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I invested money. Made lots of winning and losing trades. Net i won. When i tried to get some of my money i was told to follow some instructions and i did. I did not receive any money, when i pushed harder. I was told the rates on the site was not working correctly, so I could not have won the money and my account was suspended. This guy Rick sounds honest and trustworthy.

NOTE: If they were serious about the rates, shouldn’t they have stop the trading portion of the site. No it’s OK to trade if you lose, but if you win the rates do not work so they will give you no money.

If you take a chance and invest money with him or no.1. make sure he tells you the rates on this site is correctly and number 2 don’t invest alot of money until he can prove to you that you will receive a return. By that I mean you actually receive money from the company, not promises.

My opinion is that they just want to take your money and give you nothing in return.

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86 Complaints on

  1. Kicked me out

    I was just kicked out of bitseven, as they tell me the reason is because of my region. However, I had a play on the board at the time I was unable to make any other plays. I had been play for 5 days, and no problems. Out of no where no wornings at all stopped all my future plays. I went to ask them why and all they send me is i am no longer offered this service in my region. So I asked what about my play on the board? Why didnt you tell me befor my play, no answer from them same thing not availiable in my region. So I got to withdraw and get away from them and as I withdraw they leave a fraction of my money in the account two low to be able to withdraw it again. I have it all on video. They charge me to send the money, then dont send the entire amount so that I cant play or withdraw it and my 30$ was left for them on top of making me close a play at a loss and also kicking me out. I dont know what I did wrong, but this is was the worse way to do it. Please stay away from this play. They are ab SCAM.

  2. I can count on homeofrecoverydotcom i was helped by them too

    I wouldn’t even advice my enemy to trade with this company they would ruin to the extreme point i was almost ruined by them well i won’t let them get a hold of anyone again please be careful and stay far from them they would begin with locking you out of your account just know once such is happening they are about to steal from you please don’t hesitate to run from threm once you find out such is happening.

  3. recover lost funds

    i lost 30k to binary trading and the money was meant for a deposit on the house, i had to get it back. i started to look into it and research and i finally met a recovery expert. He asked me for more details and i gave them to him. He said he would contact me in a week with some or all of the money. After 5days i get a call from him saying he made a mistake and got a lil more than 30 from them! lol oh my god i was ecstatic, he asked for my details and sent the money! guys if you ever find yourself in such a mess, contact littlegreenman93 ATgmaildotcom. friggin cheers to all!

  4. Be careful

    Just beware of being lied to. Very, very difficult to get funds transferred from the company. They allow you to trade stocks even if you do not have the full funds to cover, or the transaction will place you in a day trader situation. They take their commission for the trade. Then, later in the day you’re notified that your account is now in a 3 month suspension due to the trade.

  5. Scam

    Yesterday a man called me he said he was from COINBASE and that THEY where calling People Who has losr there mony by bitsevens and Monica Rose. DONT TRUST HIM HE IS ALSO ONE OFF THEM I called coin base and nob THEY did not know this. I lost a lot OFF mony

    November 22, 2018

  6. Monica Rose

    This company is big shit

    November 3, 2018

  7. Monica Rose

    I have now sinse february 2018 used a lot off mony with Monica Rose .She then tells me that the company no longer is fore people in europe but I must not worry.At the same time her email adress is closed and she tell me she have an assistent I must write to a person named Melissa Hartnett.She tells me that latest monday in the week after i have been talking to her my mony 54000 euro will come to my account.I have not seen any mony jet. She calls me telling me thet my card must be conectet so we have to use the card 3 times before she can pay out.Now she dosent contakt me any longer even if I tell her she have make me become big trouble.DONT MAKE BUISSENES WITH HER.

