by Patrick H. Moore

Joe Warmington, a columnist with the Toronto Son, has spoken with Paul Bernardo’s father, Ken Bernardo, half-a-dozen times over the past 20 years. Warmington says that in his recent “exclusive” interview with Ken, Paul’s stepfather was the most vocal he’s ever been on the subject of his son’s ex-wife, the notorious Karla Homolka.

In the interview, Ken Bernardo states that while his son is “doing his time like a man,” it does irk him that his former wife Karla Homolka is free, living on the island of Guadalupe with a new husband and children, he said.

“As far as I am concerned, Karla has got away with it and is free but that is a whole other story,” he said.

paul2Like legions of other Karla “haters”, Ken Bernardo conveniently overlooks the fact that the Canadian Crown had little choice other than to cut a deal, “sweetheart” or otherwise, with Karla for the simple reason that without her testimony, they had no case against the Scarborough rapist, Paul Bernardo. I doubt that even the most adamant Karla “hater” would be willing to go on record and say that they would be okay with Bernardo “running free” in exchange for Karla getting life in prison. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Karla is so loathed by the “haters” that they would be willing to risk Paul Bernardo raping another 50 or so schoolgirls in return for Karla being locked up until her dying day.

Our justice system — and the Canadian system which in many ways resembles ours — are relatively effective at convicting criminals at trial based on the use of witnesses and the evidence provided by them. But neither the Canadian system nor ours can have the best of both worlds; i.e., they cannot realistically force a defendant in a capital case to testify against an equally guilty co-defendant without giving the testifying witness a substantially reduced sentence in return for their testimony. The justice system is rarely, if ever, capable of performing miracles no matter how badly we might wish it could.

Although crime fans desire “perfect justice” for all criminals, our system — which is essentially a practical tool dealing with  practical problems — simply cannot provide that “perfect justice”. Perfect justice is an ideal concept, not a practical reality.

paul4Furthermore, one of the most important goals of sentencing is deterrence. A sentence is supposed to “deter” the criminal from committing future crimes. In Karla’s case, based on the available evidence, the 12 years she served has clearly deterred her from any subsequent lawbreaking. In fact, her life since her release from prison has been quiet and rather conventional; she is “married with children” and does  not appear to be breaking any laws. She is certainly not raping or murdering anyone these days. Any legal professional would state without reservation that she has clearly “learned her lesson.”

I should also add that I would be wary of giving much credence to Ken Bernardo’s opinions as to what might constitute a fair sentence for Karla for the simple reason that he too is a CHILD MOLESTER who, in his case, appears to have gotten off SCOT-FREE. In her exhaustive article for Crime Library entitled “Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka”, respected true crime writer Marilyn Bardsley describes Ken Bernardo’s sexual indiscretions as well as his penchant for wife abuse:

Kenneth and Marilyn married in 1960 after her father disapproved of her other suitor who did not have the education that Eastman demanded in a son-in-law. Eventually, Kenneth and Marilyn settled in a nice middle-class neighborhood in (the) Scarborough area of Toronto. The marriage did not go well and Kenneth, like his father, was allegedly physically abusive to his wife. After giving birth to a son and daughter, Marilyn found refuge in the arms of her previous suitor — the man without the education her father had required for his daughter. Thus, was Paul Bernardo conceived illegitimately.

paulKenneth was very open minded about this indiscretion and, in August of 1964, the name of Paul Bernardo was listed on the baby’s birth certificate. Kenneth had his difficulties as well. He fondled a young girl and went to court for it. He started hanging around the neighborhood at night, peeping into the windows of young women. But worst of all, he started to sexually abuse his young daughter.

Marilyn put on more and more weight. She became grotesquely obese. Signs of severe depression were very noticeable. She stopped taking care of the home and the children and withdrew into her own world in the basement of the house.

Yes, fellow crime fans. This is Ken Bernardo — alleged wife abuser, fondler of young girls, peeping Tom, and sexual abuser of his own young daughter. Talk about getting away with murder. Not exactly a  fellow whose opinion I would give much weight too.

Click here to read Joe Warmington’s exclusive interview with Ken Bernardo in its entirety.


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3 Responses to The Karla Homolka Files: Paul Bernardo’s Father Says Karla “Got Away With It”

  1. Rick says:

    Interesting post, Patrick. Ken definitely did “get away with murder” figuratively, if not literally. Given Paul’s extremely dysfunctional family, it’s not entirely surprising that he became a serial killer. Then again, most children who are abused and/or have unhappy childhoods don’t become serial killers.

  2. Robin says:

    The pervert father says Paul is taking it like a man! Paul is not a man. He is a monster. So is sadistic, nymphomaniac Homolka. And yes she got away with murder.

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