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We checked the pictures of a husky on the and decided to get one husky that looked very pretty. I instantly messaged the lady that we wanted to get that puppy and paid the booking amount. We paid the deposit because we did not want anyone else to get that puppy. We decided to take 4 hours of drive to pick that puppy from Ohio as we lived in Michigan.

We messaged the Lancaster Puppies lady that we would come after four days. In between, I messaged the lady if she had a recent picture of that puppy as the picture was 4 months old. However, she refused to have any latest picture of that puppy. This did seem weird to me. But I had fallen in love with that picture and wanted to get that cute puppy home as soon as possible.

After the days passed and it was the time for us to travel to Ohio, we started our journey. In between of our travel, I got a call from the breeder that the puppy had a small scab on the back. They informed that the scab did happen to peel off and now there was a small soreness on the back. The breeder told me that I could choose a different puppy if I wanted.

I told him that it was okay as I thought that the open sore would be size of a quarter. I told the breeder that I would be coming for that puppy. When I reached there, I found that the puppies were kept in the garage and there were no food or water for them. This meant that they were brought to that place just for us to pick one from.

Anyway, they looked exhausted and seemed as if whoever was taking care of them was very irresponsible. The puppy that I chose from the picture had a huge open sore on the back. It was around the size of a palm. How could they not check that before? It was something that could have been visible right away. They said that they did not know the reason for that problem.

I have two cats and my son is 8 years old. We could not take the risk of introducing any infection at home. So, we decided to take another one. However, when we got back, I found out that the puppy had several scabs on his body. It was because of the skin infection that I was worried about. So, we went straight to the vet as the poor puppy needed help.

He is since on antibiotics. When I called to inform about the situation and demanded a refund. They refused. I am keeping this puppy for sure. I know he needs a home and not some filthy backyard. But must verify the breeders and take measures to ensure safety of the dogs.

However, they seemed as if only worried about money. It is pure business for these guys and I hate to say, but they don’t deserve to sell pets.

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28 Complaints on Lancaster Puppies

  1. Praise

    Lancaster Puppies is in great sight – Been working with them Many years. I
    Have a problem I call and they help wor it out –
    God Bless them -Amen
    Sandy Marlin

  2. Dornsife PA

    Anyone ever purchase a Malshi from Dornsife, PA?

  3. Sick puppy

    Bought a shichon August 2021 from Allen Miller in Reading Pa from
    Pup had URI, ear infection, ear mites, lice, and a parasite called Giardia. What a mess. No refund. Stupid Amish man tells me, its all common. LICE IS COMMON. WHAT ? Cost me $900 to clear my dog up. I guess UPPER RESPIRATORY INFECTION IS COMMON TOO !!!! Xrays alone were $600. Had to treat my other two dogs. Another $200 …. Guess what…. He is still on there advertising.

    1. Almost scammed

      Thank you for this info online, i looked into this puppy for-sale site and spoke to a lady name Sandra Marlin– which most likely is fake and told her i found all these claims against her, but she refused to admit any of these and she was not puppy mill. This site ruled-out ms [fake] marlin immediately for me. She disguises herself as a retired preacher woman now in puppy business, w/e….(moved on!). Why are the cops not policing this type of garbage (she claims they are in INDIANA which probably fake too)

  4. I went on looked at a bunch of puppies, I didn’t see her, but I saw her sister, I immediately called this lady, her name was Lauren and she was super helpful. The next day I went to three different houses, I fell in love with the first puppy at the first house, but she wasn’t AKC registered, the second house was very chaotic, we finally went to the last house and the breeder took her out mentioning she was just the runt of the litter, I instantly fell in love and put my secured down payment on her! After that I had to wait a few weeks till she was 8 weeks old, which was fine gave me some time to prepare for her coming. Fast forward to the night before, I get a call saying my little puppy had gotten stepped on my a goat, but she’s on medication. I thought why are they just telling me this now, but I figured it’s okay she will be mine soon. The next day my friend and I went to get her, she only was 3lbs, and she did have a scar on her foot, but the scar looked old. I proceeded to sign my papers, pay for her, and we left on our way. Well Lila had to get examined with in 10 day, we went to the vet and besides her foot she looked very healthy. Fast forward to about 2 months after we got her, she was having eye problems, so I took it into my own hands and wrote to the breeder, turned out she ended up getting stepped on by a donkey, and the breeder found her passed out, I ended up getting most of my money back from him. A few weeks after we had went to the vet and we found out lila is going to be a dwarf which wasn’t a surprise since she was so little. So after this was all said and done I did my research and found out Lancaster puppies is a puppy mill, I clearly don’t support puppy mills.

