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Andrew Glen Goddard, a romance scam artist
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Glen Goddard says he’s in the army, his wife was killed in an accident, and his daughter is in college. I’m still stringing him along, and I wanted to see how far I can make it sweat and regret he ever ‘found’ me.

Did he ever go as far as to tell anyone that his portfolio is worth over 323 million dollars and it holds his retirement papers, and his diplomat, David Mark, is being held up in customs until $50,000 is delivered to him, to be released and enable Andrew to get out of Syria safely?

This Andrew Glen Goddard monster got so angry when I mentioned I would contact an American embassy to help get him out safely because he trusted this sorry-ass David, who kept lying to him.

Oh, believe me, ladies, I’m having way too much fun playing with him and playing the sympathetic woman in love with him. But all joking around, does anyone know if he can be stopped, should I contact my local newspaper, can I do anything to help trap him, to get him?

Someone, please let me know.


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75 Complaints on Glen Goddard

  1. Andrew Goddard has began liking a lot of my pictures. I’ve not replied back to him.
    My mind immediately went to. He’s a scammer.

  2. Versuchter Betrug durchBetrug durch Freundschaft

    Es klang alles sehr echt, der General drückte sich sehr gewählt aus und erweckte den Eindruck, dass er ein höflicher Mensch ist, der auch mein Alter (89 Jahre) respektiert. Bis er auf sein Portfolio zusprechen kam und um Hilfe bat, da die “Lagerhalle bombardiert wird und er sein Eigentum in Sicherheit bringen will”
    Die Geldforderung von 7 000 € senkte er auf 3 000 €.
    Ich lehnte jede Zahlung ab, er sendete mir dann ein Video, wo er mir auf englisch was erzählte, das ich nicht verstand, weil ich kein englisch kann
    Er kündigte mir bitterböse die Freundschaft

    Es klang alles sehr echt und ich bin enttäuscht, dass sich ein General dafür hergibt

  3. Boy is that Glen g o d d a r d why is he a scammer he wants $5,000 to get his pro his portfolio home from what I heard they’re not supposed to be on Facebook while they’re in the service like that how he told me he loved me I was the only thing for him send me pictures yeah he thought I was going to send him money I wouldn’t do that I don’t know him well enough yeah I fell for it but I made it look like I was in love with him too but I’m not you can’t love somebody just by talking to him over the phone by that person who is a scammer is a scammer and he better get them and put them in jail and keep them there forever he’s a jerk I don’t know why he’s doing him but whatever I’m glad I’m glad I’m done with him

  4. Scammer

    It is a crying shame that scanners use our servicemen pictures to led on women. I wish I could have met the real Andrew

  5. Scammer

    His nic name should be Betty Crocker he is a sweet talker. The pictures are amazing and I feel sorry for the real soldier.It pisses me off some one has to do that to the men and women that fight for us. I have such the (love) or hate for people. Need money get a job don’t try to get it from single women yes I fell in love with him too it breaks my heart he is a scammer

  6. Perfect scammer

    The so called Andrew Glenn Goddard scammed me for three days and nights. His wife died of cancer 10 years ago and his daughter Emily is on a Boarding School in the USA.
    He told me that he was in Syria and was not allowed to talk to me on the phone.
    I sent him a photo and he wrote I looked like an angel.
    Well, he wanted to marry me this year.
    I blocked him and reported him to an US anti-scammer group.
    Now I‘ve had another experience!

    1. Brigadier General Glenn Andrew Goddard pictures have been stolen who ever is using them shame on you. This scammer wanted me to send $5000 to receive his portfolios holding all his medals and paperwork for his retirement. generals make enough money to pay for themselves. Everything is also digital in the army. Please ladies watch out for this scammer his wife did not die from breast cancer. She is alive. His daughter is not named Emily and she was never in boarding school. I did my homework. Be careful of scammers!!!

  7. He tried to get me as well with the niceness I played nice too with the bullshit lies as well.its sad that he’s doing this

  8. Nearly fell for it

    I started talking to him the last three days. He told me that there was a fake profile going around of him.

    They asked me questions about my fav color and what I like doing. And if I was married. I told him I live with my boyfriend…He didn’t ask anything about my relationship with my man.

    He told me about his daughter, who is in boarding school in America, And that he is in Syria.

    He asked me for $5000 to pay for the delivery of his portfolio and told me he would come to Australia to plc it up, and it was worth millions. He would give me double the money back.

    After I told him I didn’t have $5000, he said to name a price. I said No.

