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His fancy marketing strategy has nothing to do with the results
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Dr. Eric Berg Review

I visited Dr. Eric Berg’s clinic after watching his tons of YouTube videos and reviews where he talks about health and nutrition.

I was intimidated by how he presented the entire thing in the video, so I wanted to try it.

Dr. Berg also pitched about a free consultation in his videos. So, there was no way to ignore such an opportunity.

He runs The Health and Wellness Center in Alexandria. He takes every measure that is unethical to get clients, which is why he flaunts the free consultation.

It is just baited to attract customers, and once they are inside his center, he goes beyond limits for selling his products.

He pressurizes customers to pay for overpriced products with close to no effect. His treatment programs are designed only to benefit him and not the other party.

They have even monitored their reviews online and paid for posting fake feedback.

This is all because they know that only the positive review can fight the negative comments of scammed customers.

He offers expensive treatment plans and does not offer a cancellation policy which is again a red flag.

If a company trusts its product and genuinely tries to help, it will at least provide a period to reconsider the decision.

However, in the case of Dr. Eric Berg, this provision is not available.

When I visited Dr. Eric Berg for the overweight issue, he asked me to carry the list of foods and supplements I had been taking.

I carried everything as instructed and reached the center on time.

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They took my weight and blood pressure and made me wait more than an hour.

After an hour and a half, an assistant doctor observed my case and did a few tests.

After a few minutes, he started talking about my metabolic rate and all the general pieces of stuff I already knew. He further told me that stress was also one of the reasons for my obesity.

He made me pay $1400 for six sessions and was adamant about making the rest of the payment. I was not prepared for any purchases but couldn’t help.

Unfortunately, I could not visit them on the scheduled date and wanted to reschedule the sessions. They never did that.

I wanted a refund and made several attempts to call and email them the request. They ignored me every time.

I contacted the manager, and he reminded me that my agreement clearly stated that the amount was non-refundable. I tried to negotiate. That did not help either.

I filed my complaint with Better Business Bureau and Virginia’s Attorney General’s office.

After that, I received only a partial refund because I did not use their services and was pressured to purchase the plan.

Dr. Eric Berg is a scammer.

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111 Complaints on Dr. Eric Berg

  1. The Health Mentor I've Always Needed!

    Dr. Eric Berg has become the health mentor I’ve always needed. His knowledge and expertise have been invaluable in my journey to a healthier lifestyle. Dr. Berg’s teachings on Healthy Keto® and intermittent fasting have transformed the way I approach nutrition. He simplifies complex health issues, making them easy to understand and implement. What sets Dr. Berg apart is his genuine passion for helping others. His dedication to empowering individuals to take control of their well-being is truly inspiring. Thank you, Dr. Berg, for being an incredible mentor and guide.

  2. Highly Recommend Eric Berg's Advice

    Dr. Eric Berg has helped me and so many others in various ways time and time again. I have never felt pressured to purchase his products. There is nothing wrong with selling your own products. That is part of his business. I have watched numerous of his videos and not once have I seen him be pushy about buying from him. I recommend Dr. Berg’s videos for everyone to watch and learn. About buying his products, use discernment when choosing what is best for you.

  3. Dr Berg has helped me so much with my health. I was devastated when I was first diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. After researching all of Dr Berg’s videos I’m now in remission and I’m so thrilled. I believe I wouldn’t got there without his help.

  4. Saying the ketogenic diet can cure cancer and intermittent fasting. He is killing my brother

    I have watched a YouTube video from him. His thinking is very flawed. Starving the immune system does not fight cancer as he says it does. Ketogenic diets strip the body of antioxidants and minerals that would protect it from cancer. This diet is a pre-cancerous diet, in other words carcinogenic. I am in I tried to tell my brother that it was not the diet for him. He did lose about 100 pounds but now he has cancer that is killing him. I’m a dietitian and he won’t listen to me because of this quack. We should sue him! My brother probably won’t live through this and he is still fasting. This is far beyond the scope of practice of a chiropractor!

    1. Wake up, it’s most likely his only hope. Doctor are just pumping him with poison.

  5. Kray Kray Sociopathic

    Don’t Invest in his lectures and or monetary treatment services…

    This is a piece a shit No Doctor Chiro who sells false info regarding you name it: Cholesterol, Vitamin C saying Abscorbic Acid is not Vitamin C, a biggie one is trying to convince us that his wife Karen has nothing to worry about with a Fasting Cholesterol Number of 300 with thru the roof LDL and corresponding Apo B ….Their own son is trying to warn us for years

  6. Pseudoscience

    Practices such as complementary medicine, traditional medicine, chiropractic, homeopathy are pseudoscientific fields that market methods that have not been scientifically proven to be effective, to people in different pursuits. There are a lot of people in America who believe this.

  7. How can the above statement be true when Dr Berg doesn’t even Practice anymore?

    I have watched Dr Beegs YT videos as well as purchase most every supplement his company produces and I must say the only
    Scam I see is the one saying they went to his clinic and was scammed 1400… when In all honestly he doesn’t even practice in Chiropractic office anymore and does not have a physical office you can go and get treated. All is done via his videos or one or one but not physically. I would love to know the dates in which this “scam” took place

    1. Also….

      I’d like to add I have lost a ton of inches since watching Dr Bergs videos and no one is holding a gun to your head saying BUY THIS BUY THAT! it’s each individuals choice to purchase the supplements or not so all this scam stuff is lame in my opinion. If you don’t wanna buy it DONT! All You Yube videos are FREE! I’d say that’s a dang great deal and far from a scam!

  8. A quack?! Why does he exert extra efforts to put up a vlog?

    If your a quack n scammer, Eric berg n company should divert their efforts to good things that can be verified by licensed practising healthcare professional specialists along each ailment. Shame on u!

  9. I am healthier today with understandings of what actually takes place In our bodies

    All I can say is what has positively happened to me health wise due to learning from Dr Eric berg. I was nearing 60 and suffering from depression to fatty liver, overweight, hair loss and osteopenia.
    Slowly I tackled every issue following Dr bergs protocols. I researched supplements and purchased them as shipping from USA was too much for me. I did however purchase in bulk some products from Dr berg. I preferred his juice powder, bile and shampoo and conditioner. The hair products are very nice and my hair follicles are growing back.
    I of course have discernment and make choices for myself after researching other venues too.
    Thanks to Dr Berg ????

  10. Wow this is sad

    I am a survivor of traumatic brain injury. which means i have all sorts of health issues and disabilities.

    I’ve been seeing doctors and specialists for over 12 years, nearly weekly.
    So I know a lot when it comes to what actually works and what doesnt….I know because i had to learn the hard way. Trusting mainstream doctors and their approaches- which only made my condition far worse.

    Dr. Berg’s information is in line with everything i have found to work in my own recovery.

    It amazes me that you went through the effort of making this website, while you are totally blind to the valuable life saving information that is being freely provided.

    How sad.

  11. Not a doctor

    First off, “Dr.” Berg is not a doctor. Yes, he has a doctorate, but in chiropractic, which requires FAR less schooling and training than a medical doctor — who actually knows the human body inside and out.

    A chiropractor walking around, calling themselves “Doctor” is like someone with a degree in English literature giving health advice. It makes no sense.

    Eric Berg is a researcher, not a doctor. He gets his information from google, books, and pubmed. He has no access to any information that your average Joe can get.

    His opinion on the Keto diet is just that, an opinion. If you’ve watched recent videos of Eric Berg, he looks gaunt, sickly, and unwell. He’s gotten incredibly thin. Long term ketogenic diets are very, very unhealthy. Short term is fine. They can help a wide variety of ailments. But long term is unbalanced, and silly.

    1. Dr Berg is a SAINT.

      Who cares that he’s a chiro and not an MD? He is helping people heal all around the world by educating us (for FREE) so who cares where his info comes from if it WORKS? The 5,000, 5 star reviews on google attests to the fact that he HELPS PEOPLE. 5000 people don’t lie.

