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I receive many promotional emails, and I rarely click on any of them. It takes me a lot to go through the entire mail.

However, I checked the one about Vital Reds, Total Restore, and Lactic Shield, which was very frustrating.

It talks about strengthening the inner balance of helpful microbes. I had read about it earlier and knew about the product.

A link a few days back claimed to be a short video. However, it took 1 hour to complete when I clicked on it.

Although it was not a little video, the information seemed interesting.

So, when I saw the offer email, I couldn’t resist myself and instantly clicked on the offer.

The offer said free delivery on all the US orders and no shipping charge, which seemed nice.

So, I wanted to give it a try.

I clicked on the link, and it took me to the page that asked me for my information.

So, I filled in all the details with payment information.

However, it was not getting through and asked me to select the shipping charge.

The cheapest plan was for $4.95.

This was a big turn off and I promptly called the customer service. They were rude and did not mention anything about the offer.

They told me that the offer has expired. But, they emailed me and I clicked the link right away. It also showed in the website.

So, how the offer was gone in just few minutes of typing my details. I asked them not to contact me again.

This is a fake company that make you think you can get a lot of benefits.

I think I was saved because later when I checked in detail about the reviews, I was stunned.

They have got few great comments in the starting of the review page.

But, when you will scroll down, you will find lots of people talking about their worst customer service.

Dr. Steven Gundry also advertised that the green and white tea do not have caffeine.

Do you think this is possible? On the contrary, they have caffeine in high amount.

People who have tried to give up on this vital red, have to go through a lot of problems.

They have reported about body ache and headache.

They have also mentioned the problems with their heart, which are related to caffeine addiction.

So, if you want to get rid of this thing, you need to do it gradually.

It categorizes Dr. Steven’shis shitty, vital red under other addictive products such as alcohol and drugs.

I would not advise anyone to go for it.

This product is not worth a penny. I had the worst experience with this company.

And if they continue to be like this, soon they will lose their customers for no good.

Dr. Steven is fooling customers though these worthless doses and all his claims have no ground.

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113 Complaints on Dr. Steven Gundry

  1. Dr Steven Gundry - website criminal

    Long, inescapable video that sounds really good if you’re sick and you need what he describes. But when you try to buy it you are moved through form after form after form, each of which are trying to sell you something else, another Dr Steven Gundry product,.. Trying to sell you more and more and more product. I am 64, but I can imagine if I were 80 years old, or even 74, that this could be a real problem for me and my banking account. Worst of all, the 3-month deal I ordered convinced me to convert to a monthly subscription but neglected to reduce the three product order down to one per month, and now I’m stuck with 3 months worth of product per month and no one to complain to or to fix it. Rip off! These people are not about healing, they’re about stealing. Dr Gundry talks a whole bunch of smack about the medical industry and then he turns right around and does what he complains about. What a thief. I want my money back. You can take your so-called medicine and shove it up your you know what. Money back guarantee? That would be nice except I went through your site and there’s no one to complain to. Cancel my order and return my money.

  2. Want to cancel previous orders

    I want to cancel previous orders. Watched the video for about an hour and a half before selecting products!! Was very confused and disappointed. I watched reviews and now are totally against the products and offers just got to be more and more wanting more money. I was led to be that the Bio 3 took care of my health issues,but found out you just wanted more and more money!!! Please cancel and refund all money.

    Thank you,
    Patty Spalding

  3. Dr. Gundry CBD Gummies

    Dr. Gundry, are you affiliated with the CBD Gummies from AnatomyOne?
    I purchased these gummies and was sent another name brand from Impact Garden. I believe this is a scam.
    Please respond.
    Thank you,

    Debra Hanel





  6. Stay away from Total Restore

    I’ve had two horrible experiences with Total Restore. Without going into a lot of details, I never got far from the bathroom after taking the recommended 3 capsules. The remaining capsules will be flushed down the toilet with what preceded them.

  7. Scam in trying to stop purchase

    They claim item was shipped by the post office but only a shipping label was created for UPS, not USPS.

  8. Scam....web site won't allow you to exit and places the order as you try to exit.

    Doesn’t allow you to exit, I didn’t order product but an order was submitted and delivered anyway. When I called they were very rude. They refused to allow me to return their product. But admitted that I had been signed up for automatic reorders and readily agreed to cancel them.

    1. They said that I placed an order an I did not they charged me close to 1000.00 dollars when I called the girl was very nasty every time I tried to something the girl kept saying you ordered it l could not get any help this. Is a very bad scam they be shut down

  9. Cutting Lectins from my Diet completely reversed my Psoriasis and Psoriatic Arthritis. Period. I had Inflammatory Problems for 25 Years. I self diagnosed my Inflammation and Food Allergies with cutting out certain Foods and pursuing diverse Diets for Decades, until I stumbled upon Dr Gundry. His free Advice truly changed my Life. It completely reversed the Arthritis that I suffered from for years. I say it again, it completely cured my Arthritis. And I did not buy any of his Products, he simply puts all his Info out there for free. So I really don’t understand the Anger against Gundry, stemming from this Article. It might not be for everyone, but cutting Lectins from our Diet did changed thousands of Peoples lives. Thanks not just to Dr Gundry, but all who truly are trying to help.

  10. The Real Truth

    See, the thing is, Steven Gundry is a real doctor with a credible source and background, but the steven gundry you guys are seeing is a fake, a scammer, not actually Steven Gundry, but rather, a person trying to trick people into thinking that it is really him. This guy is giving Steven Gundry bad credibility and ruining his career. Thank you.

  11. Another Fad Diet

    None of Dr. Gundry’s theories are supported by science or peer reviewed studies. Don’t expect them to work. He has already scammed the public for millions. Don’t add to his bounty.
    And speaking of adds, his adds for his products on You Tube are relentless.
    Just try blocking him (and his adds).
    He and You Tube should be sued.

  12. Beware Gundry Company Lied

    Beware Beware this company. I am currently working on taking them to court. I dont care how much money I need to spend for this. My father bought vitamins from Gundry , they did not help him one bit so he tried to return the last few new bottles he had left. They wouldn’t accept do to 60 day passed money back. So I offered to sell them for him on my Ebay store. Gundry opened a Vero case against my entire store claiming Counterfeit item, resulting in 3 day suspension. Emailed Tracy & Support as told by Ebay so they could retract their claim, but of course she won’t reply to my emails. Of course I deleted the 3 identical listings I had for the 3 new sealed vitamins with proof of purchase. Go figure 4 weeks later they do it again and now my store is shut down 7 days ! One more strike and I’m banned forever from Ebay. May i remind you this is my family’s only income. I am so upset that they are continuing to sue my store over the same listing twice when I’ve already deleted them. This has to stop. This is hurting my family and Gundry has taken this too far. I email Tracy every day and still no response. So I hired a lawyer and will take them to court and sue for the $ I’ve lost by having store closed and false claims. Please everyone stay away from this company. They don’t care about you, your health or even let you own rights to the vitamins you have bought and payed.

  13. Realy a 32 minute long add on you tube ?

    Put on some fleetwood mac on you tube to take a shower with and wash my hair. An add comes on and I say to myself it will be over in a few minutes ! Oh No the entire shower I gotta listen to this crap ! I look and see if I had listened to the whole thing it was 32 minutes long ! Thats insane. You need 32 minutes on you tube to destroy someones music you are desperate ! I will make sure if anybody brings it up to tell them to never buy this garbage ! It is called energizedover40.


    Don’t buy any GUNDRY PRODUCTS unless you plan on keeping them…I purchased the Proplant powder and the olive oil…the Proplant tasted terrible…they use Stevia as a sweetener and it’s very overpowering…and the olive oil is disgusting…it tastes like your actually eating the leaves of the plant…it’s very overpowering even when used with garlic or vinegar…these products ARE NOT CHEAP…I decided to return them both for a refund but what they neglect to tell you (unless you read the fine print) is that YOU THE CUSTOMER MUST PAY TO SHIP THE ITEMS BACK…or they offer you 40% refund for you to keep the products…well I certainly did not want to keep them as I would never use any of it so I opted to ship the items back…it cost me $45 using USPS…so now I’m out the taxes I paid and the shipping!!! REMEMBER FOLKS THIS GUY IS A BILLIONAIRE…AND THINKS NOTHING OF CHARGING THE CUSTOMER TO SHIP HIS OVERATED PRODUCTS BACK TO CALIFORNIA…do not make the same mistake I did…the products are DEFINITELY NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!!

