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Alex McDermott aka alex reid now works for James Kevin Marnley also known as James Taylor and his call girl mrs Emanuela De Tillio who now live overseas.

Do not buy a business from any of these crooks, as they are in hiding due to having a few serious people after them but still trying to SCAM money from customers by selling EBAY accounts and SCAM travel websites all over Daltons and also Businesses For Sale websites, he owns amongst other dodgy sites






and also many others to try and steal money from customers.

Alex Reid in up to his neck in this with James and is as guilty as the well known internet scammer so be warned, alwys ask to pay with PayPal and always check the background of any business and person you are looking to do any business with – usually a face to face meeting will put these crooks off as of course they don’t want to to risk getting caught out and lisa matthews is involved also

Unluckily for them, we are the eyes and ears of online justice and will stop at nothing to prevent more innocent people from having their pensions, their savings, their college funds and their livlihoods drestroyed by these merciless penny pinching SCAMMERS.

James Taylor and Emanuela De Tillio use the above websites to pedal illegal EBAY accounts and recruit people from within the UK do do their calling and emails for them so they can take no risk and stay anonymous, but it doeesnt take mucch to find out who is behind it all and if you are buyig any kind of business you should always demand to see limited company details for the businesss and the name of teh director you are paying, always ask for photgraphic ID also before making payment and always pay on PayPal, then at that point you are should be fairly safe – use your common sense and if its EBAY or travel based or even Dropship based then the chances are that you will be buying from these SCAMMERS.

Dropship doesnt make money, simple but this is why James Taylor and Emanuela De Tillio sell them as otherwise they would run these businesse themselves.

They have a string of closed down businesses scattered over companies house in their various names and also various addreses including Barton Drive, Darwin Crescent and more recently Peasland Road and Buckland Brake all in Devon, UK and they use formations companies occasionally to set things up from snub addressees also as this makes it harder to locate them all when things go wrong.

Various phone numbers and emails get used but again, use your common sense peoplee and researdch everything and everyone fully – you will see that James’s history of being a con man goes back almost 10 years on Google and now he leaves fake reviews on other businesses and has conversations with himself on his own forums in order to try claw back his dwindling markket share – the people have spoken and the people have a right to the truth – not this fanaty world he creates for himself

Alex Reid needs to be very careful not to get dragged down in the same pit that James and Emanuela are in as it wont be long and him and also Lisa Matthews will be all over the net for the same reasons, as will anyone else who comes in to contact with the SCAMS that these two crooks run.

James pretends he is a businessman and has been in business online for years and in part this is true – he has been an active internet SCAMMER and con man since around 2008 from our research and there are documented cases where this has been proven over and over again.

Avoid all of these criminals like the plague and make sure you are entirely safe with who you choose to do business with – demand annswers and if they cant or wont provide them, report it and then walk away.

By reporting it you are helping other possible victims to not fall in the same trap and not sufer the emotional and financial stress that being conned will surely cause them

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64 Complaints on James taylor

  1. James is a scammer ripping people off a lot of money -

    he replies on what’s app even sends pics of his wife and son when his with them comes across as a decent bloke but he is far from it. pure scumbag. karma is a bitch and you will be found out one day.

  2. Scamming little scruff

    Selling fake eBay accounts online and scamming money and blocking. Dirty little bastard.

  3. Guy is a crook , i will find him a skin him and murder all his associates

    I had 900 dollars stollen off me , i will hunt him until he is dead i will kill any of his family/friends.

    Keep hiding James, I Will peel your friends and families skin before your eyes before i slowly do it you while you suffer and cry like that fat scumbag you are, tick tock I’m coming to find you

  4. James is an honest person

    I found James on YouTube and he was offering unlimited eBay accounts for sale. I wanted to get back on eBay so decided to buy 3 unlimited eBay accounts for a good price.

    The accounts were delivered very quickly and all messages on WhatsApp replied to.

    I am still using my one big account for a year now and my business is booming. It’s all thanks to James I’m very greatul and happy I brought the accounts from him thank you James.