      No MD knows even a FRACTION of what he knows, and what he advises!! Nor are any MD’s I have ever met even remotely interested in nutritional therapies. When WE ARE WHAT WE EAT!

      MD’s get minimal training in nutrition and will usually discredit any alternative practice in favor of the almighty chemical pill. Dont get me wrong, I am grateful to MD’s and drugs for life saving treatments in the case of accidents etc. But for degenerative diseases, the medical system is failing us everyday. The medical system was failing me too with all my aches, pains and health issues.

      I am walking proof he knows what he is talking about. I am well again, my thyroid is stable, my hair stopped falling out. I have energy again, and I have no more brain fog. I am losing this belly fat and have no more gut pain or bloating.

      No Drug, or MD has ever “cured” anything for me, but Dr. Berg and others before him that has practical, healthy advice HAS!! I don’t care what the haters say, I am well again because of this amazing man. I have nothing but respect for Dr.Berg.

  12. On Point

    If someone is complaining it’s typically because they are too lazy to take action with their own health. Dr. Berg knows what he is talking about and everything he says works perfectly. I haven’t bought any supplements but follow his instructions for eating and exercising. Seems the last review was by someone looking for free everything and a way not to put in the effort to make themselves healthy and blame someone for their lack of accountability and laziness, and at an attempt to get free everything. To the last review: Ive lost 12 pounds in 2 months and feel great, so stop with the excuses for staying obese!

  13. My Dr Berg experience "and" opinion

    I have watched a lot of his videos. He is one good speaker. He explains things well. Whether he is exaggerating things or not…who knows? The fact-checkers??, lol
    Who fact checks the fact checkers, LOL
    I like Dr Berg and enjoy his videos.
    Not once in my life have I had a primary care or any specialist of any kind ever asked if or asked how I take natural vitamins, minerals, micronutrients, etc. Is he making a lot of money…yeah probably, but so is the Pharmaceutical companies
    He is positive and I stated earlier…a great speaker
    I will continue to buy his products

  14. Dr. Eric Berg IS NOT A DOCTOR!

    Eric Berg is not an MD, he is a Dr. of Chiropractic snake oil. So that should say it all. If you are stupid enough to by into a snake oil salesmen trying to use an upgraded massage degree to hawk herbs in pretty bottles, well then you should be parted with you money, Amerikans are just getting more stupider as the years roll by.

    1. Dr. Eric Berg IS NOT A DOCTOR!

      First of all, I am NOT an advocate of Scientology. I am in complete disagreement with it. Second of all, I am smart enough to know that Dr. Eric Berg’s endocrine related advise, coupled with nutrition, is sound as per my Endocrinologist. Third of all, his website clearly states the the “Dr.” in his title is restricted to his chiropractic credentials only. Third of all, whoever wrote this blog/ect. needs to learn how to spell. When we “BUY” something, we don not “by” something. Seriously, criticism about a scam, is unfounded. Just someone who is mean spirited and judgemental. If you take the time to read on his website, it clearly states that the “DR.” is strictly a title of chiropractic. Nothing else

  15. Chiropractic trend

    Reading reviews about Dr Berg hit home for me. I was new to the town where I live. I had severe neck pain and was unable to get in with a Dr right away. I googled chiropractors and called one that seemed to have good reviews. I called and said I desperately needed someone to work on my neck asap. They said “no problem! Come right away!” I sat in the waiting room for a very long time, and finally a girl called my name. She said she wanted to give me a tour of the office. So we walked through to office admiring the decor. She took me to a treatment room and gave me an invitation to a seminar being held the next week. I could see the dr following the seminar. That was it. By the time the seminar came around my neck pain was letting up, but I was curious about the seminar. The chiropractor gave a talk criticizing the medical industry and promoting his practice. After sitting in the waiting room for a long time, I was called back and a girl took X-rays. After another long wait, the dr finally came in. He showed me the X-rays and told me I had no curve in my neck (he could fix it) and I had a serious S-curve in my spine. He could see me every week for 12 months and would give me a wonderful discount off the regular price. For only $2400 dollars- paid today. I’ve had many back X-rays and injections in the past, and I’ve never had the conditions he diagnosed. I asked for a copy of my X-rays and I left. The bill for those two office visits came to over $400 and no one ever touched my neck. I started looking up reviews on other chiropractors and learned that this is a new trend that is taught in many chiropractic schools. Get the patient financially committed before offering any treatment. Even the office “tour” is part of that scheme. It’s an office visit, even though no one treats the problem you came in for.

  16. Overcharged and denied refund on shipping

    I have no review on the products he sells, just on the dishonest prices charged. I live in Canada and I ordered drberg’s products online. When I discovered that I was charged an incredible exchange rate on my credit card. I ordered close to $400 of products and the exchange added a $150 dollars to that price,..very dishonest, Shipping was an additional $30, but it wasn’t long before UPS was calling to ask for more money,..unreal! I texted dr. berg’s help line to receive a refund, which they gave me minus the shipping. They refused to give me the shipping refund even though I explained that I’m very poor and very sick and would have never bought the product if I knew they had a ridiculously dishonest exchange rate and hidden shipping costs.

  17. His YouTube advice is sound

    He doesn’t own the advice he gives on YouTube or doesn’t make any claim or impression that he discovered anything. That just shows how bad the medical industry is they keep this valuable information hidden to profit off of your illnesses. Most of what he says is in direct contradiction to what’s considered normal or recommended but it’s all sound medical advice backed by science. You just have to experiment with your diet and see for yourself.
    He’s a Dr. because he’s a chiropractor but you don’t have to be a doctor to share sound science-based nutritional advice. And if you get pressured to buy anything you can only blame yourself this happens everywhere in every industry you have gullible people giving their money up then they feel regret after and blame the one who sold to them. Blame yourself for being the age you are and still ignorant and naïve.

  18. If you support him you support Scientology

    To the people asking what does Scientology have to do with it? Do some damn research. It’s an abusove, coercive cult, they stalk, they defend rapists and they get tax cuts whilst doing it. This man gives millions to this cult so when you support him and his brand you are paying for the pain of others. The CEOs wife has been missing since 2007 and the police aren’t even investigating. Bergs son no longer talks to him. Maybe look into that.

  19. Good information he pawns as his own.

    I think Berg provides good information that works. But all of his work is based on Dr. Atkins research from 1972. Berg displays this information as if he somehow discovered it. It also gets old that all the bodies problems have something to do with elevated insulin.

  20. I was very enthusiastic when I first came across Dr burg and quickly listened to his you tubes and followed the diet .I also purchased a course which cost $650 and I was very disappointed with the course it was just repeating the free videos I requested my none back and was told I signed an agreement where I won’t get a refund .while I was filling the diet I had an emergency hospital admission due to Gall bladder and liver infection due to following Dr bergs keto eating plan .I lost money and didn’t get on holiday because of following this diet .I am so disgusted at how I was treated .I hope no-one else has to go threw wot I went threw the man is all talk. He shud be taken off you tube and investigated for his galseness .and wrong money making practices .

  21. Dr Berg Changed My Life

    I’m sorry other people have felt pressure to buy products and services and wanted refunds they apparently only partially received, but I’ve only once bought a single supplement from him in addition to hours and hours of free information that changed my life. I wasn’t pressured to buy anything.

    Because of Dr Berg’s videos (and chiropractors can and do call themselves doctors) I’ve lost over 100 pounds, reversed diabetes, and continued to improve my health over a period of several years. Maybe a ketogenic lifestyle isn’t right for everyone, but it’s right for me. In addition to the weight loss and reversal of diabetes, I’ve also beaten debilitating chronic pain from degenerative disc disease.

    I am not a fan of Scientology in any way, and I find the organization’s actions disturbing, but I am able to objectively separate this from the whole food ketogenic approach he advocates. If you won’t listen to it from him, listen to it from other helpful advisors. It works for a great many people with metabolic dysfunction, such as mine. This original post sounds like a smear job by a hysterical semi-literate fool. Judge for yourself and listen to some of the responses.