  15. Yes it looks and sound the same talk and promiss like the same Mirical diabbete tipe 2 capsuls lso many online in desperation i wanted to trae few. ike the ceracare. i oder 9 botle they only send 3 botle i trae the Goclo shield pro .if this ceracare also do not work. to proove to myself how true scam they are and if are the same compann’s with different scam different names.WAITING IF CERACARE WILL SENT ME THE OTHER 6 BOTLES I PAYED FOR. FROM AUSTRALIA. ONLY SENT ME 3 BOTLE OUT OF 9. BOTLES I PAYED? IM NOT SURE YET WATING TO SEE IF THE OTHER 6 BOTLES WILL BE SENT. BUT I WILL SOON BE SURE HOW SCAMS ARE. THEY ALL START WITH THIS GREAT SPECIAL OF $49.A BOTLE THEN AS YOU PUT THE ODER THEY PROMISS TO MAKE A BETTER SPECIAL IF YOU ODER MORE BOTLES. WICH IS WHAT I DONE OTHER ONOTHER 3 BOTLES. THE LATEST HAVE ARRIVED. BUT NOT THE 6 BOTLES I HAD ODERED. I WILL GIVE A LITLE MOORE TIMES TO SEE THE OUTCOME OF ALL OF THIS.Forgive my incorect spelling its not my mother language.im not Austalian.

  16. Useless overpriced Suppment and lying employee to prevent competition

    We purchased GundryMD’s Dietary Supplement that are absolutely overpriced and useless drugs. There is no correction between their claimed benefits and ingredients. They use fancy bottles and charge huge price tag. I listed on ebay to recover some of extravagant spending on this useless drugs. The next day, tracy.martell @ gundrymd.com lied to ebay as if my two bottles of their supplement are “counterfeits” and “illegal”. How do they know? Of course, they cannot answer because they were lying. They also claim it is ILLEGAL to resell. Who does she think she is? It is ILLEGAL because she thinks so?
    Only thing illegal is she lied to ebay, third party, that their two bottles that I sell are “counterfeits” and “illegal”.
    What a douche bag company that sells absolutely useless bottles of supplement and blatantly lie in order to stop competition?

  17. A Repost of a Review by "KA", New Zealand

    This is a repost of a somewhat neutral review, if not of Dr. Gundry’s products then it’s a concise assessment of his business practices.

    If Dr Gundry’s products did work, if the research was as authentic as suggested, and if he was really only doing this because he wants to help sufferers of the “leaky gut syndrome” (a condition for which the evidence remains doubtful in most medical journals), then we would expect his 7 figure income from his clinical practice would allow Dr Gundry to be more philanthropic! Rather, he resorts to using well known scamming tactics to sell his products, such as “buy 4 bottles and save even more money”, etc. The obviously very high number of disgruntled unsatisfied customers in terms of customer service would suggest he is using insincere tactics. If a chicken looks like a chicken, walks like a chicken, chances are it IS a chicken!!! I repeat, if this product was truly so remarkable, sales gimmickry would be unnecessary!

  18. Since knowing about Dr. Gundry and his Plant Paradox diet, and the manner it is advertised, by conditioning potential customers with his long-winded and the use of repetitive “hypnotic” words (which is an old marketting trick) I have decided to not buy anything coming from his part of the world because many others use the same method. It is trickery in my view.

  19. Interesting! I have also received a mail in the spam folder, saying that kale is a dangerous vegetable, thanks for the info about the scammer

    I agree with him, don’t go trusting some random doctors and look at the intervener to analyze things first.

  20. Here's the thing....

    So no one finds it odd that the man who claims the vegetables we eat are bad for us….has the magic pill we can take instead of eating the nasty tomatoes?

    Before you buy and worse yet, start injesting this unregulated cocktail of whatever rubbish goes into it…READ THE REVIEWS BY OTHER DOCTORS! They are far from good!

    And here’s a tip from an “uneducated” man…if you want to lose weight, eat less calories than you take in and get off you backside! I decided for 1 month to walk 45 minutes 5 times a week on a treadmill and take in no more that 1500 callories a day….what do you know, I was losing 6 pounds a week.

    Stop looking for the lazy solution, it doesn’t exist.

    1. People are gullible.

      Anyone ever heard of YOGURT?
      It is very affordable and effective.
      There’s your probiotics.

  21. It is what he says it is and it worked for me but it is too expensive.

    I’ve used the Energy Renew Muscle Recovery and Cardiovascular Health Support Supplement and have ordered it twice. It does boost energy and the ingredients are all from berries like he claims. It is a one of a kind product and it seems like it is expensive to produce considering it is mostly made from unusual berries.
    I would love to continue using it but it is so expensive that I couldn’t afford to reorder it.


    i have been messaging them countless times to state that i have not received the product and all they do is give me some bullshit tracking number that tells me nothing. They’ve already charged me for it and now i am trying to get a refund but i think i will never get my money back.

    Please be advise between think quack doctor and he’s leaky gut remedy i think having a leaky gut is far better than dealing with these monkeys.

    Don’t get conned . Save your money and most of all your sanity. Don’t deal with them

  23. Deceptive order practice

    Company sends products deceitfully.

  24. Keto pills were like taking placebo pills. Gundry is a scam man. Beware!

    keto pills didn’t work. If you order, then he puts you on auto shipments every cycle and hard to stop them. I had to get my credit card company involved to stop the madness. Stay away from Gundrys fraudulent schemes.

  25. Discounted prices offered from on-line ads

    I have found that the offered discounts are only good if you respond while you have that ad opened. As soon as you leave the page to double check if your really getting a discount, you loose the opportunity to use that ad discount. If you call directly to get an order and tell them you just had an ad open with a discount, the operator will tell you that she doesn’t get the promotion, you can only get it directly from the ad. The ads are point of sale. You have one chance to get the discount the first time you open the ad. So you need to beleive the ad is genuine. They are! But you can still order it on the advertised price and then compare to other ads, then call the company within a few minutes to cancel your order. Tell them you are calling your credit company to stop payment before the item is shipped. YOU MUST KNOW THAT THESE ARE AUTO ORDERED THRU A DIFFERENT SYSTEM THAT THE OPERATOR YOU ARE CALLING.

  26. Paid between $125 and $160 for this skin cream which does nothing and constant e-mails about other useless products which upon checking reviews are obviously scams.

  27. Dr Gundry is Awsome!

    I buy the products that I believe will be helpful for my particular issues, such as bloating, indigestion and irregular bowel movements. I also have changed much of my diet. So along with Dr. Gundry’s digestive supplements I have experienced all the benefits that he has advertised in his YouTube videos and on his website. It is important to read the ingredients before buying. As I can not tolerate too many vitamins, for example, or too many probiotics in any given day. I recommend reading the book “The Plant Paradox” and giving the dietary recommendations in the book a fair shot. No guarantees it will work for you but it worked for me and I can get enough of his products. Love it!

  28. Dr Gundry saved my life

    I don’t use his products, but the information on his podcasts and his lectin free diet have saved my life. I had bad digestive problems all of my life and after a catastrophically bad colon cancer surgery in 2017, I was told that there was nothing I could do about the severely chronic IBS-D I was left with. No medication given to me by my “health” care provider worked. None of their lame diet suggestions worked. 5 days after going on Dr. Gundry’s Lectin Free diet, I was cured! This was last October. I am now, 4 months later, 21 pounds lighter and off all my meds. I just turned 60 years old and don’t feel a day over 30. Nothing hurts any more. This man saved my life. I was ready to kill myself, but now I have 30 more healthy years to look forward to. My husband is on the diet too and although he didn’t have major symptoms, he feels like a new man – if you know what I mean!

  29. If I could put a red "Danger" sign on my review I would

    I have a dear friend who took these products. The levels of caffeine in them and God knows what unknown ingredients have ruined my friend’s life. I wish we could get a class action suit going against this “doctor”. He gave up his practice so he wasn’t held under the “DO NO HARM” promise that a real MD is supposed to practice. His products not only cause real harm but to add insult to injury you can’t get his company to stop charging for products you were supposed to be able to return “guaranteed”. For those of you who paid and never received your products be grateful. You could be very sick by now if you had received them. Gundry cares about one thing and it’s not your health and well being.

