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eMarketsTrade was supposed to be a trading site for crypto currencies but you can put money in but cant take it out and also cant contact anyone for help.

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59 Complaints on eMarketsTrade

  1. Complete scam

    Do not be caught and persuaded to part with your money. These brokers know all the tricks and will suck you in. Bad,bad news.

  2. Frauder i realized. 1039.8 i cant receive.

    Frauder site i realized.
    I must receive 1039.8 $.
    But they are no respond.

  3. I decided to supplement my income by trading on the stock market in Binary options. I signed up to lodge $500.00 with Bloombex Options. I then got a call from Tomas Damon promising me 85% profit and bonuses etc if I increased the amount to $10,000.00 US, I agreed to this and set about transferring the money. Tomas Damon was then phoning me and trying to get me to increase the amount of money in my account with them to $100,000.00 USD and making ridiculous promises of profits. It was then I decided to pull out of the whole thing. Part of the $10,000.00 had been transferred by this time but as I have restrictions on my bank account I could not transfer all of the money at once. Because the money did not go to Bloombex immediately I was getting phone calls from them saying “do this, do that, tell your bank to do this or tell your bank to do something else” which annoyed me so I decided to see how hard it was to get money from this company so I told them I did not wish to continue with them and wanted my money returned. I was not able to get my invested capital including my bonus, God so kind, luckily as I was researching for funds recovery, then I came across Mr Gary Ashton, he was able to help me recover, 90% of my funds back. Feel free to reach out to him , if you had same experience via us email address: [email protected] he will help you get your funds back.

  4. Contact Me before joining eMarketstrade

    If you are considering investing in and trading with eMarketstrade there are a few things you should know. DO NOT allow them to log onto your computer, DO NOT deposit any money into their account and DO NOT sign any “Declaration of Deposit” (DOD). You WILL lose all of your money. I have been dealing with eMarketstrade for over a year and I have managed to save countless people thousands and thousands of Euro/Dollar/whichever currency. I have all the needed correspondence, telephone conversation recordings, videos of their anydesk and teamviewer actions you will need to help you with your decision. Contact me on [email protected] for more information. Regards Johan du Preez

  5. Extremely high pressure sales. BEWARE!!!

    A further update –
    I was very clear that I’m not interested in investing and polite.
    Then resorted to shouting at the sales guys to emphasis my point.
    I’ve now blocked the number, but had further calls where they have withheld their number to get through.
    Yesterday I get another call and simply told him to P*ss off and hung up.
    I have now had two more missed calls today.
    This has now progressed to the point of harassment.

    July 31, 2018


    this company is a scam com many. II deposited money with them and made a lot of profits, I made withdrawal requests and it was all denied. I called them and told them the situation and they told me too deposit more money. I refused and they closed my account6. I had too recover my money bak from them with the help of taylorbrennan@consultant,com a financial recovery expert. Glad I have all my money back

  7. Shocking

    Took all my money and will not pay out my balance and being a Widow, I face a bleak Christmas


    After all the things written bellow about bonus which I didn’t accept they convince you to put more and more money othewise they don’t have a margin to trade. Ones you do it, you’ll probably loose everything on the first open position. They don’t have absolutely any information about trade tendencies. 4 advices for open positions, not even one went in the right direction even if they look always very convict. My last broker, which was supposed to be an expert one made me loose 2000euro on the first time and then vanished and didn’t answer to any mail. Than other one call me asking me to open other position because all crypto were supposed to go up on the next days and all crypto market went 50% down. It seams a joke!!!

  9. Dont touch Emarkets trade.

    They dont teach you how to trade at all. They tell you what to do although you have to place the orders yourself. They take over your computer using Anydesk. I lost $106000 because they kept asking for more money to recover what I had lost. They traded recklessly wih my money and now dont take responsibillity.

  10. SCAM

    I would steer right away from these guys, My manager was a guy called Nicky, He watched my account going from $250 up to $55000, and when I went to withdraw it would not allow me too, I have had every excuse in the book, ON one weekend My account managed a profit of 32000, but first thing on Monday morning I had a call to say it was a computer problem, and no money would stay on my account and they would be deleted. Strangely a few hours later the trades had all been deleted and I now have no trace of them, And This Nick has called me every day to ask me for more money to make up from my loose, Ok my loose is around $7500, but they are in full control and are so annoying on the phone, I have asked him on more than one occassion for his full (propper name) and licence no but still am waiting..

