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Matthew Randall Rawls
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Strangles women. Beats women. Cheats on women. He has 3 daughters with different women that he refuses to see, help financially, or be a part of their lives. Jumps from relationship to relationship. Used meth around his kids for 10 years or more. Is highly manipulative. Plays Prince charming and then makes women dependent on him with affection and financial gain then leaves them to fend for themselves and take care of his kids.

Plays the victim and the sympathy card. Tried to kill a man with his car while his fiance was in the car at 6 months pregnant and put his child and partner’s life at risk. His entire family is racist. Did meth with his first child’s mother while she was pregnant. Has abused multiple women multiple times. Has been stabbed and stabbed others. Got into a DUI and almost killed two innocent women and continues to drink and drive. Horrible human being. Lives with an abusive mother who abandoned everyone in her family who allowed his father to molest her children and makes sexual comments about her son and his partners.

Allowed his mother to attack his pregnant fiance. Family history of domestic violence and child abuse. His father is a pedophile and he still tried to bring his daughters around his father. Sold drugs with his children in the home. Allowed his children to be physically and verbally abused on multiple occasions and then left them behind and did nothing to protect them. Is on the national registry list for child endangerment, abuse and neglect. Has gang affiliations.

He has cheated on numerous women on numerous occasions. Lies about everything constantly. Abused his children’s mother’s while they were pregnant as well as shortly after birth. Has made plots to kill his exes on numerous occasions and there’s witnesses to him trying to kill multiple people. Has claimed to have killed people in the past and breastfeed about getting away with it. He is a liar, cheater, abuser of women and children, deadbeat dad, meth addict, alcoholic, has a oddly sexual relationship with his mother that all of his exes have been creeped out by upon meeting her. Mothers of his children have tried to encourage a relationship with his children. Had another kid without telling anyone about it and hiding it from his 6 and 7 year old daughters.

Left them in a home she guns were being used by meth addicts and other alcoholics. Allowed his daughters to be drug by their hair, hit, mistreated, around drug addicts and people coming in and out of prison. Uses women to take care of him and his emotional issues. Refuses to get help in therapy or counseling when it has been requested by the courts. Goes after women who have had childhood trauma in order to gain control over them. Claims he has never hit women when his exes and his children have seen him do so. Is incredibly verbally abusive to women while they are pregnant.

Has been in physical altercations with many people. No sense of loyalty. Incredibly aggressive when angry. Tried to kill the mother’s of his children. Be very wary. This is not a man you want to be around. Major horror stories from all of the people he has dated. Attacked a woman when he was 17 and got a defensive wound on his eyebrow then put her in jail falsey to save himself from being convicted. Absolutely miserable person. Has a Ted Bundy approach, charms women into dating him with lavish gifts, only to destroy them, abuse them and ruin their lives. Is very cunning in his approach.

Has a tattoo of a women on his left arm, a grim reaper tattoo on his left shoulder, a switchblade tattoo on his left leg and a tattoo of stitches down his chest. Is very much capable of murder, has strangled multiple women and has claimed to have killed people and has plotted to kill others including ex girlfriends. Promised to kill his newborn child’s mother before strangling her. This man is incredibly dangerous and should be in prison and may be one day if my friend would have the courage to report him for strangulation and face him in court but she is still dealing with the trauma of the relationship in therapy.

She had given birth two weeks prior to him strangling her. And there is proof to his admission of doing. Posting this because women need to be warned about men like this, people in general need to be warned. He is dangerous. My friend has a recording of him apologizing for strangling her.

And he will be on the national child abuse/endangerment/neglect list for the rest of his life by his own admission to substantiated allegations of child endangerment and neglect to which he admitted to in court. I have done extensive amounts of research as I work for an attorney and have found many police reports from multiple people regarding this individual in which charges could have been pressed but the females chose not to press charges.

Have read the court cases against him. Do not associate with this individual. Incredibly dangerous. Multiple reports of abuse and domestic violence by many women from the time he was 18 years old. Multiple reports of him attacking men, as well. Criminal and dangerous all around. I’m hoping my friend comes to her senses and takes action against this man for strangling her as she has substantial evidence to do so I’m order to protect future women from making the same mistakes.

This man has a insane history against him and if she were to press charges, all of those cases would be used against him to substantiate the allegations of domestic violence and he would easily get 7 or more years in prison for attempted murder and strangulation. I work for a domestic violence attorney and have asked my firm to provide services pro bono and now it’s on her to file that police report, however many victims of crimes like these choose to stay silent in fear of reliving the trauma in court. It’s a sad state of affairs. But the evidence is there.

I have ran backgrounds on multiple family members of his and the majority have domestic violence allegations against them, his brother-in-law was arrested for domestic violence, his sister spent time in prison, one has multiple drug charges, mother is being investigated by the IRS for fraud and has multiple police reports filed against her, as well.

The proof is there if you are willing to do the research or contact an attorney to look into the extensive history of this family. Stay away from Matthew Randall Rawls and anyone who associates themselves with him, they are very dangerous.

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1 Complaint on Knott’s Berry Farm

  1. Just the tattoos alone give it away lol

    A switchblade tattoo? How is that not an immediate 🚩🚩🚩 redflag?? Like no way, someone with a switchblade tattoo tried to kill someone… You’re gonna try to tell me no one saw that coming 🤦🏽‍♀️