  30. Sad to see bad reviews on dr Grundy

    So, I’m Paul Caballero a real person, I’m 30 years old now, I started to see dr Grundy when I was 29, my issues were I couldn’t consume anything not even water, for years I wasn’t sure what to eat cause I would vomit water and random food, been to many other doctors and they would all say I was normal, but still couldn’t explain my vomiting at all, then my mother told me about him cause my mothers was getting old and having some issues herself, and trust me I was not believing my mother I mean like no other doctor was able to tell me what’s going on with me, I even tried the internet to search for answers, well it scared me, made me think I might of had some type of disease or cancer, well I didn’t thankfully, now it’s been a whole year without vomiting, even lost weight that I thought I was gaining cause of me aging, and when I look for his reviews I was confused on how this claims are bad, then I realized that maybe some people weren’t following instructions, meaning stop eating bad, some people don’t realized just cause you take the pills it should solve the problem and no it does work like that at all, I’m glad some people are defending this doctor, cause sadly I wish more like him existed, this doctor has help me and my family, changed my life, like have you ever felt hopeless cause I have, and that’s that I have amazing health insurance, like the best you can get, and if you ask me that’s the real scam, I went to my primary doctor and ask him why didn’t he advice me to take all the things dr Grundy told me to take, not just these pills, other supplements too, I had low t level, losing hair, gained weight even while vomiting i DONT know how I was gaining but I was, so I was mad at my doctor, told him what did I need him for, and yeah I was mean but I dealt with this issue I had for 6 years and no answer, if you really want answers see the doctor yourself, you might need something else you are not aware of.

  31. Great thoughts thanks!

    5 stars deserved lived the thoughts

  32. When talking about poundage,it’s spelled WEIGHT. You’re welcome.

  33. I hate the way in which his incessant drone of a commercial invades my web browsing experience and won’t go away. I have to shut him off!

  34. Miracle!

    I couldn’t believe the change. After switching my diet to tree leaves and sweet potatoes, I can now swing through the jungle like Tarzan, speak to apes in their own gutteral language, and have established telepathic contact with my gut bacteria. Btw the world conspiracy is run by the global gut flora syndicate. True story. ????

  35. Don't

    I almost fell for it. The long and repetitive video almost convinced me. The products, the prices and “confirmed” results made me take another look at his creative logic, but there’s no way this works. Taking supplements never does! People are desperate for quick results and this retired doctor plays into it to supplement his own bank account.

    If people would exercise everyday by walking 3 miles a day, everyday, and eat small portions their weight problems will subside.

    I had my credit card ready for purchase, but logic and common sense kicked in and I put it away. Don’t fall for this scam and keep your money. Go for a daily walk instead and don’t over eat. Every night stop eating after 9pm and you WILL feel a change in your gut. That plus walking every single day for 3 miles will change your mind and body without spending on ridiculous supplements that only makes this doc rich.

    1. I lost my job because of that piece of u no what scammer.

  36. Tried bio coplete 3

    I am so sick from this product. Hopefully it will subside as I will not take another capsule. I got so jammed up with fiber that when I went to an immediate care center they showed me I was loaded with fiber, a fiber overdose he called it. I had to buy an enema bag with castile soap to clean myself out. Gross!! When I feel better I will try to get my money back. I’m pissed that I ordered his book which will go in the garbage as soon as I get it. I don’t eat junk food at all. I love nuts, fruit ,some veggies, among other things. I will go back to the probiotic I was on for 7 years, and never buy a sucker line again!!! Randy.

  37. Dr. Steven Gundry’s astounding claims are NOT peer reviewed science. BEWARE!

  38. Good products, business scam!!!!!

    On 3-9-2020 ordered 3 containers of Proplant Complete shake. Each container has 20 servings for a total of 60 servings which to most people equates to 60 days.

    On 4-8-2020 was fraudulently charged for another 3 containers of Proplant Complete shake. Never ordered this.

    I should have taken the time to read Dr. Gundry’s reviews before ordering. After reading his reviews…. good and bad…. mostly bad… have concluded that his products are of good quality but his business practices are terrible… scamming people, charging people for reorders that they never ordered…. giving every excuse in the book as to why they were charged fraudulently. Noticed there was a boiler plate response to the many people from all over the world who complained but were given the run around from his customer service.

    To those of you who defend his products you are correct… however those who defend his products do so in the context of his terrible business practices.

    Gundry MD is a scam to get your money fraudulently… his products are for real no question… and because many who defend him do so because his products are for real…however they neglect to see the terrible customer service and terrible business practices of Gundry MD.

    For a doctor with such a stellar track record as a world class respected heart surgeon for many, many years to have to resort to scam business practices speaks volumes as to who he is…. nothing more than a common thief. So sad.

    Please do not order products from this thief. You will regret it when you get stunned by orders from Gundry MD that you never ordered and charges made to your credit card that you did not make or anticipated to be charged.
    i did. Save yourself the heartache, headache and aggrevation. Order your products from a reputable company with good customer service that operates with integrity.

  39. Too many bad reviews. I will not accept delivery. His tutorials are very impressive and I desperately needed help. All of his videos convinced me that he actually was what he claimed and he seemed very sincere.. it scares me silly that a man of his caliber could be allowed to swindle people like this. I only hope I can get my money back. I had no idea I had spent so much. I do not believe that I did, but instead believe they just had their way with me and ran up my charge. I am an elderly woman who should not trust so easily I guess

  40. I truthfully cannot leave a review, but am very suspect since reading other reviews. I can only say that I did place an order for some items, never expecting to spend so much. When I checked my account I was shocked to find the expenditure that I did.
    Seems that I spent $500 even which I truly

  41. trying to cancel my subscription .

    I have called several times and all I get is 30 to 45 mins,on hold.

  42. scam

    tried to order 3 times all times said cc declined was charged all three times

  43. Mr. Gundry is a internet scammer

    fell for the video bit. watched video and at the end you have to pay to find out how to get “this one vegetable” out of your diet!! really, I have to pay to learn how to make my health better. This guy is no doctor, nothing more than a scam artist. Gundry hasnt made enough money as a doctor, so he turns to the internet to fleece people? his info scams should be shut down!!

  44. Boring Videos

    His videos are all very long and boring. No one needs to hear his story over and over and over. Every video goes into too much detail about him personally and then if you want to listen to a different video, you have to listen to the long and drawn out spiel about him all over again. Why can’t they add an option to read it as well, so that you can scroll past all the boring bs.

  45. My brother lives in America and I live in Ireland. Last year he very kindly sent me vital reds and I love to sprinkle it on my cereal in the morning. I have absolutely no complaints about the product and I love the flavour. Good health is important to everyone but if you have Diabetes it is even more important. Here’s to a healthy life.

  46. Run don't walk

    I would urge people to avoid his product and particularly sharing your email on his website. I made the mistake of buying his OBSCENELY OVERPRICED protein shake (nearly $60 for a container that, using their serving size, won’t even last a month – over $720 a year to subscribe). My biggest complaint, they sold my email to anyone that would pay, insuring daily junk mail solicitations I’ve had to unsubscribe to and delete… a sleazy practice. Not to mention that just trying to check out requires you to click through half a dozen more solicitations to buy more of his products before you can place your order… more sleaze. Maintaining the integrity of an aggressive infomercial should have been the red flag to run. Please don’t make the same mistake.

  47. Koolade

    I bought three bottles of energy renew I have been in business for over 30 years matter of fact my business we refer ourselves as trusted service for over 30 years and I just got called by this company and told them that this product is pure sugar and he agreed and wanted to give me my money back but first what I be interested in another product worth over $400 at a discount to me I told him that this is not my first rodeo and And as one of JW I am ashamed to have bought this product but I would be happy for you to give me back my money he hung up on me my honest opinion is to stay away from this company it only has one GOAL in life get rich and greed Thanks Roland

  48. Originally, I did not like going through the whole presentation and the offers to buy more that kept coming when you actually ordered it. However, because of a medical condition I have, and my girlfriend has Crones, I thought I would get three bottles for each of us to try. After 2 weeks we both had incredible positive changes in our “bowel” health. We are both so thankful. We have not had to use their customer service, so I cannot comment on any of that stuff. His dietary recommendations were actually “on spot” as well.
    We are happy customers!

