Tophatter is a bogus company with Fake tophatter jewelry reviews listings
77 Complaints
Tophatter Review

When I first checked this website, I was very excited, and in my first week of registering with this Tophatter auction site, I ordered almost 30 TopHatter jewelry items.

I started receiving those items one by one. None of them matched the pictures. As I got those items, I began to panic.

There was something different and fake about those items.

The makeup products to the jewelry they claim to be .925 silver sterling are all fake.

The electronics items that I ordered were flimsy and cheap. I ordered 2 Kylie eyeshadows.

The instructions were in Chinese, and none were inlined with the US sockets. What a waste of time and money?

Both were different, and the writing was also different on both boxes.

Is it possible for the same brand to have other font words for the same product on two different packages?

No, not likely. This clarifies that the products were fake.

I also ordered a necklace from Tophatter and was sent a fake item that did not resemble the picture.

I even consulted the jeweler the other day, and he rejected saying that it was not at all .925 silver sterling.

I was promised a gift box with my purchases. But I never received them.

When I Checked the item and the necklace was not with the gift box, I was bothered and wanted to return the item.

But, they make it entirely impossible.

They will make too many excuses, and if the item is not sent with the tracking number, which you will be paying extra for, they won’t accept the return.

There were instances when people paid more than $50 for something that looked like a laptop and missed the small carving that said, laptop not included.

What was the payment accepted for then?

They have provided the option to cancel the order, but when you will do so, they will suspend your account.

And, when you will receive the item and realize that you paid for the shit, you will have no choice but to keep it.

Who would pay an extra $30 for shipping to china when you are not even sure of getting the refund. I even feel that their bidding is rigged.

The way they have featured so many items and are selling crap, most of the things must be occupied by bots.

This is only to promote their cheap auctions.

I was there more than ten times to order the video camera and the same names kept bidding for the product, whatever time of the day I logged in.

Who will give away a video camera for $1 and shipping? And, whatever question you ask, you only get answered in pre-written verbatim.

They also offer $10 for referrals. But, you get nothing even if people join with your referral link and even when they purchase the items.

They have excuses, and they will never answer as a natural person.

It is all automated, and you get nothing out of the emails. After all, you are not even entertained as a customer.

This company is a complete fraud. Stay away from Tophatter.

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77 Complaints on Tophatter

  1. Change in Tophatter

    I have ordered over a hundred items from this website in the last 2 years…they used to let you spin a wheel after you bid and you could get credits to apply to your purchases..not anymore..used ro be free shipping on most items..not anymore..I ordered fun christmas presents for my grandkids…very disappointed in changes they made…deleting app

  2. You get what you pay for.

    I have received nearly everything I have ever ordered from Tophatter….eventually. On the few I haven’t received, I got a refund from Tophatter…eventually. It can take a long time. Just bear in mind you are dealing with knockoffs 99% of the time. Everything I have received has been pretty much what I’ve ordered.

    If you remember that everything you order is a knockoff, and that everything you order will be of fair to middling quality, you’ll be fine.

    To this day I’m still using chargers and other Knick-knacks from there, such a a finger glove light, or a pair of heated gloves. But don’t pay brand name prices, or even regular prices.

    Remember to keep your expectations low/in check (as well as your bids), and you’ll be fine.

  3. Top hatter steals and lies

    I ordered many things. Lots say they were delivered yet never have been. I have no less than three cameras that record 24/7 pointed at my mailbox and are ring. So anyways November 2021, I ordered lots of things that never came, and I was lied to by top hatter about getting any refund, and 3+ times they have changed the date about if it doesn’t come by, *****

    I would get my money nope. I had to file a complaint with the FCC, FTC, BBB plus the consumer protection, as it is a federal law under the consumer protection act that top hatter as to follow as they are a U.S based company it being an auction site, they still have to follow our laws.

    Please don’t buy anything from here as there is a 93% chance you won’t get it, or it will be a counterfeit of real things. Top hatter like counterfeit goods even though there is a federal law that says they can be held accountable if enough people will hold them responsible for knowingly doing this and report them to everything so more people will know.

  4. Winning bids cannot be shipped to me due to shipping restrictions?

    After winning three bids and being informed after the fact that “due to shipping restrictions,” the items couldn’t be shipped to my address, I was suspended from bidding for 24 hours because of “too many canceled orders.”

    I didn’t cancel them. They did, but ok, whatever. So, I won another auction today, and wouldn’t you know it…they can’t ship to me because of some unexplained “shipping restriction.”

