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Extorsion charge on credit card or Keurig Review

WARNING/FRAUD  On Dec. 15th, I ordered supposedly a USD2 Keurig one cup coffee maker on, following a promotion on Facebook. You first need to answer questions such as Are you a resident of Canada and have you ever used Keurig products, then you have a draw with 2 attempts (the second time the pix of the coffeemaker ALWAYS appears) then a form for your address, then eventually another screen for your credit card info but without an amount indicated. The next day, Dec. 16th, I received a receipt with a charge of USD 206.93 being CAD 277.  FLD 1 as product reference ? no shipping date, I am still awaiting a reply to my several inquiries to the email address indicated on the receipt [email protected] as to why this. I am disputing the charge with my credit card and reported this as fraud ! The 888 number customer service goes dead after a few automated replies and some music. Tried several times during business hours.

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