    What does his being a Scientologist have to do with his knowledge?

    I don’t uphold Scientology, but I have lost 81 pounds in 9 months by following the FREE YouTube advice of this “unqualified quack” without spending one dime on any of his Products.

    Do people think he makes up all the information he gives? Ridiculous. How would you explain my success on his advice if that were the case? He explains KETO and IF in a perfectly understandable manner.

    I sympathize with those who feel they haven’t received the refunds that they think they deserve.

    That is frustrating. We are all entitled to our opinions based on experience. Mine is that this gentleman knows of where he speaks. BTW, chiropractors I have seen refer to themselves as Dr.

    Whether you refer to him as Dr or Eric, he knows his stuff!! However, it has nothing to do with his knowledge of the human body or the positive effects of KETO and IF.

  23. Just baseless overdramatizised opinions

    I actually thought about some of these things myself, but after reading this I am convinced of the contrary, your review is nothing but accusations, your own bad thoughts and ridiculous speculations, not to mention completely baseless accusations..

    Who cares what he believes in? Also he is a businessman do you expect him to do everything for free without displaying interest in earning a buck?

    Point is that he has been both helpful to countless YouTuber’s and does what you pay him for, now if you are some weak minded fool that should fall for his “cultism” that is your own ridiculous problem

    As I said, I thought the same (especially since he proudly declares himself a doctor and a health expert, while he is technically neither by means of education) but your rant is just too ridiculous, seriously it goes against whatever point you were trying to prove


  24. Your the dumb idiot!

    Just read his stuff! hes full of good knowledge your just the dumb one to not apply but pay and be scammmed AHAHHAHA loser

  25. Berg - an expert in everything!

    Please be aware that this guy is a chiropractor and not a medical doctor and is a supplement pusher. He post numerous videos on YouTube that are way out of his scope of chiropractic. He comes across as an expert in oncology, endocrinology, cardiology, gynecology, etc. Very dangerous for viewers who don’t know better. He’s already been reprimanded and fined by the Virginia board of medicine but continues to post videos and give advice on serious medical issues that he has no background to deliver. A charlatan in my opinion. Very disturbing.

  26. With all due respect.....

    I’ve watched MANY of Dr. Berg’s videos (and I find its contents HIGHLY INFORMATIVE)…….but I don’t support Scientology.

    By following those videos, eating right, fasting, and WITH A LOT OF DISCIPLINE, I’ve managed to lose over 22lbs in the last 9 months. I’ve never paid a cent directly to him (indirectly through YouTube), nor I’ll ever consider paying someone to tell me how to lose weight.

    I believe that he has the right to worship whatever he wants (and it’s none of my business). I find his advice very sound and it worked for me.

    If you don’t like it, stop watching him, and please……NEVER PAY FOR A DIETICIAN. Losing weight is not as hard as you think. You just need a little guidance AND A LOT OF DISCIPLINE to do it.


    I have just found out
    Dr Berg is not a qualified doctor
    he is a scientologist and donated $7m to them

  28. Why the author says it has no results when we see that he/she did not even try that?? was pushed for 3 hours ? Ridiculous. They kept you by forth there? Tied you up?? Scammer here is the author. The person is the professional victim. THEY made it, I WAS PUSHED, this HAPPENNED to me and bla bla bla…Many ppl live this scenario. I never consider their opinions or stories.

  29. Dr. Berg is a Scientologist

    His son, Ian Rafalko, left the cult, and outed his parents.
    I loved Dr. Berg’s content, but have no intention of supporting this cult, so I unsbrscribed from Dr. Berg’s channel.

  30. Product way too high for Canadians

    I have just started usung the Adrenal package for about a week so cannot attest if they will work. For Canadians this package ended up to be 300.44 for 4 bottles of vitamins, a small book on Keto and an over rated meal app.

    I appreciate the videos and knowledge that you give Dr. Berg, but adding this to the Keto diet expense in Canada is not doable for most of us.
    Shipping costs of 75.60 is outrageous. If you want other countries to access your product you may want to streamline these expenses.

    This was my fault for continuing with the order. I thought the jump from 161 to 216 was the conversion rate. This was shipping, plus you have to pay 20.64 for Fedex. Plus another 6.82 for something.
    Be well everyone!

  31. Scientology is a scam

    Berg is a Scientologist. I lost all respect for him after the reports from his son Ian Berg.

  32. Blood test

    This person was waiting an hour AFTER blood tests. An hour is a short period of time to get the results and analysis.

  33. Apparently literally anybody can write anything and call it a review

    I won’t be buying anything from Dr Berg now that his nasty little secret is out as I refuse to contribute to the so-called Church of Scientology.

    HOWEVER, this is without a doubt the worst review I’ve ever read. Nobody forced Anonymous to spend her money; she made the decision herself.

    Just the fact that OP chooses to say he/she was “pressurized” makes me pretty much discount the entire post. The word is pressured, OP.

  34. Dr. Berg is a healer and .the most generous man ..

    Dr. Berg is a hero.

  35. Phenomenal Dr. even if he’s a chiropractor

    He’s been an absolute help for our daughter-in-law with her type 1 diabetes. She had been to see conventional doctors and couldn’t get the diabetes under control until she went to see a doctor that worked on both ends of the spectrum, a medical doctor that treats all his clients with herbs and vitamins and chelation, then we guided her to Dr. Berg and that made her life so much better. He has taught us more than any medical doctor every would ????thank you

  36. They dont refund anything even if it doesnt work

  37. I was shocked

    I was shocked to find Dr berg into scientology and when I herd when you buy his products it goes to support scientology very disappointed there are things we don’t even know about him that have been kept secret

  38. Pressurizes? Pressures would be the correct grammar.

    This website is dishonest. This survey asks to ***** rate the report (their libelous report), about Dr. Berg, but then to write an adjacent report about Dr. Berg. I rate the article ZERO STARS, and Dr. Berg FIVE+ STARS. His website gives extremely well researched information, and thousands of testimonies from people whom he has helped. STOP THE HATE!

  39. Expensive

    Been using Dr Berg’s products for about 3 years now. I was so sold in the belief they work. Only problem is they mostly do if the user takes three times as much that is recommended. In which case it makes what you do get costing a fortune. At one point I had set up auto shipment. Then decided I did not need as much of one. I tried to cancel. But the company said oh no it’s too late to stop what has been shipped, therefore they must still charge me. It was as if they did not care about my situation, but only their own overhead. Very disappointing. Now that I’m doing more research I can actually the same product if not better for close to 80% less than what Eric Berg’s company charges. His health information seems pretty legit though which is why I gave him a 2 star review.

  40. Dr Eric’s son

    Dr Eric’s son Ian made a video on tictok talking about how he is a fraud and a Scientologist, and his son is trying to get out of the church but is now scared for his life after speaking out

  41. Definitely a Scam

    Like others I was fascinated with the information in Dr. Berg’s You Tube Videos. I started following his Keto and fasting plan and have lost weight. So I decided to try his supplement products. After one month they never arrived. I emailed and called several time. No response. I wasn’t going to accept a non response. I kept emailing them and after two month they finally response with “Sorry about that”. I believe they thought I would forget about the order and take the money.

    Don’t order his products. You may never get them and if you do I agree with the other reviewers, they are not worth the money.

  42. Following Dr Berg's advice I feel better than I have in decades.

    I’ve followed Dr Berg’s advice about intermittent fasting and healthy keto for 2 weeks and I feeling better than I have felt in decades. My own primary care Dr told me I have fatty liver, but didn’t tell me anything about it, or prescribe any treatment plan. Thru Dr Berg I’ve learned what to do to heal it. My focus and energy levels are way up. So far I haven’t ordered Dr Berg’s products because the price does seem a bit high and this is a new thing for me. But if I continue to have such great results I will most likely start ordering some of his products as a way of supporting him out of gratitude for the help he has provided. This is the best thing that’s ever happened to be outside of my numero uno…coming to know Jesus Christ as my savior.