    September 24, 2018

  8. becarefull

    Bitseven a scam they didint pay my 0.75 btc from refferal they saying we dont pay id your refferal from ur friend, Never invest and never use this scam exchange they are cheat people becarefull

  9. Theft of Money

    I joined Bitsevens in November 2017 and appeared to be doing well. I was constantly being told that I needed to invest more money. As my confidence grew, I did indeed invest more money.
    Then, Bitsevens suddenly closed down and became Bullwins in about May this year, 2018, just after a “disastrous” trade which “lost” me a large amount of money. There was some gobbledegook fed to me about rewriting the privacy policy and starting a European business section. Also that I could no longer access the US trading site. At that point it all began to seem strange, but I carried on, albeit getting ever more worried. They had wanted more money from me, but I was becoming very suspicious and, although I paid them another small amount, I was making up stories as to why I would not pay more. At this point, the woman who called herself “Elly Wilson”, came up with a weird story that she was transferring to Goldmann Sachs. and that I could stay with Bullwins or transfer my money with her to that company. I said that I would go with her and so together we initiated a withdrawal.
    At that point, I intended to recover my money and keep it. I was too late. I was transferred to a man calling himself David N Haas, who took over and helped me through an elaborate withdrawal process, which involved me paying Bullwins a VAT charge on all my money, not just profits of which there were none anyway.
    I was now convinced that I was being duped, but I was in the lobster pot. Haas, and his sidekick Michael Marek, advised me that my money would be in my bank in about 2 or 3 working days. That was on 29 August 2018. Nothing has arrived in my account. I could not access my Bullwins account, emails went unanswered, as did the telephone.
    whilst going through tracing actions one day, I tried putting in a search for Bitsevens. Imagine my surprise when Bitsevens 2018 came up. I entered my password, and up came my account showing that I had about 50% of my money in there. Proof, if any were needed, that absolutely no money had even been attempted to be paid out to me. I took a dated screenshot for my records. That account has now been stopped.

    Mr Jake, who appears as Bitsevens cheerleader occasionally on this site, would you like to contact me and make everything easier for me and, subsequently, for you and your colleagues?


    Bitsevens is still alive but banned frome EU !!!!
    Means, this site achieved again a victory !!!

    Just don’t understand why America and GoDaddy registrar, aren’t protecting their own citizen from this scam and scum ?!?

    That this is only a privately held website, you can check at this website: (please use direct check below)

    Check it here and pay attention on the part ‘Registrant contact’ :

    1) Bitsevens

    2) FINRA ( )

    3) Invesum – another example of their scam site
    Will also, very soon, write about them !!

    The intresting part is that FINRA and Bitsevens and Invesum have the same registrar ! Yes, this is America ???? ???? ???? , can’t belive it ???? ???? !!!




    Just ask FINRA to do their job !

    But, if you receive a call from bitsevens where they offer you now, finnaly, to withdraw your ‘frozen’ money, please, be aware that this is again a scam, BACAUSE money has to flow AGAIN FROM your credit card or bank account.

    Yes, they will tell you a stupid story, something with GDPR and they are
    now the good guys and will ‘refund’.

    Here is the catch, they are really stupid : they talk about GDPR,
    in the same sentence, and they ask remote access to your desktop ?!?


    1) REAL MONEY (more than 50$) has to flow again and again FROM your
    bank account (DEPOSIT to some account)
    They do it trough or any other exchange )

    2) IF somebody requests remote desktop access to your computer
    with whatever reason – simply say that you are unable to do that!

    I’m pretty sure they will again kindly offer you ‘help’ .
    It’s like, a robber is asking you the keys of your home because,
    this time, he really wants to ‘help’ you, again ???? :).

    I have been contacted by a very stupid person from them with the code name ‘Maria’ and she offered me withdraw of the ‘frozen numbers on their website’.

    When I confronted her with the fact that bitsevens isn’t a registered company, she admitted it, unconsciously, by saying that this is for my safety ?!?

    The person who hired her is a much bigger idiot, and I know this scammers has to work for their bosses for a very tiny profit of 5% – like mafia.

    Don’t be ashamed if you were scammed – speak !
    They are on the wrong side of the life, not you !

  11. Robbery

    I invested £16000 My savings the broker was called Spencer beck he showed me my trades and profits.he was ringing me from a number in new York.. when I asked him to make a withdrawl he said he would a range it and ring me the next night.i never got the call and my account witch was showing $42000.has gone..I have been trying to get intoutch with bitsevens and Spencer beck but can’t get through to eather.
    It has deverstated my family and my self..

  12. ripoff

    first they take 15% of every transaction. second if your funds are down for -70% for 1/2 second, they auto sell on you and take their 15%. thats 85%. even if you know its about to soar. you cant turn this off, you can only turn off your auto gains, not losses.


