by Patrick H. Moore

All good things must end (and all bad things too). What is ending now is All Things Crime Blog. We’ve been hit with a frivolous lawsuit which Patrick H. is fighting, with the help of a highly competent young lawyer (and a generous amount of realm coin).

Unfortunately, Moore is not in a position to shell out coin every time some allegedly aggrieved soul decides he or she has been defamed. Thus, my difficult decision to remove virtually all content from ATCB. The sidebar remains including our list of favorites and our crime novels which are for sale.

attI want to thank everyone who has contributed to ATCB during its better days. For quite a while, if Google is to be believed, it was one of the top two or three crime blogs in the nation. This could not have happened without the help of our courageous (and oftentimes brilliant) contributors and all of you out there in crime land, all of our followers who made coming to the blog part of their daily itinerary. I thank each and everyone of you.

att2It was with a heavy heart that I resolutely deleted nearly 2,000 posts, 20 at a time, but I feel it had to be done.

What I found especially rewarding during the 2 years ATCB was in existence was getting to know America (and to some degree the world) in a way I never had before. I will not forget this. I also enjoyed greatly interacting with our suburb contributors.

att3What I did not enjoy was getting up close and personal with the death penalty proponents and the bloodthirsty true crime followers on Facebook or the people that can find no better way to deal with criminals than to turn the miscreants (particularly the sex offenders) over to Bubba in the state penitentiary to be raped. The fact that many true crime followers take pleasure in such fantasies is very disconcerting but it is a fact. We live in a dark and bloody land full of violent fantasists who take pleasure in the thought of someone else’s misfortunes.

Although the lawsuit hastened the demise of ATCB, it would have happened anyway in the very near future as it’s time for Patrick H. to shake off the darkness that he has lived and breathed for the past two years (if he can) and try to let the light back into his life.

I will close with a phrase from the immortal Woody Guthrie:

“So long it’s been good to know you.”



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