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I ordered sirens and lights for my truck. I am a Batallian chief and I use my truck a lot. For this order, I paid them $600. There was some promotion going on. It was Christmas week and they were offering grille and a dash light free with the order. I waited for few days after placing the order. But, there was no information. Hence, I tried to contact them.

The company is unprofessional and rarely answers to its phone and email queries. When I was tired trying their number, and sending tons of emails, I tried their online chat on the website. That is for the sales purpose and they are prompt at answering to these queries. When I got a live person, he blamed me for not entering the proper information in the comment section. I had mentioned the colour of the lights in the comment section.

However, without fighting, I asked an explanation on the order delivery. After few days, I received my lights and siren. The lights were perfect but the siren did not work at all. I sent them an email which they did not reply. I called numerous times which went unanswered. Again, I used their online chat feature and got connected with Esther. She asked me to send her the pictures of the siren and gave me a #RMA number to ship the defective siren back to them.

I did as being instructed. After a week, when I did not get any confirmation on the shipping details, I called them. Again, I had to go all through the online chat. I was told that they might ship it that day itself. But, there was no confirmation.

I contacted them after a couple of days. Mary was the person on the online chat. She tried to check the issue with my order and informed that the shipment is back ordered and would take around 2 weeks to be shipped. I couldn’t have waited for so long as I wasn’t able to use my truck. Hence, I asked for a refund which she said that they will process a reverse charge on my card. It was fair enough. So, I checked with other company and the siren was delivered the next day.

Later, I got a mail from extreme tactical dynamics with the shipment number. They agreed to process the refund and now they shipped the siren when I got it from another company. What kind of business do they do. I lost my money and I also paid for courier of the siren I shipped.

I have never been dealt like this ever before. This company’s management sucks and the people handling the emails and calls as well. There was no one to help and the support system is also a wreck. How these companies work if they cannot take care of the deliveries. It was a rip off and I will never place any order with them going forward.

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116 Complaints on Extreme Tactical Dynamics

  1. I invite all to get in contact with me

    Let’s file a class action lawsuit . As well as have the state open there own lawsuit. Time to shut them down . And hold all accountable. Not just the owner . They all are involved in this scam .

  2. Never received product told it’s on the truck and to be delivered, but never has been . Empty promises and no returns of funds after continuous contact for the product or a refund . Now it’s time to file a class action lawsuit. There are plenty of people I see I’m my sane position .

    Never received product told it’s on the truck and to be delivered, but never has been . Empty promises and no returns of funds after continuous contact for the product or a refund . Now it’s time to file a class action lawsuit. There are plenty of people I see in the same position. Without product , empty promises, and not receiving a refund on request . It’s been nine months for me . Time to go to the state’s attorney fraud department. I have found this will not be there first encounter with the state attorney consumer division.

  3. Prior FL Atty General Action Against This Company

    You can find a FL AG report from 2017:


    I just found out about this today. Wish I knew about it at the time. Interestingly enough I had ordered items in 2016 that I never received but name doesn’t appear on the customer list attached to that AG report. Makes me think they didn’t turn over accurate records to the FL AG.

  4. Class action Lawsuit

    Anyone interested in a class action lawsuit against extreme tactical dynamics? Shoot me an email at [email protected]

  5. 9 Months still no merchandise and still no money back

    If your looking for emergency lights, LED Outfitters is the way to go. Extreme Tactical Dynamics treats customers like shit. They don’t answer the phone the don’t respond to emails. These people are just all around assholes. I ordered lights way back in March and I still have no merchandise and still did not get my money back so in the eyes of the law, that makes them thieves. So from me to ETD, y’all kiss my ass.

  6. My order not being filled

    Ordered months ago only received emails that is on backorder with no date in sight call a few times can’t get ahold of nobody I guess I’m going to have to contact my bank for a refund

  7. Horrible

    I ordered a scope they stated 3-5 days shipping. It was over 5 weeks and nothing. I paid by PayPal and filed a claim before refund was issued. Beware Scammers!!

  8. Same as everyone else, payed for product which has not been received. Obviously they don’t care about individual orders, so we as a group need to file complaint/ suit

    Contact me to begin the process of a large group official complaint/ possible lawsuit. This is apparently going to be the best way to end this company’s existence since they obviously have little regard for individual complaints

  9. Late to ship never have recived my Free Item

    I bought several Items years ago and now was looking for a specific Item and they fit the bill for that Item. after a week and still in PRODUCTION (ie) order from china until they get enough orders for free shipping. I realized they were the clowns that took 3 months to send me my last order and never sent me my BONUS ITEM. if you order from them don’t hold your breath or make sure your Blood Pressure is in control, because you will die before you get your order.

  10. Terrible!!!!

    Total cam! Months and months to fulfill an order and only received a credit after threatening litigation. Calls not returned, standard formatted reply emails—worst service I have ever had

  11. Ordered visor lights a month ago never received the lights never received any confirmation of delivery. The owner of This company Chris Dallmann seems to be a Thief Buy ripping people off the way he is. I for one will continue to warn others And any site I can find.

  12. Visor lights

    Wish I read The reviews.I am Experiencing buyer’s remorse. Sounded like a good reputable company. Thought I would warn others of the bad practices of this company.The Owner Chris Dallmann seems to work on Ripping people off Instead of Making good on his responsibilities Of getting us our product. I for one will continue to post where I can On this illegitimate company. Thank you have a good day!!