  5. Scammed, not a pure bred puppy

    I purchased a puppy from a “breeder” a few months ago. I paid 2,000 dollars for a pure bred Alaskan malamute puppy. Turns out, it was a husky mixed puppy which I am not allowed at my rental due to the high energy and vocality of the breed.

  6. We advertise on Lancaster Puppies and we are very pleased with them .

  7. Advertised wrong dog breed

    They sold me the wrong dog breed. I saw this adorable little bichon on their site and went to go pick the puppy up. When we first got her she looked exactly like a bichon frise, her ears were droopy and had fluffy white fur. Now I’ve had her almost two weeks and her ears are pointed straight up. Both my vet and groomer thinks she is mixed with Pomeranian Or Chihuahua based on her look and temperament. I love the puppy but so disappointed and feel like I’ve been scammed. I didn’t want a Pomeranian I wanted a Bichon Frise.

    1. Visited two Amish puppy mills

      We went on to and drove out to two appointments to look at puppies and both of them were Amish puppy mills one was in the Lancaster area and the other one was in the Allentown area. The one place had about 80 and the other place had about 60 dogs. These kennels were supposedly inspected and licensed but they were rather dirty and very unfriendly looking for the mothers and fathers. It was a dirty place, both. The puppies we viewed were filthy covered in poop and pee. They had the audacity to tell us the dogs hadn’t been bathed yet. One place said we can bathe the puppy that you decide to take home. Ridiculous. How about bathing your litter of puppies just because they’re dirty not because one is leaving. We didn’t adopt a puppy from either place. When we viewed the parents I’m not sure that they were full-blooded Shihtzu & Toy Poodle. At one place young Amish children were grabbing all the puppies tossing them around and being rough. It seemed like a natural ongoing thing, the parents did not correct the children for being rough. Needless to say the places were dirty enough to make me post this review which isn’t something I do often. We ended up going with a dog breeder that we found on a small breeder with about 20 dogs in the Scranton Pennsylvania area, they were NOT Amish. Their puppies were clean and the area was very clean and the parents area was very clean and organized. What can I say dirty is dirty and clean is clean.

  8. Great puppy. Great site.

    We had no problems with this classified site. How can a classified website be a puppy mill or a scam. This is a classified site, um, classified as in the same thing as your newspaper has.
    It has thousands of dog breeders on it across 10 states. We went to two different dog breeders homes that we located on
    We adopted one of the pups that we viewed. No problems… perfectly healthy socialized puppy. Nice family. This site has been in business for 15 years and this is all the complaints they have. Wow. Pretty good. 10,000 puppies are advertised on there on a yearly basis. So in actuality…. this is pretty good ratio.

  9. No issues

    The people that have posted these complaints on here, saying Lancaster is a scam, if u didn’t give anybody any money or have any money stolen from you, you did not get scammed.