    I didn’t bother canceling the item. I just left the site. I don’t think I’ll be wasting any more time bidding on things that I’ll never receive. Tophatter used to be fun…not so much anymore. Very disappointing.

  5. Refunds received

    Complained about quality of two items and had refunds almost immediately without having to return them.

  6. Crooks

    I joined and won bid for 14 dollar’s period and it said free shipping and I gave them my card number and then I was told they charge my card 114 dollars 100 for shipping and I tryed to cancel immediately and then I was told my account was cancelled tryed to contact them could not and tryed to get my card number off there site wouldn’t let me they are crooks period I would never pay 114 dollars for it period

  7. Bad service and a total scam

    Ordered X3 items from tophatter and as of this post X2 have arrived and been nothing but garbage trash. I’m don’t expect much from a £10 transformer but I don’t expect to find a scaled up version for £2 in Poundland. This company and its sellers should be avoided at all cost stick to WISH at least you know what your getting with them and they don’t falsely advertise products half as much as this terrible company does, I hope they go out of business and the owners are locked in prison for fraud/allowing fraud to happen or is complicit with the fraud.

  8. Read the review

    Before you bid on something click on it and it tells you if it’s costume jewelry or what it might not come with that is shown..

  9. Total ripoff

    This scammer company only sells junk at overinflated prices, they are completely a scamming organization that works on bilking customers out of money. Stay away from these parasites.

  10. these are scammers

    i buy on this site so I am not sure as far as a sellar but I will say majority of everything is free shipping. You sell things and the reason why you got less instead of the full amount is their cut. They get a percentage on everything you sell.

  11. these are scammers

    I tried to get a refund. I bid on things and I dont keep bidding. These items are just not worth it and thats why there are bots doing it. So be careful. I bought the same color shorts and didn’t know it. I asked for a refund. They wouldn’t help me. Ive spent hundreds of dollars here and they refuse to help. It takes two months to get your stuff. Its not cause of covid either. Everything is from China and its bad bad quality. Cheap made!! Looks good online though. Some things I did love but others down right hate. I review everything I bought but you will never see negative reviews on any products so do be careful.

  12. Scam

    Ordered a few rings. NONE were the .925 that were advertised as such. Received ONE refund and only because i confronted them for false advertising. Do yourself a favor and hit ebay instead. They will cover you if defrauded.

  13. Returns

    I received orders that all came from different addresses in China. When I received the items, none of them were what I expected. On their page it says if you are not , you can return . When I asked for a refund they said I had to ship to all addresses provided at my expense. Being on social security meant that I could not afford the outrageous price to send to china. They do not even try to accommodate consumers, therefore they keep my money and I have nothing. Buyers beware they are out to take everybody’s money, you can email, call, nothing will matter and nobody cares.

  14. F$@&k you Tophatter

    I agree with the majority here that Tophatter is definitely a scam and should be avoided at all costs. I was a customer for 10 months and in that time I attempted to make 107 purchases, of which 93 were refunded. A few of them were returned for refund personally because they were either just crap or because the item greatly differed from its listed description, which almost by definition is fraud. The majority of my refunds were because the items I purchased were just never shipped. Listen closely, the items purchased were just never shipped. Never shipped? They can just take money and provide nothing?

    Needless to say it will take months, many many months for you to receive a refund. And that refund, will 99% of the time be returned to you in credit and you will need to fight tooth and nail for your actual money back. This is what a scam is.

    This irritating and fraudulent behavior is arguably illegal in the U.S.. But apparently not in China where this company is located. Yes they have a San Francisco office and good luck getting a real response from them.

    Take it from me and the thousands of others, just say no.

  15. Let's fight Tophatter together.

    I sell on Tophatter since they start but all those fees kicking me out.

    I saw a post on Facebook about They are looking for sellers to signup for the pre-launch. They said you can signup at We don’t lose anything by trying an alternative.

    Let’s fight Tophatter together.

  16. You really going to fall for this?

    Do you really believe you can buy a TV or laptop for that price and have it be for real? You can’t get it for that price here even if it was stolen. It’s a scam.

  17. On November 14 I bought 3 items and one of them was supposed to have had 155 PCs dinosaur with car and trains and I don’t have Half. Christmas lights, Robot, snowman decoration . They have been paid and I haven’t received my money back nor the items. I rate them 1

  18. Tophatter is totally a scam!!! Most things I’ve bid on and paid for have NEVER been delivered. Then, if you do get it, it’s cheap crap. Save your money! Lesson Learned

    Tophatter is a total SCAM. You pay, they hardly ever deliver. If it is delivered, it’s junk. Save your money!! Lesson learned.