  43. I love his products, have already lost weight in less than a week!

    I love Dr Berg. I just started the diet and got some supplements that came with the deal. I feel 90% than I have felt in years! But I’m actually DOING THE DIET.

    If someone “made” you pay $1400, how didn’t they “make” you do the diet, which is what cures you, and the supplements help. NO ONE makes you do anything unless you want it in that moment. You make yourself do things. That’s why I’m losing weight every day, because I’m making myself stick to this because it’s working. It actually works.

    I also have a condition that I suffer from every day since I was a child. His supplements and powders have made me feel normal for once, exponentially better.

    I get no money from saying this. I’m not affiliated to Dr Berg, but it makes me mad that someone spent more than they can afford, but don’t even try it out, and then whine. It’s not the plan’s problem. It’s a willpower problem!

  44. Genuine for the sick

    He helped me get off the hypertension meds.No doctor before EVER helped! He’s has given me a better understanding with weight loss as well,,and I’m achieving success too..He’s obviously a threat to conventional medicine,though hes never claimed to be against it.He also has made it clear who he is,and where he’s come from.He has simply passed on what he has learned,and has even come back and made corrections on his own views.

  45. Eels are slippery

    beware of any organisation with 5 star ratings only on thr site..
    Also, notice the polished positive responses to counter a believable negative
    review: including the personal level attacks. Sounds like a well organise counter PR machine.

  46. The doctor of fairytales

    If you want to believe in complete BS fairytales and take shortcuts in your life.
    This guy is for you.

    If you can’t put the bloody fork down and have 101 exercise to not exercise. Then this guy is for you.

    If you want to live a shorter life. Then this joker is for you.

    The answer to weight lost/health/a longer life is simple. But most people just want the easy way out and this guy provides the perfect answers in saying it’s your metabolism or whatever BS mechanism.

    Basically if you love evading responsibility for your own health and love blaming things that do not exist for your own problems. Be my guest.

  47. Play the victim

    Ffs, through your own post here, you have done nothing but tell readers who you are and what you are about. Does playing the victim actually help you in life?

  48. Dr. Eric Berg and his methods works

    I have been using Dr. Eric Berg products and have been following his healthy keto + IF diet since 3 years. Some of my family members have also started using his products now after seeing my success. I lost 15 kgs and have been at BMI 20 since last two years. I find this report totally false and I am not sure you posted such a review. At least in my experience his method and his products, both work.

  49. He made me better waaaaay better.

    I have been following Dr Berg’s advice for over 2 years now. My overall health as a T2 diabetic is much better. You dont have to buy any of his products, just follow his amazing advice.

  50. I have been suffering from a deadly disease (Hsv) for the past 3 years now, I had spent a lot of money going from one places to another, from churches to churches, hospitals have been my home every day residence. Constant checks up have been my hobby not until this faithful day, I was searching through the internet, I saw a testimony on how Dr Onokun helped someone in curing his (Hsv) herpes disease, quickly I copied his email which is [email protected] just to give him a test I spoke to him, he asked me to do some certain things which I did, he told me that he is going to provide the herbal cure to me, which he did, then he asked me to go for medical checkup after some days after using the herbal cure, behold I was free from the deadly disease, he only asked me to post the testimony through the whole world, faithfully am doing it now, please brothers and sisters, he is great, I owe him in return. if you are having a similar problem just email him on : [email protected]

  51. fibroid


  52. This report was not specific enough.

    Dr. Berg has patients health at the forefront of his videos and advice. He sells supplements to get to the root of most physical problems. Anybody who goes to an allopathic doctor know they pedal drugs for the pharmaceutical companies. He does not do that – thank goodness! Quit trying to bring him down.

  53. Sour grapes?

    This just sounds like a person who is aggrieved and wants revenge. Not a credible report in my opinion.

  54. Scammer?

    I have watched hundreds of Bergs Youtube videos, here is my conclusion.
    He contradicts himself countless times with regard to his keto regimen and how you should implement it, you can observe this yourself, however if you are a gullible you will not notice how it happens.
    His marketing is very subliminal, his loyal followers believe he is doing this as a courtesy, yet if you listen diligently enough you will see how he brings up a health issue then slyly, but sometimes directly, leads you to his products. His followers are cult like in their admiration for him, very few questions asked and when one is there is only a reply if it is not a challenge to his self serving conclusions, which feed his bank account, regarding what will make you healthy, ie. a supplement he is pushing.
    Beware, a scammer lurks beneath the surface of the kind and caring image he projects upon his simple minded followers.

  55. Ordered bottle of pills may 25. Its june 6. No sign of my pills

  56. I’m so exited to share my testimonies about the Good Work of Dr. Udebhu who get me cured from herpes simplex virus (HSV1&2) with his herbs, I never thought that I will live on earth before the year runs out. I have been suffering from herpes, I had spent a lot of money going from one Hospital to another looking for way to get rid of this disease, the hospital have been my home everyday residence. Constant checks up have been my hobby not until this faithful day, I was searching
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  57. I give 5 stars to Dr. Berg and 1 star to the rest of this

    This website is a scam. There are a multitude of rave reviews for Dr. Berg here and yet only one star above their review, probably because the website asks for “the overall rating of the report”. Very deceiving, because it’s not asking for the rating of the practitioner. The first review is from a disgruntled person saying there are no results, when it is obvious from their own story that they never completed the program. I am a former patient of Dr. Berg’s, and yes, they were busy. They were serious about getting people well, not taking up valuable time for wishy washy people on the fence that can’t make up their minds. Yes, supplements are expensive, that is not his fault. But here’s how I see it. I can either spend the money now to get well and improve my quality of health while I can still enjoy it, and educate myself on how to stay that way, which he does a superb job of, or I can continue what I’m doing, be miserable, lose years of vitality and end up spending that money anyway in my later years on pharmeutical co-pays that Medicare doesn’t cover and STILL not feel well. Dr. Berg has always offered a load of resources that people can have access to, so if anyone hasn’t gotten out of it what they wanted, they probably didn’t put much into it either. I agree with the other reviewers that Dr. Berg is NOT a scammer. We met on several occasions and I found him to be a very intelligent, compassionate visionary who is a head of his time, particularly with much of his endocrine work, and who I genuinely believe had my best interest at heart. It is a shame that there are those that so easily wish to publicly defame others with little to no analysis of their own lack of responsibility in the matter.

  58. It would only recommend it for short term purpose only. This diet is also not so easy for AA with High Blood pressure . Dr Berg doesnt offer a lot of support for people with hypertension. One must monitor salt intake and BP constantly. Plus it’s not sustainable due to cost and limited choices of good fruit and vegetables.
    As for the article Dr Berg should’ve refunded the money since the person changed their mind within a reasonable time.

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  59. Dr. Berg needs to Hire Competent Staff

    I really like Dr. Berg, I have been loyally buying his supplements & have had nothing but frustration with his staff. I’ve talked to several of them before the phones were shut down to change my credit card. Apparently the sales people didn’t update my card. Now after several months & Emails they tell me they can”t (won’t)
    update or change my Credit Card at all, it’s up to me to start a new account ? What kind of BS is that ??? The level of frustration with his incompetent staff is making it impossible to continue to order his supplements.

  60. Girl you are tripping

    The information and tools that Dr. Berg has provided has helped countless people including myself. I wont discount your feelings or experience but I think that it is very irresponsible to slander his name and the free work he is doing. The funny thing is, no matter what you say bad about him, his work,advice, and products speak for themselves. That’s why he has so much support, not because he pays for reviews. Those of us that have been forever changed by his free researched advice for the better don’t need to be paid to give an honest great review. I wish all Doctors had the guts (get it! Lol) to really put in the work to help patients heal and not just cover up the problem by pushing prescriptions that don’t fix anything

  61. Y'all are Liars!

    I have done keto (and still am keto) came across dr berg and have followed what he has recommend.
    I am over 30lb down!!! My skin has cleared up (blackheads and pimples are practically nonexistent). My skin isn’t dry anymore. My moods have improved. I don’t get constipated anymore. Oh, and my body doesn’t hold onto excess water around my joints anymore.