  5. They are completely knowledgeable

    These guys are awesome! I have been working on getting my company’s website project situated to the Bare Minimum and they talked with me on numerous occasions to help me understand what will make my company stand out from the others. They are completely knowledgeable in the sometimes frustrating world of programming. From knowing what programming languages to use for a small project to some of the more larger projects that they have been a part of, these guys know exactly what they are talking about.

  6. James Marnley provided me with reliable service

    James Marnley provided me with reliable service, and were very unique in their recommendations. They were there to help me with the best product for my needs.

  7. Very prompt and professional.

    Very prompt and professional. James did a great job at communicating and the item was very good quality. It even arrived a day sooner than expected!

  8. Excellent company and service

    Excellent company and service. Fast and reliable!! If you don’t see it ask, they were extremely knowledgeable and helpful.

  9. I am beyond impressed with james Marketing!

    WOW – I am beyond impressed with james Marketing! I worked with james, and I cannot thank him enough for all of the fast work he did for my office. Fast shipping, great customer service and a great company!

  10. Need an SEO expert, look no further

    We used James for some SEO training last year, and thought is was probably the best advice we have ever had on the subject.

    Recently we have had something of a dispute with our web agency, so we went back to james for further advice.

    James gave us tremendous support and the confidence to go back to the agency well armed with the details we needed to get to the issue resolved.

    James knows his topic very well and is able to relay it very clearly. Highly recommended

  11. I am impressed because of good quality online support,

    You helped a lot! I am satisfied with the result, I will definitely advise SEO to my friends and acquaintances. Also, thanks for the quality created site, everything is clear, understandable. Successfully promote your site with new knowledge.

    I am impressed because of good quality online support, very cheap rate with high quality and all services start from only $5, i was try 100 Pinterest Followers for see quality of work. They delivery work within 24 hours and really happy with followers quality. Now i am a regular customer.

  12. James has an outstanding company with excellent and very responsive customer service

    James has an outstanding company with excellent and very responsive customer service. I’ve been working with james for over a year now and he has always delivered what he promised. They have a wealth of knowledge to handle the needs of everyone from bloggers, entrepreneurs to multi national companies and corporations.

    Their team outlined a clear path of steps to ranking our site online and in the top positions on both google organic search results and google maps. They have our full trust and confidence with regards to their services online!

    They’ve helped our website gain more traffic and leads. We consider them as a valuable partner in our business. I recommend them to my fellow small business owners.

    thank you

  13. Fast, efficient and incredibly helpful

    Finding the right website developer is not easy. We contacted many companies for advice, pricing and most importantly, we were looking for a company who would give us ideas and suggestions on how to improve our online business! James Marnley offered the best all round response to what we were looking for!

    We couldn’t be happier with the quality of the website they developed. Niall went above and beyond to make sure everything was how we wanted. He offered great advice on how to improve our website, what to highlight, features to add, and kept in mind how important it was for us to have an easy site to navigate for our customers! The designers and support team offer a great efficient service and were always available to answer any questions we had throughout – would highly recommend them for any website project or revamp!

    James and Lisa are a very reliable, highly efficient and creative company that have transformed my ideas into a seamless site.

    Time and time again the staff here have been available and willing to make changes, tweaks and updates to the website at a moment’s notice

    Niall and his team are very easy to work with and delivered a completely bespoke website which surpassed our expectations.

    I give my full, unequivocal recommendation to James for their fantastic service and affordable pricing.

  14. I having my website redesign and both…

    I having my website redesign and both James and Lisa listen very carefully of what I wanted to have done. Originally, I ask for consultation for a personal website by mistake and Arial made sure that I got to the right department and reschedule me an appointment with Commerce-redesign on the same day.

    James called me and explained the details in more depth of my package and offered me more options to considered that my e-commerce website would get the most SEO attention that I wanted.

    This review is strictly for my web designer Lisa! She is the greatest person I could’ve ever had on my project. I was moments away from walking away from this company and the only person who has been worth my monthly fee is Lisa.

    She’s an actual dream. She always gets back to you (quickly and clearly), she listens to exactly what you want your website to look like and she is a solution oriented employee which is the best part about her. She’s always looking for a solution to make your dream come true. She was supportive in my journey to starting my business and made me feel like I had an employee and a friend!

