DM Immigration Consultants Dubai

They eat up your money and never respond to you again.
115 Complaints
DM Immigration Consultants Dubai Review

I don’t recommend utilizing their service based on my personal experience.

I lost 8000SAR, and I confided in this organization as they were reaching ordinary; however, I began questioning their administration when they started sending messages month to month.

Their taking care of it was exceptionally amateurish.

1. I gave every one of the archives to them in starting, yet they made my profile in the express section following one year, they deferred from their side.

2. they don’t explain necessities before all else gradually.

They will request records where you will run for 2 to 3 months and no achievement, and afterward, they guarantee to close the case because archives are not accessible.

3. Concurred course of events was 12-15 months. However, they couldn’t meet the responsibility date and surpassed the timetable.

4. Till today, there is no transparency on my advancement what they have done as such far. At the point when you ask them, they don’t react.

As an advisor, they should direct. However, I haven’t got any consultancy administrations.

You will unquestionably not understand since starting and once you pay the cash, fail to remember it.

They don’t react to messages; they take cash from individuals with bogus guarantees.

Try not to fall into the trap.


It was a wrong decision to sign up with DM immigration consultants Dubai. They will call you and do the follow-ups till they get money. I paid them, and they did nothing for me.

When I requested a refund for doing nothing, they said it was impossible to check the contract. They will not even think of the situation you are in.

Be careful when they ask you to sign the contract. They give themselves the right to take the money with no refund even if they do nothing.


Address – Office 3701/3703, Latifa Tower East wing Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Crown Plaza, Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone number – +971 4 344 7757

Website –

They are big fraud, be aware.


We have been with DM consultants for over two years now, and we are very disappointed.

When we return to consultants for any updates, there is just an excuse. I never answered the questions or queries…

The marketing executive needs to be very particular before making any promises.

If promises cannot be met, then they should not be made.

Case officials change frequently, and you do not understand what’s going on with your document.

When we contact them, they say they will hit us up, yet they won’t.

If we need to accomplish practically everything, check to assume the regions are opening and qualified. For what reason do we need consultants.

Amazingly Unhappy with the assistance.

We have attempted to contact you a few times and posture worries of the help; however, it is some faltering reason.

Except if we contact, no update is given, which isn’t how a specialist should work.

As of now, it has been over a half year they have even reached us.

We have squandered for two years.

We burned through cash and besides our time.

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115 Complaints on DM Immigration Consultants Dubai

  1. Scammer company

    this company never call me…I am who always have to call and ask and till now nothing happened….it’s my worst experience I trusted them but they are also like same migration companies

  2. Waste company

    After taking money they said that I will get work permits within two weeks. But when after two weeks I’m calling most of the time he doesn’t receive my call or when he receives he is meeting….this company never call me…I am who always have to call and ask and till now nothing happened….it’s my worst experience I trusted them but they are also like same migration companies…

  3. Worst service

    They are very very slow. I started with them for almost 1year and half and am still waiting for only application submission. They took their fees at the beginning and you have to chase them the whole way to finish your application. It’s really frustrating to the maximum

  4. Worst service not to recommend

    Fake agreements and fake promises It’s shocking when you asked Agreement number on social platform whereas by knowing my name itself you could have resolved the issue. This shows your proactiveness and this is why I have to use google platform. it’s almost 12 hours since you responded on google but no one approached me.

  5. Fake company Fake promises

    I never received a call to update the status. I initiated a follow up and then it became a habit. My experience from this phase is very bad. Now I follow up all the time, but they do not respond to a few initial calls. (This happened every time) And finally when they receive the call they say ‘Let me check’. and dropped my call.

  6. FALSE ATTITUDE! and fake staff

    I am just sharing my experience.
    I agree that DM’s team is active in the initial phase and shares all the information, but it is not the same once the application is launched. As a customer, I accept at least one call per month to update the status of the application or at least an immediate response when you contact them. But they don’t even proceed with my application making lame excuses when i contact them. they are scam.