    I have spent mony with Monica Rose.
    since February she has been telling me that in next week the mony will come to your bank account.She then calls me that something went wrong because she have to leave her office suddenly,so we have to make transaktions again because we failed this one.then the company did not handle with european people e
    any longer but I MUST NOT WORRY
    Now I am standing here all my mony is gone and I do nit hear from her anylonger.

  14. Smooth Profits

    I came to this website by accident, I do not understand why are you being so hateful, first of all in investing it is not uncommon to lose money, we all know that. But thank god I had a great experience with Bitsevens, and all my brokers.
    I would not like to mention numbers here because that would be like bragging but I can not stand on the side an not write a good review for my brokers whom I meet personally.
    It has been a great experience from August last year until the beginning of June when bitsevens changed the Terms and conditions and now I am only trading in the VIP section.

    Anyhow I would suggest all of you to think twice while you read these comments I can prove to anyone all of my winnings, these people with bad language and with insults probably have no idea how things go, read books study the markets then invest, no one can get rich over night.
    contact me here [email protected]

  15. TO NAIVE SCAMMERS AT bitsevens

    All You scammers shouldn’t be thankful to bitsevens – you own
    stolen money – so what, you say !

    You behaved like greedy cancer cells – you will end up like
    cancer cells, that’s all ???? !!

    Just because you cheated some naïve persons and missused their trust in your game, you think, you don’t have naïve beliefs about a bigger game that is called – life ?

    You can expect the most unexpected and weird things in your life, because, you also, just agreed to them ???? ???? – you just weren’t complete aware, from the begining, of all possible consequences to which you agree by swallowing the bait (stolen money) .

    Yessssss, you agreed, and in the moment of repayment you will remember
    this words, I’m sure !

    I wouldn’t want to be in your shoes ???? ???? .

  16. Do not trust Bitsevens!!!!

    I started trading with Bitsevens and made over $100,000. However, when it came to requesting a withdrawal they confirmed that i would have to pay taxes to get my funds out. When i paid these taxes they suspended my account for almost a month. I sent several emails to the support teams requesting to know why my account had been suspended. I was told that i had performed some high risk trades and they need to investigate these. I than received an email confirming that they had completed their investigations and a broker would be contacting me shortly. When i spoke to this broker they confirmed that i would have to pay more money to have access to my account and to be able to make a withdrawal. I told the broker and sent multiple emails to the support to be ask why????? i have now found out that their website is down and i cant get hold of anyone. While i have traded with Bitsevens i have worked with 3 brokers. i cant get hold of anyone. I personally feel that this is a big scam and they shouldn’t be able to do this!

  17. bitsevens

    some People in here tell about good stories
    I have missed a lot of mony. Yesterday I asked Monica Rose Were I could find the licens to bitsevens
    After that her email is closed and I can not longer find the homepage from bitsevens
    I have tryed to find out were the mony is send and find out that Blockcyper was the last place I could follow them, but after all that the bitcoinadress is empty they were fast

  18. IT'S ONLY A EXPERIENCE ???? ????

    I would be happy if I could say that I made profit with bitsevens,
    but unfortunately, my experience is totaly opposite.

    I started to work with them in september 2017 and ‘invested’ to
    ‘my account’, in several steps, more then 7.000$ . Yes, I trusted them . ????

    Till december the balance increased to more then 27.000$. After I asked to withdraw, at least my initial investment, every communication stopped. ????

    After 9 months I still have the account showing my balance is over
    27.000$ :), but that’s all what is left from this game – It’s impossible to withdraw it . ???? ????

    And allthough they took my money, I must admit – these people, at bitsevens, know their job ! ???? .

    Hope, there are people who can learn from this experience ???? ???? ????

  19. Excellent

    I first opened an account with because somebody referred me to it, but had no success with them. then I found out about Bitsevens, went on their website to open account they called me 2 days after I was registered on their platform and I started by small investment of only 150$ with my account menager so my account was active in 5 minutes and right after that I recieved a call from the financial department that’s when I started to make some good profit of course with the help of the financial guy I deposited funds through credit card and did some trades and some good profit.I’m working with them 5 months now.No issues at all.