    Some of the reviews on here are ridiculous. Some are legit. Your responsible for doing your own footwork to find a puppy. don’t blame an online classified puppy site for everything that you do wrong while purchasing a puppy and looking for a puppy. I’m sure everybody has the ability to look over their dog before they pay. It’s that simple. bad Health can be seen. Underweight can be seen. Lice can be seen. Demeanor and personality can be seen. Filthiness can be seen. Oh for the people that buy a dog claiming that they’re saving it, SHAME ON YOU…. then they come on here and post a negative review, that’s ridiculous. If somebody is doing something so wrong that you have to save a puppy you’re only creating matters worse by saving the dog. If someone’s place is so disgusting, you should leave. Do not buy their dog. Do not give them your money. Duh. All you did was play a role in them breeding more pups that need saved. Be bright enough to tell them straight to their face I’m not buying this dog because it’s disgusting and then walk away they might make some changes. Report…. Dont save & support.

    They’re obviously tons of perfectly good breeders that advertise on Lancaster puppies, first of all thousands of breeders advertise on there from 10 different states. It’s as if people think Lancaster puppies is the actual dog breeder. It’s a classified site just like your local newspaper. Anybody can advertise on it. Get some facts before you run your mouth on here.

    I tried to purchase a puppy on Lancaster last year but it didn’t work out, we got to the place and they literally sold the puppy when we were on our way there and they knew we were driving two hours. So that wasn’t very nice. We gave up at that point. The place that we went to was fairly clean and organized. They owned 20 dogs and were licensed and inspected.

    this year we went out again in search of a puppy, went to a few different places that were easy on the eye and, didn’t have any problems. We ended up purchasing a Morkie from the last place, we got to see both parents, we got a health record and health guarantee. It was in kylerstown Pennsylvania. They were not Amish or mennonite. Just a simple everyday family that had about 10 or 12 dogs with a nice clean inspected kennel.

    There’s lots of ads on there so click them, get in contact with the breeder, talk to them, email text whatever you do to communicate. But have clear communication and inspect your puppy before you pay for it. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. Make sure you get a health record and a health guarantee. Don’t save a puppy. Buy the one that was well taken care of so that those people can stay in business & not others.

  10. This report jives with the experiences of my family.

    This is obviously a puppy mill. My sister and I had a very similar and bad experience last fall (2020). Lancaster is a disgusting and immoral scam and all the people involved with this “business” should be avoided by the plague!

    1. Almost scammed

      Thank you for this info online, i looked into this puppy for-sale site and spoke to a lady name Sandra Marlin– which most likely is fake– and informed her i found all these claims against her, but she refused to admit any of these puppy mill claims. This site ruled-out ms [fake] marlin immediately for me. She disguises herself as a retired preacher woman now in puppy business (w/e….i moved on)! Why are the cops not policing this type of garbage; she claims they are in INDIANA which probably fake too, and calls themself BUCKEYE PUPPIES. Called her out on that one too; of course some lame hairbrained answer returned, so scratched the craziness immediately.

  11. LancasterPuppies.Com promotes scammers and puppy mills

    My husband and I saw an ad for a lovely Yorkshire terrier puppy. A seller by the name of Sandy Marlin from Madison, Indiana was selling at least 15 Yorkshire terrier puppies and most looked nothing like a Yorkie. Red flag #1. We found a cute 8 week old pup and contacted the seller Sandy Marlin. She preferred we have her husband deliver the pup to our home. We were that far so we didn’t mind. However, she demanded a $500 deposit and never ended up delivering the dog. She then got in contact with me when the dog was 20 weeks old and said he would be there next week. Guess what? Next week came and no dog again. When I checked into her background it turns out she is an online dog scammer. Basically, she has no dogs and is not a breeder. She just steals money from people claims it’s a “deposit”. We contacted to please remove the seller and her post because it is just a scam but they did not. Please be wary of anybody on that website. Also, the sellers from Pennsylvania are Amish puppy mills.