    I think he tried to ring me but got a miss call on google chat. Red flags went straight up after that, so I blocked him.

  9. Says his daughter is 13 in private school in CA

    Was friend request by Glen Goddord today. Said he is stationed in Syria for peace talks. Told me his daughter is 13 in private school in CA. That he is widowed , that she died 7 years ago from leukemia. Was blowing up my dm all day. How is he in peace talks if messaging me???

  10. Dirty rotten scum!

    This guy Glenn Goddard did the same thing to a really good friend of mine just recently. When she realized what he was doing and she called him out, he also became angry and extremely ignorant of her. This scum then had the balls to friend request me and several other women from my friends, friend list.

    Since then, she has made her friend list private, and only she can see it. After I read the texts this vile rat sent to my friend, I unleashed hell on him. Don’t mess with my friends.

    I hope something is done about this monster who prays on, especially lonely women. My friend lost her husband last year, and “Glenn Goddard” saw that and tried to take advantage of a lonely, sad woman.

  11. It sucks to get scammed!

    Like so many others , Glenn A. Goddard requested me to friend him. The uniform caught my eye. Knew from the start he was trolling for women to scam. He can’t spell and his phraseology is bad! Being a veteran, I was appalled he would impersonate a decorated war hero. No Brigadier General I worked under in the military would would be caught dead on FB messenger! Within 2 days he loved me and wanted to spend his life with me. I’m 5yrs older, a widow on a limited budget. He told 1 lie right after, often repeating himself because he forgot what he said. Men like him need to be shut down. For every lie he told me I told a bigger one! He can be very romantic but I just kept string him along! Finally after a little over a week, he told me he needs $5,000 to pay a diplomat to mail to me his portfolio. He said the US government gave it to them for their hard work! Supposedly, it had all of his important documents, gold & silver bars, cash and diamonds. He said if I helped him he’d pay off all of my bills. When I liedand said I needed time to get that kind cash together, he bought it! When I told him I couldn’t get it, among other things, he wanted me to get a loan. I just kept playing along. He would tell me his portfolio had been stored in a warehouse but it was no longer safe and he didn’t want to die there. He was quite insistive! He had also told his wife died in a car accident. First it was years ago, then 5 yrs ago even 2yrs ago. His daughter was 14 and in the Marine Corp College in Alexandria VA, which was where he claimed to live. There’s no such school in Alexandria VA. So today I was to try again and had again mentioned something about dying. When I woke up today, I went onto Google Chat (he couldn’t be on FB because of his job! I typed in “Glen” you have been scammed! I immediately uninstalled Google Chat and blocked him on FB and messenger. He also could not call. When you go to messenger and search Glenn or Andrew Goddard, at least 2 dozen of him pop up with 98% of them with the same pic! In 24 hrs he went from Glenn A. Goddard to Glenn B. Goddard! This man is a piece of work. There are so many of them out there. FB needs to shut him down. He’s breaking all kinds of laws! If he really needs money, he should write a romance novel because he knows all the right things to say.

    1. This guy is crazy he told me the thing but his daughter is in New York city with a nanny and pays her $500.00 dollars a month to care for her he said the same about his wife Lisa was her name, and people in Wichita falls tx, day’s he live out by the Air force base and scamming people also and the cops can’t do anything to him because he hadn’t done wrong they say his and asshole, but yes he needs to be caught and lock him up throw a way the key.

  12. Andrew glen goddard is a scam.

    He told me the same things that he’s in the army his wife died his daughters in boarding school he was adopted to a family who died he has nobody and no family and he’s wanting me to marry him right now I just met him like 3 days ago and all he wants to do is keep proposing to me he’s a big scam artist

    1. Glenn Goddard

      Indeed this man is a scam artist!
      However, he doesn‘t have a good memory.

  13. Gobsmacked

    Glenn GODDARD CONTACTED Me a week ago and has sworn his undying love and devotion to me. I am recently widowed, 75 years of age, and he is 62. To him age is only number and he quotes such wonderful heartfelt passages, for me to trust him, give my heart to him and he will love me and take care of me forever. I was almost taken in but bells were ringing for me and I spoke to a friend who looked him up on Google. I cannot believe he is a scammer!!

  14. He just tried to friend my on FB tonight!

    I wouldn’t accept his friend request. Had a feeling and read it’s a scammer. He only had 2 followers and started 14 hrs ago so easily knew, sad. Losers!!!

    1. Glen Goddard

      Today I also received a Friend Request on FB from Glen Goddard after I posted a patriotic comment. I have never checked out a friend request before but something made me check this guy. I’m glad that I did. I did not respond to him. I hate people like this!