  19. you don't know what you doing

    First off if you’ll notice all these items are exactly like wish and cute and all those foreign store apps, second, if you know what your doing you can get instantly refunded with credits even if you got your package. so sit down and shut up all you lame Karen’s and Chad’s…. use that lump between your shoulders for more than scaring people…

  20. Goods not received

    I haven’t received a lot of goods in half a year, so I don’t order any more, They only send cheap, low-quality goods, If the goods are more expensive and better, you just don’t get them.
    I do not recommend using this link.

  21. Ripoffs!

    I don’t know what the deal is with this company. I’ve ordered alot with 90% being pure crap. Never matching the description… except for the jewelry. I wouldn’t know if it matched the description or not being that I never received ANY of it. (Despite them saying it has all been delivered) What are the chances that out of all the pure shit I recieved that the only items taken were the jewelry items. Lucky thieves huh? No! I dont understand how they get away with repeatedly ripping people off. & dont even expect a reply if you email them.

  22. Scam bastards

    Iv nearly had a break down due to this top hatters. How in heavens name have they got away conning innocent hard working people
    What I ordered and what I got is a disgrace. I ordered toys and received broken pieces of plastic and their dirty list goes on. I want my money back
    Fuck knows who’s behind this
    This website or what ever you call it needs to be shut down and the people who run it should be sent down to prison YES PRISON because this is robbery

  23. Stuffed up again by TOPHATTER

    Mon 07/12/2020 19:36
    Thank you for your payment!

    Hi Terry,
    ShengQian has received your payment for Co Light 3 Rows 42inch Led Bar 780 W Combo Led Light Bar For Car Tractor Offroad 4 Wd 4×4 Truck Suv Atv Driving Work Light 12 V 24 V on December 7, 2020.
    Your item should be delivered within 24-26 business days.
    Order Details: #127541441

    Yet again stuffed up by this company
    1st item some time back, was supposed to be 30cm self adhesive lights for the rear of my truck – 2 tiny lights arrived for the footwell. Gave them away.

    2nd Item #127541441 ordered 07/12/2020 delivered today 29/12/2020 was to be a 22″ LED Light Bar as per the posted image and description.
    Order / invoice shows
    CO LIGHT 3 Rows 42inch LED Bar 780W Combo LED Light Bar for Car Tractor Offroad 4WD 4×4 Truck SUV ATV Driving Work Light 12V 24V
    Sold by ShengQian
    Make – UKNOWN
    Volts – UNKNOWN
    Watts – UNKNOWN
    SIZE –
    Length – 6″ (52mm) and NOT 22″ (558mm)
    Height – 1-5/8″ (41mm)
    I would like either a full refund (NOT a CREDIT) or preferably the actual light as advertised from these charlatans.
    Please note the invoice is for a 42″ (1067mm) 3 row light and not the 22″ (558mm) light as advertised.

  24. return item and we will refund

    I bought a phone it was meant to be up to date nothing of what was advertised was what arrived it was made in 2015 and 650mb of memory so was full just with operating system.
    I contacted them and they told me to return but the cheapest was £16. and I was not getting that back.
    I went to paypals and then tophatter told them we will refund if item sent back what is the point a £23 phone minus £16 postage to return £7 refund of real cash back if they acturally refund back. if not £40 out of pocket.
    But the Phone is not as described it is fake. the whole ad was fraud and they get away with it. they are in breach of UK trades discription act.
    This company should be closed down in the intersts of protecting the public from FRAUD.. Poor quality items over priced and 2 months wait for delivery.

  25. awful dreadful tacky shite they sell i pad i won for my son as a christmas present my god when it arrived it was bollocks so to say i will slate them all the year long now tell us what u think total assholes

    dreadful products doesnt look like anything i won on auctions jesus christ only knows what they are selling piece of piss ass crap shite products never again never again keep your money people

  26. Top hatter is a fraud

    I won a bet for 2 products 1) Digital thermometers an 2) Electric toothbrush after I pay it I go and a message cancel. Months ago i bought a wristwatch to me excellent deal few days later I found in wish same watch half price than I pay in top hatter I assume was part of deal. I think this company has to be penalized for USA authority’s because they are making money of citizens for cheat about such deals .

