LightCycle’s CEO, Sara Lovatt

Warning ⚠️ LightCycle’s CEO, Sara Lovatt of London
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LightCycle’s CEO, Sara Lovatt Review

Warning ⚠️ LightCycle’s CEO, Sara Lovatt of London

Metaverse Scam

Scammer LightCycle CEO Sara scams her way through the Future of Virtual Land at the EDGE Global AI & Web3 Summit.

Sara Lovatt/now Sara Ezen – CEO of Life Cycle – Digital Art/NFT/Crypto Scammer

Cybercriminals target metaverse investors with phishing scams

Sara announced partnerships with well-known IPs such as Hape, Robbie Williams, Desdemona (Desi), and more. All confirmed to be fake. It was very evident she has very little experience or knowledge of this topic as clearly seen in her speech at the Edge event. Please see the below link. Alarm bells!

Decentralised Crypto – Not FCA regulated

Zero accounts files – failed business yet she makes false claims to new potential investors.

Leicestershire . Sara Lovatt . Failed Art Owner . Art Investment Fraud . Sex . Drugs & Rock n Roll.

Fraudulent Victims are starting to build (website now offline)

Sex Drugs & Rock n Roll ends in tears & debt.

Sara use to own a struggling Antidote Art Gallery in Lutterworth before she closed up. Unpaid debts, unfulfilled loans, zero accounts filed. HRMC are taking legal action.

Certainly not CEO calibre.

Lutterworth Police is currently following leads on several claims of art investment fraud. Now believed to be living in London. She appeared in court as she was trying to take a man for ever penny and he subsequently lost his home to her in the process. This makes several homes she has gained through a similar situation using manipulation and lies.

Sara Lovatt has been spotted in some drug, sex fuelled parties with potential art buying guests, explaining some of her recent art funding activities.

Have you had any experience with Sara Lovatt, have you been a victim of art fraud?

Leicestershire . Sara Lovatt . Failed Art Owner . Art Investment Fraud . Sex . Drugs & Rock n Roll.

This Feels Illegal or Like It is a Scam – Cryptocurrency / Metaverse / Online Dating
byu/MobiusCake inScams

Please report her to the Police as multiple reports are building up fast.

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1 Complaint on LightCycle’s CEO, Sara Lovatt