Hedge Fund Alert (HFA) James Prado Roberts

James Prado Roberts (Hedge Fund Alert) linked to Jeffrey Epstein
Hedge Fund Alert (HFA) James Prado Roberts Review

Was disgusted to learn this after reading James Prado Roberts’ articles in Hedge Fund Alert (and beforehand) for so long. Not that shocking given all of Jeffrey Epstein’s links to the finance world and how he made a point of engaging with people he thought would be able to boost his image. Makes sense that Epstein would hang out with Roberts, the guy is basically a paid PR journalist for hedge funds.

-James Prado Roberts is being investigated for inappropriate conduct with underage girls in conjunction with Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell

-James Prado Roberts isn’t even a real journalist, he and Hedge Fund Alert (part of With Information) just write fluff articles about their subscribers that the hedge funds use to bolster their own image as they try and raise money

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