  15. Glenn goddard

    Glenn has retired

  16. I heard from glenn

    He contacted me a year ago and asked me to send a message out to all women that he’s been happily married for 34 years now and has a daughter. I’m not sure how old she is but he indicated that he was not going to give me anymore information because it would be used by these wannabes and he needed to protect his family which I totally agree with. I did hear him on a radio station in Seattle and was introduced as a retired general and has a daughter but no mention of a spouse. In fact I had been trying for months to chat with him to get the truth to the point he told me to stop stalking him? Lol! Ok! Oops! Excuse me general Lee! That’s my experience.

    1. Glenn goddard

      He also said he doesn’t need any money please don’t send any money!

  17. Scammer

    I too have had a flattering message supposed to be from Andrew Goddard.
    I knew incidentally it was a scammer.
    I’m in the U.K.

    We have a program on the television shown us what the Scammers get up to and how they steal someone’s identity.
    Unfortunately some people do fall for it and loose thousands of pounds feeding their all things crimes.
    Most of the identities seems to be American Officers.
    I feel so sorry for the victims as they borrow money and re mortgage their homes believing every word the scammer say’s.
    We really do need to put a stop to it somehow.

  18. OMG .. he told me that he is a widower. He is now working in Syria. I just saw him in google and he Is now retired and lives in Arlington,Virginia.A scammer is using his name and picture.

  19. Figured it out pretty quick

    This guy contacted me and we exchanged a few emails. My doubts were aroused primarily by his poor grammar.
    Then I tripped him up with a time discrepancy. Knowing it was a 10 hr difference between where he claimed to be and where I live, he was adding 3 hours when I asked the time where he was currently. So he’s not very bright on top of being dishonest.

  20. I have just read some of the reviews and they are work for work what he was saying to me. I have never fallen for anything like this before but am at bit vulnerable at the moment as I have recently lost my partner. I feel so stupid to get sucked in by this guy he did ask for any money he wouldn’t have got any if he had asked.

  21. I have just been scammed by someone called Glenn Goddard I worked out what was going on, fortunately it only lasted two days

  22. He went as far as to try to call me and I ignored it!!

  23. He has tried the same bullshit with me I aint stupid and checked his ass after he tried to play pitty city with me I aint no pushover stupid bitch I know what Google is!


  24. So much fun.

    Glenn Goddard messaged me a week ago (Thursday, September 1, 2022) commenting on a post that I replied to on Facebook. He said that he was stationed in Syria and could not be putting messages on Facebook and he wanted to text me. so I gave him my number. After he started texting me, I looked him up on the internet and found out that this was a scam. From there I played it up telling him how much I loved him and that I wanted to be part of his family and that I would love his daughter as my own.

    This went on and on for a week, Today, 9-8-22, it finally came to a head. There had been an explosion at his base where all of his gold was being stored that the Syria Government gave him for doing such a good job as he was in charge of the whole base over there. He needed to get his property out safely and he needed $5000 to have it sent to me. He was very upset that I didn’t have the money. I then went on to tell him that I was scamming him. That really pissed him off. I asked him where all the love was that he was telling me and when were we going to get married…. He never replied. His number that he is using now is 231-497-7477. This number is listed in Michigan and Wyoming so he is living in one of the two areas. I wish there was a way to get this man arrested for what he is doing to women. I was not dumb enough to fall for his stunt, but I had a blast playing the game.


  25. Andrew Goddard

    I was just notified by this man and in one day I was thinking red flag red flag red flag when I kept talking to him just to see things that he would say by the second day he said he wanted to kill him self and I said I told him I said that was something stupid to say. He got mad at me and told me not to text him anymore. I said I didn’t you texted me I didn’t say you were stupid I said what you said was stupid. During the course of part of the conversation the day before I said how does a man what is your level not spelled correctly or doesn’t answer questions correctly ? His answer was I’m stressed I’m trying to get these bastards off my name. Sent me A picture of a rose before I go to bed and I text back and I said that’s pretty tacky. He also stated that he has a team of men trying to find out who is doing this DM and I questioned him on that. How does a man with your cloud not able to find someone or anyone to help you or haven’t found the person doing the steel. I would ask questions he wouldn’t answer and he said you still haven’t answered this question. I read anything and everything there is to know about him just stay away idiot.