    1. Complaint

      This is NOT TRUE AL ALL.
      I am a retired Methodist Pastor and -I do not ask for deposits only if I hold the puppy for a period of time
      Till Carrier pick – up .
      Ok I was worn out -In Feb 18 – I will be 76 – so not young – I am a retired Methodist Pastor – Retired at 70 1/2 – Been raising puppies many years –
      This lady that complained bought 2 yorkies and they were from to different parents ( so two different litters) Some of mine have ears up & some do not … She thought they should look alike – She Picked the puppies out when they were 8 to 10 weeks old – and so when they got older they are different – Is that My Fault – no!
      I told her to bring puppies bad and I refund her money- But instead. she had to put this complain on Lancaster.. I am a reliable breeder – and have many many people that are very happy with their puppies. I have flown puppies to Calf-TX-FL-and I have had people come from many places & states to get their puppy they pick out and want to buy. When I meet the people to pick up their new puppy I take a picture – when Text it to them. i have a lot of pictures on my phone of couples & single people happy with their new puppy. I then send that picture to the buyer and Thank then buy buying one of my puppies. I still get Text and pictures/videos on many of the dogs I have sold -people keep in touch with me and even sometimes buys another one. Or a friend of family member will. So I am a reliable breeder – AND I will Not Scam anyone even though I have been..

  12. If I could give 0 stars I would.

    I purchased from a woman off the who sold me a dog who contracted parvo virus the day after I brought him home. The dog cost over $2,000.00 and the vet bill to save the dog cost me $6,000.00. Tried reaching out to the seller it appears she provided a fake name, address, bill of health, and never took the dog to a vet.

  13. My neighbor picked up a so called Goldendoodle and was told that the poodle that the Golden Lab was mated to was very small. “Her pup was not going to be more then 25 lbs”. MY neighbor is a small frail woman who probably weighs in at about 100lbs. The dog now 11 months old is about 70 lbs and 24 inches at the shoulder and is pulling this woman all over the neighborhood. She tried to return the dog to this so called breeder and was basically told to get lost. She is now trying to get this dog re-homed to a family who wants a big dog. This kennel is a racket who does not give a sht about what they sell to whoever.


    I had bought a beutiful aussie puppy who looked happy in the pictures. Me and my husband drove to go pick him up. The drive took about 10 hours. When I got there there where cages crowded with puppies that looked sick with brouses and poop everywhere, no food or water in sight. The puppies barked when they saw me. The man opened a cage and took out a mal nourished puppy who looked nothing like the pictures. He looked horiffiyingly sick and he had scars everywhere. the poor thing ran to me and I picked him up. I had payed the man in advenced so I filled the paper work and got in the car. In the car the poor puppy named cooper we re-naimed baby started pucking in my lap. Soon later he died tragically with my children in the back. DO NOT BUY ANYTHING THE ONE STAR REVIEWS WHERE PEOPLE PAYED TO SAY THAT THIS IS 100% A PUPPY MILL

  15. Puppy Mill for sure

    My family and I were deceived into believing that we were receiving a AKC pure bred Chocolate Labrador Retriever from Lancaster Puppies. When we arrived at the address, we were taken back at what we observed. To begin, it was 100 degrees outside. We were led to a barn/shed. Outside the shed, in a fenced area, were two very large dogs, one of which was a female that was lactating. These dogs were standing in their pens full of feces. The two dogs never stopped barking the entire time we were there. When the Amish man went into the shed, it was dark and I could make out that there were crates stacked up, one on top of the other. He retrieved the puppy and then threw it out of the door, onto the grass. The puppy acted as if it had never been outside of his crate. She went wild running around and coming up to everyone. The Amish man used his steeled toe boot to kick it back. When the puppy went over to the Amish man’s wife, she picked up the dog by the throat and threw the puppy back onto the grass. My son asked how long it had been since the puppy was out of the crate, the man replied, “it’s been awhile.” We noticed that the puppy’s collar was making an indentation in the puppies neck.
    Against our better judgement, we purchased the puppy for $1500.00. Three days later, we had to surrender the dog to animal control due its aggressive behavior and biting that had drawn blood on every single family member. It is not the fault of the puppy, it is the cruelty of the Amish man and his family to blame and they should be arrested and charged with animal cruelty and all of their kind should be shut down permanently. I sincerely hope and pray that anyone considering a puppy or dog purchase will do their research prior to purchasing, which admittedly we did not do. This puppy was represented as it was on the website. False advertising was present.