  49. Watched the “Short Video” that lasted about an hour with repetitive information. I was still interested, got to the checkout page and entered my information. It stopped the process 4 times to try to get me to add another bottle or similar products from Gundry at “special prices”. I was highly annoyed at this point and started to feel like this was a scam when it prompted me to buy more supplements for the FIFTH TIME. I backed out of the website. Later that night realized my card had been charged anyway, even though I NEVER ACTUALLY REACHED THE CONFIRMATION PAGE. I have emailed to ask for a refund. Have not received a response yet..

  50. Scam

    Wish I read these reviews before I fell for this scam. Brought a product on line. Received the same product again a month later. They claim that I sighted up for automatic monthly product shipments. I did not sign up for any automatic shipments. Customer service said they will cancel my subscription. – which I never signed up for. However, I am responsible for returning this freakin product.

  51. Peter and Brian the MORONS

    Poor English doesn’t mean poor ideas.

  52. Life Savior

    I know I’m going to sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not, to me this diet and the Total Restore supplement have been like a miracle, all my blood tests are comming back normal, I have more energy, and the flares from my autoimmune conditions are gone. I have been miserable for more than 25 years with Fibromyalgia , Pseudolupus, Rhynaud’s, Arthritis,Vasculitis and of course, Depression and Anxiety. I was bedridden, but my life completely changed when my daughter bought dr Gundry’s book. This was an answer to my prayers. To me is worth the money, even my doctors are surprised how I’m getting better and better each day! In my family everybody are following this diet and all of them are very exited because they see the results on me! To me it is a 5 stars!

    1. BioCOmplete-Amazzzing PRODUCT & DOCTOR--THIS site is the scam lol!!!

      Wowww– this site is soo obiously a big-pharma FAKE Website lol!!! Half these revews say nothing but *great things, then it STILL shows 1 star. ?? HAH! wow. Btw- this is on Amazon as well, if u r so worried abt auto-renews, get it there. And*– with buying Direct w. Dr. Gundry , u can cancel any time, they are excellent customer svc.! –It’s sickening what is happening in the world right now — anything & everything that can HELP without a HUGE DRUG price-tag on it is being targeted and WRONGly discredited! DO NOT BE fooled by big pharma. grrrrrr

  53. SO glad I prayed 1st! 100s of BBB reports

    The list of complaints & people conned in2 multiple purchases w/o consent is endless.

    Sick people are desperate, &this guy has balls going after them in such a ruthless, underhanded manner.

    Goes to show, praying 2 show, praying 1st (& LISTENING) can save u alot of heartache, time, $, frustration, & potentially dealing with venomous predators.
    Wish I did that before going on Facebook! !!

  54. Refund

    DO NOT BUY Bio Complete 3 or have any dealings with Dr. Steven Gundry it’s a scam.
    I am trying to get the so-called 100% money-back Guaranty !!
    There is no place on their web site where you can get your Guaranty.
    You can call the 800 # and with the same answer every time. (DUE TO THE HIGH VOLUME OF CALLS WE ARE UNABLE TO TAKE YOUR CALL. PLEASE CALL BACK LATER.

  55. Sells vegetable and fruit peelings for the price of gold! read the ingredient label

    Nothing magical here, just a bunch of sick people looking for a miracle, And Gundry is ready to provide, Carrot, Apple peel, grape skin, etc sounds like what I put in the trash every week, but people are willing to pay 69.95 for 5 oz of this garbage, Oh yes it has the (magical acai fruit extract ooohhh) and lemon, lime, orange, peach, pear, and plum : ad nauseum

  56. Vital Reds. I was very excited about it, ordering it straight away. But to my shock when I got to the little square saying Stop it didn’t work when I pushed it so I was unable to buy the 6 bottles of Vital Red.
    It’s very disappointing and I’m extremely sad that this should happen. What can I do now, they have got my Email address so you would think they would get in touch with me. I’ll be 80 this year and I was looking so much forward to getting the Vital reds

  57. Order olive oil - double chargef

    Do not do business with them.
    It is the second time they changed double for my orders, watch they keep repeating it to your credit.

  58. Spot diminishes does nothing of course he would use his wife as a patient!

    Do not buy this product, does nothing

  59. I sent Gundry over $50, I started to wait for the bottle that he promised and a few weeks later he sent me back my money except for $5 and some change. He is big crook!! The government needs to stop this con artist. He’s probably not a real doctor.

  60. Come ons. Click bait. A waste of time.

    I have finally learned that clicking on a link that will end up making you happy, healthy, rich, or famous is stupid. You don’t know at the beginning that it will lead you to a lengthy, boring, full-of-lies video that is meant to fool us and then ends with a product you have to purchase. Gullible, trusting people are exciting about what they are about to learn ~ but it’s always the same. They want your money. If I cared enough to search for information on the ‘doctor’ in the video, I’m sure I would find that he is not who he claims to be, and he doesn’t even exist. Booooo.

  61. Fake bad reporting!!!

    My 90 year old parents, two sisters 50 & 60, my wife 78, and myself 65 have all practice Dr. Gundry eating protocols and the results are almost amazing. My 90 year old dad when from one foot in the grave to performing like he is 60 and all in 6 months and off all his meds. Mom’s dementia has improved significantly, my sister is looking like she did when she was a teenager and is a nurse practitioner and is a great advocate of Dr Gundry and has encouraged all the physicians she works with to follow his advice. I personally am loosing weight and looking and feeling great! My wife swears by his vital reds and I love his lectin product which eliminated much of my bloating problem. His prices for his supplements are in par with most quality products on the market. He is the real deal! Read all the contrary reports, put you have no basis for your negative conclusions.

  62. It doesn't take a genius to see this guy's a fraud. I listened to the entire video while working on other, more important things at my desk and knew exactly where he was going with his "Report." The poor people who get bitten by scams like this are not experienced in the ways these charlatans advertise. And 99% of these cons follow the very same pattern, they all use the same template. Once you know what to look for, they give themselves away in the first 15 seconds. These parasitic vultures are all over the Internet. They are Masters of Deception and cover their tracks quite well. In the very beginning of the video, when they tell you to turn on your speakers, that's the first telltale sign. Then, when you realize he isn't just giving you information, he's setting you up for the "proprietary blend", the cure-all that only he has invented. As soon as he mentioned Dr. Oz, that's another red flag. Dr. Oz is also a scam artist. But, since he's promoted by Oprah "Windbag" Winfrey, another "revered billionaire con job, and "Dr. Phil," who has more mental problems than his patients, the Sheeple will fall into lockstep with the herd mentality which dictates that you do no research yourself because "If they're on Oprah, they're good enough for me." That lazy type of non-thinking will always separate the fool from his money. And The Beat Goes On.

    Don’t click on any of the ads you see in the sidebars of web pages. They’re ALL scams, designed to separate you from your money, or should I say from your soon-to-be worth-nothing fiat currency when hyperinflation hits. And it’s a-gonna hit…real soon. And it’s a-gonna hurt…real bad. Instead of spending your last remnants of our dying dollar on worthless crap from cockroaches like “Dr. Gundry”, go spend it on the few remaining assets which always hold their value when a country’s debt-based economy goes belly up and the banks close, ATMs don’t have any more money in them, the food stamp cards don’t work, and even if they did there’s no more food on the supermarket shelves and people lose everything, including access to food and clean water because the trucks stopped delivering. Then the riots and violence erupts on the streets and gangs emerge from their hiding places and fill the streets and neighborhoods, stealing, looting, shooting, murdering and raping at will. They exist in huge numbers in every single city. They’re like cockroaches and take control of a city within days. They and the Military possess the highest percentage of guns, so they take what they need from you. Martial Law is declared and the Military take control over…everything. Look to Venezuela and before them, Zimbabwe. But, I digress. Go buy what you’ll need to survive the imminent crash and that is gold, silver, guns and ammo. Learn how to grow your own food and stock up on water and antibiotics. Buy cigarettes, alcohol and first aid supplies for bartering. And install the best home security system with iron bars on windows and doors or you and your family WILL die.That’s my best advice. Cheerio.

  63. They don’t really refund your money on products you don’t like

    I have tried to return a couple of products that I didn’t like and did not seem to work if Gundry’s. They try to get you to keep the product and when you won’t agree they make you send it back at your cost. Today I tried to return a box of tri trim and they wouldn’t take it back at all due to being past the 90 day return. Well I bought 3 in an offer and by the time I got to the third one it was past the 90 days and I can tell you it does not work. They should take their product back if they really stand behind it. It is expensive and a scam.