  27. Appalled!

    We ordered gifts for our family. Like Christmas ornaments that read beautiful musical Christmas ornament. right at the bottom in small print says sticker transfer. I asked for refund minutes later. They said no. We also bought. An outdoor Christmas projector with 3ft of cable! They are cheap foreign plastic rubbish. A foot massager… not quite looks more like shark fin infested plastic mat. A spinning fairy in the air. No! more like dangerous out of control flying object that flies into every one and everything. Not one gift was fit for child or adult. Can you return no not from experience. Dont buy or get sucked in. It really is cheap crap and some items are dangerous. I paid £12 for 2 transfers. An exspensive mistake. Now Christmas is ruined. If covid wasn’t bad enough. All we had to look forward to is spoiled to. Use ebay or amazon. Or you could even do what we all should do…. Buy from a shop where you can see what your buying.

  28. Scam!! Things are not as they appear

    I bought several items for Christmas. A couple have not even arrived when it says they were delivered. The couple toys I bought were nothing like they appeared in the picture. They looked normal size in a picture I get them and they’re micro size. So pissed as soon as the rest of my items get here I will delete the app and never order again! You suck tophatter! get your shit together

  29. Delivery stinks

    I too have had many shipping issues with some sellers, mainly those that get shipped too a place on tracking says “received by United States of America Post” now I’m in the U.S.A. and our post is not called that it’s called United States Postal Service. Anyone know what the United States of America Post is? Also on other things I’ve read,I’m sorry and I’m not a huge fan of tophatter. Because not all things on tophatter are as appears in picture, with that said, on the jewelry, there are some the are real but the ones that say silver or gold, 99% of the time it says filled or plated. You just have to take time and read description before bidding.

  30. Scam

    I bought a watch that did not work they refunded that i also bought some mask and i have been trying to contact them and they have blocked me off the site and i cant get my money back. Dont be fool by this site its a scaam.

  31. dishonest tophatter auction

    Have not received at least 6 items and cannot get them to respond or find good contact. They say they take things back but this is a lye because to find return is impossible. I have been ripped off so many times. I am stupid. This is another example of how china drips us off. They are horrible people who care less about human life. Only the top dog of China gets anything. He kills his people and does not even blink an eye. Get top hatter off . Get them out of the usa. please

  32. Fraudulently deceptive bidding not what I purchased

    Total fraud. I will work to get these crooks investigated. I took a picture of my phone of a pair of gold earning on a mangaent,and they instead uploaded a picture of what they claim I sent. I will open in front of my Attorney the next packages. And file a claim under title 18 U.S.C.A. FOR FRAUDULENTLY Claiming that something is real. Benny’s Towing Delvalle,Texas 78617 phone # 512-809-3104. Let’s file a class action. Call me. When ya expect Jewelry be certain to open in front of credible witnesses. Exercise due diligence important open ,and shut case. Take video

  33. TopHatter misleads public

    This site allows its sellers to sell fake items even though they state otherwise. Also, if you win an item to low in price the sellers have ways of getting out of shipping the item to you. Don’t count on getting much that is real or at a perceived bargain. This is my experience after winning over 160 items. I have found that sellers constantly refund my money on items I bought at a low price but not at a high price. I also have found that items stated as real gold or real sterling are not real at all. The sellers have multiple accounts and are selling fake items on all accounts and Tophatter doesn’t appear to do anything about it.

  34. Scam , don't buy--don't bid , don't have anything to do with them

    Took my money , claimed shipped with track number never delivered

  35. Chinese scam website

    Purchased an item on June 30, as of July 29th haven’t received the item. Requested a refund and was told if I don’t receive it by Sept 14th I will be refunded. If I order something in June, I am not ordering it then so that I will have it in time for x-mas. I am ordering it then b/c I want/need it now.
    Sorry, but I ended up disputing the charges with my CC company and filed a police report for fraud.
    Run away from this site. 100% total scam. You try to email them and nothing

  36. detail

    i would have so happy when you came on but no others have the same thing they are right when they say you are a ripoff merchant you dont deserve good feedback and if you carry on with this you will be bankrupt be for you know it what is wrong with you i am gobsmacked not sure what els to say but how can you rip poeple its obviuse you have no scruples i bet mom is proud of you i dont suppos wat i will tell you make any differense to you but lost lost my husband 10 months ago not as you care but imiss him so much being a feel the pinch when you are alone i got a large black black bag full to the top with your cameras not sure what to do tell me wat would you do dump them take them to the police see what they say or the trading standard may be interested or i could go small claims i thik it would be worth it and i may get some others in court with me and please dont take thiis as a threat you know wat they say for armed is foe wanned well hope you enjoyed my story but its not a story is it its all true i have just my hubby we will see i need to think