  13. This company is a scam!

    I ordered two dash strobes for my POV firetruck on Jan 10th 2021, on Jan 17th 2021 the order was still showing “in process” so I sent a cancellation request to their “accounting department” as their policy states. I never received a cancellation confirmation and had trying calling repeatedly for over a week leaving voicemails because apparently no one works there, I’ve sent a numerous amount of emails as well trying to get someone to respond. February 2nd and I got an email stating “your order has shipped”, WTF?! I gave them plenty of time to cancel my order, I can’t even get in touch with them to do a return, so I can’t make the “30 days from purchase date” for a refund, I literally got ripped off. I have a product I can’t use or return, fortunately this classifies as “petty larceny” since they took my money even at request of cancellation and they’re not responding to correspondence, so I will be pursuing legal action. So short and skinny, DO NOT order from this company!!!

  14. Scam

    This company is a big scam!! Don’t waste your money or time. I placed order two weeks ago an still have not received tracking number, but they didn’t hesitate taking my money that same hour. I’ve multiple calls in , as well as multiple emails an no reply back. I’m going thru my bank now to retrieve my money. All that I can say is SCAM, SCAM , SCAM. DONT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY

  15. They will take your money and you will never receive the item you ordered for months I place a order a month ago and I haven’t recieved it nor will they answer the phone when you call them or answer your emails I just lost 75.00 dollars they are thieves they steal your money and you dont get your product DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY BECAUSE IF YOU DO YOU WON’T RECEIVE IT my order still says in production after over a month now that the money been taken out of my account they’ll take the money qiuck but you won9het nothing in return I will never give them my money again you’ve been warned order at your own risk


    Ordered $350 worth of lighting from this company in April. When you call no one answers unless it is sales. They have no access or interest in your order. Checked my order today status is refund via store credit. Why would I want a store credit when they do not ship anything to you!? Terrible.

  17. Rip off

    I ordered from these guys May 18th three weeks later still did not get my product made several calls no one would answer the phone emailed them several times they finally told me they would send my money back 3 weeks later I still have not received any money back this company is a complete rip-off they charge my card $144.96

  18. Failed to deliver product, ignored communication

    I ordered a lightbar for my security company from these people. Worst customer service. Never shipped my product, did not respond to voicemails or email messages. I couldn’t get anyone on the phone. Even after a BBB complaint, they didn’t ship or refund the money. I had to initiate a chargeback on my credit card to collect a refund.

  19. Where's my order?

    Jan 15, 2020 I ordered 2 diff lights for $166.85 and it’s now march 20, 2020. Im trying to contact them to cancel my order but that seems like a joke because i cant get ahold of anyone. Im thinking of getting the better business bureau involved. What terrible customer service.

  20. Used to be great. Now they are HORRIBLE!!

    Back in 2014 when I ordered from ETD they were fantastic. This time around…not at all. Simply trying to cancel an order turned into a fiasco. Which lead me to want to cancel my other order with them. Now they updated my order status to disputed when it has not been. They’re trying to keep peoples money when they find out how awful ETD is. What I won’t do is be out the $586.80 I don’t roll over. I’ve sent all of my info to Consumer Service/Protection, the Attorney General’s Office in Florida, and in Maine. At this point the only way I’ll drop it is if they refund me back my money.

  21. They are ripping everyone off

    Guys file a complaint with the government to shut them down



    I made a huge mistake and paid via paypal for a $116 order. They never shipped them and it’s now been five weeks. I have followed up with customer service and “accounting” a dozen times and been blown off. They’re thieves and I hope to get the opportunity to swing by their location in person — but I’m sure the Jupiter, FL address is also a scam. Their merchant info on Paypal is based in Houston, TX so my complaint with the BBB was routed there.

  23. This is not a reputable business

    The light I received was over 10″ wider than what they advertise and they are aware of it too! They claim their website hasn’t been updated. So after them sending me a light that doesn’t work for my application, it’s been over a week and they haven’t sent an RMA nor am I able to reach anyone that can actually help or is willing to help. All charges now will be disputed with the card company and I’ll have to purchase from a more reputable company.
    Stay far away from this business!!!


    I purchased lights for my ambulance in July of 2019. The order is still showing as pending. I’ve sent countless emails and have called numerous times to no avail. No one answers the phone nor do they respond to emails. All you get is a generic email.

  25. Been waiting over a year for my visor light no email back no phone calls answered

    This place is a scam. Ordered $189 visor light over a year ago. Still nothing today. I contacted the local police that the company is based in Florida. And they said it is a legit company. But they’re having problems filling orders. I’ve sent emails and asked for my money back every time and no response

  26. Warning Thieves

    I am a police officer and I do lane closures for a part time job. I ordered the Mirage 30” mini light bar with red and blue lights. In short my order was never sent so I cancelled it and asked for a refund. I never received it either. I tried their customer service line that’s a joke. I tried emailing customer service all I got was the automatic response. I finally emailed the accounting department of Aspire their parent company I guess and they told me it was back ordered. So I waited another week or so then cancelled my order and asked for a refund. And now FIVE weeks later no refund. Now I can’t get anyone there to even answer an email. Why should they they stole my money and like any other criminal they aren’t going to call you back to return it. Amount of theft is $274.86. I have contacted my Visa card and the BBB. I’m going to try to file criminal charges. My suggestion is a professional peace officer is to completely avoid this so called company.