  26. scam artist

    After we were texting for about a couple of weeks,then came the bs! Asking for 6,000 dollar’s for his paperwork,I was born on a night but not last night,it felt not right, something was off and then he sent a picture of himself and it was I don’t know but it seemed wrong to me, ladies be careful of this scam


    I just was contacted by a person claiming to be Glen Andrew Goddard.
    I told him he was not who he was claiming and blocked the phone number used.
    DO YOU WANT THIS PHONE #434-208-3002

  28. Facebook

    Don’t talk to him. He friended me on facebook. I blocked him after a couple of days. Told me he was in the army. When I had been friended by someone else and it turned into a scam I went to his profile and its gone. Am really scared now.

    1. Andrew Goddard scam

      Freind requested me 2days ago. Told me his wife died of cancer and his daughter was 13 living in a boarding school. Told me he was in Asia. Already told me he loves me. I don’t see how people like this live with themselves. About to have some fun.

  29. He says he is in the army and he has been romancing me for quite some time now needs money for a box of things that the army have him like gold bars and diamonds-and his papers that are being held in Syria warehouse the paper work and shipping cost 3000,00 dollars and he will Reimburse me when he picks up the box when he gets here

  30. Name callling

    Whoever he is he’s stupid thinking he can get away with his scam forever. I knew he was a scammer from the start and played along Flattered me with his charm. But when I efused to send him money he said I was an old stinking disgusting white piece of rotten meat! Then 2 days later apologized professing his undying love anf asked for money again along with my email address phone number home address and full name to give to the company who would ship his portfolio to me. He doesn’t give up easy.

    1. Glenn goddard

      How could be send his portfolio to a complete stranger? I told him to take the money out of the suitcase rather than asking us for money then send it to us? What an idiot!

  31. I had a feeling!

    I had a feeling. I’ve only talked to him for a few days. Very charming. But instincts kept telling it was a scam! Glad I didn’t read any more until this.

  32. Scam

    Says he is fighting isis and wife died of cancer daughter is in boarding school at high security school .

  33. Can this faker be reported to the military?

    I’m actually still stringing him along, I wanted to see how far I can make it sweat and regret he ever ‘found’ me. Did he ever go as far as to tell anyone of that his portfolio is worth over $323 million dollars and it holds his retirement papers and his diplomat, David Mark, is being held up in customs until $50,000 is deliver to him, to be released and enable Andrew to get out of Syria safely?
    This Andrew monster got so angry with me when I mentioned I was going to contact an American embassy to help get him out safely, because he trusted this sorry ass David, who kept lying to him.
    Oh believe me ladies, I’m having way too much fun playing with him and playing the sympathetic woman in love with him.
    But all joking around, does anyone know if he can be stopped, should I contact my local newspaper, can I do something, anything to help trap him, to get him?
    Someone please let me know.

    1. Glenn Andrew Goddard

      Hello Molly
      I also had my fun with this clown. Except I reverse the role by telling to wire me 500 dollars to cover cost of shipping his important package to a American bank safe deposit box. He ghosted me.

    2. BUYER BEWARE…who ever he is, HE IS NOT
      BG Glennn Andrew Goddard. Today I told him I enjoyed watching his retirement ceremony. He wrote back, “what are you talking about?”
      Me: Your retirement ceremony Sept 2021.
      He: What?
      Me: On uTube
      He: Oh youTube? lol
      Me: I said, Yea you should watch it. Very nice. Watching it might refresh your memory of you retirement. My suggestion is you should stop being disrespectful to our military and you should stop being deceitful.

      Then I blocked him. BE CAREFUL!!

  34. Andrew Goddard AGeneral United States ???????? Army

    There is another thing, he said that he hated fakes. He should know. FAKE MAN. Col from Tas

    1. FAKE BG Goddard

      BUYER BEWARE…who ever he is, HE IS NOT
      BG Glennn Andrew Goddard. Today I told him I enjoyed watching his retirement ceremony. He wrote back, “what are you talking about?”
      Me: Your retirement ceremony Sept 2021.
      He: What?
      Me: On uTube
      He: Oh youTube? lol
      Me: I said, Yea you should watch it. Very nice. Watching it might refresh your memory of you retirement. My suggestion is you should stop being disrespectful to our military and you should stop being deceitful.

      I also can not believe that he can use the pics he is using as I feel those pics are the real BG. Why hasn’t the real GB or the Army filed reports on this guy to the FBI?

      I blocked him after today’s interaction
      BE CAREFUL!!