  7. Worst Service

    Very bad and lazy consultants, Very much unsatisfied and Worst Experience.

  8. very bad consultant company in dubai

    Really disappointed with their services. nobody bothers to answer the questions or provide updates, despite numerous tries. Still trying to get an update on my application but no help has been provided

  9. bad experience with this company

    DM immigration consultant has a non-professional staff. After paying them the fees they will not respond to any of your query’s. So I would suggest everyone don’t waste your money and time


    Don’t waste your time money in DM immigration. They eat up your money and never respond to you again.

  11. Avoid this DM company

    Stay away from DM immigration UAE, they are a complete fraud and will not even answer your calls once you have paid the money

  12. very worst

    I am stuck with them coz of my org commitment but I would not recommend anyone who is choosing them on a personal work.

  13. SCAM

    In follow up to my previous review. I would like to warn all customers who are moving ahead with DM consultants to request them agreements and contracts at the time of enrollment before payment. That is how I got stuck with DM by being scammed. They initially act friendly by telling you everything you want to hear and when it comes to the seriousness of the matter they dodge calls / remind us about contracts and so many other things. Do not be flattered by imaginary promises they provide. Cause not everyone in UAE earns a lavish amount of a salary. I have given up on DM as they intent to only drag the case longer and longer. Please don’t waste your money on DM.

  14. they are irresponsible

    This place should not be authorized to handle passports and immigration documents if they can’t have proper correspondence with applicants

  15. no commends to say

    I am honestly so confused to see all these good reviews about this organization. My experience was a totally stressful one and I did not feel looked after at all.

  16. Don't recommend this company to any one

    This place is an absolute nightmare to deal with. I put through an application by mistake and have been asking for a refund. I have called and emailed many times and get no response. I am talking about quite a lot of money. I would not recommend that you go near this organsation.

  17. useless company

    Honestly, the most useless people I have ever met. They refuse to help you and give you any information in regards to your own application, talking like robots and completely disregarding what you ask of them. Provided me with incorrect information 4 times prior to that, some training is definitely needed for those guys. Adding to that, it is actually extremely hard to find anyone who speaks English, each department should at least have one English speaking personnel.

  18. rude behaviour..

    If the number of ONE star reviews does not scare you, then please tread carefully ahead. Fraudulent company that believes in cheating its customers.

  19. frustrating

    The worst experience ever. Do not use this company – they completed important documents incorrectly and would not return any of my calls or emails.

  20. bad service

    My uncle booked them because he found them a good and professional immigration company but all they did with him was a scam.

  21. bad experiences

    These people are only good at marketing their immigration company and after that they are not good at anything at all.

  22. bad work

    I am so much in tension after reading these reviews, so 1 week before I handed them all of my documents and details so they can start working but now I am scared about what they will do with my visa.

  23. not happy this company service

    Am I the only one who did not find them right? So I visited them and from the way they talked to their employees I got suspicious and I don’t know why but I didn’t feel they were right.

  24. worst service this company

    It has been a year and these people haven’t even started working on my visa. I don’t know why these people are doing this but they will never ever do your work and if you ask them to start they will make lame excuses.

  25. rude behaviour..

    The worst experience ever. Do not use this company – they completed important documents incorrectly and would not return any of my calls or emails.

  26. Had a really bad experience

    These people will try their best to trap as many people as they can. so please guys save yourself and do not get trapped by them.

  27. no response

    I would say every one kindly don’t take service from IAM . They are fraud people, they don’t respond to your emails neither give any service. Once you make payment then they don’t respond.

  28. scam

    Very poor experience. It costs a lot for their “services” and the visa fee is not included in these costs. Also their customer service is very poor and their response times even poorer. Overall a very very poor service provider.

  29. rude behaviour..

