Patrick H. Moore’s post, “Embracing the Other: You Can Make It If You Really Try”, is now live on Darcia Helle’s blogsite, Quiet Fury Books ( Darcia has kindly posted this short memoir as part of her #Monday Blogs series, which is designed to help bring about understanding and acceptance of The Other and to celebrate Diversity in these difficult times. Please give this a read. I suspect that you will not be disappointed (unless you are a truly churlish soul). :-)

Here is the link to:  Embracing the Other: You Can Make It If You Really Try


3 Responses to Embracing the Other: You Can Make It If You Really Try

  1. Max Myers says:

    Excellent post, Mr. Moore. As someone who has a mixed family, dated women of “otherness”, has close friends of “otherness”, unfortunately in modern America, racism is not color bound. There has been an explosion of racial hatred on all sides. Or maybe it was always there and the scab has finally been picked off and we’re now beginning to see how truly vile humanity really is. Would that it were not so, but alas…

  2. This book about the sadistic relationship between Ian Brady and Myra HIndley was released on 15th March exactly 2 months before he died.

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