  27. Find another place to order from

    Don’t order from this company!
    They charge your card at time of order but They don’t ship orders!

  28. Horrible Company. Huge Scam

    Horrible company. They shipped 3 out of my four products purchased. This totaled $600 as well. Their system states I have my grille lights but I do not. I’ve been trying to get a hold of someone for 2 weeks now. I feel as if I have been scammed out of $130 for my grille lights. This is ridiculous

  29. I purchased 4 led Strobe lights $193

    I purchased 4 led Strobe lights in December on 2018 – I just recently was going to install them on my tractor. The instructions indicate that you need to test the lights before installing. We tested the lights and found that 1 on the four did not work. They are still in warranty.
    I called many times only to get a recording with no response. I initially sent and email to explain that I had returned the one bad light — and got a response (so they get the emails) requesting information – which I sent. NEVER HEARD FROM THEM AGAIN ! I sent the information again with all info by mail to make sure they got it. Still no response.
    I purchased from this company based on positive reviews – it is now evident they they write their own positive reviews. Beware – you are important enough to Sell to but not important enough to respond to or take care of problems after the sell.

  30. RIP off

    Ordered lights in April and here it is two months later and still no lights or refund. They take your money and never send your order. Do not do business with this company.

  31. Worst Customer Service & Item's Never In Stock. Good Luck

    Plus they never have any of their Items on stock ,worst part about it is when your about to purchase an Item, it doesn’t say weather item is In stock or out of stock, When I placed my order I called to see if i could get tracking Information, and since they never answer their phones tried the Live Chat, and was told immediately it was on back order. This Company has decent prices but not worth the Headaches and their a Waste of Time, Especially if your wanting your Lights rights away or same week, not going to Happend,
    Look Elsewhere.

  32. Not Great, But Not The Worst

    I’ve placed several orders with ETD. I have an elemental interior light bar, elemental surface mounts and a handful of undercover series surface mount lights. Some of the orders took longer than others but I did not wait months like other people have stated. Anytime I had a question my emails were responded to in about 2 days. All of my lights still work as they did on day one. Tina was usually my customer service rep and I must say that despite other reviews, she was on top of every order I placed. I don’t know that I would order from them again because a lot of what I buy is always out of stock, but if they ever get better with their service I would definitely buy more lights from them.

  33. Larger Order

    We needed a larger order for our trucks. We ordered the lights and Extreme required us to pay up front as it was a custom order. We ordered 100 light bars for our fleet.

    It seems like it took forever for the lights to come into their warehouse. They said they were waiting on some parts.

    When the parts finally came in they got the light bars built and then they shipped them to us in Canada. The problem is that Canada customs then charged us Customs and Duties fees.

    Extreme Tactical said that this was not a responsibility of theirs as they can not control that other countries put tariffs on items.

    They would not pay for the tariffs and we were left to pay for the tariffs to get the lights. They should disclose this information of other countries tariffs.

    Overall the light bars are great and work well up in Canada in this really cold weather and bad elements.

    We would rate them as a good company to work with but the Canada customs caused us to go over our budget.

  34. Overall Experience

    I previously purchased a LED Quad from Extreme Tactical Dynamics. I have had this light in my patrol car now for two years. In the two years I have had the light I had defective LED one time. I called the customer service # listed on their website and they replaced the light head. It took a bit of time as they were out of the replacement part however they did replace the item like they said they would.
    The item is extremely heavy duty and recently I was in a car crash with my patrol car and could not believe that the item still worked after it went flying out of the car and across the road. It is very durable and dependable.
    It took some time to get my replacement ligh head and that was the only problem I had. Although it really wasn’t a problem because they informed me of the delay.

  35. Extreme Quads

    About The Ranger Quad Linear LED Dash and Deck Light
    One of our best selling emergency vehicle lights, the Ranger Quad TIR LED Dash or Deck Light, has just been made even better by adding linear lenses. Not only are the polycarbonate lenses durable, scratch and shatter resistant, these high-end lenses spread the 72 Watts of the upgraded Ranger Quad Linear over a wide, wide area. The four units contain 24 Generation III 1-Watt LEDs making it a formidable, dependable light that aids you in achieving your objective when every second counts.

    The power cord plugs into the cigarette lighter, has an ON/OFF switch, and can also be hardwired into an existing system. Two brackets with suction cups attach the light to the front or rear windows of the vehicle. Don’t be fooled by the size of this 15” light, the new and improved Ranger Quad with Linear 1 Optics is a tank of a light, heavy duty and waterproof. The U. S. Military has ordered a lot of these!

    (24) 1 Watt Generation III LEDs
    26 Flash Patterns with Pattern Memory
    A Favorite of the U.S. Military
    Heavy Duty and Waterproof
    Meets or Exceeds SAE J845 & J595 Standards
    Meets or Exceeds California Title 13 Requirements
    5 Year Warranty on All Emergency Vehicle Lighting Products*
    Included in Box:
    Ranger Quad Linear LED Dash Light
    Cigarette Lighter Power Plug-in with ON/OFF Switch
    12’ Power Cord
    2 Brackets with 6 Suction Cups
    You can choose from 26 flash patterns in 11 color options: 5 solid and 6 split-color combinations; what’s the best color to help you do your job? Remember, all our lights have pattern memory which allows you to return to a previous pattern with just a push of the button. It’s an awesome addition to your light force because the Ranger Quad Linear won’t give out when the going gets tough!

