The Lewisis

Lewis family is only well off from stealing from their own
The Lewisis Review

Trevor Lewis sister and her boxer of a husband are so dishonest that they convince Nelly to give them a lone in the late 80’s which she agreed to as they were considered like family. To date in 2023 they have yet to pay back one cent even though decades have passed and the 80s economic crash had long passed.  If this ex-stripper and day trader can afford to buy horses and have a ranch then why are they not able to pay their debt?  Because of mentioning this the police had cut the phone line of Petro in order to cease all communications with her grandson that I am certain she was happy to talk too. What is worse is that Petro died shortly after making this NOT a case of a 10-5- or 10-60 but a normal emotional response when their loved one died and he could not talk to her before her passing.

Petronella “Nelly” Meyntz

Who do the police think they are to block communication with her grandson on the basis that one of the relatives is an RCMP officer? The priority is to uphold their self-image of looking perfect versus being honest and admitting that they all fucked up in this case. The only reason that Amanda Lewis got a job as an RCMP officer is because her own father Mike Lewis did her homework in University from time to time which is my opinion is cheating. According to Patricia Pavey an ex-librarian this is a very common proactive in university were their parents come in to get books to do their kids school-work.  As a result when you have this occur it makes it so that the people hired on are not as smart or knowledgeable as they seem… do you really want an RCMP officer who did not do her own schoolwork and may not know certain things? Dont take my word for it and use NLP tools validate this claim as she will never admit this fact (which is normal for anti-social personality disorder to lie and common personality trait for those who desire ranks and positions along with guns).


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