  11. Agree

    eMarketstrade steels your money – they tell you that they trade for you and that the lost the money due to the market that went down but they do not have any proof of the trades. They also keep on demanding more money to “recover” your lost money and force you to take out loans to keep finding them or you will “lose” all your funds which you already have.

    They are rude, and refuse to speak to you. Even block you so you can’t contact them

  12. This is so wrong

    I would like to tell about my exp with eMarketsTrade.

    I started with a minimum amount of $250. after the transaction was I made I got my account transferred to a senior account manager a.k.a Nick Fisher. Nick was very helpful, showed me the platform and explained everything from top to bottom. After that we went through the account types and started with the Silver one. When we placed the first I`ll be honest here I was a bit concerned even though I knew I couldn’t lose more than what I`ve put on the Stop Loss. We made our first profit after taking 1 solid contract of BTC/USD the rest is history. I can tell you that after 9 months of working with this company I`m pretty satisfied and say that this is by far one of my smarted business decision I`ve made in my life.

    Happy trading everyone.
    May god bless you and your families,


  13. This is shaming

    I look at all these comments here that are less than 4 stars and I can’t believe that.. I am trading with them for 7 months now and I am very satisfied.
    I brought 2 friends and both of them are happy as well..

    Stop the shaming!

  14. do not let these clowns play with your money..

    Absolute waste of time.. do not let these clowns play with your money..Absolute liars..it’s almost like they want you to loose your money… wrong predictions.. my 9yr old daughter could give me better forecasts. They even tried to get me to invest even more money after they lost my £2800 lucky enough I wasn’t that stupid. Karma will deal with them.. wicked people will always get punished..dis-honestly will get people know where

  15. Cool.

    I don’t like to get too involved in these kinds of things but I must say I’m actually having a pretty good time with them. The account manager is very professional and the software is doing everything for me just as promised, Some days are better than others but that’s just how trading is. Give it some time what did you think you’re gonna become a millionaire in a day?

  16. Good revenue

    Doing well over here, me and my account manager work twice on a weekly basis.. withdrawn some profits 3 times already. No complains.

  17. Legit

    I’d say the same that this company is not as described in this review.
    I’ve withdrawn couple of times pretty large amounts and my account is on profit so I don’t know why people are bragging.

    Maybe verify your account and then withdraw?
    Good luck to all and happy trading!

  18. Scammiest scam artist of the year

    This company is a complete scam! They scammed my mother out of her pension within 2 months of her starting to trade with them. Their sales people have such snake tongues and are able to convince you to give them your money. Once I caught onto what was going on and got some friends investigating the profile, she started loosing money and in the end lost it all. Do not give your money to this horrible company! You have been warned



  20. I'd rate it 4.5/5

    Joined them about a month ago, been doing well. They have a very good analyst, every session I had with him he gave me some trades and the majority of them really made me money.
    Sometimes my account manager is in a rush and make me feel nervous but I guess that’s how trading works..
    Bottom line he makes me money very satisfied.

  21. Made some money and cashed out

    I’ve traded with them for 3 weeks approximately and cashed out everything as a test.. all the balance plus the profits came to me in a matter of 3 days..
    I don’t understand why you are trashing on them. Definitely going to trade with them some more.

  22. believe it or not

    ive made a couple of quids with them
    at first i was pushed a little but it came up good, i guess this is how this industry works

  23. Made a turnover

    I got a bonus right when I started and my account manager helped me make the turnover after a week’s time..
    So what, I got extra 4000£ bonus + made profits trading.. You have to read and understand the bonus agreement before signing it…

  24. 1000% scammers

    all started well with small investment, made good gains to boost confidence, account manager kept asking invest more did so based on early results, then when account manager realised he could not get anymore out of me, advised to open a position, that soon nose dived, couldnt get hold of him, a new account manager contacted me, said best way to save my account was invest more….tied me in with the bonus,, refused to give me refund, seems to be by design as what happened to me is a familiar story i have read over and over again

  25. good service

    im with them for past 2 months i withdraw all my money it came back so i deposit again. now im working with stanley fisher. thank you!