    15″L x 2.75″W x 1.75″H

  36. They will steal your money


    If you found this report then it means you probably got ripped off by this hole in the wall company. They make themselves look big, but in reality they are a small little store with no employees or inventory. Nothing is in stock and they just charge your credit card and disappear. They don’t answer the phone or respond to emails. Try it yourself, CALL THEM BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER, and NO ONE will answer the phone. If you do place an order, wait a few days and you will get an automated email stating item is on back order, etc etc etc. It happened to me and I will make sure to spread this message to all my fellow firefighters!

    What should you do once you get scammed by this company,

    Here is what I did.

    STEP 1, CALL YOUR credit card company or PAYPAL and dispute the charge immeditely, if you do get any shipment from these clowns, make sure to refuse the shipment. Who wants to deal with a company and warranty if they can’t even get the sale right?

    STEP 2, CALL THE FLORIDA attorney General, as they are creating a file to keep track of their practices.

    Out of State customers CALL 850-414-3990


    ITS VERY IMPORTANT WE CALL AND GET THEM SHUT DOWN, SO they don’t keep ripping us off.


    STEP 4, SEND THE OWNER A LETTER DIRECTLY TO HIS HOME, His address is 10640 151st Ln N

    Jupiter, FL 33478-6874

    STEP 5, SPREAD MY MESSAGE, let everyone on social media know about them and not to order from them so we all don’t get ripped off.

    STEP 6, FILE YOUR OWN all things crime report

    Thanks guys and hopefully I’ll save you guys a lot of trouble

  37. BEWARE! Engages in fraud, bait and switch!!!

    BEWARE!!! Do not spend money with this company!!! I ordered a light bar for $500 and did not get what was advertised. I received a subpar product that does not have the equipment advertised on their website, nor does it perform the functions that Extreme Tactical Dynamics shows online. The company refuses to answer my emails, will not send me the proper items, and is fleeing the situation with my hundreds of dollars. ETD engages without question in FRAUD, BAIT AND SWITCH.

    I urge other people who have posted reviews on here with similar experiences to file complaints with the Florida Attorney General and similar consumer watchdogs.


    Put in an order 2 months ago and to this day NOTHING shipped. They wont answer phones they dont respond much to emails. They are not in anyway worried about customer service. They use the excuse that everything is on Back ordered but yet they still keep taking orders knowing they cannot fulfill orders. Complete rip off do not buy from them!!

    January 29, 2018

  39. In the market so many options exist that you need to weed out bad quality websites from good quality ones. If you want good quality products then I recommend extreme tactical dynamics especially for products likes strobe lights and police lights the product quality and prices are always some of the best on the market that I have ever seen and used.

  40. Visor lights are important products that I need to use and they present on many places on the market today however, it can be difficult to find a place that will give you a good price as well as give you a good experience regarding the quality of the product. Extreme tactical dynamics I am glad to say is one of the few companies on the market that still cares about its customers so much that the product quality has never fallen short of superb for me.

  41. Small accessories are often bought wherever you can find them because no one really cares a lot about them since many people focus on bigger products. However, I can tell you that this isn’t the case with extreme tactical dynamics because they have some of the most amazing quality products on the market which includes small products like wires and mounts etc.

  42. I was always disappointed multiple times with most products I bought from most websites before I found extreme tactical dynamics. However, they have never disappointed me with a single product and over the years I have found and bought so many products from them.

  43. Everyone who knows me knows about my love for this place. It is rare to find a business that cares as much about their customers as extreme tactical dynamics does. Their customer support representatives are amazing and always helpful to me along with every single dash light multipack I bought from them has always been of an absolutely amazing quality.

  44. I have always trusted extreme tactical dynamics and so far, they have never let me down even once. I bought a large number of light bars from them initially and then I kept increasing my number and buying more products but the quality of their products never changed and at the same time there were a lot of discounts and warranties provided with every product I bought from them.

  45. Regular light reduction in my area made sure that I needed a lot of emergency lights and since my business is large I needed them in a large quantity. However, at the same time making such a large investment I needed quality and extreme tactical dynamics is one of the few companies on the market today that provides quality but also quality at the same time.

  46. There was a long-term project that I needed to undertake for which I would need a large amount of work and scene lights, so I needed to maintain quality while also sticking to a budget. Thankfully I eventually found extreme tactical dynamics and it is one of the companies that allows you to look and maintain quality and price together and factor them both into your decisions.

  47. LED light bars have a lot of problems with how they function and so if you are buying products which aren’t good quality or are second hand products then this is problematics. Thus come to extreme tactical dynamics they will provide you with the amazing quality products as well as not taking too much money from you at the same time.

  48. Mini light bars are important pieces of equipment for me to use and personally I prefer to budget my purchases. However, I could only find them for an extreme large amount wherever I looked online. Extreme tactical dynamics provided me those products on amazing quality as well as low prices.

  49. Traffic advisors are integral pieces of equipment that can be bought by you and also expensive at the same time as well. This is why I was so amazed and also somewhat shocked when I found extreme tactical dynamics. Their prices seemed almost too good to be true and the value and product quality I got in exchange was absolutely amazing. I was therefore skeptical but thankfully I was proven wrong.

  50. Grille and surface lights endure such a high amount of heat that if they are not of the absolutely best quality then they will fail instantly. I bought mine two years ago and I am glad to say extreme tactical dynamics provided me with products that are of the best quality on the market.