    She is a star on my team and I couldn’t run my business without her. She is super loyal to your business, and dedicated to giving you the best work possible. While, I might be super unhappy with the company as a whole (and that’s an understatement) Ariel makes it all worth it.

    I am super not a fan! But Lisa is incredible, I can’t say enough good things about her.

  15. So Far So Good

    So Far So Good, Just started only days ago, I cant really give a true opinion yet as I’ve just started with them.. I will give an update on the results in a few months ! Why I decided to sign on with them, is the fact they offered a decent promotion that was much better than any others out there. The company before them was shady and charged me double after I told them I would not able to use them any longer , too many scammers out there so beware. James seem to be reputable as I said So Far, So Good!

  16. These lads know what their doing

    Been working with these guys for a while now, Great service from the off, delivered what was promised and on time. the fact these guys set out from the start when things will happen impressed me, the fact that things happened in the given time scale is what made me decide to work even closer with these guys.

    I have used Pay Per Click in the past and even though the results from the seo weren’t as instantaneous when they did start coming in the level of enquiry was of a much higher standard.

    Anyone that has doubts or concerns about using these guys I would honestly say give them a try, they don`t even ask you to sign into any kind of agreement!

    These lads know what their doing and should charge more to do it. I get a ton of work off Google and long may it continue if you take their call bite their hand off seo usually costsa lot more than this I know since the last firm I used was charging me 600 a month and nowhere near the same results of you have a business and your not on Google get these working for you

  17. 100 Starts

    James has a wonderful SEO agency whom I have had great pleasure working so closely with for over two years. Lisa has been my account manager for the majority of that time and I couldn’t have asked for anyone more professional and thorough.

    James and his team have been so focused on our organic and technical SEO needs as a client, never letting anything fall between the cracks- as a client I completely trusted their visons and strategies that have ensured our robust and continued growth as an ecommerce business.

    I would happily recommend them to anyone looking for expert assistance in the SEO world. James, Lisa are not only extremely knowledgeable in their field but genuinely invested in delivering great results, and consistently go above and beyond to help

  18. Fantastic Job, Results cannot lie!

    James have done a fantastic job improving our SEO and keyword positioning! In just 3-4 months we have gone from having only a couple of keywords ranking in the top 25 positions on Google to NOW having 4 keywords in 1st position, 10 keywords within the top 10 and 15+ within the top 25.

    I would highly recommend James services as I believe they offer excellent value for money and the quality of the articles are superb!

  19. Completed V good SEO work!

    We have been using James for our SEO work for several months and have found their work to not only be of an excellent quality but also to be handled very courteously and professionally. Work is always completed promptly and they have been completely transparent with us regarding processes and jobs done. They have been a pleasure to work with since day 1 and have raised our Google profile significantly in a short time frame.

    I have seen a big important in my rankings over the past few years with excellent backlinks and the right keywords driving traffic to my website.

    Really great knowledge on SEO & went through my business plan thoroughly over the phone to discuss our businesses needs before quoting prices etc. Call’s to my business are much higher as a result & would like to say a big thank you to Kathy for helping me through the set up process.

    It seems nothing is too much trouble James reply to requests in nanoseconds. It is a pleasure to recommend them most highly.

  20. These guys are awesome!

    These guys are awesome! I have been working on getting my company’s website project situated to the Bare Minimum and they talked with me on numerous occasions to help me understand what will make my company stand out from the others. They are completely knowledgeable in the sometimes frustrating world of programming. From knowing what programming languages to use for a small project to some of the more larger projects that they have been a part of, these guys know exactly what they are talking about.

    They know marketing, but their expertise goes beyond that alone. If you are looking for a solid year round marketing company to help you take your business to the next level and increase sales.

    Whether its google adwords (PPC) or search engine optimization (SEO), James Marnley and his hard working team of qualified professionals have helped me tremendously with my website and marketing my services

  21. Outstanding service

    Outstanding service throughout. Best price I could find

  22. Highly recommend

    James Marnley and the team were great every step of the way with my purchase of the 2021 Highly recommend them and will use them

  23. very good service

    My experience with james was very good as they met my every expectation, thank you.