  26. 4/5

    Good company overall, my manager is a bit pushy once in a while but he does the job.
    I’m working with 8k £ in my account and I am constantly making 600~1000£ every month so I don’t mind the disadvantages if it brings money..

  27. I have 2 accounts

    I have 2 accounts, one with emarkets and one with another company and I’d definitely choose emarkets on others

  28. 4.5 star

    good company tried a few
    a bit pushy when it comes to financial announcements but every time they did i made cash so who cares

  29. having a very pleasant trading experience these 3 months

    Very happy about my broker, i have decided to make a 2000USD investment,
    she is guiding me though the trades , had a session yesterday when she showed me some cool tricks calculating timings for specific assets according to the news , she is just something else,professional, very kind and nice as well but regardless – the girl creates me a passive income of 800 USD every month keeping my balance stable at all time , and now i know how the news on tv influencing the market- it’s amazing!
    5 stars from me.
    i would really like to recommend you asking to work with her but not sure she wants her name to be exposed to the public. good luck to you all!

  30. Legit company

    At first when I came to eMarketsTrade I was interested with the Automated Software that they are providing. What I didn’t know is that they also provide Education and live lessons 1 on 1 with the client with a Crypto Manager they provide.

    I wanted to start with 1,000$ but I was convinced to start with smaller amount of 250$ because I was a beginner. I was relieved that company asked me to deposit lower amount of what I was thinking at the time. It made me feel more comfortable and safe.

    Eventually after two days of trading with the Software I was eligible to profit 311$ extra and I didn’t even flinch a finger.

    I’ve tested them and made a withdraw within 5 days of my registration to see if they are returning my funds. After 3 working days I’ve received the funds back to my MasterCard.

    I am happy with their services and trading methods.

  31. Stop trash talking about good companies!!!

    This review means really nothing to me as I know I’ve made money with them..
    They are a bit aggressive but their methods work.

    I myself know how comments of individuals can destroy reputation of business.

    At first I was skeptic I’ve read this review but I realized this review has nothing to do with reality.
    Trading with eMT for 3 months now, withdrawn big amounts and no special “treatment”.
    Transactions like these take time so chill up before making such a statement that destroys reputations.

  32. good service and results

    traded with them for a while now, made some money been thought how to trade.
    they call a lot but it ain’t a problem if they make you money..
    i don’t know why some of you claim they are not legit everything works proper for me, my account manger is peter, we are working with 2 accounts and both of them succeed..

    happy trading!

  33. I am shocked.

    a relative of mine was trading with them and lost his 300 USD, I am a licensed lawyer in retirement and i wanted to test it myself and take the risk in order to check if i can find a reason to take further legal actions regarding my personal trading experience ,by finding any illegitimacy in the working process they give.I wasn’t surprise to see that the first 3 months was great and brought a great profit. they did surprise me by giving me excellent services of free analyst lessons, trading groups and expose me to advanced trading techniques that i did not even know about. i also discovered that my relative lost her investment because she traded by herself without any knowledge about trading. I researched THE HELL out of Emarketstrade and all i can say is that these people are professional and more then reliable .
    for those who interested to know . my current balance stands on 638,511$ recurring a 10k withdrawal standing order every month.

    I AM SHOCKED -by the many bad comments people left here due to an experience of 4 yeas i am trading with Emarkets now.
    i am sure that some of these comments have a base . i trade since the good old days of wall street and no company can ever satisfy 100% of the clients.

  34. Good guidance, good results.

    Deposited 250£ about a week ago.
    Yes I was told to raise the amount in the account for a higher amount for better service and results.
    Haven’t done that and still been trading with my initial deposit.
    Now I have withdrawn all the money I deposited plus 350£ I made with my account manager.

    Will definitely invest more money.
    I’ve tested couple of the platforms and no platform lets you withdraw your profits. Finally found a decent one.
    All the other comments that mention them like they are the devil please stop confusing the ones who are actually looking to trade..

  35. Legit firm.

    Due to my past unpleasant experience with “Greenfield’s capital ” , trusting another platform to recover my loss of over £ 7600 was not an easy thing for me to do.
    Over all, I am satisfied by the service I get from Emarket’s trade.
    withdrawals are fast enough, and for a change my advisers does his job guiding me and sharing with me good trading techniques who already brought my balance to a beneficial position. we are trading very slow as promised and still within 4 months time I covered my loss and gained another £4213 on top. yesterday my balance was £11,813 and one hour ago i received my £5000 withdrawal to my bank account. and starting all over again with what’s left to build the account again as the strategy I chose to use. I officially can say this firm is legit ,reliable and professional.