    Bitsevens Recommended

  20. Money recovered.

    Glad to share my success story on how i was able to recover my money from a scam binary options broker.

  21. Very great results.

    I was searching before joining Bitsevens, for some companies and I chose to trust one called binary uno.
    I worked with them and invested 10k .I ended up losing them in a week after I told them I don’t have more to deposit , desperate and lost I did not know what to do.My friend suggested me Bitsevens, thus he has been working with them 3 years now.
    I am working with a broker called Melissa , before going to here I worked with another broker that was a junior broker , until I made some good profit and moved to her.
    She is really professional and patient because I don’t know much about trading with Bitcoins.
    I managed to take out 35000 in 9 months period, and I wanted to share my good experience with all.
    If it helped me build up my experience and my bank balance , It should be working for other people too.

  22. Legit Platform

    Bitsevens is completely Legit

    Maybe I was lucky to work with a really professional broker (David Haas) but I listened to him each time that he suggested to withdraw or deposit.
    First withdrawal took about 4 business days until I saw it in my bank account.
    It is worth the effort, and one thing that I would suggest everyone is not to put money that you can not afford to lose(unless it is a really good opportunity)
    I have had bad experiences with other platforms I know how it feels to lose and to be scammed, Thank God I signed up with bitsevens!

    Tagensvej København N, Denmark


  23. Bitsevens is NOT scam!

    I do not understand what is all this hate here, I have been trading with this platform for a long time and now is the first time that I see these comments.
    I don’t know what is your purpose or what are you getting from calling bitsevens a scam but you are wrong.


    A professional scamer is kind and is getting
    your money because he sounds like a pro
    and he is acting like a pro till the moment
    he gets control over your mind or money.



    ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????


    The balance on their website means NOTHING
    – it’s just a number they can increase or
    decrease by their own will.

    So, please, continue ‘investing’ and ‘trading’ with
    your ‘numbers’ and own illusions . ???? ???? ???? ????

    Check here that it’s a private website:

    Just ask yourself:
    “What guarantees do you have and
    by WHO (??) if you send your money to
    a stranger on a phone with a PRIVATE website.

    AND FUTURE CLIENTS ???? ???? ???? ???? ???? ????

  25. This is the best market for the trade

    This is the best market for the trade. It fullfills all posibilities that make sure investor can easily trade with no any barriers.

  26. Overall Good Experience

    I have been working with them for the past 9 Months and I can say that I had a good experience so far( I am still trading here) I had issues in the first withdrawal it took around 5 business days to arrive but after that things were going pretty smooth.

    I would Recommend only to serious investors, not to youngsters, because you must be patience in order to make big profits, things do not change overnight.

    I believe that all of these people who commented here have not invested more than 1000$ with them, clearly not experienced.

    I thank all of the Advisors who have been with me.

    5 Star serious company.

  27. Amazing platform

    Hello people,

    I just want to take the time and thank bitsevens for giving me the financial freedom I needed.

    As a person who has always had difficulty trusting people i find Bitsevens the most TRUSTWORTHY of all.

  28. Fraud

    Bitsevens..They are fraud,,please friends stay away from this mess,I invested into it they didn’t let be take out my money .It was Hannah and Mike who called me up and requested for deposit,they have been following me up since months and atlast i landed up in loosing money from my pocket.

  29. Good experience so far

    I opened my account recently and i have had no problems whatsoever. Trading is good. I tried another platform 2 years ago and dealt with people who did not have a clue. €250 and lost €120 straight away. I gave it all a miss. Not so here though! My broker is careful and helpful. Bitsevens is good for me.

  30. Fantastic Service

    I have been a customer of Bitsevens since November 2017. They so far the most trustyworthy service in the entire cryptocurrency world, and the only ones I would ever trust with my money.

  31. I am a bit shocked to read the reviews

    I have used Bitsevens without any trouble at all. I think it is always important to follow the broker instructions before doing anything by yourself. I can only remember one time when my investment was delayed a few days, because of thousands of new customers signing up and activate their accounts (December 2017).
    I highly recommend Bitsevens, especially if you are new to the crypto world with little experience.I am very pleased with it.