  51. This store has almost everything I could need. This includes some of the best product quality on the market. I went to the website to buy visor lights but ended up buying strobe lights and police lights as well because the quality of my first purchase pleased me so much.

  52. LED dash and decks are important products that are present in the market. They are convenient as well as being amazing and good to use. Extreme tactical dynamics is a company that will give you the best deal for this product and along with a discounted price it can also give you a warranty to go along with it.

  53. I was told by my company to find fire truck lights at a price that was reasonable and until recently there were no reviews so I was totally lost initially. However, then I found extreme tactical dynamics was selling them and after selling them I have become their permanent customer because they gave me the best experience.

  54. The company I work at needed a large order of police lights and most places that sold them were selling them at an extremely high price and they were sometimes difficult to find. Extreme Tactical Dynamics saved me through the magic of amazing product quality, discounts and warranties.

  55. Extreme tactical dynamics is a company that takes care of its customers to an almost unreal degree. This is because of the fact that the company has its customer support present 24/7 and the mounting brackets I bought were made of some of the best quality aluminum I have ever seen.

  56. Siren speakers are products that you will buy with speakers. They need to be of the best quality to be used to their best capacity. Extreme tactical dynamics is one place that actually sells them at an amazing quality and makes sure that the customer is always satisfied.

  57. Sirens need to be of the absolutely amazing quality since their sound quality is their defining feature. However, when they aren’t present a siren is useless unfortunately a lot of places out there try to sell them at subpar qualities except for extreme tactical dynamics which is amazing and provides quality with good pricing at the same time.

  58. Bulk surface mounts are some of the most useful products available on the market today. I always needed and wanted some for my business. I asked a lot of people and most of them recommended me to go towards extreme tactical dynamics and I was blow away by the amount of product quality I got which was absolutely amazing.

  59. Work and scene lights are extremely important for me to use. Extreme tactical dynamics helped me to work easily with these lights since they provided me these lights are an absolutely amazing quality and with good pricing alongside it as well.

  60. Full size light bars are some of the most important products that any business will ever buy. Since they are an expensive investment as well I needed to see that the product that I would be getting would be upto par as well. So I had to choose a good brand and all of that I was able to find in extreme tactical dynamics.

  61. Hideaway strobes are products that are required to be of the absolute best quality in the market otherwise their use will eventually lead to them breaking. I researched a lot about this product and after a lot of research the positive reviews of the website led me here and since then I am glad to say I have not been disappointed so far.

  62. For my car I bought a lot of visor lights from the company. After I rebuilt it after a wreck. I had bought products for my car in the past from a lot of companies and they mostly gave me extremely subpar service. Extreme tactical dynamics was an exception and their service to me has been absolutely amazing.

  63. This company extreme tactical dynamics has every single thing that I would want in a company that is serving me. The products are of the greatest and best quality on the market. My purchase from them were some construction lights and though slightly costly they were totally worth it.

  64. Strobe lights are something that I needed in extremely good quality and since the product is not available everywhere easily it can be even more difficult to find them for a good price. However, the strobe lights I got from extreme tactical dynamics were absolutely amazing and lasted for a long time.

  65. I bought some dash light multipacks from this company and with my previous experiences with companies being bad I did not expect a lot from extreme tactical dynamics but I was pleasantly surprised to find out that the product quality, price and delivery along with so many other things were all absolutely amazing.

  66. The market has so many bad companies but also good ones which includes extreme tactical dynamics. This balances everything in the market which includes product quality but also timely delivery. Their amazing service led me to buy a lot of products from them over the years which includes siren speakers, wires and mounting brackets among others.

  67. Their website is so easy to use and interact with. Extreme Tactical dynamics has definitely outdone themselves when it comes to the quality of their products and overtime their amazing and helpful work ethic has made me buy a lot of products from them.

  68. Several different retailers have sold me several different sirens over the years and it is difficult to find a company on the market that makes products that are of an amazing quality. Extreme Tactical Dynamics is a company that I can vouch for since it has overall amazing methods for ensuring that their customers have the best experience.

  69. There are bound to be good and bad companies on the market all the time. In my case I have come across more bad ones. However, Extreme Tactical Dynamics is one of the only companies in my experiences that has been amazing. The reason for that is amazing product quality and customer support services.

  70. Bulk surface mounts include a type of light that needs to be of a really good quality because they need to be used in several situations where there is a lot of threat for them to become damaged as well. Extreme tactical Dynamics is one place where you can buy them from without any problem since the quality is absolutely amazing.

  71. My business needed a lot of emergency lights for every day use so it was a lot of difficult finding a place where we could buy them at a price that would not completely take away all our money. However, I will definitely say that extreme tactical dynamics provides every single one of its products at the best quality on the market and the best prices at the same time.

  72. Buying products that are subpar in quality cannot be good for you at all. Down the line it can be extremely problematic for you as well. If the company takes your money and in return you get a product that is subpar that will be disappointing. This is one thing you do not need to be concerned about when buying from extreme tactical dynamics since they always put the experience of the customer above all else.

  73. In general, mini light bars can be some of the best quality products available to anyone of the market and in my company, they have an especially significant role to play. However, the quality of the product along with delivery time and price all need to be of a good quality. Extreme tactical dynamics is one company that absolutely delivers on every front in that regard.