    He’s helped thousands. People say it doesn’t work cause they are IMPATIENT! Some people will have to wait up to 6 weeks before they see results, simply because the liver is so damaged.

    1. Keto diet is very unhealthy and turns you body to abnormal metabolism. I was on keto diet for only three days and developed horrible side effects. I was not able to sleep and had twitching in all muscle. In the middle of night i had to get up and going to my kitchen and drank a cop of sweet tea and my symptoms resolved. Since then i never tried this diet. I think that you can loos weight by normal consumption of food counting calories. I listened to Dr. Berg lectures and found that even for me being doctor they are too complicated. I compare him to Dr. Oz who made too much money promoting medication from different pharmaceutical companies.

  62. Rubs me wrong

    The first I heard about him definitely gave me bad vibes and digging into him confirmed to me atleast he’s not legit not to mention his steep pricing for supplements that you can get at a health food store for alot cheaper and for more product. I can’t speak for his practice personally but I have past experience with these type of holistic practitioners especially the type that advertise on FB

  63. Strange review

    I read this person’s review on dr Berg. It sounds like this person is the type that always complains and has problems. Berg’s YouTube’s are free. He can’t give everything away. His information is true. If this complainer would just follow the YouTube’s they would have slimmed down. Sounds like they don’t really try or commit to changing. Extreme bad attitude.

  64. Accurate

    My name is Vyas and I completely agree with this review

  65. Scam

    I purchased a membership for $216.00 on the 9th of February which supposedly allowed for a 7 day refundable cancellation. On the 10th I received an email from Dr. Berg granting me membership. I tried to cancel my membership on the 2nd day (11th) and on the 3rd day (12th) to no avail. I couldn’t reach someone authorized to cancel my membership by phone and to this day my emails remain unanswered. On the 7th (17th) day….I found a pending charge from Dr. Berg for $216.00 on my Chase account. Fortunately for me I had called Chase multiple times during the 7 days to alert them to this situation. I absolutely do not believe this was a mistake on the company’s part….but a deliberate scam to take money from people.

  66. You want your health to improve! Follow Dr Berg

    My education on food is now a complete understanding thanks to Dr Eric Berg. Both myself and My wife are on it and have lost weight. But the main reason we do it is for just good health reasons. Dr Bergs education helps you understand the root cause to health issues. I have bought 4 of his products and I can say first hand they work. His Gaul-bladder formula is a must have. I was in the army for years and felt my fitness go down. I developed loads of aches pains and attributed them to wrong reason. Now I can’t wait to train and I totally enjoy the experience with no joint, muscle aches pains etc.. Thanks Dr Berg – you get more than 5 stars in my book and I tell everyone about you.

    1. Incorrect

      So, Dr Eric Berg, you also go by the name of Jonathan Lloyd

  67. Some peeps are dumb

    Dr. Berg has invested many hours of his time producing THOUSANDS of videos containing valuable FREE advice. At the end of the day it’s up to YOU to do the research and dietary experimentation. You do have a mind of your own, do you not? I’ve been watching his YouTube channel for over 3 years and never once felt a knife held to my throat to purchase any of his products and never have. Do I agree with everything he says? NO, but he does have great nuggets of info that I’ve incorporated into my lifestyle. Feel FREE to take his advice or leave it. Take responsibility for your own actions and stop blaming others for your lack of good decision making. Maybe you can chalk this whole experience up to a mistake that you can learn from.

  68. Health Issues Gone

    Dr. Berg has been very helpful for my husband and I. My husband has struggled with diabetes and getting his numbers under control. We followed the keto and intermittent fasting and after 3 days my husband’s number was normal. His joint pain is gone and he is feeling really good.

    I have had great success with weight loss but more important to me is that my health has improved. I do take the raw wheatgrass juice and vitamins that I got from Dr. Berg which is worth every penny. I am happy to pay for quality products. It is cheaper than paying doctor bills.

    I think people who don’t have success are missing hidden sugars or not following the plan. There are thousands of videos to teach you about how your body works and how to make this plan work.

  69. Dr Berg is NOT a all things crime....this review is fake + imagined info.

    Whoever wrote this review is a low IQ person (terrible English grammar!) who most probably has never had the strength to finish anything she has begun except eating junk food? Magic bullets don’t exist..it takes hard work.
    Pleeeeeeeeeeeeze!!! No one can force you to sign a contract unless you are weak-willed. If you do sign, you should have read the rules and thus not cry if you want out. Each one of us adults is responsible for our own actions and lives except babies and toddlers.
    Out of 42 replies to this lady, most of them are positive about Dr. Berg. Only the losers and haters blame others for their own shortcomings.
    From my own experience, Dr. Berg is a kind person, a giver not a taker. Every business has to charge money to cover their costs ( rent, utilities, investment in equipment, tax, accountants, salaries etc etc).
    His knowledge is incredible and his products are God made natural herbs, not poisonous drugs. He has changed my health and life for the better. Thank you Dr. Berg!!!

    1. Dr Berg has scammer written all over him

      All the positive reviews hear about howGreat he is seems like they’re paid bullshit to put these reviews up because he’s making money on desperate people who are overweight and are looking for anything to help . Like I say watch the game it’s written all over him he’s a lying piece of shit SCAMMER

  70. Keep your opinions to yourself

    Dr. Berg is a great and thorough researcher in his own right. He’s spent many years doing great research in a country where Big Pharma has spent millions, if not billions hiding good research like his. Google shows pages of big pharma dialog before you get to natural medicine on their web site, along with Facebook. In this country you have to dig and dig deep for scientific studies of natural products that big pharma is trying to repress so they can dominate the market. Most companies take the money and don’t look at the implications of repressing truthful information that helps people.

  71. If Something Feels Uncomfortable say Enough

    Dr. Bergs Supplements got me back on my feet when my PP could not!
    I couldn’t be happier for having contact with him.
    Since my recovery 3 yrs.ago; I always steer away from canned diet plans I personally know I can’t stick with it.
    I learned from experience to get my vitamins from food.
    I take the advice I can use and turn away from the ones that cost the bucks!

  72. Valuable nutrition advice and products

    He is not a scam… his products have greatly helped my health.

  73. Dr. Eric Berg great man

    I think Dr. Amidi is a jealous…… Dr. Berg is the best thing to happen to me when every other pill pushing moron Doctor like Dr. Amidi almost killed me!!!! I think Dr. Amidi should read the comments on here and shut his hole! I drop 65lbs watching Dr. Berg and Dr. Darren Schmidt, most of my health problems have gone away, I could go on and on here what Dr. Berg has done for me.

  74. Whatever

    Well, I lost 50 lbs in 3 months and I’m off all the medications I was taking. I don’t know what you talking about, you must be one of those sugar/pharmaceutical company trouble maker. Dr Berg videos helped me save my life. Don’t need to say anything else.

  75. He has helped me a lot!

    I used to be a fitness trainer and I come from the health and fitness industry and I have absolutely benefited from Dr. Berg’s incredible knowledge in this field!

    I don’t believe everything that he says but I believe that at least 95% of it is cutting edge and on par. I also believe that the nutritional industry is so corrupt that they even hire people to slander people like Dr. Berg with fake negative feedback and fake negative slander websites. This has even happened to me.

    The guy is phenomenal at what he does and maybe it doesn’t work for everybody but I believe it would work for a majority of people.

    We have to be careful to not be scammed, but we ALSO have to be very careful not to except people claiming scams too easily either! This business is ruthless because people can make money at it.

    Educate yourself and see what works.