    Kind regards,
    Charlie Boland.

  36. Looking Good So Far

    I made big deposit of 7,000 rands and saw results already after two day.
    First i wanted to use a software but my manager explained me everything so i decided to trade with him.
    I was very scared to lose my money but got profits back after 2 weaks and still happy.

  37. I am trading with them for the past 4 months

    I’ve opened 2 accounts with emarkets and both of them are doing very well, yes once in a while it takes couple of days for withdrawals but they always come.
    The accounts of my wife and I summarize 33k £ and I’ve been working with Mr.Bell Peter for all this time now and never felt like I was pushed to do anything I don’t want.
    Enough with these false comments.. they made me hesitate so much joining in the first place. I’ve traded with so many false brokers and for once I found a decent one.

    Withdrawn close to 12k £ so far and never had trouble getting the money. Longest period I have waited was 6 days and that was because I was not verified. If you are verified there should be no problem.

  38. Good platform

    After depositing 250$ to the account i tried to test them by refunding my deposit and they did it pretty quick.
    I deposited again 1000$ and now i get guidance by their analyst.
    I’ve done that for the past month so far all good.
    I dont think its true you dont get your money back.

  39. Extremely high pressure sales. BEWARE!!!

    I did invest the minimum £250 and opened an account having done some research and satisfying myself that this wasn’t a scam. I don’t believe this is a scam, but I would not recommend anyone go near it and this is a summary of my experience.
    I open an account and this then led to consultant call who proceeded to sell the dream. Offering tips and advice on trading that “come good 9 out of 10 times” (really!!!!)
    All sounds too good….. Quite lengthy calls and “very smooth patter”
    What they don’t make clear is you need to actually invest £5,000 to get access to this trading advice and consultation. It’s buried in their web site and they have you actually direct you to the link to find it.
    I was extremely uncomfortable with this sum of money so wanted to back out. Many very lengthy calls were taken with a “trading consultant” who picked all your concerns to bits, breaks then down and really cleverly get you “!back on board” with the promise of investing a smaller sum initially, and they’ll credit your account with the balance for a week or two. In my case I was comfortable with £1000
    The whole think just felt hugely pressured and I could sense that it would lead to further calls for me to get more money in up to the £5,000. I decided it just wasn’t for me but again all my reasoning was picked to bits and he wouldn’t let me go easily
    I eventually managed to get this one guy off the phone and withdrew my money.
    This then led to FOUR more calls from another consultant. “We’re just about to process you money, can I just find out what your concerns are?” trying to get me to go through the whole process again.
    Again constantly trying to pick your reservations apart and turn the situation around and get you back on board. Not prepared to take no for an answer. Second call I refused to discuss it and made it clear I wasn’t interested and hung up.
    I did get my money back and then more calls “just to make sure I’ve got my money” and again asking why I’m not interested? Why did I register? Again I refused to discuss further made it clear my position and hung up.
    Yesterday yet another call. I made it quite clear I wasn’t interested and that didn’t want any more phone calls. I asked him to acknowledge my request for no more calls which he did and again instantly he’s asking why and what my concerns are. Constant high pressure sales. Will not take no for an answer. I hung up.
    I then get another call again today “just to check I’ve got my money Blah Blah Blah”. I’m a polite guy by nature but was not polite in this call but still he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Why had I registered? What are the problem
    This is the most high pressure sales I have every come across and I would not recommend anyone go near this at all

  40. You will be scammed by emarketstrade

    Do NOT make the same mistake I did by trusting them with your money. You WILL lose it all.

  41. Really are Scammers...

    SCAMMERS ..Ripped me off for $9000

    Trust emarketstrade at your peril………..you will lose

  42. Really are a SCAMMER company they just ripped me off for $9000

    I was nieve trusting Adam Chase who guided me and told me what trades to buy through any desk,
    IF YOU WANT LOSE MONEY ,better just throw it out your car window…

    Beware do Not trust this company……….Beware !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you will lose

    they constantly pressure you to invest/trade constant calls .