  74. Interior light bars are products that serve an extremely important function for me at least as far as their position in my car is concerned. Along with that if they are good quality then they look absolutely amazing as well. Extreme tactical dynamics is one of the only companies that provides good quality especially for products like this.

  75. Hideaway strobes are products that to many people can seem somewhat insignificant but for my company they are important and buying them at a decent price and quality was difficult that is why I am glad I found extreme tactical dynamics. Not only is the quality of the products superb but the prices are extremely affordable.

  76. In my opinion this store is the closest that we will come to a perfect store in my opinion at least. Extreme tactical dynamics puts a lot of work and thought into maintaining their product quality at the best standards which goes upto the delivery of the products themselves as well. This is especially true for the LED dash and decks I have.

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  83. Unethical and unprofessional business, poor and rude customer service

    I placed two orders with Extreme Tactical Dynamics. The first order was confirmed to ship within 3-5 business days, but never got shipped nor updated. After 10 days I tried to contact the company and finally spoke to a rep. I was told the item was on backorder and will ship “soon”. After three weeks I tried to contact the company again via phone or chat, but was unable to do so. I sent an email and got a response after two days, that the item is in customs and will be shipped “soon”. Again, no update or shipment. After another week I called again (took me two days to get a hold of somebody) and was told the item is still in customs and will be shipped in two weeks. The rep was extremely rude and unprofessional and she finally cancelled my order on her own, stating the money will be refunded to my credit card. The other order I placed included a free flashlight. However, after I received the items (10 days after order date, although it was allegedly sent out the same day), the flashlight was not in the package, but on the packing list. On my inquiry I was told that the flashlight will no longer be manufactured and she was “sorry about that”.
    These are unethical business practices, the reps are unprofessional and extremely rude. This company is unethical and unreliable, stay away from Extreme Tactical Dynamics!

  84. best product

    Fire truck lights are difficult to find at good quality in the market today. I have been made a fool by multiple companies that claimed good quality. Extreme Tactical Dynamics however, makes the claims and backs it up with the best product quality I have ever seen.

  85. amazing

    The company I work for needed a large order done quickly so we contacted the management. Their response shocked us since we did not expect a lot of response from such a large company. They not only took our order for police lights separately but answered all our queries and made sure it reached us soon. Extreme Tactical Dynamics is amazing.

  86. Good In Customer Support

    It is rare to find a company that is as good as extreme tactical dynamics and yet still absolutely cares about its customers to an extent that is very good to see. However, the good points do not end there the police lights I bought from them were amazing as well and I loved them.

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    Some products can be hugely expensive and can be difficult to find with a good deal on the market. If you are like me and were searching for that perfect mix, then extreme tactical dynamics is one of the companies on the market that can give you the absolutely best quality product especially their light bars and light related products.

  93. recommend the company

    I will recommend the company to everyone extreme tactical dynamics will treat you in the absolutely best way possible and I was pleased when I got to know about them and on top of that their product quality made me extreme happy since the LED dashes were amazing


    BUYERS BEWARE!! Can hardly ever get a hold of customer service. When and if you do. They say they will email you and don’t! Products are not working in less then a years time. You get what you pay for. Some of the stuff is ok and most is junk. (NOT COMMERCIAL GRADE). None of which really matters if you cant communicate with your customers! BUYERS BEWARE!! Paid around a $1000 over 2 orders. Had to pay to replace brand new non working components. JUST AWFUL. Prime example of a drop ship style business that only has a few people that are running it. Trying to look like a huge corporation and are clearly failing miserably!

  95. no customer service

    i have made many calls and emails about my order and have yet to get answers they sent have the order but had no problem charging me right away i just want the rest of my order

  96. good prices as well

    Police lights are expensive and it can be difficult to find good quality ones on the market today. However, that does not seem to be a problem if you go to extreme tactical dynamics. They have some of the best products available at good prices as well so it makes them an even better company.

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    Where do I find fire truck lights was the question I kept asking myself until I finally found extreme tactical dynamics. This company is worth every single cent that you give to them and they will help you throughout. Nominal rates, warranties and large varieties are only some of the reasons why I think they are awesome.


    Below you will find some emails I have received from a company called Aspire Sales, LLC. Apparently this is the actual company you are purchasing from. I placed ***** where my personal information was in the emails, but as you can see, I have been getting the run around just like many other customers. What irritates me the most is that I have placed 2 orders, this is just 1 of the 2 placed 2 days apart from each other. Please, just buy them from somewhere else. Today is November 29th and my items are still “processing”

    (EMAIL #1)

    From: Aspire Sales, LLC
    Date: Sat, Nov 10, 2018, 3:34 PM
    Subject: Order Process
    To: *****

    Extreme Tactical Dynamics
    Order Number:
    Date Ordered: Saturday 10 November, 2018

    NOTE: This email address has been submitted by a visitor to our online-shop. If you were not this visitor, please send a message to: [email protected] you for your purchase and have a nice day.