  76. I have lost 30 kg because of this man

    Following his videos on keto has allowed me to lose so much weight and keep it off. I have not brought a single product of his and don’t intend to and he doesn’t seem to put the pressure to buy his products as some of the comments have mentioned here which are honestly probably trolls. Anyway keep doing what you are doing Dr Berg. You pretty much are saving my life.

  77. Not Scammy! Powerful Resource for Those Who Are Self-Responsible

    This reviewer is clearly disgruntled by lack of results that are much more likely a result of their own inability to be consistent and take responsibility for their own actions and health results. The review is also redundant and pedantically written which is (as they repeatedly like to say) a “red flag” that this review is an emotional venting session.

    *I have purchased ZERO products sold by Dr Berg and yet have benefitted immensely from the free lectures simply by being vigilant, observant and carefully changing my family’s food sources and daily supplements gradually.

    About Dr Berg’s health and nutrition advice, consider my experience so far:

    I was scared out of my wits with endocrinologist and lab appointments for 2 kids with middle-age diseases! Prescriptions just added more mystery symptoms and worsened fatigue and susceptibility to colds.
    —> 2 kids with NAFLD diagnoses, age 8 & 13 at the time
    (NonAlcoholic Fatty Liver Disease)
    —> PCOS with cysts covering an entire ovary and half if the other was diagnosed in daughter at age 14 after sudden lack ofperiods for 8 months, migraines, extreme fatigue, sleeplessness and ultimately heart palpitations.
    (PolyCystic Ovarian Syndrome)
    —> All three of us had increasing belly fat, fatigue, depression, skin problems, sensitive teeth, headaches, sleep disturbances and brain fog which felt like we were spiraling into the abyss of the American health crisis.

    I cannot afford personal consultations for myself and two kids so I began taking diligent notes from Dr Berg’s free resources (YouTube & Blog site). I also researched other resources for diet, hormones, physiology, the nutritional cons we were tragically raised to believe throughout the 80’s until recently and ultimately the commonalities between early stage insulin resistance and the myriad of related diseases. Checking Berg’s reference sources and double checking physiological info with long-established reputable sources like Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins and others gave me confidence to start integrating certain advice about nutrition and supplements for myself and two kids who were both diagnosed by their pediatrician for being at risk for NAFattyLiverD – which most doctors outside the US concur that diagnosis of the disease generally happens far to late once the liver is more than 50% compromised.

    – For about 4 months, I made a few simple changes like reducing processed foods by about 80% and adding a few daily supplements like (sea kelp), and periodic fasting(like not eating for 10-14 hrs from dinner to breakfast) and we ALL experienced slight weight loss and a glorious change in mental capacity, more energy and improved mood.
    – I then focused on the PCOS diagnosis most intensely because it was keeping my daughter from living her life. After 2 more months and a few specific changes in supplements and daily movement she finally started sleeping at night and began having regular periods again! We avoided the pressure of using metformin AND she has not needed progesterone for her period. We’re doing it ourselves! So proud.

    Now I am returning to the Fatty Liver restitutions and refreshing my notes and comprehension of the science is THE MOST IMPORTANT ACTION A PERSON MUST FIRST TAKE in order to take advantage of the accurate and free lectures provided by not only Dr Berg but other well known and reputable health advisors publishing these days as well.

    This reviewer needs to stop blaming and start taking responsibility for their own lifestyle choices.
    The obsession with money “wasted” in this review fails for two reasons:
    – compare the cost of a health & nutrition expert consultation to the medical bills and rx to treat the same issues with magic modern medicine… thousands upon thousands saved
    – the person wasting money in this scenario is clearly the client who is unable or unwilling to be diligent on their own behalf

    If my family could afford the health care that all human beings should have reasonable access to I might not have found these resources and my own courage to change in time to rescue us from the mercy of doctors throwing pills at problems. If we could afford personal consultations we certainly wouldn’t waste the money we’d spend it and follow through with the opportunity to step up, grow up and actively be responsible for ourselves.

    Go forward with diligence, skepticism, observation and patience. Courage comes with effort and success.

    Thank you for reading.

  78. Dr Berg's side of the story would be interesting

    This is a one-sided story. Makes rash generalizations >
    What proof is there of this? The payment plans are standard for alternative medicine.

    This review is full of unsubstantiated anger. Berg is highly regarded in the alternative field.

    What is the proof in this? Again, just claims without foundation.

    If he already had answers about his health why did you go?

    There is clearly an axe to grind here and we the reading audience has no idea what it is, but he was able to malign Dr Berg without the full story.

    No,, I don’t work for Dr Berg or have ever been to see him. I worked for another alternative medicine person for 3 yrs far away from Berg; I know this type well. They want to get well without effort and without compensation to the doctor. Often they will take the supplements offered them, not follow the routine and expect to be well in a week. It took years to get unhealthy, it takes years and effort to get well.

    This person should have stuck with a traditional medicine MD and taken drugs forever.

  79. Possible Credit Card Hack

    Today I saw a $.01 charge and immediate $.01 credit on my bank card. I notified the bank and they will assist me in monitoring my card activity and flag anything related to Dr. Berg. I am concerned that someone from his company has tried to hack my account. Very scary, especially after I have read some of the scam reports on this, and other sites.


    On simple google search of ”eric berg scientlogy” links up alot of sites showing eric bergs involvement with the scientology cult and how he gives thousands to scientology. Everytime you give money to him the money goes directly to Scientology.

    Also all the comments here defending Eric Berg are mostly Scientology shills, they are known to try and silence people with opinions.

    1. Reply to conspiracy theorists

      Hahaha!!! What’s this Scientology BS? I’ve never invested a penny in Dr Berg’s products and gave a review. Remove your tinfoil hat. Lol


    Eric Berg calling himself a doctor and misleading people into thinking he is a doctor is illegal.
    Eric berg is a chiropractor and a very sleazy chiropractor with a very bad history.
    He had a 1500$ penalty by the virginia boards of medicine and almost had his chiropractic licence revoked
    Reprimand, $1500 monetary penalty and license subject to
    terms and condition based on providing treatment outside the
    scope of chiropractic medicine and inadequate medical
    recordkeeping in multiple patient cases and multiple
    instances of false and deceptive advertising.

    His ”health” center is also a SCIENTOLOGY MONEY LAUNDERING BUSINESS, his communication center sucks and the people who work there are extremely rude and nasty and many people complain about not getting refunds after their supplements have NOT arrived.

    Eric Bergs supplements are the same as the type of suspicious supplements that they sell on alibaba and aliexpress.

    On simple google search of ”eric berg scientlogy” links up alot of sites showing eric bergs involvement with the scientology cult and how he gives thousands to scientology. Everytime you give money to him the money goes directly to Scientology.

    Also all the comments here defending Eric Berg are mostly Scientology shills, they are known to try and silence people with opinions.

  82. This is a biased report

    My experience is this Dr. Has helped me more than any other medical care I have taken.
    Without disclosing my private medical issues, I received more assistance to know my body and to change my lifestyle to assist through food and very few supplements.
    Where I could help my body to heal I did while
    His research was taken serious by me.
    I made food my medicine while following his common sense advice through life style.
    No where was I encouraged to buy only his products.
    Most all of his care was free, I’m grateful for his videos that helped me to find a way to heal a serious illness.

  83. Sounds Like This Was Written By a Bot/AI/Foreigner

    This review seems as fake as they come.

  84. Dr Berg is amazing

    I dont know what your agenda is in trashing Dr Berg. You obviously have one. Your opinions are so far from the evident truth they are clearly made up lies. I have been doing his diet for about 5 months and have found it fantastic. Have lost many kilograms of weight and feel much healthier. I do not work for him or have any reason to back his diet other than the fact that I am a very satisfied customer.