  35. Please ladies put it up on your post about this scumbag, Col from Tasmania

  36. Andrew Goddard AGeneral United States ???????? Army

    It started with the photos on Facebook, I loved them,he kept popping up on my line asking me to be his friend, I finally agreed. Same story, lost his wife in a car crash, 13 year old daughter named Emily, and was looking for love. Why would a General be Texting me this has to be a scam. So I tried to send me a selfie in Syria, he had an excuse for everything, so I asked him if I can call him, he said no so I did, he didn’t take my call, but he did get up me for calling. I knew this guy is bullshitting,so I put up a post of the Army in Syria. He has deleted all text messages off my phone. As if the real General would do this. I hope they catch this scumbag. So sorry for your loss ladies

  37. Silly Stories

    Took me 10 minutes to find out he is still married.
    Talked to him.
    He didn’t ask me for anything except a picture.
    It’s never a good idea to send pictures to married men.

  38. Incongruous

    Can not believe anyone falls for this bum his grammar and knowledge of English is so bad. Never got to money stoped and blocked when he asked for my Mobil phone

  39. Glenn Goddard

    I was recently friend requested thru Facebook from this man. He told me that he was a Brigadier General in the Army and currently posted in Syria. He also told me he had a 13 year old daughter that was in boarding school in the states and that his wife had died in a plane crash. He asked me to talk to him thru Google Chat versus Messenger because that is what the military allows them to use to communicate with friends and relatives. I only talked to him the one time but have several messages from him asking to talk. My sister was scammed out of several thousand dollars and even flew to Dubai from California to meet this supposed man that wanted to marry her. Of course no one ever showed up to meet her
    Anyhow, I thought I would do a search on Glenn Goddard before talking to him again and came upon this site. So glad I did. I’m now going to block him.

    1. He is fake and doesn’t care if he hurts people

  40. Romantic

    My name is Deb and he got me hooked too. Smooth talker, talking about getting married the whole nine yards. I feel stupid cause I fell for him.

  41. He got me to friend him thought he was just far away from home in Army was a little Leary but just get to know you questions nothin out of line He called himself Andrew Godderd 13 year old daughter Emily wife dead I told him I was happily married a grandma son to be great grandma thought after that if he was scamming me he knew What I was just a friendly ear talked texted with him three times the last time was real weird it nothing I can put my finger on just didn’t feel comfortable he did tell me he like me could love me as a friend maybe that’s what got me thinking told him that friends I could use but nothing heavy my real love was my husband and family just friends he told me to much I think!went to face book found three different Andrew Goddard all in the service all from L A all widowed then I just typed his name in search engine. And found this so blocked him hope to never hear from him again don’t know why he chose me Never tried to hide the fact I was married and proberly old enough to be his mom. Just kept telling myself he was lonely and needed someone to listen!! I was stupid

  42. Mitchell

    This. Man Andrew Glenn coddard tells me he loves me and he wants to marry me and I see he has done it to other woman he said he has a daughter Emily which I don’t think that’s true

  43. My tip to you is I’ve already written something my name is Beth marine hour and this man professed his love to me says hes coming back to marry me hes never met anyone like me and you would like me and just ask me today to go and get a avanilla Visa gift card to send to him and I really fell for this guy And when I confronted him about what I read he said that someone had stolen his identity and how could I love him if I felt this way hes very very convincing and I’m still really hurt and struggling with this because my abuse of husband died 2 months ago but this man was everything opposite of what my husband was as far as being kind and loving and the portfolio thing same thing Sadie has a portfolio and that warehouse was bombed the same thing as the rest of you but my heart is still there and I’m so upset with myself for feeling like this

    1. For real?

      I just started receiving messages from this person. How did he find me from Syria? He asks too many questions because he is not clear with my response to his questions.
      I’ll play this out until I’m bored. Then my wrath of temper will become quite evident. How does this even happen?
      I am no dummy or at least I did not think so.
      Had he read my profile like he said he did, he’d know I’m married with grandchildren.
      I will not be made a fool of by a poser. Time for 20/20 to cover this story. Going down buddy

  44. Smooth Talker

    So glad I came across this page. Had the same experience as all of you. Wife died of cancer, daughter Monica in boarding school, said he was 62, parents dead at young age, adopted, and treated terrible, in Syria. All the same things he told all of you. Real smooth talker almost drew me in until this morning when he hit me with the portfolio thing. Wanted to send it to me for safe keeping. Begging me to take it. Avoided all my questions. I just told him no! Please don’t fall for him. I to Google read up on the real Glenn Andrew Goddard that’s how I came across this page. I know this scammer will never be caught, may karma kick him in the butt HARD AND SOON!!!