    Tophatter is a scam, it is not legit and if you use it we will soon find out. Products do not match what you’re bidding on in the box continue to keep you thinking that you’re actually at an auction. It is not an option the marketing masterpiece to commit fraud on innocent consumers by using predatory business practices and committing fraud legally somehow

  38. I won 2 items on tophater and i couldnt get through to pay with my credit card,it seems the lower wins get ignored,and are then cancelled,definitely will stay away from this one…and buy local made goods.

  39. Last item no fulfilled. Took money

    I have purchased a few items from this site. Quality of products was fair. Ordered a tablet for my husband. Paid in advance and the only thing that came was a case with no tablet. Site kept telling me the tablet was delivered. The only item that was received was a case but to this day still no tablet. Sent it seems thousands of emails. The only response it that it was delivered. A case for a tablet is not a tablet. STAY AWAY _ YOU DO NOT GET WHAT YOU THINK YOU ARE PAYING FOR IN ADVANCE

  40. no refunds

    won 14 items and paid for them, 3months later still waiting for them ,,no refunds 100 of dollars lost ,all I was refund was cost of transaction ,not the full amount

  41. Tophatter is a joke a scam of all scams

    Oh where do I begin. I ordered never received a majority of what I so called won. Paid price with credit card I have tried several times to get the money back on my credit card and nothing I get fucked around and around and around I’m highly going to see about legal action or something cause this is way to messed up. They don’t even feel bad or guilty for taking money from people poor or rich

  42. bought 15 things none of these things were delivered after a number of emails to top hatter, there refund leave a lot to desire , a lot did not show up on my credit card as refunded

  43. Tophatter steals your money, locks you out of your account & more!

    My issue is with which is a ‘bidding website’ and unfortunately I tried it out and was addicted immediately, and I spent more money than planned. I did bid for items and ordered many things. Initially, I never had to log in, as it took me right to my account. It was really fun!

    After 5 weeks bidding I opened the app, and I was asked for my password, which I entered multiple times and I know it was the right one, but I had to click ‘forgot password’ and a link to reset password would be sent to my email yet it never comes, I tried this step many times in the last week with all disappointing results, I also searched everywhere for a way to contact them and did find one, and I sent an email, stating my issues, and still no response. There is really something wrong with the company if consumers can’t get responses..

    Now I am getting pretty scared as I am disabled and have to be housebound from the start of pandemic. Just a few days ago, I started a new account so I could email them ‘contact us’, there was just no other way to contact them. I did get a response right away, but all it was showing how to get info on the bidding site. I am really getting frustrated, scared and anxious, especially since I have many items I’m waiting to get status on as they are all paid for.

    So I finally got an email saying they have linked both of my accounts, and an email would be sent to reset my password, that was 8 a.m. yesterday morning, and I emailed them 3 times since then.

    I still didn’t get my email. I will now file with the Federal Trade Commission, BBB, etc. Next, I will contact my bank to get my money back. I am so dang pissed and aggravated as this is really ridiculous.

    Next time I do anything with a company, I will check ALL sites I have found that want to hear about bad business messing with consumers. Tophatter is the worse! Like many times before, the computer operated tells you to enter a ext. and that is all you get, I tried many different numbers to guess a workable ext, but none worked.

    Nothing is more frustrating, when you can’t talk directly to a live person, or that do not respond to your email. I will no longer do business with any company if there is no real contact info. I just can’t believe they are still doing business with all the negative complaints made by consumers.

  44. Scam and knock offs

    Scam artist site. Merchandise is cheap knock offs. It takes days for merchandise to go out. If you cancel an order because you’re tired of waiting, you get suspended. But, nothing happens to them for delayed shipping or not even sending your item out at all! Merchandise is beyond INFERIOR and shabby is an UNDERSTATEMENT! Do not waste your time or money on this site!


    This site has dissapointed me beyond any site ive ever ordered from. Lame Customer care. Orders never arrive some items very cheap. Beware of magnetic eyelashes. I could have bought 2 packs from Walgreens much better quality. Jewelry items most kinds all cheap. BUYER TAKE YOUR BUSINESS ELSEWHERE. BRING MANUFACTURING BACK TO U S.