    2 x Signature 6 Slim Linear LED Grille and Surface Mount Light (ext_sig6-s) = $73.92
    Color Amber/White
    1 x Small Flashlight Free Gift (ext_sm-fl) = $0.00
    Sub-Total: $73.92
    Standard Shipping : $9.99
    Total: $83.91

    Delivery Address
    Dallas, TX
    United States

    Billing Address
    Dallas, TX
    United States

    Payment Method

    (EMAIL 2)

    From: Aspire Sales, LLC
    Date: Sun, Nov 18, 2018, 4:08 PM
    Subject: Order Update
    To: *****

    Extreme Tactical Dynamics
    Order Number:
    Date Ordered: Saturday 10 November, 2018

    The comments for your order are

    I apologize for the delay in shipping your order. Due to the recent large shipment we received it has put our warehouse behind and they are working diligently to get caught up. You should receive a tracking number in the next 3-5 business days this does not include weekends or holidays. However if you do not receive that please contact us so we can see what the delay may be. If you are unable to wait for those shipments to come in, please contact our customer service team and we will happy to assist you. We do have express shipping quotes that we can provide you. You may contact us by:

    1. Emailing: [email protected]

    2. Live chat (from our home page)

    3. Calling 561-972-6540 during the hours of operation. Mon-Fri 10am-4pm EST

    Thank you


    Your order has been updated to the following status.

    New status: Processing

    Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

  99. Worst company on the internet

    I placed my first order with ETD for a visor mounted light bar. After 3 weeks I was sent an email saying “my item was on backorder” after another 3 weeks I sent numerous emails and called several times with no response. Finally after almost 2 months I received the light bar in the mail.
    I thought the first order might have just been a fluke or a miscommunication on their end so I decided to give them another chance… big mistake. I placed another
    order over a month ago. Again, 3 weeks later they sent an email saying “backorder” for the past 2 weeks I have been unable to contact anyone and am currently filing a dispute with PayPal to get my money back.

    Bottom line, spend the extra money and buy from a reputable company (or any other company for that matter) that deserves your business.

    “Serving those that serve us” what a joke

  100. Good quality ones

    It is difficult to find good quality LED Light bars especially on the market today since Chinese LEDs are so prominent but this company makes good quality ones. I still use them and they haven’t work ours.

  101. Great Service from ETD

    I have been buying form ETD for years. While sometimes I have struggled to get through on the phone. Overall they do a great job of always helping find what I am looking for. The level of product is top notch and in my opinion they really do a good job of taking care of their customers.

  102. ETD is a Fraud Company

    ETD is a horrible company. I ordered a mini lite bar and didn’t receive a confirmation email until 4 days later. I tried to reach back out to them to change the color of the light and could not get anyone to answer the phone. I called for 4 days straight and sent 3 emails. After not receiving a response to my emails, I decided to use the chat option. The manager that I spoke to via chat was beyond nasty so I cancelled my order. They told me it will take up to 14 days to get a refund. DO NOT order from this company!!!

  103. Stole money. Read reviews and check BBB before buying.

    Stole money. Read reviews and check BBB before buying.

    Extreme Tactical Dynamics (Aspire Sales LLC) $224 order placed 8-24. Unable to reach customer service. No email response. After a month paypal got involved and refunded money. This is a crooked business. They told paypal they were out of stock in the lights I ordered. Reading reviews this is always their excuse. Don’t sell inventory you don’t have, communicate with your customers, and refund when asked.

  104. No customer service, got card co got money back

    Mar 27, 2018, ordered Air Horn/PA & Speaker. Got PA, NO speaker. Tried calling kept getting recordings. Sent emails got NO response. Did this for 8 weeks. Finally told speaker enroute, then back ordered. PA did not have installation/operation info. Was sent photo of a completed install. No wiring diagram. Finally went to credit card co “disputed” not receiving speaker got refund. I will NOT do or recommend doing busy with ETD.


    I purchased items from this company’s website on August 20th. The website said it would be mailed out within a few days. I checked a few days later only to find the item was “back ordered.” I needed the item right away, so I promptly notified them, via their website chat that I wanted to cancel the order. They told me to email them, which I did. I received a response saying it would take 7-10 business days for the refund and another 2-3 days for my credit card company to show it (which is garbage it takes this long in the first place). I emailed them 13 business days later and they apologized and said it would be 2-3 more days. You guessed it, that time has now expired as well. I don’t think this company is even legitimate.

  106. Terrible service

    I placed an order for to lights. The Enforcer dash light and the Lynx T4-8 light bar for back window of F150. The T4-8 mounts they sent where for a frond window or an angled window, not for a vertical window such as my f150, I called them and they told me I’d have to purchase a different mounting bracket. Why wouldn’t you just state that in the Description of the light it’s self. The front Dash light didn’t even show up when I asked them about it they stated oh it’s on back order not for sure when it will arrive they never sent me an email about that, I guess they just assume the customer knows if they don’t have the lights. So now I have a light bar that will not mount correctly. They sent me this long email stating they need verification of professional installation the emergency vehicle it’s going into etc. it’s a construction truck it was a yellow an amber colored light it just mounted with suction cups no professional installation needed just the right brackets.
    I would stay away from this company their service is terrible, follow up with emails never happens not for sure when I will get my refund if I ever do.
    I would shop somewhere else if you need quality lights and good service.

  107. They screwed me too

    They screwed me, never made good on my defective purchase overcharged me never got back to me. I would rather light my ambers with candles than buy from these crooks


    Horrible company to deal with! Ordered 8 simple yellow t3 LED lights. After 10 days no contact from the company about anything being shipped. Would not answer the phone, email was 2-5 day reply if you got one. Got an answer that they were back ordered. Asked for a FULL REFUND and after 10 days still nothing!!!!. DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY WITH THIS COMPANY!!!!

  109. Common thieves

    I only wish I had read these reviews before I ordered a light bar

    Stay away from this merchant!!! THEY ARE CROOKS!!!