  85. Sounds like a whiny bitch, to me.

    Dr. Berg has moved heaven and earth to make FREE video’s with extremely important information not easily (or impossible) to find elsewhere. I have learned MANY things on how to resolve problems with his freely given knowledge. An I am far from being a novice. I’ve been in medicine for 20+ years. This person sounds like someone who wasn’t serious about doing the hard work of changing /self. Its not for the faint of heart.

    1. I love his products, have already lost weight in less than a week!

      EXACTLY! Why do they have her on top? This site feeds on this and is making people put a 1 star based on wanting to give a review to her review, but you’re not realizing that it’s to Dr Berg.

      I love Dr Berg. I just started the diet and got some supplements that came with the deal. I feel 90% than I have felt in years! But I’m actually DOING THE DIET.

      If someone “made” you pay $1400, how didn’t they “make” you do the diet, which is what cures you, and the supplements help. NO ONE makes you do anything unless you want it in that moment. You make yourself do things. That’s why I’m losing weight every day, because I’m making myself stick to this because it’s working. It actually works.

      I also have a condition that I suffer from every day since I was a child. His supplements and powders have made me feel normal for once, exponentially better.

      I get no money from saying this. I’m not affiliated to Dr Berg, but it makes me mad that someone spent more than they can afford, but don’t even try it out, and then whine. It’s not the plan’s problem. It’s a willpower problem!

  86. i looked online on maps and talked to their people there is no wellness center jusy online presence so what the heck is this guy talking about


    What a pathetic attempt to discredit Dr. Berg. All you have to do is just read all of tbe replies from people who have benefited from his information. Dr. Berg has saved and is still saving many lives. You are a very weak person by claiming that the staff at Dr. Berg’s clinic “made you” do anything. They didn’t make you sign up for the program or pay the $1400 or make you sign the no refund form. I have never felt pressured into purchasing his products or seeking his services at his clinic. Everything that I have received from Dr. Berg has been free through YouTube.

  88. Saved My Life

    1. Dr Berg is a chiropractor. He no longer sees patients 2. Most of his videos are free on YouTube 3. Almost everything he is selling is available from other sellers on Amazon, so you can shop around 4. You can do keto without buying anything he sells. 5. I suspect this is a hit piece. Without going into great detail, this man saved my life. I am no longer diabetic,. All of my bloodwork is normal and it wasn’t before. I no longer have heart palpitations, dizziness, and weakness. I have lost 20 pounds in 2 months on his keto plan. I was scheduled for a total knee replacement but my knee pain is going away rapidly. Haters are going to hate.

  89. YouTube informative Videos

    I Enjoy watching short videos that are straight to the point a lot of home remedies & love overall holistic way.

  90. Nobody can MAKE you do anything. If so, then you're weak!

    You people are so stupid! Nobody can MAKE you do anything. If so, then you’re weak and are easily corruptible and conned into things. That’s all YOU! Smarten up and get your heads out of your a**holes!

  91. You must be kidding or living in another multi-verse

    I can’t think of any medical professional that has had a more positive influence in my life. Since following Dr. Berg I have healed myself of virtually all the symptoms of metabolic syndrome and lost 40 lbs. No medical doctor I have ever consulted has ever taken the time to even explain anything but the pills I had to take and file a report. Dr. Berg is the future of medicine. If he sets up a foundation I will gladly contribute. I can only suspect that the above naysayer has a vested interest in trying to sully Dr. Berg’s reputation.

  92. Come with Dr. Berg if you want to live!

    The Pharmaceutical Industrial Complex needs to be shutdown. It is out if control and dangerous. Snake oil salesmen by any other name. Drugs are never a long term solution for 90 percent of most of medical issues.

  93. pathetic

    What a hit piece. Fortunately, all one has to do is watch Dr. Berg’s videos to know this post is just garbage. Love you, Dr. Berg!

  94. Order from UK

    I did order D3 & K2 Vitamin from Dr. Berg Nutritionals company in US and it was really hard to receive it ,I have had to contact the company so many times to find out where is my package and always the answer was that I have to contact USPS which really very difficult to reach ,in addition I have had to pay extra money as it is outside UK which I have not been told from the company .
    The manager Roxana send me an email telling me that I m lucky to receive it in one month because the average time for an international shipment is 6-8 weeks, sometimes longer due to customs.
    This is ridicules and disappointing.

  95. A clued up person that gives away tons of free information

    Many “fitness” guru’s and practitioners of health are textbook and not very helpful. This man knows his trade and releases tons of free nutritional and physiological information, that after some research have always been correct. What’s more, is advice on getting healthy and losing body fat work. Some reviewers here claim they’re a scammer, but 2000+ other people that have given 5* reviews predominately from watching his YouTube videos can’t be wrong, they’ve also seen results from the free information provided. If you don’t get gets then you’re doing something wrong.

  96. Dr. Berg Does not See Patients

    Does anyone on here even realize that Dr. Berg no longer sees patients and hasn’t for quite some time and even when he did it was not for nutrition purposes is was for chiropractic.

  97. No Scam!!

    i have watched nearly all his videos on YouTube…. If it wasn’t for his detailed professional advice, i wouldn’t feel like a million dollars right now…. not to mention that i lost 15kg in a month and a half, following the advice on keto and nomad. Thank You for your professional advice.

  98. Inaccurate

    I’d first like to point out that Diorys, Judy and David Kerst gave Jsd43 a five star review even though the body of their review appeared to be disputing the report. Judging by their comments about Dr. Berg, the 5 star ratings were meant for Dr. Berg.
    I can understand a person having a bad experience, perhaps Jsd43 did have a bad experience, but there may have been a mis-understanding of Dr. Bergs policies. I don’t like making an appointment and having to wait an hour to be seen. I would blame his support staff for that. I’m not real happy with Dr. Berg’s website where he sells his products. Very difficult to check out, I’ve given up and have purchased from others on Amazon. But to say that Dr. Berg is a scammer is inaccurate. He has offered countless videos on youtube for free! These free videos have helped countless people to get healthy, he also often has a live stream where you can ask him questions, this is also free. Yes, you can go the extra mile and pay for products and services, but I’ve never felt pressured to do so. I believe that he has added years to my life.
    Perhaps Dr. Berg could be more discriminate when hiring his Staff, but it makes me sad for someone to accuse him of scamming when he has helped so many people. Especially considering the fact that the Government and the medical community has been grossly negligent regarding our health and diet all for capital gain! Corn is dangerous to our health in any form, wheat can cause problems with our immune system. These products have been shoved down our throats for over 100 years by the department of agriculture. The results have not been good my adrenal glands and gallbladder has been destroyed because of this. Dr. Berg has done more than his part to get the information out there and turn it around. He should be applauded for that.

    1. Totally agree. Never bought anything from him but have watched hours of his videos and his advice is excellent. Notable that his detractors never refute him in any detail, because where offering spurious and false health and nutritional advice the boot is very much on the other foot. Even if Dr B’s commercial products or services are flawed, and I wouldn’t know about that obviously, I can’t fault his YouTube channel which is absolutely free and he doesn’t interrupt his talks with annoying plugs for product.

  99. I placed an order on Friday May 24th . I dealt with his so called people taking my order. They had no time for me, and quickly rushed me through my order as was getting ready for their long weekend so to speak. This morning Monday May 27, I get up 2 hours early with our time change, to cancel my order, as there was NO TRACKING number as yet, meaning the order hasen’t been shipped. I asked for a refund, and not to ship anything, as I do not wish to deal with them. Their answering service was very RUDE, I am now waiting for what they say is a phone call to see what their reply will be. I have been in business all of my life, and have not been treated like this, and will have no choice but to take action if they do not refund my monies. Living in Canada, they likely think they can get away with anything, well, we will see about this. Faye Van Haaren.