    Don’t know what the reviewer who claims there is apparently caffeine hiding in this product is basing this statement on. Part of the fruit extracts or naturally occurring in the other ingredients? My wife and I have been able to reduce caffeine use with this product. Does the reader who claims to have gotten withdrawal symptoms after stopping use of the product have any data to back this up? Just trying to get at the truth. The product is not a panacea but it seems to help. I have an integrative cardiologist who thinks the polyphyenols are certainly not hurting patients and generally are a good thing. Everyone has a bit of a different take on Dr. Gundry’s products and Lectin theory, which may apply to some parts of the populace. Large organizations often have trouble with their customer service staff and apparently this one is no different from many others.

    1. Not a TOTAL SCAM if you just read the ordering summary

      I read the entire disclosure before I clicked on the auto ship order. So if I order 3 jars of VITAL REDS, I know that every 30 days I will recieve 3 more jars of VITAL REDS. I continue to get my discounted price. If no one else is sharing your order, you are wasting the 3 bottles each month. Why not take advantage of the multi product discount. You could receive every month for 2 months then cancel the auto ship. When you run out of the 9 bottles you received, start again. Or do like I do, I order 6 or 12 at a time depending on the best price per jar. I get the best discount price, and I do not auto ship.

  65. Deceptive Marketing

    I just spent, or should I say wasted a good half hour listening to Dr Gundry’s presentation on Olive oil and not once did he indicate what the volume of the actual bottle is ?????
    This is deceptive marketing and illegal.
    Every product sold on line must show price and volume otherwise how do people know how much they are paying per ounce or per ml.

    Peter Sanderson



  67. Big Lie

    Not a product anyone should get. Causes inflammation in your gut, diarrhea and minimal improvement in energy. This is a scam. I really dont know who would quit there job as a cardiologist/surgeon to sell a vitamin anyway. Makes one think he could not hold that professional job for various reasons.

  68. Dr. Gundry's food plan works if you do it!

    I am a food coach, teacher and researcher. Dr. Gundry’s program works. My husband is reversing his heart disease. My health has improved beyond what I had ever expected. Both my husband and I follow the Plant Paradox food model and use his prebiotics mix, and Vital Reds and have seen amazing results. Customer service issues are no reason to bash Dr. Gundry and his great work. He is the real deal. I only hope that more doctors will have the courage to add nutritional components into their medical practices. Changing your food changes your life, not just taking his supplements and products.

  69. No Product and No refund till date

    I have ordered 3 bottes of Total Restore on 28th of Jul’19. There was a typo error in my address which I immediately wrote to the support team at [email protected] to get it rectified. However, to my utter dismay I was informed over mail that any kind of rectification is not possible at all and I would be refunded. But till date, despite several reminder, neither have I received my order nor my refund.
    And to top it all the support team has completely stopped responding to my mails.

  70. Dr Gundry Vital Reds are our family favorite addition to recovery drink and Pellegrino

    I like the Vital reds. The way I use the product is to add a tiny amount to my Pellegrino mineral water, and also to whey. The grassfed whey is what I use after workouts. The Vital Reds help it to mix better, while giving the recovery drink a faint reminder of berry flavor.

  71. What initially got my attention, was the picture of what looked like slices of a banana, in a clear liquid in a frying pan. The caption on the picture stated that if you try this…you will get a real gut cleansing….I clicked on, hoping to find what I saw…
    but having to watch the short video, which in essence was not short, but very long and boring, another misleading remark, and I still did not find the cure-all banana recipe…when I got to the point when Dr. “Wandery” Gundry brought up how to order his famous gut pills for $69.00 or so, I would call this MISLEADING
    ADVERTISING…to put it mildly…Another scam artist…MR. “WANDERY GUNDRY” This should be reported to the Federal Non-Compliance Agency…which I plan to do!
    John Purdie.

    1. Should hang that quack upside down and gut him.

  72. Felt no difference

    I used Vital Reds.
    Felt NO DIFFERENCE at all.

  73. Fraud! Beware!

    His powder is awful to drink and is of no value as it did does not deliver on results.

  74. I find Dr. Gundry's diet "hard to swallow"

    I’ve read Dr. Gundry’s Plant Paradox and even the cookbook written as its companion. I find it hard to believe Dr. Gundry’s claims first and foremost because he says he worked at Loma Linda University and everything he says completely discredits the Adventist Diet–which Loma Linda promotes because its an Adventist Hospital. How does he explain that Seventh-day Adventists in the area are among the healthiest, longest lived and least over weight people in the world when their diet is proven to be affective a hundred years after Ellen White wrote about it and their diet is the exact opposite of the diet Dr. Gundry claims is superior in the fight against obesity and a host of illness including heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer? He claims to be peer reviewed and tested. I’d like to see the research used on the tests and peers who’ve reviewed it and what large food companies are funding them. The meat and dairy industry fund a lot of this so-called food research and I strongly suspect Dr. Gundry is one of those who is being funded by them.

  75. service sucks

    Ordered proplant well on special, recived total restore. Contacted customer service and they told me to return it. But I got stuck with the return shipping and the taxes I paid. Well I had them on the line , I asked about my auto ship which customer service had talked me into. Guess what, no auto-ship.Seems they have problems in their office somewhere. Not very pleased. One lose customer.

  76. Unauthorized charges

    Went to purchase 1 bottle to try the supplement, I could not proceed without purchasing additional bottles so I left the site. Then I was charged for not only the 1 bottle but additional offer which I did not authorize. When I emailed them of the issue less than 24 hours later, they said it’s too late they could not refund my money. I did not order additional bottles but they charged me for them anyway. This must be a scam if they are treating people this way. Beware. Don’t bother.

  77. Dr Gundry Presentations (OVERWHELMING)

    Although Dr. Gundry’s presentations are very well organized and convincing, they are very overwhelming and he just does not get to the point. You do not want to sit here and watch a never ending video of your projects and services. Just get to the bottom line .

  78. He's the real Deal!! His products are excellent!!

    I have excellent health and was looking to increase my energy – as I am a long distance hiker & backpacker. I have been taking 2 servings of Vital Reds for over a year & feel amazing! I follow the principles of his diet guidelines even though I can eat anything & have no digestive issues. He is well researched, educated and his products are excellent.

    Gundry has spent his life helping people. Pure ingredients cost money to make & his company is still small. My heart aches for number of illiterate reviews on this site. His medical inventions have saved thousands of lives & clinical trials speak for themselves.


    this has saved my LIFE , with having HYPO. THyroism ,,,i could not lose a pound ,,, my weight was over 210pds im 5’10, & had a lot of food allergies , allways tired , Know i have energy , i weigh 179 & ive gone from size 20 in jeans to size 10 as of TODAY …. so this Dr. Man .& wise gentle heart surgeon , cares about you ….but you have to care more about yourself ,,,,wake up ,,,, STOP being STUPID a lot of foods are killing your body

    1. Best Customer Service EVER

      In November, 2018, I ordered SIX jars of Gundry MD Energy Renew. When I received it, I opened the first jar, added a scoop to 8 oz of water and tried it. It was SO sweet I couldn’t choke it down. I find I often react that way with products sweetened with Stevia, so I set it back and thought, well, I’ll try it again later. Shoved it in the pantry and then … life happened. Stumbling on it today, I tried it again, and again, found it wayyy too sweet. Somewhere in my head, I thought I had a year to return it, so I called to inquire. Ugh. I was so wrong. 90 days. Because I was SO far outside the 90 day return window, they couldn’t give me a full complete refund, but they did give me a partial refund AND tell me I could donate the product, give to a friend … whatever I chose, but I did not need to return it! They OFFERED this … I didn’t even have to ask!! Considering it has a 3 year shelf life, I found the resolution more than fair, and in fact, quite generous of them. SO … NO complaints here!
      As a side, I had purchased the Lectin Shield earlier in 2018, and found it was tremendously helpful in healing my gut.
      While I can understand someone being unhappy with a product, or some aspect of customer service, to publicly insult and try to destroy, or even call into question a man’s reputation is uncalled for.