    Very poor customer service youncan throw your money in the garbage bin rather than using their service

  30. bad company

    I am not in favor of booking this immigration company at all because these people are only here to waste the time of their clients, nothing else.

  31. not recommend this company

    I would suggest you burn your money rather than wasting it in this immigration company because at least after burning them you will not feel shattered.

  32. compnay not recommend

    If you ask me about this immigration company then I will not recommend this to you because all this immigration will do is make excuses and nothing else.

  33. fraud company

    I am not a person who writes reviews and all but this immigration company has made me do this. So this immigration company has behaved with me so badly, they treated me like a piece of shit. Guys please stay away from them.

  34. Worst Compnay

    The immigration company does not worth you anything because they are frauds and will waste the time only by lying.

  35. frustrating

    SCAM !!! If you gave them money, kiss it goodby and move on with your life.

  36. scam

    Had really bad experience, they have made many mistakes in visa application form, ignore emails, and work super slowly. don’t recommend to anyone.

  37. Very poor time waste

    The staff members of the immigration company don’t even have sufficient knowledge about their own company. When I told them to give me details they were totally blank.

  38. frustrating

    Very pathetic…pathetic response…they show no respect or care…dont reply to mails, if you call them they will tell either they are off-sick or in some meeting or having lunch….this happens every time…This is just for a simple visa renewal case itself and wondering what will be the response for complex cases infact it is very dangerous to give those ones to them in the first place …im putting 1 star just bcoz i cant post without even a star

  39. rude behaviour..

    Worst service. Response by mail are very worst and If you call also not lifting phone. so many times we have to follow up. many mistakes in filling up forms and sponsership. they made my DOB mistake. Better look for good service provider. I think all posivite feedback are paid guys reviews

  40. DM immigration company is WORST Consultant ever

    My case manager was so weird, at first he was very nice with me and then they changed my case manager and it happened with me 2 times. And the third time the manager I got was not knowledge at all.

  41. bad service

    Worst experience ever. Middle of nowhere, endless wait for the operation, endless wait to get parking, staff treat you like a secondary citizen

  42. fake

    I’m trying to call and speak to some one and and the machine isn’t letting me it’s just sending me messages and it’s the right information

  43. rude behaviour..

    These people are impossible to reach. The number listed goes to a virtual operator and then disconnects. While they list a number … they are too cheap to pay for a receptionist.

  44. no response

    worst service ever. She takes the money that is it her job ends there. She will not respond to any emails, calls, texts . for the Process

  45. rude behaviour..

    The employees are so unprofessional, also slow and not helpful at all

  46. scam

    Terrible. Going around in circles with these people.

  47. frustrating

    Awfuly rude and classless. Tremendously disappointing as a Canadian to see what a disgusting place this is

  48. bad service company

    I am not getting the services this immigration company has promised me for, these people are liars and they have made so many false promises from me.

  49. wrost company service

    These guys can be harmful to you too, so please try to avoid these kinds of fraud companies. It would be better for you.

  50. bad service, don't join this company

    These people have threatened me because I told them that I will take legal action against them because these people are frauds.

  51. bad service company

    I was the client of this immigration company and I have wasted my 2 years running behind them, they still didn’t do anything for me and I am still waiting.

  52. frauds company

    They have been lying and doing frauds with people for years. I can’t believe that these guys are still doing this fraud.

  53. fake company

    Guys they will behave with you so nicely in the beginning but please do not make yourself fall for their nice behavior because that is totally fake.

  54. fraud service

    Please guys do not believe in them, whatever they will say is going to be a lie. So do not believe in this fake immigration company.

  55. i am not recommend

    I am not at all in favor of this immigration company because these people are frauds and will make you fool with their cheap tactics.

  56. service worst

    I booked this immigration company for visa purposes and when I started working with them I got to know that all those things these people were showing were totally fake. They were totally below expectations!!!

  57. worst compnay

    I was not interested in them but my wife insisted on me so I booked them and they actually turned out exactly the same as how I judged them.