  45. scammed by glen goddard

    he friended me on Facebook as I have family in milktary. Seems like a wonderful man but said that his wife had died in a car accident and his daughter is back in the States and he has a portfolio that he needs to get back here in order to retire and needs $6000 to do it and ask me to sell my car to give him the money and has been proclaiming his love for me for a month now and knew that my husband just passed away and was very abusive to me so I’m very vulnerable right now And I really thought that he loved me but I don’t know how it came up but I saw the scam thing and my heart spoken over it as I’ve been With no 1 for 10 years since my husband and I had separated and now he just died 2 months ago unexpectedly and it’s been very difficult for me and and he still says that he loves me and that he wants to live with me in Virginia when he get back to the States this is sound familiar to anybody?

    1. Glenn Goddard is a Scam artist

      He is currently doing the same thing to me. Luckily I have only been talking to him for a couple of weeks. I had a gut feeling it was a scam so I looked him up and sure enough I found this. Thank you all for sharing your stories to help others find out what he is.

  46. Same story of the others who have commented. Talked for a short period time and then he told me the story about needing money to give to someone to get his personal items from a building that had been bombed. He needed money to send his belongings to me. Wanted $5,000.00 and then said he found out that it would be more then the $5000.00. Told him I was 82 and did not have that kind of money. No way was I going to send money. Felt he was a scammer. My daughter told him she was going to call the police. Communicating stoped. Be careful everyone.

  47. He asked for my email. He played on sympathies. He ghosted me after that

  48. Imposter Glenn Goddard

    Imposter Glenn seemed to be able to message me without being friended on fb then asked to use hangouts like others had said than all his messages on messenger disappeared alerted me. He said he had a 13 year old daughter in boarding school and his wife died of cancer 6 years ago, that he was serving in Syria as peace keeping troups. A man so important would not just message an unknown as security would be huge. He would message me before and after and during his so called duty shifts. After 1 week he wanted me to give him $6500us which is $8800aud the price has gone up. Same story his men were guarding a warehouse with his portfolio work over 3 million with gold bars but when I said he is doing it again as he had done to others he said it was lies. The same story over again he wanted me to sell my car to give him the money when I said I dint have that type of money. I asked for proof guarantee of his allotment he eventually said he has nothing, after suggesting I go to the bank or credit union for a loan.
    This man has no filter nor thoughts for the man impersonated nor the people he is stealing from

  49. Glenn goddard

    Is he a legit general in the army who scammers use his name as a legit cover? He should be notified that he is being used. I would like to know what you find out about this and if this scammer put out of business.

  50. Scam from person claiming to General Goddard.

    Claimed to be brigadier General serving in Syria. That he is a widower with a 13 year old daughter. We talked for two weeks and he claimed to be madly in love with me and I was drawn in. Today he stated that he was iinvolved in a firefight and two soldiers were killed guarding a warehouse that contained a portfolio given to the generals from the Syrian government for their good work and contents were worth three million dollars. He said that since he was deployed in Syria he needed to get the portfolio out of Syria since someone was attacking the wearhouse and it had to be done today. This person wanted me to pay 5000$ for it to be shipped and that he wanted ship it to me for safe keeping until he returns to Virginia at end of this month. He asked me to marry him and be a Mom to his daughter, very charming and romantic. He had the skill to try and pull me in but it didn’t work. At first I said I would keep the portfolio for him but then when asked for the 5000 I knew he was a scammer using General Stoddsrd as a cover. This person is dangerous and is able to use his charms to draw women in pretending to be Stddsrd. Something needs to be done about this crook.

    1. Thank you for this information about this man, yes he has told me same story needs $6000 to take his portfolio out of warehouse not safe and of his wife passing an have a14 yr old girl in boarding school in the states.

      So thankful reading this information I will now delete and ignore this man.

      Bless you ????????

  51. Scammed Victim

    This is an imposter. The photo you see is him but losing ad an imposter. I was scammed out of alot of money. Do not reply to this man. I got a hold of the real Glenn Andrew Goddard in Arlinton Virginia. He is formally retired from his job for the last 2 years. Scammer told me he was in a peace treaty mission. If they were in a peace treaty mission they are not allowed to contact anyone. There aren’t any warehouses in Syria. I also called customs to question some things. Customs never charges any amount of money for a release of anyone’s portfolio. Do not trust anyone telling you this. Once they earn your trust they keep asking for higher dollar amounts and also wantyou to send money thru a bitcoin machine. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. ALL THIS IS A SCAM. TRUST ME I KNOW. I’M A VICTIM.