  24. I contacted James for help in digital marketing services. And we were pretty impressed with their hands on and precise approach as they have made a significant difference

  25. Fantastic experience working with James

    Fantastic experience working with James. SEO PR Company helped us to return 80% of our lost traffic. There is still a lot work to be done, but overall very happy.

  26. Great experience.

    Great experience. Was very easy to contact seller and organise payment.

  27. Haters will be Haters!

    it is good website you can find more eBay accounts for sale in you speak direct to the team and not buy through the website! best ask them


    Incredible service. So glad I found it, has made life a ton easier to find channels for marketing

  29. If I could give 10 stars I would

    Every step of my experience with James and his team was exemplary. But it is in their customer service that they really have no equal. My sales rep, Jonathan, was quick to respond, provided options in accordance with my needs, and attended to every detail every step of the way.

    My order was just a small ebay account,

    I’ve worked with many vendors in many capacities. James is the best of all

  30. James was super great with us

    JAMES was super great with us! He was so helpful and attentive and got everything set for us super quickly. We had a fabulous experience and will definitely call James for our future needs!

  31. Outstanding Service eBay and Amazon Services

    Outstanding service. Very organized, methodical and really sparks your creativity. I fully intend on buying another account, immediately.
    ebay and amazon is now a critical part of marketing.
    I have tried other ebay sellers – they just do not compare.

  32. Well Delivered Process that Works!

    This was one of the first virtual experiences that was truly worth the time, giving real advice and yielding a lot of creative ideas using eBay Account!

  33. Delivery service was as prompt and professional as any could hope!


    Its a Shame that competitors can really go out of there way to try and damage another business to try to have a bigger advantage. All these false reviews are fake. Its a shame you cant file a court case on the competitors because these type of websites are covered by data protection laws and not allowed to release information. even so, they have no assets or anything to recover as damages.

    We have looked into fake reviews and seen top lawyers in London, unless you have proof of whos behind the key pad and they have assets to take it is not worth it. Plus costs tens of thousands to pay for justice and it is not a criminal charge as its freedom of speech.

  35. eBay Account For Sale - James taylor

    This man is a crook, I paid him $ 250
    He promised to create an Ebay + PP account, but only submitted a broken Ebay account that cannot be used.
    He promises a guarantee for six months, but after a few days he will simply block you.
    He has a lot of videos on the Internet, he creates the appearance of an honest seller and people are led to this, in fact, he is a scammer, never order there.
    You can read more reviews about him here

  36. Excellent understanding of business

    Excellent understanding of business and deliverables. Very fast communication, professional and a great team to work with

  37. Amazing company to deal with

    Alex and James is amazing at getting results, he works quickly and knows what he is doing so requires little guidance from us which is great. Always quick to answer any questions and to move projects on.

  38. Absolutely impeccable service

    Absolutely impeccable service provided by them. I approached them for my company’s website’s SEO five months ago and I am very satisfied with their highly professional and high quality work

  39. scammers +1 (323) 393-0278

    This man is a crook, I paid him $ 250
    He promised an Ebay + PP account, but only sent a non-working Ebay account that is not usable
    He promises a guarantee for six months, but after a few days he will simply block you.
    He has a lot of videos on the Internet, he creates the appearance of an honest seller and people are led to this, in fact, this is a scammer, do not order there ever.

  40. What stupid fake bull crap reviews! James accepts paypal any issues you talk to PayPal! Same guys from many years ago still have deep feelings for James! Move on and get on with your own life!

  41. James Taylor Is A Cheater

    This guy sells aged pay pal accounts. He does not deliver what he claims and suddenly is not to be reached. He resides now in the philippines and i mobilize a bigger team of professional Abusayaff soldiers To find him

  42. Feeling Stupid

    I believe I have fallen victim to this scammer James Taylor.
    Of course it was through profit.co.uk & Top Rated Ltd.

    I had paid the initial $1500 plus VPS and I have not heard anything from him at all.

    I feel I have lost the money….

  43. Thanks from Love Vape

    I required start to end assistance setting up my company Love Vape. I was surprised how much value I got for the money it cost with James Taylor but extremely happy, as they processed all the business registering I would have been lost with. In addition they set-up the website and all it’s branding (very professional) and also helped me get on multiple social platforms. I would recommend this company to anyone wanting a fast and effective business with tailored design weather a sole trader or Ltd company.

