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Canvas Credit Union – Thornton Review

Horrible horrible place all they do is rip you off! I have a car loan with Canvas Credit Union – Thornton and was broke a couple months.

So I couldn’t pay for my insurance so they charge me $2400 for 6 months of “their” insurance.Understandable it was my fault I had a lapse…

Well I got my own insurance and I’ve had it for over year they’ve still been charging me that extra $2400 for their insurance.

You have to wait 30 to 40 minutes to get in touch with someone on the phone.

Once I finally did they said I never faxed the declaration page of my insurance which is false I had my insurance company fax it three different occasions.

And I talked to someone at PCSU 6 months ago, and she told me everything was fine everything was received I didn’t have to worry anymore.

I just get a statement in the mail after not receiving one since August, and it says they’re charging me for their CPI insurance AGAIN!

Adding another $2400!WHAT THE F..Don’t bank with them and less you want to get robbed!

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3 Complaints on Canvas Credit Union – Thornton

  1. bank statement showing it went through. Still cant find it!

    Horrible. They have 650.00 that they lost in a Bill pay transaction, said they never received it when we have confirmation that they did, tracer number, bank statement showing it went through. Still cant find it!

    Are you telling me you all run a bill pay and you cant figure out where funds are going or coming from? WOW BE CAREFUL PEOPLE

  2. Scammer

    The bank itself is fine but trying to use their website is like pulling -your own- teeth with a rusty pair of pliers.

  3. I will never do an auto loan through Public Service again.

    The people here are a nightmare to deal with. I have an auto loan through them, I tried to refinance and then modify my loan once the refinance didn’t work. I went in and asked how come nobody called me back about 8 days later, and the lady said “because we can’t do it” threw the papers in my face and walked out. If you call in they never call you back. When my loan was caught up and I tried to modify the loan the said don’t worry about a payment.

    So I waited and waited and they said they couldn’t do it. I then was a month behind, and they refuse to accept partial payment. I don’t see what the difference is if I pay half now and half in 10 days before the next months payment is due. Sometimes stuff happens and we can’t control it, but I blame this all them for saying don’t pay until they modify the loan.

    They never send any letters with any reasoning, they never call even though they have all of my contact numbers. They aren’t professional at all and refuse to do anything to help. They said you get 1 deferment a year, when I tried to use it they said they cant because too many people have already used it that month. I will never do an auto loan through Public Service again.