  32. I have never had problems with Bitsevens...

    I keep seeing people’s negative reviews and I would have never expected this at all. I have been working with Bitsevens since November 2017 and have never had any problems at all.

    My withdraws always came in, and most importantly, my withdraws always came out as well, when it was time to put some money back into my bank account from trading.

    Hope this helps guys! I was very concerned about depositing large amounts once I read all these reviews but I had to leave this review as I really had no issues with Bitsevens at all.


    Do not be deterred by the reviews on here. Like any big company there will be undoubtedly some negative reviews. I have only had a positive experience regarding to the staff, investment and withdrawing.
    Having read all the negative reviews on here I was starting to get a bit concerned about withdrawals but with the help of the broker I did a withdraw request and recieved the money in my bank account in 2 days all seems to be well. I don’t know if this means they’re getting to grips with their issues or that I was just lucky but currently I am happy with them.


    First of all , thanks to Bitsevens and the amazing staff that has been very understanding through out the process of the Investment Managment

    also there is a guy called Matthew which I first spoke to him , he made such a good explanation to me that also promised in the end that I won’t wasting a minute from this company and i’m very Glad that he was telling the truth

    He also mentioned that , He is able to basically say anything from the phone but he wanted me to see it by my own eyes , he gave me a 1 week guaranteed time of experience that i would be getting from the small Investment to see the profit returns , the downside of the crypto exchanging etc..

    Which he didn’t deny that there is risks in this Investment ,
    I saw the risks into it , I knew the risks .. but from my point of view the risks were nothing compared to the return rate of the profit

    I’m telling this as a proof to others , there might be some fake clients in here that haven’t even tried or probably they are from other companies mixing reviews etc..

    You also have Crypto Exchanging platforms like Coinbase that deal with Bitcoins and other Cryptos that works amazing but there are so many bad reviews about them because other companies are making bad reviews for others to attract clients to their company and not work with anyone else

    So what I’m saying is that these claims of terrible reviews are not true , Whatever Public company there is … no one is able to take your money and get away with it , you guys are unbelivable and these bad reviews are ridiculous

    If you lost money on trades , fair and square stop working with them … try and find something better , but i’m telling you all that this company has the most succesful rate of the clients in United States and Europe together

    From all similar companies I have been working , I found this more supporting to clients and the profit is enough to make you put a smile on your face , what more could I ask … really

  35. The Best

    I made enough money to never go to work again for the rest of my life,mostly becauase I listened and moved on with my personal broker recommandations even though I was nervous in the beginning it was totally worth the risk!!!
    I don’t know from where all these negative reviews come from but it’s okay because even Google has bad reviews even though is the most-used search engine on the World Wide Web so as they say “Never judge a book by it’s cover” or “Never judge a company by it’s reviews”

    If you never try you never know!

    THANK YOU for being very professional and kind!

    I’m 55 by the way haha

  36. Highly recommend to you guys, Superbest costumer support

    About me: I am Christopher 47 Years old living in London working working as a mechanical engineering.

    About Bitsevens:
    Before 2 months i was having some difficulties with some loans and stuff and i did a research on google how to make some money with some investments and i found Bitsevens, after i registered on the platform within 2 Days i got a call from an agent named Greg Parker.
    I was a little bit scared to invest with the company because i am not a person who gives money only by a conversation through the phone but G.Parker showed me everything about the platform in about 30 min conversation through the phone and finally i risked a little bit and invested here so since then i am working now with a financial adviser and its going great till now yesterday i did my second withdrawal with some good profits. of course guys i now that trading carries a risk but when you find a company like bitsevens profits are just a matter of time.

    I personally thank the platform for being just like a second income for me and my family.

  37. Good one

    I am really amazed with their strategies and with their profesionalism and of course with the profit I made

  38. Overall good experience

    I liked this review about Bitsevens trading platform. Spencer has laid out various positive points about this particular trading platform. Bitsevens is a great trading portal that assure you the delivery of higher profits in a short span of time. You can start by investing your money into the account offered by Bitsevens with only 100$!! This allows you to test the success rate of this trading portal. Even I try to test every trading platform through this small account only. Additionally, there are several good points about Bitsevens as well.