  44. highly recommend

    I worked with James on multiple accounts, he has been so wonderful and helped me with speed and a smile on all occasions!

    Would highly recommend for logo’s , excellent designs. Have had great feedback! The whole team works with a high level of professionalism, will be working with James and the team again in the future.

  45. High quality service

    High quality service, good price & completed very quickly!
    I had my Ltd company, website, logo, invoice, CRM, ICO license and phone setup with their advance pack very pleased with the results. Great value can’t fault anything.
    Well laid out and easy to follow & navigate, would highly recommend.

  46. Highly recommend

    I would highly recommend James , I’m thrilled with my new website and the team were helpful throughout the process. The unlimited number of changes through the build process was great. They understood my vision for my website and delivered perfectly.


    Clearly the reviews are posted by a company called profitconsultants.com and online success academy ltd

    I have tried searching online for James Taylor reviews and cant find anything and also tried searching for reviews on profit and also cant find anything.

    I have been working with James for over 2 years now and every single story posted online isn’t backed by any proof whatsoever. Where is the proof of the court cases lost ? Where is the proof of change name ? Where is the proof running away from paying Tax ?

    Non of James past companies has gone into liquidation unlike his competitors who have filed for bankruptcy.

    So whats the story surrounding James competitors ?
    They simply cant compete with the quality of service that James offers so to try and level out competition they post fake reviews.

    Here is more about the people who have been posting the stuff online.

    Criminal 1 – Jordan James Snell – Fraud : Convicted in court
    Criminal 2 – Nathan Alan Coombe – Drug Offences – Prison – &More
    Criminal 3 – Danny Butlor – eBay PlayStation Fraud Conviction.
    Criminal 4 – Chris Funnell – Cloned sites, Fake Reviews, Fraud.

    Please watch here to learn about them : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Plfo1SVr38Q

    Watch here they pay actors to leave fake reviews:

    1, https://indawlish.com/around-the-courts-in-devon-this-week
    2, https://www.harrogateadvertiser.co.uk/news/crime/customers-sold-paper-instead-of-playstations-in-ripon-fraudsters-15-000-ebay-scam-1-7992133
    3 – Court cases: https://resources.alibaba.com/topic/801661958/Nathan_Alan_Coombe_Sterling_Businesses_Ltd_RIP_OFF_SCAMMERS.htm

    So here is a little information about the competitors writing the negative reviews about James online.

    Now show me official proof James has done anything as bad as this ?



  49. Thanks from AUE

    I was a little dubious at first and had put a lot of trust in James Marnley and Lisa and his teams but i must say they are true to there words. after 3 months of patience i have multiple keywords ranking on page one and the traffic increases have helped my business grow ????

  50. I am now page one GOOGLE!

    Starting up my new business and website was one of the hardest projects I have ever attempted. Being an equestrian person anything digital was quite foreign to me.

    When someone suggested I needed a marketing company to run the SEO side of things I searched online and came across James Marnley.

    After a phone call with James I decided to put my trust in his company.I have been with this company three years and due to James’s professional approach and patients in explaining to me how it all works I now totally understand the part James plays to keep my site on page one of Google! I have no reservations in recommending this company to anyone

  51. Highly recommend

    Previously, projects outsourced abroad and web design and the whole process was disconnected, disjointed and void of any passion or inspiration.
    Now, in a nutshell you get to speak to someone!

    They have finally sorted their business model and execution for the better.
    A recent issue was handled by Allan in a calm, professional and efficient manner.

    My confidence has been restored and I would now recommend.

  52. Happy With My Clothing Store Top Notch Deals

    Very happy with the website built, I had the pleasure of dealing with Lisa during the site build and he was extremely helpful. Happy to recommend and have!

  53. excellent service

    Very simple to deal with and excellent service, having another website built by the team as I type this

  54. 10/10 10/10 10/10

    I setup a business earlier this year and didn’t know where to start. And thanks to you guys today I have a beautifully bespoke website and it’s not just one and done company. If I have questions, or I accidentally do something in my control panel and just general instructions I can pop an email or call in and they have my back all year round. 10 stars for the design, 10 stars as a hosting company and I will be looking into SEO shortly these guys as my business has just gone from strength to strength and I owe all my online credit to you. Thank you.