    On February 9, 2018 I purchased an LED Light bar for my vehicle. After they took my money I waited about a week and finally contacted them through their chat session where they just ignore you. After several times of typing hello and could you please help me, finally someone by the name of Tina answers me.

    Tina proceeds too tell me that the product I purchased was on backorder. So I decide to upgrade to a different and more expensive light bar which cost me an additional $166.00. The original order cam to $128.96.

    Another week or 2 go by and no shipment so I decided to purchase a light bar at a brick and mortar establishment

    I attempt to contact them again.several times through the chat session. Again I was being ignored or they would just sign off the session. (I attempted to call them also but that was a waste of time).

    I finally get Tina back and she agreed that she would refund my money because my order hadn’t shipped yet. Great!!! Not really. Although they did refund me the original purchase price of 128.96 it seemed that they forgot about the $166.00 which was paid for the better light bar.

    I was going to give them another chance so I tried to contact them through their chat session. Again ignored Again she signs off without a word or helping me. I called PayPal’s resolution center and they are disputing the charge.

    These reviews are dead on correct.The bottom line is that these people are crooks. Good luck everyone!. I only wish I could give them zero stars

  110. No customer service, no service at all except taking your money

    Attempted to purchase a strobe light. My credit card was charged and I received an email on Feb 9, 2018 that and email would be sent when the item shipped. As of March 5, 2018 I have not received the item I was charged for. The have not answered numerous emails, phone call attempts or contacts thru their website.

  111. Poor DO NOT BUY HERE........

    Placed order Dec 16 /17……..2 months and countless calls/messages and emails…. And a vm that loops so you can’t get anywhere….. No product….. Called PayPal and they are refunding me…. Terrible customer service……

  112. Poor shipping & Customer service

    I ordered 2 lights from this company, a Stealth 4 Linear Visor Light Bar and a Ranger Hextag TIR LED Traffic Advisor Light Bar. Both Green&White Alternating for us to put on our security car during the holiday season. We ordered these items on November 25th and never received a shipping update.
    After a few weeks I emailed to ask for a status update and was told that the item was delayed due to a shipping container being stopped by U.S. Customs for an inspection. Another week went by and I requested an update on the second item and was told that the company had delays due to holiday purchases. Finally the excuse came down to that the item was in a shipping queue. So far it has been in a shipping queue for over a month with no word or update. Recently I tried to log into my store account and the company no longer had my email in the system. Very unprofessional and difficult to get a hold of.

  113. Pay a little more elsewhere and save yourself the headache.

    Do Not Order From Here.

    Placed an order for dash lights on 12/26/2017, a day that they were closed. On 12/27/2017 the money was charged to my card and the waiting game begins. I followed up with them on 01/03/2017 and they advised that they had just resumed holiday hours and would be shipping out in 1-2 days. It is now 13 days since the order was placed and no update. Calling them is impossible and there is no response via email. I have disputed the charge on my credit card and emailed them to cancel the order.

  114. SCAM

    ordered an item on Dec 28 2017 never got any info from the company credit card was charged on Jan 2 2018 still no product and no response from company i placed several calls and customer service answering machine says to send an e-mail for faster service multiple e-mails later and still no response still not answering phone either.Do Not buy from these people they will steal your money all over the internet nothing but bad news about them!

    1. I had a similar example as everyone else. However, I only sought to receive the proper mounting hardware for the light bar. Numerous phone calls and emails. These scumbag wouldn’t even respond! Nobody ever picks up the phone . Email went unanswered. If I lived in their jurisdiction I would sue these bastards in small claims court.

  115. Shit Company

    Do not order from this company! They will take your money an take moths to get you your product. Once it is delivered it will be most likely missing items. Once you try an confront them they will blame you an it will take several weeks to get the missing items. never again will i order form them

    1. Buyer Beware

      I ordered a light bar (charged extra because it was not “in stock”) and the 100 watt Yelp siren system. It took 6 weeks after many phone calls and emails to receive the light bar. Never got a return phone call and on the emails you have 3 choices: 1) Change to something “in stock”, which they apparently don’t have much of, 2) Cancel your order, good luck with that, or 3) Wait for it …. Wait for it ….. No, that’s it. You wait for it. It took 9 WEEKS to get my siren. It comes with 3 connectors full of wires. The wiring diagram?? A. Connect the red to positive. B. Connect black to negative. The other wires? You figure it out! Do yourself a favor. Pay the extra at a different company.

  116. Horrible Company

    I ordered a lightbar for my truck which is my sole business on 10/27/17. I quickly received an email that the cc I used was invalid. I emailed them that Sam evening with the correct cc info and also physical called the next day. After many attempts on the phone, I finally got a hold of someone. They corrected the cc info, which put a pending charge on my cc that day. I also asked about the light and was told it was not in stock but due in the following week. I emailed several times the beginning of that week to find out the status. No response. On 11/3/17, I received an email saying that it would be 2 weeks before that shipment arrived. I could not wait the 2 weeks, so I cancelled the shipment and requested immediate charge back as they immediately withdrew the funds from my account. I received confirmation that my order was cancelled and it would take 24-48 hours to process. On 11/10, I received an email that the refund was processed and would take 2-4 days for my bank to process it. Still waiting to see refund. They’ve held my money up for two weeks now. In the meantime, I’ve had to reorder a light from somewhere else and had to pay extra to have it expedited. Very very poor customer service.