    1. My testimony is simply that I am down over 50 lb and a lot healthier I just listening to videos that didn’t cost me anything. Those videos were up free of charge from Doctor Berg. If you choose to spend money you can go further and by his products or membership, but that is strictly by choice. And he does charge for his products that he offers; did you really expect him to give them to you for free? can you go to your doctor’s office for free? Can you go to your Pharmacy and get prescriptions for free? Do over the counter supplements come free? Have you demanded any of these places give you your money back? And if so, how did that go for you?
      Obviously, you are still eating sugar and carbs and your Spike has went down and you are now crabby and having anxiety issues. I suggest you go on a keto diet to level yourself out and listen to dr. Berg some more.

  100. I have watched hundreds of Dr Eric Berg's videos, and began the Keto Diet 1 year ago I was begining to become Diabetic and weighed 389 lbs 1 year later I weigh 315 and feel much better. I just had my insulin base test and It is good! and I am very happy with the results. I live in California so I cant go to Dr berg's clinic I have never bought anything from Dr berg But I trust his advice and I am not too sure of the Veracity of these claims on this site

    The internet is full of these kinds of sites…

  101. I believe Dr Berg is being scammed by Jsd45 in this report

    Jsd45 … Just reading this so called report I see your personality and character coming through every sentence … you definitely need help!

  102. Dr Eric Berg is the greatest

    Dr Eric Berg does sell stuff but so do drug companies. I have followed Dr Eric Berg since December ’18 and I have nothing but admiration for him. I have never had such great blood work and i’m about do to my first marathon since my heart attack by following the Keto diet. If you have a heart attack the doctors want to put you on Statins for life! No fu?king way. See you in 50 years.

  103. excellent free advice that has helped me greatly

  104. Isn’t the real scam... this website?

    I’m wondering where the scam is. Dr Berg? Some of the reviews on this page? This very website? On the latter, the line “His fancy marketing strategy has nothing to do with the results” just below Dr Berg’s name without any mention of the source is a scam in itself and invalidates the whole thing! Or am I missing something?

    Meanwhile, I’m following his videos and it seems to help me big time!

    1. This article has no evidence

      This article sounds like pure propaganda, offering no evidence whatsoever. When one looks at the real results had by sincere students/practitioners of Dr Berg’s methods, people are in fact very much better off in their health and weight than before, and they attest to the fact themselves all over the internet and in videos. This website is the real scam.

  105. Dr Berg is amazing.

    Thank god I found him, he gives people who are serious about taking control of their own health hope, instead of going down the medical quacks way who only hand out drugs!

  106. This is bullsh......

    Dr Berg does not pressure you into purchasing his online stuff. He gives you the options, or what you could look for to help a certain problem. His videos are informative, helpful and give hope to so many people who have been to the medical doctor who only hands out drugs. He explains everything well and gives people hope and the opportunity to resource alternative option. This site is a scam!

    1. I have never felt pressured to buy anything but would love to but unfortunately the postage to Australia is too expensive.

  107. loss wight

    i have loss 8 kg for one month thank you.

    1. Great news. I’m about to go on his 14 Day Sugar Free diet, now who could possibly say that’s bad? Only a moron…..

    2. Confusing rating suggestion

      I think there is some confusion as to wether you are rating Dr. Berg or rating the negative review of Dr. Berg making the way that someone decides to choose the number of stars to be opposite of what they mean. They should make this more clear. Because they ask ‘How do you rate this review’ it looks like people who are choosing 1 Star are rating Dr Berg poorly and not that they are in fact rating the negative review poorly.
      I am someone who has been researching his ideas but have not implemented them yet, so I cannot speak to a personal anecdote of his methods.

  108. He’s awesome

    I’ve lost heaps of weight by just listening to his you tube tutorials!!!! I haven’t bought one of his products just my local Health food shop in Australia and Dr Bergs Instagram where I have asked questions and they have answered. I think he is great and his ideas have worked for me and made me a healthier version of myself. All for free. And the same for my friend. Cost is nothing.

    1. All his information is free, it’s invaluable. Thank you so much Dr Berg.

    2. Ok so why do you put only one star, you might to change it to 5 stars.

  109. Dr. Eric Berg's book and youtube videos are a valuable resource to those that want to get healthy

    Dr. Berg’s provides a wealth of information that has helped me and thousands of others around the world. I didn’t start Keto until I did a ton of research and learned so much from Dr. Berg. He also helps you along the way with any issue you have. He goes “live” on youtube to answer questions directly and for FREE. He is passionate about getting to the root causes of every health issue and has saved people so much money as they go off their prescriptions. He recommends supplements sometimes in his video and tells people to make sure they aren’t synthetic. He did make his own products to make sure they are the best quality and such things as more trace minerals etc… He doesn’t push his products or make anyone buy them? We are adults not victims! We go forward in life making decisions along the way and learning. If you decide to sign up for 6 session then pay for 6 sessions. If you order his products and use them, you should pay for them. Live with your own decisions and grow up.

    1. You’re a moron & Eric’s little bitch!

    2. Totally agree.

  110. Best doctor I have ever sern

    He knows more about health and how the body works, what is the root of health issues and how to correct them and prevent them allowing the body to repair itself naturally.

    I started trying his advise on the videos, got his book and his masage tool andI started feeling better after 3 years feeling sick and not seeing any improvement. I contacted him, he gave me an evaluation, advise on diet, some principles and supplements and yes, I my health came back. That was a miracle. He is not a medical doctor, ok, however in my opinion no medical doctor is as effective and helpful as he is. I recommend anyone to try his advise. Medications and drugs just treat symptoms, they contribute to more deterioration of the body. However the drug companies make millions and have taken control of the health care system. He and other amazing doctors like him are wrongly considered scams, however they are the ones who can heal the sick. I think is very unfair and mean what people say out there besides it is not true. He is so far the best doctor I have ever seen.

    1. He has help me so much. I’m so happy I found him.

  111. Worked for me....

    Dr. Berg was the only thing that helped with my weight loss. It lowered my cholesterol and my blood pressure. Maybe it isn’t for everyone. Maybe some people just don’t have the willpower.

    It is not an easy thing to do. You have to be ready to do it and really stick to it. I do not see Dr. Berg as a scammer. In his videos, he says, You can buy my product of any product you can find as long as you do.

    1. He is Exceptionally Thorough!

      Some people just bad energy nobody can make a grown ass women nor man spend their money so to say “They MADE ME DO IT” im sure your weight stems from your stress and bad energ. Everything that dr. Berg has posted on YOUTUBE has been thorough and on pont. I know becuase I tried it and it worked. He is smart, competent and sharp and now I only google him for my solutions. Now Im will be buying his and not because HE MADE ME… Some people just born to be fat, stressed, mean and complain. No good energy..

    2. Totally agree, thank god I found him.

    3. Dr. Berg deserves to make a living too! At least he's legit!

      My testimony is simply that I am down over 50 lb and a lot healthier I just listening to videos that didn’t cost me anything. Those videos were up free of charge from Doctor Berg. If you choose to spend money you can go further and by his products or membership, but that is strictly by choice. And he does charge for his products that he offers; did you really expect him to give them to you for free? can you go to your doctor’s office for free? Can you go to your Pharmacy and get prescriptions for free? Do over the counter supplements come free? Have you demanded any of these places give you your money back? And if so, how did that go for you?
      Obviously, you are still eating sugar and carbs and your Spike has went down and you are now crabby and having anxiety issues. I suggest you go on a keto diet to level yourself out and listen to dr. Berg some more.

    4. He Saved My Life!

      You wouldn’t get a better education in medical school!

      No MD has EVER treated the root of any of my health issues, they only treated symptoms and not well.

      I started taking control of my own life and did my own research and Dr. Berg was the only source that lined up with the truth I uncovered myself.

      I have not been disappointed once, as I follow the outlined knowledge he has provided. My body changed so dramatically! Not just weight, but HEALTH!

      He teaches that you don’t lose weight to get healthy, you get healthy to lose weight.

      He will teach you how your body functions on a cellular level and what your organs need to stay healthy.

      I have healed so many with this knowledge that has been hidden in order to support a thriving billion dollar medical industry…there’s no money in the healthy!!

      I chose knowledge. I chose health. I choose ME!