  58. Very poor

    All the staff of this immigration company are fraudulent and will only take money from you and after their mission is completed, they will block you from everywhere.

  59. Cheating Company

    Please do not believe in them these people are scammers and they only know how to scam other people. So please save yourself from them

  60. Horrible experience for visitor visa application to Canada for parents. They spoiled my application even after I am a PR of Canada.

    These creatures are the most fake creatures in the world, they will lie to you till the end. They never speak the truth, I don’t know why but they always did this.


    The slowest service center in the world!!! We’ve been waiting for 2 years our approval!!

  62. DON'T HELP

    They don’t help people in need and actually deserted me in the middle of a crisis.


    They didn’t give my situation any attention they just said there isnt anything they could.the people at this office need to go back to law

  64. bad service

    I am stuck with them coz of my org commitment but I would not recommend anyone who is choosing them on a personal work.

  65. no response

    These people are impossible to reach. The number listed goes to a virtual operator and then disconnects. While they list a number … they are too cheap to pay for a receptionist.


    Very arrogant, highly aggressive and money hunter type .cheater..

  67. bad service...VERY SLOW..

    The slowest service center in the world!!! We’ve been waiting for 2 years our approval!!

  68. inaccesible service ever

    legal services scams they do not help you they help take from you but GOD sees it all.


    This is my genuine opinion about this company. It is a Cheater Company

  70. no response

    Non-responsive automated phone system. They do not respond adequately or promptly to written inquiries.

  71. worst company I am not recommend

    I was not interested in them but my wife insisted on me so I booked them and they actually turned out exactly the same as how I judged them.

  72. not recommend this company

    These people are big liars, if you ask them about anything even a simple thing, they will start lying to you. I don’t know why they do this

  73. worst company

    They were so lazy in my visa case and not doing anything and I was reminding them again and again but there was no advantage of reminding them.

  74. not join this company

    As I was in dire need of a good immigration company who can do all the things professionally, I know about visas and all but I just needed a professional touch. So I booked this immigration company but they have done even worse than me.

  75. worst compnay service

    The thing that I hate most about them is that these people are so lazy and if you ask them about work updates suddenly, they will come up with lame excuses.

  76. WORST Consultant

    These guys are not serious in their work; they are totally non serious and will not do anything for you so it would be amazing if you stay away.

  77. Waste of time very bad

    I will not go to this immigration company ever again, they have done so bad with me and still do. So I fired them and will never hire this kind of immigration company

  78. SCAM

    I am another VICTIM of a scam company (DM consultants). I hope my message reach’s the maximum view to avoid innocent people getting into such SCANDALS, while all we hope to have a bright future they are only making MONEY by providing imaginary promises. I approached DM as it seemed a better agency than many others I have visited, turned out its as DISAPPOINTING as any would be. The staff professionalism lasts only till payment are made. Henceforth no returning of calls and GHOSTING the customer. Its been a year I have enrolled with DM and haven’t had a single interview till date. Agreements and Contracts are something that should be provided at the commencement of process but DM is so professional that they sent me the contract only when I yelled at them which I dint even know existed as now they are trying to keep themselves safe. When I asked them why they dint bother showing me the contract and taking my sign when I was physically present at the firm their reason was covid. So they insisted me to come and meet them but worried of signing a document in short misleading the customer and trying scam methods. Please note there are much more other things they have done which I wont post YET due to confidential reasons.

  79. Bad Company

    Whatever they say from you guys they are lying please keep this in your mind because if you trust them it will be a problem for you guys.

    I have been their client for 2 years and in these 2 years these people have only done one thing which is making excuses.

  80. simply waste

    money also not refunded.after this issue goes in police station.dont waste your money to this type of fake consultancy.simply waste

  81. unprofessional

    Unprofessional. The lady at the counter asked for additional documents and gave us 30 min time. About 3 people who faced similar issues were able to submit them without a new token.. While we were made to wait for 3 hours. The lady was making faces when we approached. Quite shocking

  82. horrible one

    No manners at all on how to even talk let alone do business.