    We adopted a Mini Golden doodle girl from a breeder in Ohio. I saw Ocean on the Lancaster puppies website and was a little skeptical, as I have read many reviews of this website and the scam. I contacted the owner of this sweet pup, and she instantly responded with a sweet and generous text. We exchanged numbers and we talked on the phone. I asked so many questions and she answered them all so respectfully. After many pictures sent of the sweet girl, we decided to make the 4 hour drive to get her. We got to the place and she was well groomed, healthy, and happy. The owner was wonderful, inviting, and accepting. She provided us with vet papers and some information of her breed, and family. We took our sweet girl home, and have had her for about 5 days. We took her to the vet today for a checkup and the vet said she is PERFECT! We are so in love with our sweet girl and the woman who sold us to her has been checking up and making sure we are doing okay. I am so pleased with this experience and our family is now complete. She is our best friend. This website has given us our fur baby girl. We love her to pieces.

    1. Do you know the owner name?


    everybody says this website is horrible and parts of it is
    when I first tried to find a puppy I did this website called DO NOT GO ON THE WEBSITE GORGOUSECHIHUAHUAPUPS.COM
    I got scammed so I decided to try this website I tried to get two dogs the first dog I tried looked very healthy I arrange to get the puppy when I got there and the puppy was so well I don’t have worlds to describe the condition of the puppy the ONLY REASON I got that dog was because I wanted to get the poor thing out of there (at that time I did not know it was a puppy mill)the amish man I got that puppy from was rude. when I got home I rush the dog to the vet she had to get so much surgery I felt so bad.1 year later I decided to get another dog from there I asked the lady to FaceTime me and the dog I saw the dog and she was healthy I got the dog and am so happy now I have two chihuahuas. Baily and pepper I love them so much my first experience was very bad but the second time was amazing the lady was very kind and her price was this website was ok and just make sure you pick the right breeder I would ask the breeder to FaceTime you with the puppy you want

  18. Bate and Switch!

    We are new first time puppy owners. We wanted to purchase a Bernese mountain dog and found one at Lancaster Puppies. The puppies were being sold by an Amish family. I put my deposit down for “Savanna” and we drove six hours to pick her up from PA. When we got there, the wife had the puppy for us. She was very nice. They did have a kennel with about 10 different breeds of dogs. My son suspected it was a cover, but didnt share his concerns until after we left. Savanna’s mother was in the kennel. We didnt verify that the puppy we had picked up wasn’t Savanna until we got home. Didn’t even think of comparing the photo with the puppy we were picking up. I expected the Amish to be honest. We’re in northern NY and live around a lot of Amish and Mennonite people. Everyone has always been friendly and courteous. When we had taken a photo of her once home we realized she was not the dog we put a deposit on. The family claimed ignorance and went as far to say that markings change…in two weeks! I dont think so! My son suggested that the photo we saw originally was probably not even one of their puppies, just a beautiful puppy to grab your attention. We love our puppy we received, but she needs a trip to the vet for a bad case of lice. I really am concerned about how she was taken care of, if at all. I’m glad we rescued her, but at a very high price. I sure do hope she is healthy. It really is a bit scary dealing with these folks. I was so naive! I think its best to pay the extra money and find a reputable breeder who loves their animals. We have definitely learned a lesson in this experience!!

  19. We are in love with our new Jack Russell Terrier

    We just adopted a Jack Russell Terrier from Shippensburg, PA and she is AMAZING. Happy, loving, energetic and almost trained little 8 week puppy. The people we dealt with were so kind and now we are taking her to the vet for her first visit to confirm her health is good. My experience with Marcus and lancaster puppies was great. Just make sure you do your research and ask a ton of questions.