  52. Glenn Goddard the bumb

    He tried the same lines on me. Except he found his way to me through one of my gals on Youtube! I warned her he was stepping on her as well! This is one sick man! And using the Military! What a disgrace!!

  53. he befriended me on Facebook Says he serves in Syria. --BEWARE THIS IS FAKE!

    I googled him after I suspected him to be a fake , since he wrote to me every morning and eve. No Gen.has the time to fool around while on duty, especially if he’s stationed in Syria. Someone hijacked a real Gen’s identity. I see where they (must be a group) approached hundreds of more women – I even saw one in Great Britain.

  54. He contacted me thru Facebook and told me he loved my post. Would I be his friend. So I excepted him. He talked nice and he told me his wife died 6 years ago from Cancer. His daughter was in border school and her name was Emily. Ask me to go to Hang out to talk. After 1 week he loved me and couldn’t wait to lay next to me ant wake up next to me. Asked me about my son sad he couldn’t wait to meet him. Wanted to know if I could tell him I was falling in love with him. I said no to soon. I told him he sounds like a scammer who was going to ask for money and he said no way he’s not like that. Lol…
    I am glad I looked him up.

  55. Trying to scam me for money

    Tried to be friend then requested money

  56. Facebook Scam Artist

    “Glen Goddard” attempted to message me on Facebook, saying he’d been following my posts and wanted to contact me, with a lot of heart emojis. I immediately knew this was a scam artist and I’m posting here to add to the list of women reporting him, in the hopes that no one fall victim to him.

  57. All Most

    Thank GOD for google. Glen(scammer Glen) messaged me via Facebook. So smooth, he said he was strolling , saw my picture, liked what I posted. He began right away with the flattery. Told me he was in Syria ,he was on a “Peace Mission “. His wife was killed in an Auto accident. His Daughter ( Monica Elizabeth Goodard) is in boarding school in the UK. Not many conversations, he was professing his love for me. I felt it was to soon to be in love, you don’t know me but he continued and told me I must trust him. My antenna began to emerge, so I googled him. I found, this (I’m) not his first rodeo. He lied about everything he told me. Didn’t get a chance to ask for money, once again, thank GOD for google.

  58. Stolen money

    At first he needed the money for his Portfolio that was worth lots of money millions of dollars. He showed me a photo of it. He asked for $5000. So I sent it to him. I thought maybe I could land a husband. He was very good at smooth talking to the point you couldn’t resist. He’s asked for more so $100 here and a $100 there. Now he wanted more for his daughter education. He couldn’t get any money to her because it was frozen. Now he wants to come home and need another $5000. I told him I couldn’t do it any more. Why? No more money and I don’t have any more money. It’s gone. He promises to pay be back when he gets home. He says he has 4 homes and 3 cars and showed me grand fathers birth certificate. He said his grand father raised him. He too was a general. James j goddard. So now it’s time to report this character. I would love to talk to the real glenn. Could that be possible? Maybe I can run a Champaign about this scam to help put a stop to it. And I feel in love with Glenn. We are to be married when he gets home and I know it’s not going to happen now. Thank you glenna wilson.
    [email protected]
    435 619 0050

  59. [email protected]
    Phone 435 619 0050
    St. George Utah 84790
    2379 east crimson ridge

  60. Scammed me for $5200.00

    He is still trying to get more money out of me. As of now. Is he the real deal. Is it glenn that’s trying to steal from me? Is he married?I don’t want to mess with a guy who’s married.

  61. I’m my opinion Glen Goddard is NOT a scammer. Anyone so committed to his Country would not be scamming people for money or anything. Someone has stolen his identity and using it to scam susceptible people. Very sad for all parties involved. When you Google this man there is no way someone like him would be involved in such objectionable and disrespectful practices.

    Yes I was approached by the scammer using Glen Goddard’s identity. I was devastated when I realised it was a scam. But on reading about scammers there were plenty of red flags. I was lucky and once money was asked for realised that objectively it was a scam and blocked him.
    Tip: Don’t accept friend requests from people you don’t know.
    Be objective about the conversations you are having and if it seems unbelievable what they are saying, it probably is. (eg especially if they feel committed to you in a short space of time)
    Google scammers on FB they have red flags to look for and good advice. It is scary being scammed especially if your feelings get involved.