    UPDATE: EVEN AFTER SPEAKING TO TOPHATTER, THEY REFUSE TO REFUND ANYMONEY! THIS COMPANY IS ALSO BEING SUED! DO NOT USE THIS APP THEY WILL ROB YOU AND THEN GIVE YOU BS REASONS WHY THEY CANT REFUND MONEY. IF TOPHATTER KNOWS WHAT IS GOOD FOR THEMSELVES THEY WILL STOP ROBBING CUSTOMERS! This app is a piece of crap! if you order ANYTHING, do not expect it to arrive. I have 23 packages missing that have NOT shipped and yet on some of them they are over a month old with no shipment!!! when I messaged tophatter about this I gave all 23 order numbers… TopHatter gave a BS excuse of you need to wait 60 days before we can do anything. WHAT THE F#$%!? IF AN ORDER HASNT ARRIVED WHEN IT IS SUPPOSED TO, YOU REFUND THE CUSTOMER THEIR MONEY TOPHATTER, YOU DO NOT GIVE BS REASONS AS TO WHY YOU ARE A THIEF! TOPHATTER HAS COST ME 10 CLIENTS ALREADY AND IF THEY DO NOT REFUND MY MONEY MY LAWYERS HAVE BEEN NOTIFIED AND ARE WAITING WITH BAITED TEETH TO SUE THE HELL OUT OF THIS CRAPPY COMPANY! DO NOT USE THIS APP EVER! USE WISH THEY ARE MUCH BETTER! Order #106672970 Order #106321287 Order #106524847 Order #106222339 Order #106117187 Order #105843124 Order #105677647 Order #106897736 Order #106733218 Order #106793917 Order #106543264 Order #106929554 Order #106747503 Order #106508298 THESE ARE ONLY SOME OF THE ORDERS TOPHATTER WONT CANCEL EVEN THOUGH HALF OF THEM ARE ONLY NOW JUST BEING TAKEN CARE OF.. THESE SHOULD HAVE BEEN CANCELLED AND REFUNDED!!!!

  47. i think its all true, unfortunately.

    I buy many stuff from this site and all I can say its all counterfeit.

  48. Still Wating on my items

    I tried Tophatter and I am not impressed. I have made a total of 12 purchases. Of the 12 purchases one item received was not as advertised, 3 items were refunded as they were never shipped, and I am still waiting on 6 items to be delivered. All 6 items still show they are awaiting shipment from China. The oldest purchase is March 28, 2020 and the newest is May 1, 2020.

    My recommendation is to not purchase anything from Tophatter. They are slow to ship, most items are not as advertised, and they will only refund with credits to be used on their site.

  49. shipping is the worst

    they have great prices,but the shipping is the worst,l have been waiting a month for a item l order ,the tracking information is never updated,and late on deliver said it could take up to 30 more days ,will not be buying again,

  50. Jewelry ads says 925 sterling silver, if it was real it should have the marking 925 etched onto the ring like real jewelry does. I would consider misleading and stealing money from people under false pretenses.

    Title of my review is my comment

  51. Misleading with no refunds

    Bought face masks for current virus needs and after order was placed, discovered over 31 day to deliver. Contacted vendor and company to stop order and get a refund BUT BOTH REFUSED. Both their oruiental vendor and company are inviolved in this mis-leading offering. Don’t buy from them!

  52. What is this!

    Did not get what i ordered it ended up being a balloon that wouldnt blow up it was supposed to be a water filled one im so angy item was 8.99 and not worth 25cents!

  53. I bided on some things and won paid 4 them my laptop did not arrive at my address and they say was delivered it wasn't

    I want my money


    I won several items on TOPHATTER and these items were refunded for various reasons (incorrect address, out of stock, etc.- BOGUS reasons)). The bids on these items very low. All items refunded were relisted soon after my refund….. I was wondering if the vendor and/or TOPHATTER make it a habit of refunding the item you won, then relisting on the site to make more money. I am not accusing anyone but it seems strange. Another thing…. you need to watch TOPHATTER on refunds to be sure they refund the item the same way you paid. If you paid with PAYPAY you need to get a PAYPAL credit not a TOPHATTER credit.

    1. Thank you. I paid with a credit card and they will not refund me my money back to my credit card. I. Poor I thought this would be a good way to get decent stuff at a good price boy I was so wrong I’m so pissed at tophatter

  55. DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SCAM!! Never received my order, never heard back from them when I made attempts to find my purchase, never refunded my money. With all that’s happening in the world today don’t let these thieves break your heart too.