  80. Stop billing me I have canceled all

    I have spoken with all of your customer service and do not wish to receive anymore of your products. Please respect my wishes. None of them worked for me. Thank you.
    Cathy Larison


    I too have been incorrectly charged for purchasing Gundry MD

    I originally ordered 1 bottle of Gundry MD for $49.95, however, upon checkout I was prompted to purchase three bottles and a special price of $84.00 to which I accepted.

    I then discover that I have been charged for both the single bottle and the special offer of three bottles – I contacted your customer service department who said they will accept my return but I have to pay the freight????? Why should I pay for freight when they made the mistake?

    I was most disappointed as I accepted their special offer for three bottles that should have canceled the initial order for one bottle – who in their right mind would order both?? Beware of the advertising prompts when placing your order – I also strongly suggest you read other peoples frustrations – some purchasers have had their visa’s charge multiple times without authorisation.

    I have since discovered on the internet that this is a common occurrence – I like to give companies the opportunity to make things right before leaving feedback and reviews. I have tried several times to contact Gundry but they are ignoring my emails.

  82. I lost over 40 lbs highly recommend

    I am super skeptical when it comes to diets but I will say Plant Paradox is the real deal. I’ve tried many diets and none of them work. There are many people that don’t follow the system and don’t have results. I can personally say if you follow the system. I lost over 40 lbs not using any of his products. I am now using many of his products and continue to keep the wait off.

  83. If you would like to see a scary picture of what this did to me - find me on FB. A picture says a thousand words.

    I had to go to the doctor because my mouth blew up using Dr Gundry MD Vital Reds concentrated Polyphenol Blend Red Berries which I purchased online for $134 – with a 90 day guaranteed refund if I wasn’t satisfied. It’s supposed to boost your energy level. I took it for about a week and started out with welt like hives all over and then this mouth swelling started. Doc said this stuff is actually harmful and long term use could do real damage. Beware of junk on the internet. I even looked at reviews and it sounded ok. — feeling angry. From what I’ve read on this site, I am probably not going to get my money back but I will block them from using my credit card to send me more. This man should be arrested.

  84. Its your fault that your health sucks

    If you rate this Gundry 1 star you probably consume:

    gluten, alcohol, farm raised animal products, tomato skin, pepper skin, rice, beans, legumes, soy, sunflower seeds, out of season non local fruit, GMO’s, pesticides and more.

    The point is, it’s your fault your health sucks. If you actually read the book and actually went on the diet then you would know that he’s right because you would see your health improve. Everyone complaining about this most likely thought they could buy some pills and all the sudden be healthy without following the diet strictly for a year straight. Im sorry but not only is that lazy it is also ignorant and unintelligent. Your health is yours to take care of. Go do some real research and take care of yourself.

    1. Rude

      You are being very rude.

      There is no such thing as one diet that works for everyone. We are not all the same that is why there are several healthy diets that are extremely different from each other. It all depends what the persons body needs.

      Attacking people and blaming them for being sick never helped anyone.

      You have no idea what made the people sick and blaming them as lazy and ignorant surely will not help.


    2. James hasn't used the PRODUCT/why?

      FYI, JAMES, I DON’T consume alcohol, farm raised animal products, tomato skin, pepper skin, BROWN rice, beans, legumes, soy, sunflower seeds, out of season non local fruit, GMO’s, pesticides or preservatives, am bone thin,&actually got my hopes up listening 2Dr Gundry’s presentation-twice!
      I even wrote a lot of it down, because I react to all of the foods he mentions (& more).

      All that time invested, just to find out he’s another “subscription seller” without the client’s consent is horribly discouraging.
      So the book worked for you, way to brag!
      I am not fat, I’m starving, and I need help, not BS, or someone telling me not to eat what I’m already not eating!
      I thought the pro/pre-biotic idea made sense, so rather than waste any more on the reprehensible experiences people are reporting about Dr. Gundry everywhere, I guess I’ll go try a Jerusalem artichoke, or see if Tony Robbins has any of his supply of Biocomplete 3 to share.

  85. You scammed yourself

    I have been on the gundry diet for almost a year and I have never felt better. The only thing I bought is his cookbook, I never once even thought about buying his lectin shield pills or whatever he is selling. I dont need to. His book goes over all the information you need to know about diet and throughout reading his book I never felt the need to buy his pills. He is giving you the information you need to be healthy. If you are lazy and you cannot follow a diet plan, go get the pills. If you have will power and you care about yourself, follow a diet plan.

  86. Does NOT work

    I have been using the Gundry dark spot diminisher and nothing — NOTHING!!!. This product does not work and I think it is a scam to separate us from our money.

  87. I am a happy Gundry supporter with over a year of wonderful health that in part I attribute to his expertise

    I think this report is way off base and not true You are entitled to an opinion but do not I feel you did NOT do your homework

  88. Shady all the way around

    I read about and ordered one of Gundry’s products in the fall of 2018. Immediately after I ordered (unfortunately) I looked for reviews on his products, and was not at all encouraged by what I read. I called within an hour of ordering and tried to cancel the order. It was a Sunday, so took a while to get someone to answer. I gave them my info, told them I wanted to cancel, and thought that was the end of it. The cancelled products then arrived, like clockwork, for the next 3 or 4 months, each time returned by me and my bank contacted to contest the charges. Finally, after nearly 6 months, they stopped sending the product, and I’ve not heard from them since. This guy is all about the money, and has no interest in your health. Steer clear!


    You know….there are people who are interested in learning and reviewing and listening to others like Dr. Steven Gundry….and those that listen and are truly interested in experiencing all the benefits that come with his teachings and products are the LUCKY ONES!!!!

    Then there are those HATERS that are argumentative and complainers and probably about everything in life. They are the most negative and usually very rude and never a good thing to say about anyone. Now, they are choosing to write a negative review about any of Dr. Gundry’s products. Yes, we are in a world where the internet provides us with plenty of information and it is up to us to determine who the shit disturbers are and we will just weed you out!!!

    And, for the woman that said that she felt nausea and stopped taking the product….well, let me tell you something….nausea is what you will get when all that crap you have in your system is coming out! It actually is working. The worst thing you could have done was stop it!

    Dr. Gundry…I am a true believer in you and believe in your products! You have helped me and I have a group of followers that I have introduced your product too! I can only pass on information that I believe is helpful and truly helpful for the benefit of all concerned.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us and for those HATERS! ____ Off!

    1. My customer experience was good, about 18 months ago

      Thank you for honoring your good experience. I have not ordered anything for the past 18 months or so. But prior to that I had to call the customer service with a question, and I got excellent service. Sad to hear it may have change, if it has.
      Regarding the buy 3 save more – I buy ALL THE TIME my supplements and skin care during these “deal”. Why would it be strange to buy 3 for the price of 2 ? In my perception it is a good manufacturer who wants to give his customers a good deal, while also ‘moving product’ , keeping it fresh.

    2. breakdown

      Let’s see: “Gundry’s” breakdown to Gun and Dry, which is exactly my point–his gun of persuasion is dried up and we should contact any of his listed “patients”which would yield zip. How has he helped anyone, specifically?

    3. I haven’t tried yet.

      I just want to add to Mary’s comment. Yes, whenever someone with constipation adds fiber to their diet, they will feel awful for a few days. I Imagine, as she said, nausea can be expected, especially when dealing with gut issues. Think about it. If one is speaking highly of the product, please rate with more stars. The 1 star, yet positive commentary, skew the results and sometimes can be taken as sarcasm. It does seem as if most neg comments have nothing to do with the actual product.

  90. Tried to cancel order in less then 12 hours and they,refused !!!

    I tried to cancel order in less then 12 hours and they refused ! This is a scam, I have to refuse delivery !

  91. SCAM

    Not only would they not give me a refund like they advertise…they wouldn’t even let me exchange for another product…AND
    now the refuse to even communicate with me. I’ve gotten better customer service at McDonalds. Don’t believe a word they say.

  92. Got scammed and ghosted. They aren't cooperative.

    I accidentally bought two items from them. I needed to return one, contacted them, they asked for my information. I provided them with the information they asked for and never got a reply. I send four more emails and got no replies or response. I’ve tried multiple different emails as well. It’s obvious that they are purposely ignoring me and is refusing to help me with a return.

    No apologies, no explanations, no refunds, no exchanges. They ghosted their customer.