  20. We purchased a puppy perfectly fine

    People shouldn’t say they got scammed because that means you gave someone money for a dog and didn’t get the dog. Lancaster is NOT a scam.
    Obviously you can buy a dog and it may not look like it’s picture when you get there because it grew a little. Obviously you could purchase a sick puppy but I don’t consider that to be scam. Anybody has the capability of viewing their dog before paying for it so that’s on them. Not to mention its a living life, it’s not like you’re out there buying household furniture. Living life can get sick. I found several puppies that I liked on Lancaster and I did drive out to several people’s homes that lived in the same area. A lot of them were Amish farms. I did settle in on a small Amish kennel that was ran by the wife and the children. They had maybe fifteen dogs total. It was well-maintained and they were state inspected and licensed. My puppy is now 2 years old perfect health. I’m on here today because I was going back on the same site to look for another doggy. We are ready for a second doggy. My experience on there was perfectly fine. I look at it this way, if you’re trying to find a dog but are complaining about who is selling them and we could possibly be in this situation because people have complained and complained and complained and now nobody wants to breed dogs… it’s a lot of work apparently not a lot of money and people don’t really treat you very nicely is what I’m assuming. Like I said we purchased a dog after going to several families homes in the Lancaster area and did find a wonderful beautiful puppy and now we are in search of another one. The conclusion is if you’re out there searching for a puppy or a dog and you’re willing to pay for a puppy and dog and instead of doing a dog pound adoption… then don’t be such a hypocrite. We need places to find our future dogs and puppies. Ps. The breed that we purchased was a havanese poodle mix. Great breed. Anything poodle mix is good breed. Smart training goes fast.

  21. Lena Auker / Breeder / Selinsgrove PA

    We bought a Morkie from Lena Auker a breeder located in Selinsgrove PA. All 7 puppies were beautiful. I picked Mason who was renamed Brody. We received him on Saturday and today is only Wednesday. The breeders relative coincidentally was coming to our area on another errand, so he delivered the dog for us! I would have driven 8 hours one way for my little guy. He is smart and very calm. For the very short time he is here almost potty and crate trained getting along with our other two dogs who are much bigger then him. We took him to the vet and he got a clean bill of health. Great breeder and the perfect puppy. I can only speak from my own experience, not the website which seems to have a few very dishonest postings with bait and switch and whatever else people will do to make a buck dishonestly. You can’t go wrong with Lena Auker. A honest and reputable breeder who sells healthy and adorable Morkies. We love our Brody.

    1. Misleading--wrong breeder name!

      This review is for a completely different breeder!


    I have been looking for a goldendoodle for 2 weeks with no luck…so when I came across Lancaster puppies I thought I hit the jackpot because there was six I could choose from and they were all available. Well I called Mark who was listed as the seller and I told him the one I was interested in and I asked him about the dogs personality. I must have caught him off guard with that question because he stumbled his words and basically told me that puppies don’t have personalities yet. That was the first red flag. Then he wanted me to send money for deposit by PayPal and I told him I don’t have account with paypal but I could send a check. Well after arguing with me about the PayPal he said if I could send him a picture of the check that would work and then he would send me more pictures of the puppy. Well once I got off the phone I knew it was a scam. He texted me nonstop the rest of the day of pictures of the dog. He seemed really desperate. Please don’t waste any money on Lancaster puppies. So glad I figured it out before it was too late.