  39. Superbest costumer support. Highly recommend to you guys

    Hi Guys My name is Zack i live in Uk.
    First time when i registered on i was not sure if i should invest an amount of money only speaking with a guy through the phone,
    But after speaking with an agent Greg Parker he explained everything i needed to know about bitsevens after 1 week i decided to invest with Greg.

    After i invested the agent activated my account, I started working with a financial adviser on bitsevens and it has been more than a month since i joined bitsevens and so happy yesterday i did my first withdraw after making some good profits with the financial adviser over there.

    This made me write a review about them because i am sticking with the company for a longer time.

  40. GREAT!

    First I invested with them and after 6 months I woke up in a new Buggati


  41. Great Overall experience .

    Very professional , always on time with every thing they said they would do.
    Made some good profit and withdrew it any time i needed it.
    So yeah my overall experience with @Bitsevens was a great one.
    Looking forward on making some good profits with them and creating a long term business relationship with them .

  42. Been testing using a small capital and it's been amazing so far.

    I wasn’t interested in the beginning about this but I thought 100$ is nothing , so I ended up testing it out and this was a very good desicion!
    I am thinking long term because it has been amazing so far!
    I am greateful for this thank you BitSevens , anyone who is talking shit , it is a fuck them.
    Ron Alderson made me do this , he is superior!

  43. excellent

    I personally started investing with 5 months ago and I only invested a small amount of only 100EUR because I just wanted to try and see if I’ll be satisfied just like the account menager told me,to be honest I was a bit confused in the beginning because I had no experience and I couldn’t understand everything properly but after I recieved the call from the financial team I started learning evrything from A-Z and actually making lots of profit…I would suggest them to everyone who is interested on making serious money
    Thanks to everyone in that comapny espacially Anna Newman because she was the one who made me think twice the moment I recieved the call from her.

    Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland

  44. Good experience

    I have been working with them since may 2017, and is going very well.

    Currently I’m working with Mike Dimmer, great guy very professional and he is making me good money, I’m very happy with that.
    Withdraws usually takes more than i like, somewhere between 2 or 3 busyness days but I’m perfectly happy with that.
    I suggest everyone to try it.

  45. It took me time but, I am very happy with the results I got

    I am a client of this Company and its been almost a year that I work with my broker.
    I chose to work with a broker because I didn’t have any experience when I started using a personal trading package I managed to get myself to a level when now I can withdraw of 5000$ in every 2 weeks .
    I have invested a lot with this company ,so far and to my own experience I had loses but in a period of 3 months I managed to get a stable second income.
    I suggest this to everyone that looks at the investment for the long run.
    Thanks to my broker and the Company I was able to expand my little coffee shop I run in Bristol …

  46. Make profits while you sleep.

    Since this is the number one bitcoin platform I think that this is the reason why they are so correct and they predictions are 90% of the time correct.
    I love trading with them I started when bitcoin was 1000$ and now I am very happy that I listened to them when they insisted that bitcoin is going to blow up.
    This is only the beginning I am trying to make a milli : )

  47. So far so good .

    I am trading with them for two months now ,I started well and it’s going well .I am working with a guy named Mike ,he’s really good at it and made me more profit that I expected .

  48. Great

    I had a very good experience with my broker, if i did what he said i would make money.

    Thank you Mike, you are a great guy!!

  49. WARNING it's a BIG SCAM!

    WARNING it’s a BIG SCAM!

    After my initial deposit, my profit reached 1000USD and the manager insisted to invests more mony at least 1000 extra USD, but when I told him I would rather withdraw 200USD
    he (MIKE DIMMER) said it’s better to wait and see if your account grows more, I traded my self and Last Week it reached 18500USD.
    During last 4 weeks, I tried everything to contact them, but no answers no calls.
    yesterday a woman “Monica Rose” called me and said she is the senior Broker at and tried to convince me to put at least 5000EURO to my account.
    When I said I wouldn’t invest more money and want to withdraw money, she began to talk in a very insulting manner. …. saying if you won’t deposit I will take all your bonuses, AND close your account. (they gave me 100usd bonus at the beginning). …

    I saw my Balance went from 18503USD to 2400USD in 2 minutes then to zeroUSD.

    All you see on this site and the people who work under their name is Fake!

