Manchester Billionaire James Lawrance

Manchester Billionaire James Lawrance
5 Complaints
Manchester Billionaire James Lawrance Review

James Michael Lawrance, a self-proclaimed Manchester billionaire, is reportedly worth $3 billion, accumulating this wealth in less than 36 months after closing a small car repair business. However, a criminal complaint has now been filed against him.

A search of databases indicates that Lawrance Capital and James Lawrance are not registered with the SEC or FCA. Many investment frauds involve unlicensed individuals or unregistered firms, and James Michael Lawrance appears to fit this profile. He has no website, no history, no regulations, no money, and no respect. One critic described him as “a pathological liar, doesn’t have a pot to p*** in.”

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) confirmed that Lawrance Capital and James Lawrance are not registered with them. They advise checking their Updated Investor Bulletin for information on registered professionals: For international regulators, they recommend:

Questions have been raised about how Lawrance can conduct financial activities without FCA registration. If Lawrance Capital is now a family office, there are concerns about the source of the claimed $3 billion in assets under management. The nature of their investments, including convertible bonds and debt investments, is also unclear.

Industry professionals express skepticism about Lawrance’s claims. A prodigious rise of $3 billion in assets under management in such a short time, managed single-handedly by a young founder in Manchester rather than London, would typically garner significant attention in the financial world.

Lawrance is portrayed as a secretive billionaire, jetting around the world and attracting attention from models. However, there’s no evidence to support these claims. Comparisons to established billionaires like Richard Branson and Alan Sugar highlight the implausibility of Lawrance’s supposed rapid wealth accumulation.

Despite claims of vast wealth, Lawrance lacks the expected trappings of a billionaire. He reportedly lives in a small house worth less than £200,000, doesn’t own flashy cars, and borrows vehicles from his father’s dealership. His business, Lawrance Capital, is described as a startup with no money.

Lawrance’s companies show a pattern of being struck off or dissolved. He uses virtual office addresses and unverified phone numbers. His educational claims are questionable, with his LinkedIn profile suggesting he completed a master’s degree at an impossibly young age.

There are allegations of Lawrance attempting to defraud individuals and avoid paying bills. He claims to have homes worldwide, own private jets and luxury yachts, and have millions in cash for personal expenses. However, there’s no evidence to support these claims, raising concerns about potential tax evasion.

Lawrance’s attempts to get involved with football club ownership, particularly with Rochdale AFC, have raised further suspicions. He failed to provide proof of funds and pass the necessary Owners’ and Directors’ Test (OADT).

The complaint includes numerous links to company records and other sources of information about Lawrance’s businesses and claims. These show a pattern of dissolved companies, overdue accounts, and questionable business practices.

In conclusion, James Michael Lawrance’s claims of vast wealth and business success are contradicted by extensive evidence. His activities raise serious concerns about potential fraud, tax evasion, and misrepresentation. Authorities are urged to investigate thoroughly to protect potential victims and investors.

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5 Complaints on Manchester Billionaire James Lawrance

  1. Rochdale

    James Lawrance refuses to pay his bill at Rochdale football club, leaving the club in a state of crisis & panic.

    James Lawrance has failed on all of his promises spanning 6 months.

  2. Criminal Justice

    James has managed to scam Rochdale out of £700k.

    Has any criminal charges been filed yet?

  3. Football Scam

    Glad you got him.He got me!I own AFC Fylde football club and he agreed to sponsor our shirts but unfortunately we got sucked in until it was time to pay then he hadn’t a penny His father was embarrassed and coughed up £15k of the £100k deal but that was it I think he even fooled his own father-steer well well clear!!!
    This man is dangerous and needs putting away
    Before he really hurts someone.

    1. Disgusting

      Disgusting behaviour – he still plays on the fact he sponsors your club, David. I would remove the images from your website, he still uses to promote himself.

  4. James still owes money to Rochdale FC

    James still owes money to Rochdale FC, perhaps we will delete this article once you have paid your debts.

  5. Failed to pay

    James is a pathological liar, doesn’t have a pot to p*** in.