    My husband and I were looking for a Cavapoo puppy and I stumbled upon Lancaster Puppies. April if 2019. At the time I was not aware of any complaints about the site, but I was wary of puppy mills and A LOT of the pictures were of puppies from Amish farms. Amish have become infamous for puppy mills in PA, OH, & IN. I found what I thought was a breeder, who’s name was Mike located in Mifflinburg PA. I was looking for a female and he had 2 if them. The day that we were scheduled to pick one out at his home
    7/7/ 2019, we drove the 6 hrs to meet him, & the mother of the puppies. 30 minutes from the location he gave us, he said he would be late because he had gone out to eat with his wife & kids. We said it was no problem and we decided to just head over to the address he gave us and wait. Turns out, the address was a field. Not a single house in sight. Fast forward 30 minutes I get a text from him saying that he just put the kids down for a nap and it wouldn’t be possible to come to his house, but he could bring us the puppies and the mother to look at. He asked us to meet him at the Dollar General about 10 miles from the 1st location. I wanted to bail, but my husband convinced me that 6 hrs to drive for a puppy is a long way so we might as well give it one more shot. Sure enough, he showed up, with the puppies in a small carrier that had poop all over the side of it. No mother. He took the puppies out and let them run around in a small patch of grass. 1 was average 9 wk old Cavapoo size, the other was slightly bigger than a baby rabbit 1/3 the size of her sister. The tinier one immediately crawled over to my feet and shreaked, so I picked her up. The bigger one was a typical puppy, playful, bitey, sweet. The tinier one I had in my arms was TERRIFIED and she was covered with filth. Mike said that I didn’t want her, that she was the runt, and that nobody wanted her. Honestly, she should have been with her mother another couple of weeks, and I even mentioned it. I also asked where their mother was. He brushed it off and showed me a picture. He also let it slip that he “had to pick these guys up” & that’s why he was late. I had made up my mind that I couldn’t let the tiniest one go back with him. I didn’t want either of them at that point because I suspected that this man was a dealer. Dealers do exactly what it sounds like. They get puppies from puppy mill breeders and they sell them. That’s why he didn’t have her mother, that’s why he was so shady. As soon as I paid him the 600 and got her paperwork we left immediately. I knew the bigger puppy would find a home, but I was afraid of what would happen to the tiny one if I didn’t take her. As soon as I got into the car with her, my husband said,” did you get the feeling that if we didn’t take this little one, that he would have thrown her into the dumpster behind us?” My jaw just dropped because that’s exactly what I was thinking. I took the puppy to the vet. She was waaaaaaay underweight, had parasites and she agreed that the puppy should have been with her mom at least another 3 weeks. She also said the puppy was very poorly socialized and had sores on her paws which is common in puppy mills. They are kept in cages and no one handles them. Its especially traumatizing for the runt, because they are behind and need their mother longer. The puppy is now named Daisy, and she will be 1 year old on April 30th 2020. As much as I don’t regret getting her, I regret where I got her. She is still terrified of EVERYTHING. The 1st 2 weeks I had her, I couldn’t put her down. She was on my pillow under my chin when we slept, on my lap during the day, or in my arms. Only time I could put her down was when she went potty. Otherwise she would SHREAK like a banshee and it was heartbreaking. Thankfully she grew out of that, but if a stranger so much as looks at her when I walk her, she hides behind me and other dogs completely paralyze her with fear. She does however LOVE children. Just absolutely adores them. But it has been an uphill battle with everything else including leaves blowing in the wind or plastic bags. So DO NOT USE THIS SITE. PLEASE, YOU AREN’T DOING YOUR PUPPY OR YOURSELF A FAVOR. YOU ARE ONLY PROVIDING MONEY FOR MONSTERS. Go to a reputable breeder, and if you can’t meet the mom, RUN!

    1. Hi I might be in a similar situation is there any way you can email me I just wanna ask you a question if you could .

  24. Bought a mini bernedoodle

    Bought a mini bernedoodle on and the breeder, Country Acre Bulldogs had a 5 month old mini bernedoodle for sale. That should have been my first red flag. Puppy arrived and it had a massive skin infection on its back that the vet had to shave and give us medicine for. He was always itching and scratching himself. In the one week and a half we had him, he was initially very sweet. Then one day unprovoked, he bit our daughter between here eyes and drew blood. He then lunged and growled and barked at her the following morning. We had a pet divider up, thankfully, because I am sure he would have attacked her. Out vet recommended we pout him to sleep; we opted to rehome him to a single older retiree.

    The trauma of this, plus expense and the condition the puppy was in — is horrifying!!! I am so mad. So mad. My daughter’s trauma, our trauma in helping him and then this happening (not his fault because CLEARLY he was not socialized at ALL!