  55. Truly Professional

    From the get-go James Marnley has been nothing but truly professional, I wish I found them a few years before instead of wasting time and money on other companies. Get in touch with them if you’re looking to have a new website built for your business which is professional and at an affordable price.

  56. 5Stars From Unifox Credit

    Great service from James Marnley, communication via email but very quick. The design is fantastic and the price was great.

  57. Thank you from Master Cookers

    I dealt with James and he was professional and polite, the website was built as agreed and within the price originally stated.

    1. False review!

      Seen this review two months after buying i must disagree with the original poster

      I have received nothing but first class from James and his team.

      If you wish to see my web page contact me here.

  58. V Happy!

    I decided that the company website was in desperate need of a rebuild and I’m extremely satisfied that we picked , everyone we spoke to was knowledgeable and very helpful. Thanks again!


    Having been promised a website by another developer of which then disappeared we found James and after speaking with a member of the sales team we came to agreement in having our website built. It’s a decision I do not regret and now have a successful online business, thanks again

  60. Another fake review which isn’t clearly from a customer but no other then Mr Nathan coombe who
    Is in fact a scammer and well known on the Internet!

    Because James has spoken out about these criminals and helped customers take them to court to try and recover monies lost and Bascally put them out of business they have resulted in posting fake comments online !

    Anyway all businesses are closing and folding and less and less adverts showing online day by day so that’s a good sign Nathan Coombe is finally given up !

  61. Defo a scammer this James taylor

    This one James taylor is a scammer for sure. A joke of a businessman and desperately scraping the barrel trying to win business by writing lies about lots of legit and honest businesses. James is king con. Taylor, marnley, Marley etc.. change your name all you want. You are Still a crook and still on the run abroad and that’s the truth here.

    You haven’t been naming scammers for years at all lol as you are the scammer you fool.. you think you are roger cook or something? You are clearly deluded and still making zero money and fumbling your way through terrible phone calls sounding like a stroke victim and making your tube vids that get only 30 views,, most of them are you watching your own vids, just like you reply to your own comments and reviews in third person lolol.

    Use some of your tour money before it all runs out to get a shrink over there to sort your warped sense of self importance out. You are simply a minnow in this sea.

    Guess what. You can write all the rubbish you want and you can try get customers to ask for refunds and do tour dirty work but we all offer a level of service you can not and this is why we will all be around for a long long time and you won’t. Nice ico btw haha.

    Sad really as you think you are out of reach but will only be a matter of course until your time runs out, your partner dumps you and you will have to come home to face all the music.

    We are all happy to wait. ????

  62. This is most likely Chris from OSA.me.uk one of James competitors! You will find reports on google dating back years. He even emailed one customer and said he closed down his company because he owned creditors thousands and was a smart move just to close the company down. What if this guy owed you money ?

    James has been naming and shaming these scammers for years because he has had loads of people come to him saying they have been scammed and James had to fix the websites and take over the support.

    On the Internet you will find court cases, fraud charges, news paper articles. scams on eBay with the police involved. They are criminals! All James has done is helped customers and informed them of all the reports on google about these criminals.

    Mindful marketing ltd
    Synapse Solutions UK

    They go by the names:
    Jordan James Snell
    Nathan Alan Coombe
    Chris Funnell
    Victoria Davis

    Phone numbers they have used:
    07932 445670
    0787 5226836
    0773 7432395

    Read more here: https://www.trustpilot.com/review/osa.me.uk

  63. A thoroughly horrible individual

    This guy has changed his name more than most people would have had hot dinners and closed down more companies than most people have changed their socks and if you are thinking about doing business with him then check his history out on Google as either James marnley of Torquay Devon and James Taylor of Torquay Devon and he know resides between Italy and Spain and is scamming through Europe

  64. Horrible individual

    He has changed his name more than most people have changed their socks and close down more companies the most people have had hot dinners and if you think about doing business with this person you must be crazy giving everything you can read since 2008 on Google and the names of James marnley, james Marley and James Taylor all torquay devon.. now scamming from italy and spain