  83. bad service

    The session started very strange. He asked the money very weirdly upfront right away. The session started without my consent of letting his intern sitting with us. He chatted about 15 minutes regarding my job, what I do, irrelevant subjects.

  84. worst service

    Non-responsive automated phone system. They do not respond adequately or promptly to written inquiries.

  85. frustrating

    They didn’t give my situation any attention they just said there isnt anything they could.the people at this office need to go back to law

  86. This is Bad company ever

    PLEASE DON’T TRUST them. Highly Unprofessional and money minded. They don’t have time for their clients and will keep ignoring you.

  87. Very unprofessional and inexperienced people

    Just because of them i got a refusal and the case manager send me the greeting mail that greetings you visa has been refused. If there were the option of attachment, I would have attached the greeting mail. So plz i am requesting don’t take any chance.

  88. Cheating Company

    Fake Organizations, Cheaters.
    For registration fees they are telling lot of things after that they will show original character how they are.

  89. Not having cooperative staff and even seniors are of rude behavior.

    I having very bad experience once you paid money to them , just they will sent some email that’s it , no follow up , you don’t get reply for your email or what’s app message, before you pay money you will get instant response. I don’t recommend anyone, whoever doing process please be careful

  90. Worst Customer Service

    I don’t want to comment anything apart from my personal experience. They might have success stories indeed ,but in my case I am expecting a refund with all proper documentation and follow ups.Its been more than 2 years.

  91. Not having cooperative staff and even seniors are of rude behavior.

    Totally Unprofessional
    Waited for all day to meet Case Manager after confirmed appointment over phone but no one entertained until 5:00 pm.Disappointed to see case officer siting in office and saying he is not present.
    Don’t waste time here.

  92. Kindly ignore this scam company. They not support to take the Visa. And also after made the payment, the money is not refundable. I applied for job opportunity to abroad, they asked money before start the process. After made the payment they are given support and after 1 year also I am not get job from abroad.

  93. fake company

    This is fake company. They needed only money. After we make the payment, they show theirs scam face.

  94. worst service

    Worst ever consultancy. Staffs are kind and cooperative but you will end up with no results and damn costliest consultant.

  95. horrible service

    Horrible place and customer service is beyond horrible. No one can help you and everyone is full of themselves. Please don’t waste your time going there

  96. Cheating Company

    THIS IS A SCAM! FRAUD! DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE! Started off good and they reviewed my documents but they’re supposed to give you guidance to provide the right documents. They gave me wrong information and I was declined when I went to apply. Absolute SCAM! The consulate even said I should never use them because they’re scammers! The consulate! Now they refuse to refund because they claim once the service is almost ended they don’t refund but this service wasn’t done! Please do not use them and report them to be shut down immediately

  97. Cheating Company

    Stay away! STAY AWAY!!! the company has taken money from us for nothing! Although I didn’t make the appointment, although I have sent them many emails to ask them stop taking money from my account, they still took it anyway. Phone calls were never answered! This company is a SCAM!

  98. Fraud and forgery at its peak.

    People are requesting for payment to file university application and do not submit the application. Pathetical service
    Students from low and hardworking background come in a hope to better life, but consultant like DM Immigration play with future and emotions.

  99. Worst service.

    They will ask for full money payment and then they will tell you to complete documents. Not only I had given them money but also I have spent money on other resources in 6 months to get documents ready and ultimately when everything was done they said dates are not available. I waited for whole year but ultimately they cancelled my application. Please stay away from them.

  100. Exceeded My Expectations

    Immigration was a complex process for me and my husband. Knowing the legalities is important. So we got to know dm consultant through my colleague at work who referred the agency to me.