  62. Just contact me

    There was a very complementary message posted on my Facebook page. I reached out and started a conversation. I figured this was a scam so when he started pushing me to start a google hangout I said I’d think about. When I googled military scams guess who immediately comes up. I loved playing his bluff. He then blocked me and closed his FB account. Fun while it lasted. Blew him away when I asked for his .mil email address

  63. Glenn has been on my page 3 times. He has asked for money all three times, once for cash to get his portfolio out of a warehouse 2nd was for Battery for his phone last time wanted 2000$ for his daughter for some kind of surgery . I told him this was his last time with me three times. I g@ve him a chance, but that’s enough. I will refuse if he tries to contact me again. I’m done. He is definately a scammer.

  64. Anyone out there know how to contact The real Glenn A. Goddard

    Well ditto to all the others. Same bull and always about money. These scammers are useing his name and photos to draw us ladies He does have a daughter in boarding school. Does anyone know if his wife is really dead?
    He used all the same excuses for money from me. Ask me to marry him and told me was going to build a mansion for us in Hawaii. I got lucky I went to the bank to wire money for his daughter . I was in the office with the bank manager and nothing he said about the bank and address in AZ. was right. Then he ask if if I had a few extra minutes. There I found out a lot about these scammers. From the banker. Does anyone have any true facts on him. The banker canceled my wire for the money. And read me a few things on how the scammers work. Please contact me with any information you may have. Thank You. Anita

  65. Just started talking with Glenn Goddard

    He has pretty much told me the same as the other comments below. I decided to look on line about Mr Goddard. Sounded to good to be true.

  66. Andrew Goddard is a #1 Scam Artist! He started with me under CHAT. He will profess his undying love love and how he can’t wait to meet me, get to know me, show me places, walks on the beach, you name it, he is full of himself. I had one guy by the same name asking for a lot of $ so he could get his portfolio back home because it was getting dangerous over in Syria. Please don’t roped in by him. I told the guy I was 74 yrs. and much to old for him. Said he was a widower but he is actually married. There are lot of pictures of him on different sites. All look professional but trust me they are fakes. Be careful out there. The world is full of them!

  67. Glenn Goddard us military to Scam people for money.

    He tell me to help him to pay for shipping Company 1,000 in cash, he about to lose assets Investment for 35 years in-service in Syria he wants to send to assets for me to keep safety for him to come back in the state, he will pay me back ,so I did help him,he tell me we pay it will be delivery in 48 hour, so I text him after 48 hour delivery so he tell me they need more money,I tell him I don’t have more money he stop texting me .Isn’t Big scam

  68. Scammed by glenn 2

    I did call the police and there was nothing they could do about it. I just hope they use the money wisely.

    Glenna Wilson

  69. I got scammed by Glenn

    We’ve been friends for 5 months. Yes I have given him or bought a husband to be for $7000.00 hoping that it was the real deal. Well, it ended up being a raw deal! I can’t do anything more. I’ve embarrassed myself and have no more money! It’s gone! I hope the real Glenn will read all of our messages and realize it’s a problem.

    Thank you

    Glenna Wilson

  70. Gotcha

    When i got the friend request from Gen Glenn Goddard i just told him it was great to talk to him again as my exhusband had served in his command..

  71. General Glenn Goddard is a scanner big time

    He has been talking to me for 2 months on text also told me the same thing that his wife was killed in an accident his daughter was away in school and that he the only way he could get out of the military was to buy a plane ticket I sent him $1,000 to get the ticket and then he said he needed some money for a marriage license I refuse to send in the money for the marriage license now he’s still trying to scam me for that people out there women out there please be careful because general Goddard or Glenn Goddard is nothing but a liar and a scammer and he’ll take you for everything you got I see he was also scamming another lady at the same time he was talking to me for any asking her for 5,000 and said he was marrying her so he’s telling the same lies to everybody save my name email and website in this browser for the next time

  72. Get rid of him he’s a scammer .

  73. Romance and marriage

    A military general by the name of Glenn Goddard has asked me to marry him. He said he will be home soon. I have already given him $5000.00 cash. To help with a portfolio. Now he is saying that his Portfolio is being held hostage for $20,000.00. I have talked to him over the internet with real footage of Glenn talking to me. I’m confused and beside myself. What do you think? Has anyone else had the same experience?

    Admin Edit: Hello Glenna, We, as a site administrator requesting that you, report it immediately to the cop and do not send any payment. They are Nigerian scams using fake military identities.

  74. I received a note from an imposture. He.made all these woundsful promises. It broke my heat this was a scam. He needed $5000$5000 to get out of Syria I new then it was a scam. Good luck in your future. If you ever really want to talk I will be hear

  75. Scam

    Commented on Facebook how he likes my post and asked to send a friend request