Purnell Watch Founder – Maurizio Mazzocchi

Conman, Fraudster leaves a wake of Debts in Dubai.
Purnell Watch Founder – Maurizio Mazzocchi Review

Purnell Watch Founder – Maurizio Mazzocchi Conman, Fraudster leaves a wake of Debts in Dubai.

The company was founded in 2017 Maurizio Mazzocchi (CEO) and produces manually wound tourbillon watches. Their movements are designed by watchmaker Eric Coudray, who also invented their “Spherion” systems, a high-velocity triple-axis tourbillon. The company is known for creating the Escape II, a watch with two triple-axis tourbillon systems.

In 2021, Purnell partnered with France Football to create a pair of watches which were awarded to winners of the Ballon d’Or. In 2022, they became the official timekeeper of AS Monaco. In March 2022, Purnell partnered with READYMADE to make a set of watches with straps made of recycled fabric from WWII US military surplus. Purnell has also partnered with Italian footballer Fabio Cannavaro.

Maurizio came to Dubai in 2021 and established a partnership with the former Middle East Director of Jacob &co. Maurizio was the CEO of Jacob & Co. until he fell out with the founder and owner. The launch of Purnell Middle East failed leaving this company riddled with debts and obligations. Then in January 2023, Maurizio decided to hire another person for the position, Antione Deverre, a notable person in the luxury segment to be his CEO of the Middle East on false promises of large salaries large budget and open a location at the famous Dubai Mall. Mr. Deverre, at the request of Mr. Maurizio Mazzocchi, hired 12 new employees on large salaries hoping to fool the market into buying a watch with EUR 600,000 to Euro 2,100,000 as the best advancements in watching making in to come for the past 2 centuries. Oddly enough the movement was already being used by Jacob & Co.


Maurizio managed to secure PSG as stated above by sponsoring them and the team, sadly he still owes the football club a 6-figure amount and effectively used the club’s reputation to fool not only would-be clients but also possible investors out of capital.  While it’s true he sponsored the Ballon D’Or in 2022 and 2023, he has also not paid for this sponsorship in 2023 and lost the right to host this event and be a “Brand Sponsor”.  Here the amount is also approx. EUR 250,000.


Meanwhile, in Dubai, salaries were not being paid for the months of October, November, and December 2023, he terminated the CEO Antoine Deverre, the Dubai Mall (Emaar) terminated Purnell’s contract, and is left with an unpaid balance close to AED 3,000,000, unpaid suppliers, unpaid advisors close to AED 1,200,000.


In Geneva, Maurizio tried to sell Purnell Middle East to various investors in Switzerland and the USA seeking millions for shares, however, in the end, smart investors turned down the opportunity as Maurizio could not back up his claims that Purnell watches were really worth the inflated value for watch movements used even by Jacob & Co.  Most watches in the market (rumored to be only about 20 in the world were given substantial discounts to promote the watches, yet the watches can’t even compete with Richard Mille, Jacob & Co let alone Patek.


Maurizio has scammed everyone in Dubai, Switzerland, the USA, Japan, and others telling stories claiming he is close to Andrea Bocelli, Silvester Stallone, and Michael Jordan. Employees were left jobless, and salaries were not paid amounting to over AED 1,000,000, Caviar suppliers were misled based on false promises of the brand, advisors misled for work such as lawyers, brokers, accountants, bankers, etc.


Maurizio is now out selling prototype watches claiming they are rare pieces at 50% off retail as he is struggling for cash as watch suppliers are owed over EUR 2,000,000.


Maurizio is a scam artist, was terminated from Jacob & Co and uses the credibility of PSG, Ballon D’Or, and talented people, claims to be well connected to people, and promises of meeting his celebrity friends (BTW, he does not know them, nor do they ever attend any events). Be very careful buying a watch from Purnell. They hold no value in the market, the celebrities wearing them receive either as a gift or in some cases 50-75% off his ridiculous dream of a retail price. There is nothing unique or special about Purnell, apart from the fact it already exists in a major company called Jacob & Co.  Save your money and buy a Swatch. Purnell is also not to be trusted as an employer. If you’re an investor, Bernie Madoff would have been a better investment than this scam artist.  Buyer Beware, Employee Beware, Football Clubs Beware, Advisors Beware, Lawyers Beware, he will promise the world and then never pay.  Just ask Emaar, the largest property owner in Dubai why Maurizio was thrown out of the Dubai Mall and the amounts still owed to them. So, what will be the value of Purnell Watch once it goes out of business?  Absolutely Zero!

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