    One of the positive things about DM is that they work with RCIC registered immigration consultants. In fact, that was why my husband choose them. They are legit immigration consultants and offer professional and successful services. They are very approachable.

    Ashutosh Pandey helped us in our immigration journey. Today we have received our letter of support for the startup visa services. I must say the guy is a master in the field. Thank you Ashutosh and thanks DM team!

  101. Incredible Service

    From my experience with the counselor, i would love to recommend their services. DM are authorized migration consultants and works with genuine immigration consultants. I checked their authencity and rated them based on the progress of my application so far. The lawyers are exceptional and my case processing officer has been up and running in giving my application the best. It is a team filled with positive energy.

  102. Beware from scammers

    Again I’m calling and calling to get our refund since you have done with our application for over a year I just called again and the “very professional person” taking calls says there is no one available to take my calls and says if I don’t hang up she will hang up on me!!! I’m writing this as I was on the phone with her and she hung up on me !!! I WANT MY MONEY BACK TODAY!!!!!!

  103. worthless experience

    Had two meetings with different advisors. First one gave me completely incorrect advice, second one barely helped and spoke quite patronisingly to me when I had a breakdown. I have since talked to a lawyer who has told me that all their advice is incorrect. My status in the country i have moved is now unknown because of their incompetence. I’m absolutely fuming. Do not use these scammers

  104. wast of money

    I wanted to get advice on moving to sharjah with my mother. I’ve been living and working in Poland for over 7 years. I already have an offer of highly paying job in sharjah (with handsome salary ). All i wanted was advice on how my mother can accompany me.
    First, representative contacted me over half a dozen times and took all the info of my case which she said she’ll forward to the lawyer so that during call with the lawyer the lawyer will be well prepared.
    When the call started with the lawyer the lawyer said she doesn’t know anything about my case and the representative never sent her any info. I then again had to tell the entire story of my case. After hearing it she gave me 3 options which were right off from the immigration department website. I told her I already know about these and all she had to say was these are the only options. worst experience than ever

  105. disappointed

    Highly unprofessional! Caseworkers and lawyers will take their sweet time to respond to your inquiries/give you updates. It has taken over a month to get a response regarding information on my case, and the only reason I got a response was because I reached out to them again (a response**, not information). They did provide *some* useful advice. But otherwise you’re basically on your own.

    I would highly recommend avoiding this organization.

  106. Misguided Me

    Their marketing team executive misguided me and gave misinformation regarding the PR process. When I raised the same with the senior team at Dm Immigration. They acknowledged the same verbally but denied the same over the email they never heard a word on my issue. Instead they keep on pushing for renewal of my contract. Their marketing team is not reliable at all as they keep on showing you dreams without checking the practical possibility of the same. Worse is the non acceptance of the negligence by their team despite having phone recordings available with them,

  107. Fraud immigration consultants in Dubai

    About DM immigration consultancy in Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai are one of the fraud migration company in Dubai. The marketing guys just bring the sheep to slaughter, once they get the money then case manager starts changing. All pretends they are expert of sending people abroad but nobody from DM wants to go. Stupid & good for nothing idiot staffs.

  108. If you don’t get picked up how is it the consultancy’s fault

    1) Express entry profiles are created based on a candidate’s profile eligibility; you must score at least 67/100 points.

    2) After scoring 67 points, your score is calculated in the comprehensive ranking system (CRS), where the last cut-off was 504/1200 points.

    3) How is this calculated? It’s an estimated 600 cents for provincial nomination and 600 points for your eligibility.

    4) When a consultant takes up your case, you pay them to take care of your file on our behalf. IELTS and ECA have to be done by the candidate.

    5) It’s best to have IELTS more than or equal to CLB 9 overall and three years for + Bachelor’s Degree. A spouse to be Bachelor too and IELTS more than CLB 7. Also, your education needs to meet Canadian Standards.

    6) Occupation should fall under the NOC 0(Zero), A & B demand list with one-year minimum full-time work experience.