    1. The thing I do not like about Dr. Sunday’s company is that it is likely operated. They need a better accounting program because it is awful. I never have had so many problems with payments and refunds.I was overcharged and I was asked to return the product s at my expense and they would send me more products at a lower price. I am so stressed out working with customer service that my microphone is disturbed even if the products really work. I feel Dr. Gundry is a sincere person but he needs to hire a better staff to sell and account for teansactions.

    2. Unauthorised withdrawel from my bank account

      I, like most of the others have had a raw deal. I watched his talk about Leaky Gut Syndrome, and at the long end of it I ordered the special, 3 bottles. I paid for them, but 4 weeks later they withdrew another nearly $200 NZ. Totally unauthorised. I have contacted them, only to be given the runaround, and finally being told I may have signed up for them monthly. That is not the case. Their next excuse was that they had already shipped the next monthly order, and could not refund until they receive them back. I am now wondering if I would even hear back if I spend money to send them back. Beware of this site, I believe it to be a scam site. I feel sorry for all others that have been scammed too.

  93. Him and most other dr’s

    Most are money hungry asses

  94. I have had no problems

    I have followed the Plant Paradox diet and it worked amazingly! It was never so easy to stay on an eating plan as this one.

    I have tried some of the products, one did not agree with my system, but I have no problem with the other products I have ordered.

    Maybe it isn’t for everyone, but it works for me.
    I have had no problems with the customer service area at all.

    I am sure there are tens of thousands of people that order these products, if there are a few “problems” that it normal.

    Some people over react about everything. If things don’t go exactly as expected these days, and with lightning speed, it’s a problem. We have grown to expect perfection. This is not AMAZON, give them a break!

  95. These Products Have Worked Wonders For Me

    I have a condition known as PCOS . I have dieted and worked hard at the gym with and with out a personal trainer for five years with little to no weight loss results. I began Dr Gundrys Plant Paradox program and have had success! I take many of the supplements as well and now enjoy great health at the age of 54. So anyone who has sour grapes about a shipping and handling charges or the expense of some items should explain that they don’t like the prices but you can’t claim scam! I know Im very thankful for Dr Gundrys program and take offense to the implication of a scam – possibly deterring someone like myself from trying the program! How DARE YOU!!!!!

    1. See the word “terrible” beside your 1 Star? Call me confused.

      1 Star is the lowest rating you can give, 5 stars being the highest.

    2. No, how dare YOU!

      If Dr Gundry’s products did work, if the research was as authentic as suggested, and if he was really only doing this because he wants to help sufferers of the “leaky gut syndrome” (a condition for which the evidence remains doubtful in most medical journals), then we would expect his 7 figure income from his clinical practice would allow Dr Gundry to be more philanthropic! Rather, he resorts to using well known scamming tactics to sell his products, such as “buy 4 bottles and save even more money”, etc. The obviously very high number of disgruntled unsatisfied customers in terms of customer service would suggest he is using insincere tactics. If a chicken looks like a chicken, walks like a chicken, chances are it IS a chicken!!! I repeat, if this product was truly so remarkable, sales gimmickry would be unnecessary!
      KA, New Zealand.

    3. Thank you for letting others like me, who are trying to determine if they should order or not, a good personal review on something Other than the cost of the product, or their customer service experience! I think I’m going to try the Total Restore to begin with.. Hopeful to experience some similar issues residually decline. Thank you

  96. I have been an actual patient for 6 years and Gundry is the real deal!

    People that call Dr. Steven Gundry a fraud are IDIOTS! I was a patient in his Palm Springs office for 6 years, seeing him 4 times a year. he is the pro’s pro! I met him through my cousin who is an OB_GYN in Palm Springs and he needed a bypass. He told me EVERY physician he asked who was the best guy to use said GUNDRY. So I started to see him to lose some weight and get healthier. He is the REAL DEAL!!!!! He actually does have 31 patents in heart surgery, has done thousands of infant heart transplants and when he was seeing patients, preferred to treat with nutrition and supplements instead of prescriptions unless it was absolutely necessary. He always took his time with me and even answered my emails within an hour. SERIOUSLY!! He is a brilliant surgeon, an enlightened doctor that think outside the box and a kind humanitarian. I know he’s all over the internet with his supps now but everything he makes is top quality and laser focused. If anybody has a customer service issue, they handle it instantly, no questions asked. I buy many products from his website and over the last 3 years have NEVER had a problem if I had a need for an adjustment or a return.
    If someone bought a product they didn’t feel helped them, he has a 90 day money back guaranty, no questions asked. If you’re too stupid to communicate properly to customer service because you want a refund, how can you even be a functioning human being? This is NOT rocket science!
    Much of what he offers will solve problems on a molecular level and the only way to see if it’s working is to do blood tests prior to starting and along the way. DUH!!!! Don’t eat hot dogs and corn chips and expect a supplement to make your health issues disappear. DIET is his main source of treatment and if followed will transform the way you feel!

    I went in with a list of issues and when I was dine reading from my notes he asked me for the paper. He proceeded to ball it up and throw it in the trash basket. When I asked what the hell he was doing, he said after 3 weeks on the diet (being strict and no cheating) that all my issues would disappear. It took 18 days and I felt better than ever and still do 8 years later. I dropped 42 lbs. and my bloodwork improved so much that I’m a million miles from where I started.
    Gundry is not just a brilliant doctor but he actually gives a shit about people. he was TRULY the head of Cardio Thoracic Surgery at Loma Linda University in Redlands, CA for 15 years. Look it up, He’s not an “ex-doctor” as one idiot on this thread claimed.
    I’m only writing this because I hate to see the small minded idiots that make ridiculous statements maligning Dr. G. I drove 200 miles per visit to see him. Ask any patient he ever had if he’s real or fake and you’ll get the answer he’s REAL. Just because he wanted to create a line of supplements and sell them doesn’t make him a fraud. he was already financially secure before he started the supplement line. His patents alone bring in 7 figures a year without him working. He does the supps because he wants to provide unique products to address some of the issues he’s dealt with. if you don’t like them, return them for your money back. But DO NOT IMPUNE him as a fraud. Nothing could be further from the truth!

    1. Amazing products!

      I agree with everything you said!
      Dr Steven Gundry and his products are amazing. I first ordered Total Restore from him for my mom who’s been suffering from arthritis for the past 10 years, and half way through the first bottle her arthritis pain was completely gone.
      I am ordering MCT welness and I am sure I will be thrilled about it.
      Dr S. Gundry is an angel focusing a lot on prevention. He does a lot of reasearch and all his products have complete details about all the ingredients and explanations of their bennefits and effects.
      Thank you so much Dr. Gundry and keep up with your wonderful work!

    2. Further investigation

      Thank you Steven for your statement and personal experience. I am on the fence about whether I should purchase the Total product, and have read mostly negative reports from numerous people in This thread.. However, I believe that this particular thread is more of an emporium of disgruntled customers, who’s main complaint is the customer service, not the product itself! Thank you for your time and opinion. Jilly

    3. He may very well be a great surgeon. I have no doubt he has saved 2000s of lives. Bless him for that.
      But alas, greed and the persuit of the high life can turn even the greatest if people into conmen and thieves.

  97. I LOVE Gundry products!!!!!

    I LOVE Gundry products so please don’t label things a scam just because a product may not work for you or you had some issue with a website or you are silly for being upset you have to pay for S&H or you don’t like paying a certain price for a great product. Grow up, please. Reviews are not suppose to be used as a tool for revenge. Don’t blur the meaning of the word SCAM! Not preferring a product for your own personal reasons is NOT, and I repeat, NOT a scam!!! I have had stomach issues my entire life. Nothing any Dr. has done has helped. Gundry’s Prebiothrive has gotten rid of my chronic pain and I’ve used it for a few years now! My mom suddenly started having bowel issues. I’ll spare her embarrassing and horrific experiences but the Drs. couldn’t figure it out speculating possible Chrohs. I had her take my Prebiothrive and she is golden with no issues now. Sorry people but don’t scream scam for every little thing you don’t personally like. Not liking something does not equate scam!!!

  98. all things crime??? NO it is NOT!