  43. https://www.emarketstrade.com

    Scam. All companies born in Limassol Cyprus or Sophia, Bulgaria is for snitch money’s. Companies have answer: This countrys have privileges to TAX. Coming big moneys in all world and after traders played and go deep in offshore to different place.

  44. Can not get my money back

    I invested some money with “eMarketsTrade” I now want to withdraw my money and have now waited 16 days and the only answer i get is delays happen, would defiantly recommend avoiding this rip off company. Seem only interested in how much you can invest but not willing to pay back !!

  45. eMarketsTrade SCAM

    I have the exact same situation with this company. Started dealing with them in December 2017 of last year and they only ask for more and more money …

    The amount of successful trades on your account is minimal (Actually, the successful trades is not worth mentioning because the money lost far overshadows any trade closing in “profit”).

    Your broker keeps on asking for more money so as to be able to move your account to a “department” with more benefits and the “promise” of higher profits. This never happens!

    They will open trades motivated by web sites flashed in-front of you describing how the market is moving in the direction of the opened trade, and then the market does exactly the reverse resulting in the loss of your money, and guess what? Yes, they want more money so your account does not go into a “Margin Call” and you loose your money including the so called bonuses!

    This unfortunate circle continues with you hoping to get your money out of the account, and this never happens!

    Stay away from this company! They are shameless scam artist and liars devoid of any truth and to my great shame I was caught in this scam.

    Please do not loose your money as I did!

  46. Wouldn't recommend any new trader to trade using emarketrade

    For me this broker is totally a reap off more especially if you are still new on trading, they don’t even follow the original amounts of stocks, they sell their stock at higher value and in terms of profit that’s another issue, when you compare the graphs with the profits you make you’d be shocked.

    Then you get their staff asking for more money when they actually have to help you with their platform.
    Not much is even explained to you.

    I’m not happy with the experience I have with them

  47. eMarketsTrade

    I started with a small amount of €. Then the phone calls started “if you add this ? amount we will get you ? amount” witch I did and then they asked for more and more. they even asked to look in my bank account and then said you can afford to add ?. then all they gave me was bad information and lost the lot. Next I get a call from recovery asking if you add ? we will only place 12 percent to get your money back, so I did and the next day calls started for more money and to also look in my bank account,. this kept up for days until they believed I would put no more. They gave me advice and instead of 12 percent the lot was gone again at this time I was down high double figure thousands € and credit card max to pay. My advice to anyone thinking of investing in this company is don’t and don’t answer the phone as I had to threaten them with this to stop them asking for more money

  48. eMarket Trade, They are a SCAM

    eMarket Trade, They are a SCAM, Please don’t use them. I invested with them in October / November 2017. They kept calling me, “Put more money in so you can get a senior broker, to trade your account” Then they tell you “If you put in $2000.00 or so, they will give you a bonus of $1000.00 to help your account on” They will try this several times, making small trading profits along the way, Just to pull you in deeper, and get you to invest more. They will then invest your money into some crypto’s where you can only select to trade one full bitcoin or 30 X XRP (High quantity of trades), this uses up all your capital, then they will call you to invest more as your margin is running low. They made large trades when the markets were going down at the end of December, early January, These are the people who are supposed to know and study the crypto markets…..YOU WILL ALWAYS LOOSE. Close your loosing trades and think you can withdraw your funds, Think again…..you are tied in with the bonuses they gave you. They then tell you, you have to continue trading until you reach the bonus goals, This is impossible. You will have to keep trading, until you have nothing left. They won’t even release the last little $400 dollars left in your account because of the bonuses. PLEASE PEOPLE, DON’T INVEST WITH eMARKETS TRADE, Please warn anybody that wants to trade crypto’s.

  49. Very proffessional

    I seriously don’t understand why people wrote bad reviews..
    I’ve been trading with them for 2 months now and I can safely say that I’ve tested their compliance.. after I deposited 4k £ and withdrawn all of it.. yes it took 5 days until the money arrived but I got it all, I was also required to provide verification documents..
    I have deposited again 22k £ and managed to make very nice profit out of it..
    I am thanking my account manager who really goes with me on market reviews!
    Mark your the best!