  25. LANCASTER PUPPIES = Puppy Mill Pimp

    When I buy something, I want to make sure I am getting something good for a good price. Like when I buy a car. I just don’t look at it and decide to buy it because it’s pretty. I do my research. I look at the NADA values, I look at the CARFAX, I know if the dealership has complaints from previous buyers, and I know what the quality rating is on the vehicle I am looking at.

    When I was looking at puppies I expected to be able to confirm that what I’m getting is worth what I’m paying. I found a puppy on that looked good, but then I clicked on the breeder info. He was being sold by “Pam” and her number was 717-blah blah blah. Who’s Pam? When someone says Cher or Madonna I know who they are talking about. That wasn’t the case with Pam. In case you’re not picking it up. When you provide just a first name then it isn’t possible to research the breeder even with a simple Google search. Who knew?

    SO … Let me tell you. Pam had her puppies listed on another website. On that website they were listed as AKC, they were not. On one website her location was Delta and on another site she was in Eden. Maybe she lives in an RV? I contacted her early in the morning and didn’t receive a call until late afternoon. I guess that’s because she was busy upping her prices by $100 each between morning and afternoon. On the other website she was listed as a German Shepard Breeder. I thought that was odd since I was trying to buy a Bernese Mountain Dog. She sold those, but offered to sell me a Swiss Mountain Dog. Three breeds? Wouldn’t that be an indication of a puppy mill??

    I contacted Lancasterpuppies regarding my experience with Pam. They responded, but their first reply so so stupid that it just made me more angry. Lancaster Puppies has a cute little Stop Puppy Mills link on their front page. I was really amused by that. If you are going to spend a bunch of money to buy the puppy you have wanted for years then at least be able to verify who you are dealing with. It might be good to know if the person you are dealing with is a 5 Star Breeder or on The Humane Society’s Horrible 100 list. I saw an Angie’s List Breeder review tonight by someone who bought a sick puppy. GET THE NAME and DO THE RESEARCH!

    1. Bad experience jives with ours

      Avoid these puppy mills and get your puppy from local humane society.

  26. Scam -- Lancaster Puppies

    We answered an add on Lancaster puppies. The man who responded said the puppy in question was available. He sent us a completely counterfeit certificate from American Dog Registry. He wanted a deposit through an online payment system. Fortunately, the bank would not send the transaction to the email provided. We became suspicious. I looked up his address (the one he gave us) and there is no such address. The name in the Lancaster Pupp ad was different from both his email name and the one on the certificate. I pointed out the inconsistencies and he stopped repsonding. Obvious scam. AVOID.

  27. Advertises for Dishonest Breeders

    Lancaster Puppies advertises for a dishonest breeder of mini-sheepadoodle puppies named Tina Schultheis from Ligonier, PA. I emailed Lancaster Puppies on 3/27/20 after I saw her mini-sheepadoodle puppies advertised on their site and to stop advertising puppies for this breeder. Tina Schultheis advertised a litter of 11 mini-sheepadoodle puppies on her website,, for $1500. After paying a $500 deposit, Tina raised the prices of the puppies to $2500. She posted two puppies for $1500 and 9 puppies for $2500. Tina claimed that the 9 puppies were from a different litter but do the math: 2 puuppies @$1500 + 9 puupies @$2500 = 11 original puppies advertised for $1500. I emailed Lancaster Puppies twice about the bait and switch scam of Tina Schultheis, and asked them to remove her puppy ads from their website. Nothing was done and her puppies are still being advertised on Lancaster Puppies. Buyer beware because even when Lancaster Puppies knows that there’s a problem, they will do nothing to protect prospective buyers from dishonest breeders!

  28. is completely unprofessional company

    The Amish people that run this company are completely unprofessional.

    Do not post your puppies on this site.
    They are unhelpful, practice discrimination, and rob older people of their hard earned money.

    They do not act right.
    They do not treat posting customers with respect or appreciation.