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Brett Gordon of World Class Home Inspections LLC Scammed Me
World Class Home Inspections LLC Review

After a VERY poorly done inspection, by the owner’s (Brett Gordon) son-in-laws at “World Class Home Inspections LLC” Brett  Gordon claimed he felt ‘so very’ bad after learning how poor of a job his son-in-laws did on my home inspection (they looked very young as well). Due to the badly done home inspection, I bought a home with a myriad of structural, flooring and foundational defects/ problems. Upon learning this, (regrettably after purchasing the home) Brett Gordoncame over to inspect the bad inspection his son in laws did…
However, at that point, not only did I overpay for the house, due to defects missed, if had I had actually received a decent home inspection, I would have never bought the home in the first place.

Brett’s son-in-laws missed so many defects but what is even more egregious is Brett assured me the foundation, crawlspace and overall structure of the home were ‘just fine’ and ‘all good’ on a long phone conversation with him, immediately after the inspection, (before I bought the house) even though he never set eyes on the crawlspace or foundation himself ). I cannot stress enough how much of a huge deal was made with Brett about the foundation and structure on the home, and if they were sound or in good condition (before putting earnest money on the house), and again, he assured me the foundation and structure were ‘good’ and ‘just fine’ multiple times.

Later on, after realizing his huge mess up (he was freaking out when he came over to my house, after purchasing the home and saw what his son in laws missed during the “inspection”) Brett knew how bad he had messed up and kept saying how guilty he felt and admitted the inspection was poorly done by his son-in-laws. Due to this, he promised me repairs to the foundation and other issues missed for almost SIX MONTHS….I kid you not, for almost six, whole, months I have waited and been given excuse after lame excuse why the repairs were delayed. Now, after waiting many months for a structural engineer’s report (and Brett didn’t like what was in the report, so backtracked on that, too) even though Brett is the one who insisted on a structural engineer’s report in the first place, and hired them! Brett insisted on getting a structural engineer’s report because he wanted to ‘cover himself’ with any repairs he did to my crawlspace, support beams and foundation, so I waited six entire months for nothing…Brett backed out after all this time and multiple (many) promises (verbally and in writing) to fix the issues in the crawlspace, foundation and structure. Zero integrity as I was lied to and led on for months by Brett.

Buyer Beware — Brett Gordon and ‘World Class Home Inspections LLC’ literally cost me over $50k (actually much more than that like the price of my home I would never have bought, if not for Brett and World Class Home Inspections LLC bad home inspection, plus extreme emotional distress) so I’d advise to RUN, do not walk, from this so called “inspection” company.

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