  50. Never trade with this bullshit broker its a scam Mike Zoos working for this company i am telling he can still your whole investment promising you huge return

    Dear readers here i think if you not aware that emarketstrade is a scam believe me its a scam the one who calls himself Mike Zoos working for this company lied to me promising huge payouts after i deposited my money .he manipulated the system trading against me and when i ask him about everything happening on the account he said i am nothing to ask that he knows everything now i am helpless he closed everything my money is gone 25000 usd any help to get this man held responsible for this and his company

  51. Emarkets Scam

    Do not trade with emarkets. It is just like every binary options scam. They steal your money with unrealistic promises of profits and then you never can withdraw

  52. rude but mnade money here

    the account manager is rude but he made me a few thousand dollars and asked for more investment i just withdrew my funds last week they arrived but i decided to buy am iphone and now i quit trading.

    1. Rip off merchants you never get your money back lost over £50k with them n they still pestered for more money so called experts tell you what to buy n they tank n you loose your money always advise you not to put stop losses on they make when you loose con men tried to draw money out but wouldn’t let me keep away

  53. my ward is Do not go there.

    well… I do not know theyir scam method., but here is my experience. 1st they told its an sort of school to teach, so they donot want experienced people. they request 250 deposite to open account, and then they suggest (spent a several hourers to convince) to deposite 2,500~50,000$, and once yo deposite they will give you 10 % bonuce. but they ask YOUR PERMISION to use(borrow) 10% of YOUR deposit, they claim that they will guide you to earn 50-80% of your deposite. you are free do not deposite more than fisrt 250. moreover, you are allowed (this is what they tald, i can not say for sure) to get you all deposite even next day of your deposite. as a matter of fact I deposited 250, and after a few hours of conversation I start doubt and requested my 250 back. they try to convince me to stay. even tryed to same me for “not wanting earn mony” – remamber that they tald that this is teaching program and not many making, and the system is closed – me coin can be in/out. that means all peoples are beginers under their guid, and they all are promiced to earn… no way, one must lost… who? not clear…. whatever, as i requested my deposit back they as sort of documents… i had to provide these… (not really happy to do that), they returned my 250 back. currently although i got my 250 back, i do not have confidance that i will net be scrued if i go there….

  54. Definate SCAM

    Just look at their main address listed on their website. It is a small estate house in south London. They probably rent out a single room (office) there so they have an address to post. Any serious platform would have suitable premesis. Thats the first warning light! I had to threat legal action to get my money back…..god only knows how they deal with ‘customers’ who invest 6 figure sums!
    Stay well away is my recommendation. All they want to do is take you for a ride.

  55. emarketrades.com SCAM!!!!!!!!

    emarketrades.com is a scam website!!!!!!
    After you sign up, there will be a very friendly account manger to call you and make you to trust them then make a deposit minimum of 250$. After the deposit is done then the account manager will try to make you to sign a bonus form(you can get some bonus funds), if you sign that bonus form, you are a ”loser” already because you need to make turnover 30X the original deposit, before you make that much of turnover, you are not able to withdraw any funds in emarketades account.

  56. withdrawal was slow

    My withdrawal finally came after 9 days – withdrawal is slow


    After 3weeks still pending withdraw.
    They email me that its still processing and that their financial department is over-flooded by requests.

    Are their any other victims?
    And what steps to i need to take?


  58. Hard to Belive

    Hard to believe. Emarketstrade is there for ripping of people. They are not registrated, they don’t follow the real exchanges, but some kind off mathematical strings in witch they are in a quite market rather named to be good. But in a volatile market the spread is huge and impossible tot trade on. They even manipulate the market price by more then 20% on moments they suit themself.

    Also i got some portscans on my pc, wether on critical moments de internet through cable felt out. (it leaded to gmftrader.com!!)

    I cannot say annything of a withdrawel, yet not done.

    Basisline –> keep away from emarketstrade.com and use other platforms.

  59. mostly good experience

    I traded with them and they were not too bad for around 4 months and I didn’t have any issues but after reading the review above I got scared and put a withdrawal request of all my investment and they returned my funds which took 6 days and in the mean time i could have made around $2300 if i didn’t read this review.

    Troytoombs you obviously didn’t even go to the website and see the live chat or the email address and thanks to your bad information I lost out.

    so in the end I withdrew my investment when I didn’t even need to worry.. if i didn’t withdraw my funds i would have made $2300 from my trades!

    for emarketstrade it’s 4/5 for me.

    troytoombs you are a total idiot –