  56. What happened to Tophatter?

    What happened to the quality products that used to be sold on Tophatter? I purchased several gold rings with real stones including diamonds. I haven’t been on for years and was surprised to see the amount of junk that is on website. I don’t recall so many items being from China either. Guess I will just close my account don’t want to purchase this crap

  57. Join Tophatter if you like being robbed

    Everything about this website is geared to steal from both the sellers on the site and the buyers. Especially the sellers. The fees are astronomical. I sold a high quality product and had to compete with garbage sold by tophatter. I did over $1000 in sales and got a return of $300 on inventory that cost me $498. It became painfully obvious that this company is all about stealing from the gullible. Beware. Do not buy unless you want garbage and do not sell on this site unless getting robbed turns you on.

  58. Same experience and agree!!

    Everything arrives 60 days late – its NOT REAL! GENUINE MEANS GENUINE! I’ve had all pieces stated to be nothing but costume jewelry! My husband is a jeweler!

    Now electronics are always awful! Never work – broken or missing pieces.

  59. Tophatter is not a business that anyone should ever get involved in!

    I had a good relationship with Tophatter up until around the end of October. Suddenly I had orders not only delivered, but also disappeared from My Orders.
    When I complained to Tophatter’s service they danced around the whole thing then told me they would take care of it. The next day when I checked on my orders, the ones I had received had disappeared! When I called and told them about it the representative with the Chinese accent once again danced around it, then said there were no orders! This is the most criminal business I have ever had any relationship and I will never deal with them again! And, since all of the shipping and management of the sales is done in China, there is no way I could ever take legal action to get my money back! And the fact that my orders disappeared also keeps me from having the proof to back up what they did!

  60. Junk and sizes are wrong

    The items i have purchased are junk or the sizes are way to small

  61. Buyer Beware

    I purchased an item that did not deliver although tracking said it had, when I contacted cust srvc, their response was sorry, tracking says it delivered, but check and file theft with U.S.P theft Dept. I have closed my account and advising all who will read my review, if it says your pkg delivered but you haven’t received your package be prepared for TopHatters’ Buyers Protection policy that only comes out when they are not going to reimburse you for your loss!

  62. Scammed

    Bought an item and recieved an empty package. When I wrote them all i keep getting is to report it to police or file a claim with the post office because they dont do refunds on tampered items. All I have to say is this. The package was not opened when I recieved it and had not been tampered with at all. The fact is they never put the item in the package from the get go. Very agravated and irritated.

  63. Fake and Cheap items. Just trash

    I was really excited to get to the auction site. I won about 30 items. The items are fake cheap and not genuine. The gold chain lists at $ 699 but sells for a few dollars The market price is highly inflated. Not a good site but for kids it might be fun. Sorry

  64. this site

    this site is all lies, and shuold be shut down.

  65. Cheapeat quality ever at Tophatter

    They always post good stuff for marketing and when you purchase your get very cheap crappie. Several times I ordered gifts for friends and they came way after the expected delivery time. I wonder why they lie to customers that the delivery will be on a certain date then you get almost a month after. It is unfortunate no one is protecting the American market that is being jammed by these low quality Chinese stuff.

  66. Bot bidding

    I noticed that anytime I placed a bid on a “high” ticket item, I would be out bid as soon as I clicked the bid button, but the out bidder had my username. Guessing they are trying to raise the price of the item for max profit.

  67. stay away from jewelry products. The silver “sterling” is not silver, and the “gold” is not Gold. I unfortunately learned the hard way. The representation is 14K gold, or 18K gold, or 24K gold filled. Legitimate gold jewelry will have a “stamp” indicating the karat value. No stamp, highly suspicious. With a stamp, from this operation, still suspicious. They get away with this by blaming the seller, with no quality control in place, and most of this “gold” junk comes from China. You will get a return label so you can send it back and get your money back from BFE! Right. I see items I purchased for 10$ or less now selling for $25-50 or more! These items are not worth the postage, and it is amazing the 5 star reviews received for trash. I guess there is an ass for every seat!


    TOPHATTER is nothing but a scam!!! Ordered an XL and it is comparable to a SM. Ordered something else in a 2X because the comments said it ran small.
    The 2X was comparable to a SM. Tracking numbers lead absolutely no where. It is impossible to get any information. Don’t waste your time ordering anything from them!!! Of course they charge your card immediately. Still waiting for an item and it has been almost a month.