    Their Names Tlfnr, Adresses are Fake they are not from New York or USA as they claim. you don’t find any such persons on internet nor social-media.


    A professional scamer is kind and is getting
    your money because he sounds like a pro
    and he is acting like a pro till the moment
    he gets control over your mind or money.



    They will sell you promises, stories and
    a number with X.XXX$ on their website. Thats all.

    You will ‘invest’ concrete money for a BELIEF that
    ‘owning’ a number, written on a neighbours wall, really
    means something ? WOW ! What a guarantee !
    Who else is offering that ? – EVERYBODY ! ?

    But dont worry, they will find a convincing story
    that they’re different or special ?

    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority
    FINRA Hotline: 1 – 800 – 483 – 9816
    Investor Complaint Center

    Here are some helpful links to check data by yourself :
    USA company :
    UK company :
    EU company :
    Broker (person / company) :
    Report a scam (helpline) :

  51. Its a scam

    There is a Mike Dimmer, is he sly or scam. He talks the good talk , he entices you to part with more, thats all he is ever interested in and boom disappears with the Korean, Hong Kong big business lie.
    Its a terrible scam. That Mike Dimmer just cannot let you withdraw any of your ‘profits’, all things crime

  52. Bitsevens are a scam , period ; deal with them at your peril

    there is a Mike Dimmer at bitsevens, wiley coward .He talks of trying to boost your account quickly, and yes he’s lying. you will see your account growing in profits, but that money isnt yours. As soon as you ask to withdraw you will not hear from him again

  53. Sounds very professional

    Do you know of aguy called Mike at bitsevens? He seems very nice and professional



    Financial Industry Regulatory Authority

    FINRA Hotline: 1 – 800 – 483 – 9816

    Investor Complaint Center


    Hello people…

    I just want to share my experience with you, not to convince you to do the right thing but to help you make a decision.

    There are a lot of pessimistic people around the globe who are so demotivating to others ,that’s why as human beings we should be attached only to the good energy around us. If you can ask some of those people above how did they started working with their company they will probably say that they have been pushed to do so… when we know for sure that everything that we do in our life depends on us an no one else is in control for the things that actually we allow to happen, in this case being part of a United States Company knowing everything that has to do with the Financial Field and Economy.

    I have been so worried about the comments above that I started to panic myself but then I contacted my Personal Financial Adviser and her suggestions was to continue working together based on trust or to actually leave the company if I do not feel confident with the investment I have made.

    After that I started reading a lot about the Investment World, I was a shareholder and I still am but Online Trading sounded so exciting to me that I started considering it as an important field as my job that I have now.I am not telling you what to do but I am suggesting you to read about that, do not be based on other peoples words but be based on actions, at the end of the day Investment is not about investing money that you can’t afford to lose.

    I don’t know what happened with those clients who have been complaining but I am talking only in my name… there will always be people who will complain about everything and there will always be people who will not give up on the first failure.

    I would like to share more with you but I believe that is enough for now, I just hope that you will make the best decision on this one.

  56. thank you

    I lost a lot of money with other companies it was something really new finding someone who actually cares about their clients.

    thank you bitsevens for restoring my faith.



    1) anybody can have a website
    2) anybody can create fake documents

    Any document they send you as a proof, you should check again with authorities that issued the document .

    They are resending SEC licences from Coinbase with the name overwritten to ‘Bitsevens Ltd’

    Here are some helpful links to check data by yourself :
    USA company :
    UK company :
    EU company :

    Broker (person / company) :

    Report a scam (helpline) :

  58. ************************************** BITSEVENS IS UNREGULATED !!!! **************************************

    1) anybody can have a website
    2) anybody can create fake documents

    Any document they send you as a proof, you should check again with authorities that issued the document .

    They are resending SEC licences from Coinbase with the name overwritten to ‘Bitsevens Ltd’

    Here are some helpful links to check data by yourself :
    USA company :
    UK company :
    EU company :

    Broker (person / company) :

    Report a scam (helpline) :


    Currently, they are sending the SEC licence from the company Coinbase LLC
    (check it here : )

    These scammers have just overwritten the company name ????


