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I went to Dr. Katherine Gregory for UTI-like symptoms. She was polite and efficient, but a poor listener (as many reviewers have noted, she has a tendency to interrupt/talk over patients).

After a 5 minute exam, she diagnosed me with vulvodynia, which is technically a disease…but not in any useful way.

It means “chronic vulvar pain” but has no known explanation or cure.

Rather than explain vulvodynia to me (or even give me time to ask a thoughtful question) Dr. Gregory promised to send me a “useful article” about the condition that would answer all my questions.

I was out the door 5 minutes later, only to find she’d sent the wrong article. I wrote back, asking for the correct article, but she never replied.

She did have me return for a follow up about a month later, but she was clearly annoyed that I hadn’t been using the topical steroid she’d prescribed.

I’m sorry, but if you can’t even keep my diagnosis straight, I’m not going to take your meds.

I explained that I found the diagnosis unhelpful, and that I was pursuing other testing to figure out what was up.

At this point — and this has NEVER, EVER happened to me in a doctors office — she interrupted me to say: “You will NEVER know what’s going on with your condition. That’s the whole point of this diagnosis. In a best case scenario, it will go away on its own.”

But, happy ending for me: a few weeks later, through another doctor, I tested positive for Mycoplasma Genitalium.

I took an antibiotic, and a week later I was as good as gold. The only thing that soured my happiness was knowing that, had I listened to Dr. Gregory, I would still be in pain to this day.

Dr. Gregory, if you are still reading your reviews, please be less hasty to hand out diagnoses.

I’m sure you already know this, but if left untreated, Mycoplasma Genitalium can cause serious problems including impaired fertility.

Potential patients, I would seriously encourage you to shop around before coming to Dr. Gregory.

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7 Complaints on Dr. Katherine Gregory

  1. I wanted to cry. My coworker recommended Dr. Gregory.

    I recently had to switch insurance plans and can no longer see my previous doctors, including my gynecologist. Of course since I procrastinated when I really needed to see a doctor I didn’t have one. I developed what I though was an urgent issue and needed to be seen asap. I called around and no one could get me in for at least over a week for an issue I was stressing. I wanted to cry. My coworker recommended Dr. Gregory.

    I called and explained my issue asking if they could PLEASE get me in. I was told Dr. Gregory had no openings since she was in procedures but they could fit me in with the nurse practitioner today. I’ve never seen a nurse practitioner but was desperate at this point so I took the appointment. When the lady there called me back I was shocked because I was told since I was being fitted in I may have to wait a little bit.

    The lady who checked me in was very chipper and conversed with me in a friendly manner as if she has known me. This made me feel comfortable and a little more at ease. I did have to wait a little bit, maybe 10-15 minutes, for the nurse practitioner to come in. When Christina came in she was pleasant and got straight to the point.

    I explained my issue and she did what she needed to do. After telling me what my issue really was, she took the time to educate me and answered all my questions ( I had ALOT of questions). I had my doubts about a nurse practitioner but she was very knowledgeable and explained things to me in a way I could understand. I felt so relieved and taken care of and took her advise to not let this ruin my day.

    On the way out I thanked the front desk lady for fitting me in right away. She said it was no problem at all and then said “if it was me I would like to be seen right away and we like to treat our patients how we would want to be treated if in a similar situation”.

    AND then on the way out she thanked ME. I am so glade I was told about Dr. Gregory’s office although I didn’t meet her. The office was so nice and helped me out. Christina was great and cleared any doubts I had about her being a nurse practitioner.

  2. Bad Service

    Since moving to San Francisco going to doctors visits alone has been a little anxiety provoking for me but I felt very welcomed walking in. Everyone was very nice and accommodating.

    The NP Mary was BEYOND helpful and wonderful. She listened and gave me great suggestions in helping me with my current medical problems. She was also so funny and relaxed me!

    Jules is THE best. She totally calmed me down and was beyond funny and helpful explaining procedures and medicine like a pro! Even offering her own personal experiences which is extremely helpful and insightful. (Totally going to ask for Jules anytime I go!)

  3. Too bad, Dr. Gregory is good. She needs to hire better people to manage her office.

    I’ve always had a good experience personally with Dr. Gregory. But their office manager/front desk person is rude, arrogant and unhelpful.

    Because their nurse practitioner did not input the right codes, my insurance rejected my claim submission. I called requesting them to resubmit with the right code and the front desk gal kept saying that they cannot accomodate this and that this would be illegal!

    Seriously? Your office made a mistake and now I’m asking you to do something illegal? She was not only rude, but incredibly arrogant and ultimately was unable to empathize or provide me with any useful solution.

    Thanks to their poor service and unprofessionalism I have to now pay $500 out of pocket! I will never be going to their offices again.

  4. Had the worst gynecological experience of my life here.

    Had the worst gynecological experience of my life here. First I was forced to sign an agreement stating that I gave up my right to a trial in the case of an incidence of malpractice.

    (It was explained to me by Dr. Gregory and the nurse practitioner that I was free to leave and find another Dr. Well, most doctors in San Francisco have these agreements now, and I was already sitting there pants off, scared out of my wits that I had somehow managed to contract herpes or some other dread disease.

    Not to mention, this was the only location on my insurance accepting new patients.) I finally agreed to sign it, totally under duress, because I felt I had to see a doctor ASAP. I was then seen by the nurse practitioner. When I called for the appointment, I explained I was a new patient and would need a new patient exam, and I also had two small lumps that were concerning me.

  5. Scammer

    Please see my review under San Francisco Gynecology.

  6. AWFUL experience with Dr. Gregory -- very old-fashioned

    AWFUL experience with Dr. Gregory — very old-fashioned, conservative dr. with outdated treatment recommendations. I have never had such a poor experience with a gynecologist. Did not even read my chart or medical history before she began recommending treatment that contradicted the advice I had received from all previous gynecologists over the past 4 years.

    I should have known it was bad when the receptionist suggested I see the PA instead of the Dr, mentioning that most patients “prefer” to see the PA…..the PA was booked out for weeks, yet Dr. Gregory had available appointments all week long.

  7. Horrible customer service!

    Horrible customer service! No one answers calls, no way to leave the message. Always ask for the name of the person that you are speaking to because I asked them to cancel my appointment and they did not do so.