaged by her. There’s no legitimate nor moral reason that savage vile murdering Karla would ever want, or love children. It’s only for her depraved sociopathic sickness and ulterior motives why she had 3 babies…
      I read on another post how that monster had already said she wanted to have babies so she could do the same heinous evil acts as she committed earlier…sick beyond belief..

  25. Wendy Higgins says:

    There is one thing that stands out. Its physical appearance. Can I say that you are not your physical body appearance. You are a spirit. No matter how perfect one looks on the physical…you are not the physical. People are always judging hurting others calling names….all because of someones inperfect looks. Some of the most beautiful spirits may appear in an inperfect physical body. So its the behaviour and actions of some that are ugly. Evil is ugly.

    • americanocd138 says:

      @WENDY I couldn’t agree MORE! I honestly feel that society overlooks this fact all too often, instead choosing to equate an angelic appearance with angelic behaviour and sinister appearance with sinister behaviour, so to speak. Man’s capabilities, for better out worse, cannot be assumed based on physical attributes yet the stories that garner the most attention are, more often than not, those in which beautiful people act in horrific ways. It seems to be a societal assumption that these acts are more horrific when committed by individuals possessing certain physical characteristics as though it’s somehow unexpected that they’d be capable of such acts just bc they’re blessed with his looks! You’re so accurate about the spirit being unrelated to the physical and your words, particularly in reference to this case, serve as a reminder that even the best-looking books shouldn’t be judged by their covers.

      • Wendy Higgins says:

        There is one thing that stands out. Its physical appearance. Can I say that you are not your physical body appearance. You are a spirit. No matter how perfect one looks on the physical…you are not the physical. People are always judging hurting others calling names….all because of someones inperfect looks. Some of the most beautiful spirits may appear in an inperfect physical body. So its the behaviour and actions of some that are ugly. Evil is ugly.

  26. americanocd138 says:

    **Blessed with GOOD looks, I meant to write. Dislike posting via cellphone :)

  27. Wendy Higgins says:


    Thanks for your response

  28. Mike says:

    That is why I like Florida laws. People like this would be executed in Florida and not let free like in crooked Canada. Whole Canadian justice system sucks. Is harsh on regular people who pay 50% taxes so crooked government can spend it on themselves and criminals who are murderers and have no right to live. We need NWO now.

  29. Pamala says:

    The comments regarding she wouldn’t get away with it in the USA…I’m a proud American…but this is far from true! There are far too many cases here as well with not stiff enough penalties! I agree that if ever tbere was a deatb penalty case this would be it! I’m astounded and sickened however at the numerous opportunities that law enforcement passed up to catch the real predators…thinking he didn’t fit the profile! Like has already been stated..don’t judge a book by its cover..they went as far as convicting someone else of atleast 2 of his crimes! As far as Karla being normal…not by any stretch of the imagination..I actually hold her more culpable than Paul for the brutal murder of her beautiful sister…she was flesh a d blood..she had the ability to stop it and instead set it up….she should have never again been able to see the light of day! I believe that if plea bargains are reached based on minimal facts that no matter how long after the fact new evidence is found..it should be null and void! Great that she still has to answer to God!

  30. Mapleleaf says:

    Too bad the bitch didn’t kill herself long ago. The Canadian judicial system is a joke. Bunch of pansies

  31. j says:

    Borderline Personality Disorder, and Psychopathy

    • Matt says:

      Karla was a slick woman. You’ll probably get the ‘borderline brigade’ who are all the total opposite, all the time.

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