    7) Having a blood relative in Canada is an addition.

    8) Having an Arranged Job offer/Employment is also an addition.

    9) Consultancy charging less than AED 10,000 is just helping you out because you have a lazy ass that can’t do it on your own or are probably not system savvy.

    I wouldn’t say I like it when people talk about guarantees; in the Immigration business, there is no such word as a guarantee. So bad-mouthing a consultancy is as same as bad-mouthing yourself.

    You will get the invite if you are lucky; your profile is vital. If not, you won’t. So it’s a humble request to one and all to stop saying that this or that consultancy is a scam just because your profile is not strong enough to be picked up from the pool.
    Thanks ????????

  109. 99% fake Immigration agencies in Dubai

    I have signed up with Northway Migration, In short, before money pay your profile is highly recommended for immigration and you may dream off to land in your dream country in just 6 to 8 months, but after pay scenerio changes like this, oh you dont have better qualification, your score is not matching to any program, you need to run for highest score card achievable documents. At last, you will be exhausted and feel cheated in all sense. 99% agencies make false trap to get the money only few candidates who are surely highly qualified get the visa by their own effort and crown has been thrown on these agencies name like very good, nice, best etc…

  110. Carefully!!!! After we paid them money, stopped answering calls, I simply have no words that there can be such establishments in such a state and they still have not been closed and they are not punished! I won’t leave it like that, I will look for people to file a collective complaint against them in court

  111. Dm immigration is fake company please save your money here all sataf bad I lose my 9000

    Dm immigration fake company please don’t go dm I lose my 9000 this company sheaikh Zayed Rd latifa towards 3701 don’t West your money

  112. Fraudsters Beware !!!!!!

    We lost 8000 Aed

    We had opened file in 2019 , we had a good score around 460+

    There was a sales guy Remson who gave full of bullshits !!!!
    Once money received then comes one more lady called Arathi Singh

    Default message every month !!!!

    Dear Patron, Greetings from DM Consultants! Update on recent draw on December 19,2019 No. of Invitation-3200 for CRS Score of 469. Thank you!


    Don’t fall in trap apply by urself do a research!!!!

    Small advice :
    Anyone can identify illegal agents/consultants by simply asking them for their credentials. If they fail to provide or offer credentials of their so called lawyer of consultant who is based in Canada and is not the one handling their application – then its fishy

    Below is the location of the agents

    Address – Office 3701/3703, Latifa Tower East wing Sheikh Zayed Road, Next to Crown Plaza, Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
    Website –


    DM doesn’t deserve any rating. We were given a rating of 1 to get the message posted to society.

    This review is purely based on my personal experience.

    Trained Professionals in cheating clients with their words to catch business and shameless staff who don’t care even to change their terms as per their convenience after getting money.

    All rules and regulations are generated after getting money from the client.

    Money eaters…..Asking poor clients to write reviews in the beginning stage of the process, they use their professional skills to flatter people.

    Positive reviews are a result of that only. Never get trapped by this consultancy.

    Sales staff even offer money to people helping them catch innocent clients.

    Should and will raise this matter to the consumer protection court urgently. This should not happen to anyone in the future.

  114. Very Disappointed

    Last month I applied for their consultation, and I regret that decision now. No timely response and no clear instructions at all! Moreover, they charge pretty unfairly as well. I’d strongly warn you to avoid falling for this trap.


    I WAS WRONG; THEY ARE BULLSHIT. DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY with these scammers. DM immigration consultants, sell you sweet dreams. They did nothing for me. I wasted my time, money, and effort. I would have opted for someone else, but I found them excellent and professional at first.

    In the assessment, you will be told that you qualify to immigrate, but when you proceed with documents and pay hidden fees, you will realize that you are a victim of a legit scam, and they do not help you immigrate. I wasted a lot of money and effort to get documents, but they failed to communicate or update you with anything.