    I LOVE Gundry products so please don’t label things a scam just because a product may not work for you. I have had stomach issues my entire life. Nothing any Dr. has done has helped. Gundry’s Prebiothrive has gotten rid of my chronic pain and I’ve used it for a few years now! My mom suddenly started having bowel issues. I’ll spare her embarrassing and horrific experiences but the Drs. couldn’t figure it out speculating possible Chrohs. I had her take my Prebiothrive and she is golden with no issues now. Sorry people but don’t scream scam for every little thing you don’t personally like. Not liking something does not equate scam!!!

  99. Worked for me

    I had to laugh at this last review about the person who was upset about a 4.95 shipping charge. Really? Who cares if the stuff works. I started using Dr Gundry’s Vital Greens and Reds and feel 1000% BETTER. No price on that. If you compare ingredients with other companies they are close but not organic and not exactly the same. I would rather spend more to feel great. It seems people are jealous of the fact the man is making money, who cares if he was a doctor and now doing this? It’s always the unhappy miserable people who complain about everything.

    1. Steven Gundry's Greatest Scam !

      How much did they pay you to say this?

    2. Barbara Cantonese is an obvious shill

      Barbara, Peter? You’re wasting your time w/BS @HOW GR8 Dr. G is when the internet is plastered w/reports of his con game. Is what he’s paying you worth your conscience and soyl? Worst of all, what life is going to do to you on the back end, ha, ha, ha.

      If I were you or Dr. G, I’d be scared. Very scared. Messing with hurting people is not something to trifle with, and you will find out why of your own accord. I feel sorry for you.

    3. Horse shit

      Barbara Cattanese, how long have you been working for Gundry?
      If you want to lose weight, expend more calories than you eat. Stop gorging on doughnuts, fizz drinks and endless fried shit.
      Smarten up morons, this is just cheap ass crap in a pill…with little to no regulation as to what goes into it. Add to that he was a guest on Dr Oz….FFS, how may alarm bells do you need to ring before you realise it’s a scam.
      The reason why this shit isn’t sold in EVERY pharmacy and part of EVERY diet around the world is ITS A LOAD OF CRAP!
      So do us a favour Barb…..bugger off!

  100. refund is terrible and product didnt help me


  101. I haven’t tried Dr. Gundry’s stuff and don’t intend to. Just looking at his face makes me want to hork. He is so obviously “into himself” . Obviously, what he doesn’t know isn’t worth bothering with. He obviously has a “God Complex”. I have personally known people like him, and he reminds me of one (doctor) in particular who eventually got fired from every “doctoring job” he had. The last one was when he drew blood from an AIDS prisoner at the county jail, withdrew the syringe and FLUNG IT OVER HIS SHOULDER catching his nurse in the hand.

  102. "Dr Steven Gundry Review

    Don’t like their customer service have been waiting to receive my order order was place on the 23rd and still have not received it still waiting for support to respond to my emails. This company was quick to fool.

  103. "Steven is a fraud"

    I was charged twice for the shipping charges and when I asked a refund they told me that they will not charge me for my next order
    I was not willing to make the order and asked them for a refund which took me months to get back They kept me rolling from one department from another. They do not answer to the mails with refund subject. It was a horrible experience

  104. "customer service needs to improve

    I was very excited when i listened to Dr Gundry’s presentation i told a friend about it also. I ordered my first item which was 3 ars of primal plants placed this order on the 23rd of may 2017. I still have not received my items I Called customer service and was told i would receive it yesterday or today Tracking showed it was still in Maryland.

    I wrote customer service yesterday and today requesting a refund but I got no response from them They seem to have poor customer service I cannot say anything about the product itself but my experience with customer service has not been nice. I do not think thin how to conduct business

  105. "Dr. Steven is a fraud"

    What a bait They offered a free shipping order and when i tried to place the order and filled out my information they asked me to select the shipping option. So,cancelled the transaction But they charged my credit card and confirmed the order from their end adding the shipping charge

    He will burn in hell.

  106. Steven Gundry Review

    Dr. Steven Gundry’s vital red is the worst product I have used till date. It was nothing. There was no long term effect

    1. Did you follow the diet?

      Did you follow the diet or did you take the pills while still consuming what you think to be normal food? If you read the book you would know that taking the pills while still consuming foods that have lectins in them would essentially do nothing. Ive never used the pills in my life and i dont need to because i follow the diet.

    2. from australia – all natural products should be kept away from heat – what about the many xrays at customs in america and australia- these will affect natural products and render them less effective – and how about the rats in the processing and manufacturing of these products – the rat turds were sent to me and all they wanted to do was exchange – how much of the turds are in his products – i still have them in a jar!

  107. "Total Scam"

    I ordered 3 jars of the Vital Reds Each jar is supposed to last 1 month. 1 month later they were shipping me 3 more járs. I still had 2 left it is a scam They said signed up for this deal but do not remember anything about this when I Placed the order. They are shipping you product continuously and charging your credit card. It is a total scam! Don’t fall for it.

  108. "Steven Gundry's claims are worthless"

    Used his vital red for 2 months and there was not much difference So, I asked them to cancel the third order that I had placed in haste. They completely denied of the request and sent me the order

    The money was deducted form my credit card. They do not care about customers at all

  109. "These products did absolutely nothing for me."

    Have sent this complaint in to Dr Steven Gundry on three previous occasions, namely 15/03/17 08 March and repeated this again on 11/03/17 but I have never received any reply or even an acknowledgement

    On or around 06 February this year I ordered the following items from Gundry which arrived here in Perth, Western Australia,

    Order OF Items Total
    272643747 jar Vital Reds $79.90
    2726437913 jars Vital Reds $11542
    272643803 1 jar Primal Plants $39.99

    I commenced taking the Vital Reds each day as prescribed, and the taste seemed okay to begin with although I never noticed any improvement in my energy or any other side benefits

    in the last week I noticed that the Vital Reds were making me feel nauseous (a-ways take the stuff first thing in the morning) and even threw up the last couple of times, so decided that my body was trying to tell me something and it was time to quit the products

    Accordingly. I Exercised the 90 days 100% money back guarantee, for the three separate transactions noticed above but as already mentioned I have heard not a peep back from them Is it their policy to simply wait until the 90 days period elapses. I wonder

    Dr Gundry, kindly honour your commitment and return my payments to me Signed
    DAN M. Vincent. Perth Western Australia

  110. "Very expensive "stuff

    You know everyone there are a BUNCH of people out here telling us they have the perfect “magic potion” for our skin, body you name it. And then you look at those prices!! I Make $9.50 per hour in home health and right now I drive one way 29,3 miles to get to work. We have NO benefits working for a home health agency.

    I cut my own hair, I do NOT wear makeup, no jewelry, make my own toothpaste shampoo, any lotions and potions from essential oils, no tattoos, I eat vegetarian-rarely eat out since that costs more make my own bread any desserts which is rare, no expensive meat I have to admit when I see advertisement like this, I am completely turned off by it. It makes me sick. Dr Gundry GOD help you

    1. on June 11, 2019

      Hey PETER !! your remark sounds like a real moron Hillbilly –

      “on June 11, 2019
      Your English is horrible!
      Learn to speak English before you share your ideas.”

  111. "BUYER BEWARE!! Dr. Steven Gundry is a cheap talker, a scam artist, a conman.

    Dr Steven Gundry is using his being an ex doctor who portrays himself and his products are the same way. People are so desperate what they buy is a dream. This doctor is using what any person w/common sense can read from most books. iticing on it He’s making it a cash cow. Buyers, beware. You might be just as good less yes, write a food journal, with a balanced diet w/Vitamins and supplements products lice a know it all god But his company and the way it’s run should tell you shady products he’s trying to sell the public

    something about his products. How do you know you can trust him or not? By spending your monies the slot machines at a Casino, as buying it on those that are written out there on health and nutrition. What he does, is that he is capital the poor quality of cheapness and lousy run company to get well. They might as well start a regular exercise drink good water, eat a bit

    1. Gun dry restore

      According to his empty promise is big no. Too many bottle to choose from. Scam gun dry license probably have been revoke already.

    2. Your English is horrible!
      Learn to speak English before you share your ideas.

    3. Donna you are 100% correct.
      I refer to him as many others have as :”THE KING”…….. of quackery.
      I have to admit I was hooked in his trap for 18 months.
      He is now sitting on top of $8 mil of our money. Far more than if he paid attention to the oath that he took as a doctor.
      Even though his family & friends know the name is Gundry it is changing to Mud quickly.
      but who cares when the scam is $8 mil and rising.