  69. Junk

    A few years ago I used Tophatter ordering items, mainly rings. All which were listed at .925 sterling silver. Not! Within a week the silver finish started wearing off all of them. Shipping time was long and also which I can not say was due to my ordering from them, but my credit card was compromised. So I just closed my acct. Recently for some unknown stupidity on my art I ordered a couple more things, after all. It’s been about 4 yrs since I last used them and I figured they had to have gotten better. Nope! And guess what? 3 orders and again my credit card has been compromised. Again, I’m not saying it’s due to ordering from them but I am saying bye bye for ever!

  70. Selling on Tophatter

    They let you sell, but they dont disburse your funds. basically spending your time money and items for nothing..stay away.

    1. Hi:
      We are opening a new website with Live Auctions and looking for sellers for the pre-launch. We working on the website now but we can notify all the sellers first to register and post some items. If you are interested, go to and signup. Thanks

  71. Tophatter totally scam

    Tophatter is a SCAM be careful if you want to start a seller they stole merchandise and don’t pay nothing for sellers , I sold $3400 and I have $4900 in Fees with tophatter When the buyer get refund they don’t need return your goods . Be careful sellers.

  72. Wrong size. Fake jewelry. Shipping delays.

    Don’t waist your time or money!!!!

  73. This place is a scam totally fake jewelry fake garbage everything I bought

    My tip is buy your stuff from a store a real store you will get screwed one way or another I have filed several complaints with better business bureau truly this place is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen but they are allowed to continue to do business blows me away this company and I use that term very loosely is a joke and will Rob you just not with a gun to your head. Truthfully I’d rather someone try to Rob me with a gun at least then I’d have the option to fight back

  74. Scam, fraud, misrepresentation, etc

    This company is a scam. It’s located in China and the number they have listed doesn’t work. I complained and they refunded me but I’m still waiting on items and a refund is not enough! We need to shut them down! Enough already!

  75. Top hatter junk

    I have been ordering off Top Hatter for over a year. I had good luck buying sheets super great quality. I also ordered some eye cream it was as promised

    Everthing else crap crap crap, I have tried to win the apple lap or the dell the reserve is never met no matter how high you try to bid , they are there to make you think they are a legit company

    99..9 % is crap stay away you can find better stuff on eBay , top hatter has wasted my time and money , they refunded must of my money I am tired of cheep Chinese crap made of plastic. Polluting our environment say no to this crap and stop shopping here

  76. defective goods and added customs charges

    Tophatter? Ordered a out 15 items off here 3 had to be refunded because they were faulty or not as described. 1 item was not up to the quality it stated. And 5 items I ordered from the same seller which I paid seperately (total of £12 shipping) for but got delivered as one parcel and incurred a £16.42 customs charge. This would of happened if shipped seperately as I paid individual shipping for. So paid over the odds for shipping and stung by customs because of the sellers incompetence. I will only say look else where for the auction goods as can be brought for same or cheaper. This company is out to make far east companies rich and don’t really give a toss about the customer as the same sellers are selling rip off goods that the feedback is suggesting. Also look out for the knife in a key. Classy. I think this should be banned. My advice is be very aware before venturing into this site.

  77. Chinese Company Trying to Cheat People in the United States

    I started a seller’s account and specified my pricing for each item. I was notified that I had two orders via email, and when I checked, the price the customer paid was a lot less than what I specified and they didn’t pay any shipping fees. I added shipping fees but they were not paid.

    I created two support tickets, and when I went back to check under “Support Tickets”, there were none. I wasted my time. This is a complete scam and they are advertising in TV commercials.

    1. hi your statement is not correct.
      To defraud people worldwide I am in the UK and was sent a phone that was nothing like what was discribed in the advert. if a UK company did that it would be in breach of the trades discription act.
      cost me £23 they want me to spend a min of £16 to return it to them even thiough the item is a fake. and not as in the advert they use to sell it. Nothing matches what phone arrived.
      so I could loss £39 sending it back with the hope will get £23 back so really its not worth sending back and they know this its only a small light item and it cost over £16 to send back. I am so glad i did not pay the prices others were paying for this phone.

    2. i buy on this site so I am not sure as far as a sellar but I will say majority of everything is free shipping. You sell things and the reason why you got less instead of the full amount is their cut. They get a percentage on everything you sell.