  60. MAKE SURE YOU KNOW THIS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    You can email me : [email protected]

    To end this story quick, check it for yourself :

     the company Bitsevens isn’t anywhere registered ? and does
    not exist (ask them for proof)

     they have in no way any licence and are in no way regulated
    by anyone (ask them for proof)

     all ‘advisors’ have fake names and identities (ask them for proof)

     you can’t call back them (try it)

     phone, skype, email ‘impetus for investing’ IS ILLEGAL

     you can’t withdraw your money (try it)

     all positive reviews are written by themselfs

     they are connected with the scam OPTION888 (google it)

     they allready have other websites that work with the
    same PONZI pattern

    So, WHEN you ‘invest’ money or BTC with the websites or THEN YOU SEND THE AMOUNT TO SOME ILEGALL PRIVATE ACCOUNT.

    AFTERWARDS you ‘own’ just a number on the website ? ?

    IF YOU STILL DON’T BELIVE because they are kind and offer you help – go again trough the checklist and ask youself:





  61. Amazing platform

    i have to be frank i have had a great experience with this company, sure there are highs and lows, but if you read all the terms and conditions and you know what you are dealing with, you will have success with this company, right now I love bitsevens and i am glad i joined them.

    p.s thank you elly wilson.

  62. ****************************************************************** AVOID – THEY ARE ILLEGAL – UNREGULATED – TOTAL SCAM ******************************************************************

    To end this story quick, check it for yourself :

     the company Bitsevens isn’t anywhere registered ???? and does
    not exist (ask them for proof)

     they have in no way any licence and are in no way regulated
    by anyone (ask them for proof)

     all ‘advisors’ have fake names and identities (ask them for proof)

     you can’t call back them (try it)

     phone, skype, email ‘impetus for investing’ IS ILLEGAL

     you can’t withdraw your money (try it)

     all positive reviews are written by themselfs

     they are connected with the scam OPTION888 (google it)

     they allready have other websites that work with the
    same PONZI pattern

    So, WHEN you ‘invest’ money or BTC with the websites or THEN YOU SEND THE AMOUNT TO SOME ILEGALL PRIVATE ACCOUNT.

    AFTERWARDS you ‘own’ just a number on the website ???? ????

    IF YOU STILL DON’T BELIVE because they are kind and offer you help – go again trough the checklist and ask youself:





  63. Amazing

    I’ve invested with this company a couple of months ago and I’m really satisfied with their way of working ,with their offeres,with their service and most importantly with the profit I’m making… At the beginning I was a little bit confused about Bitcoin because I didn’t have so much experience or knowledge but the financial team helped me a lot and they teached me everything from A to Z
    I can freely say that they are the best company to invest when it comes to Bitcoins or any other Cryptocurrencies.
    Definitely the best.

  64. SCAM

    This is nothing but a scam. All positive comments are lies. The people who tell you to invest say nothing but lies on top of lies. You put money on their site and are given a balance in dollars. ”Number one online bitcoin trading.” I laughed because as soon as I searched it up on Google I found no results, only people complaining how this was a scam. I decided to play along because I wanted to learn a little bit about how people scam online. I had a long talk with ”Elly” who obviously doesn’t exist. She even spelt her own name wrong in one of her own emails which made me laugh. We had a long comfortable talk on the phone as she told me a little bit about the site and a little bit about herself. There was not a single moment in our long conversation where she told the truth. Money doesn’t just come out of nothing however she was telling me a fairy tale story about how this is a risk free website where you only gain money. BULLSHIT. If it was that easy, everybody would be doing it but you still see people cleaning shit out of toilets to earn the buck to survive. You basically put money in, and get nothing out. Don’t be fooled, its fake

  65. Bitsevens Are a Scam

    Bitsevens are a TOTAL SCAM. DO NOT give them any money whatsoever as you will get absolutely nothing back. They are using CEX.IO as an exchange and they are very very good, you will make plenty money even from a small deposit, you will get phone calls every day from Miss Elly Wilson ( or whatever her name is) she is really nice and very clever – believe me.
    Once they have enough of your money they will offer tell you to withdraw some – you will never ever see your money again !!!
    TOTAL TOTAL SCAM Believe me I should know!!!

  66. zeroed account

    I invested $1840 CDN with bitsevens from June 9 2017 until Aug.8 2017. Arthur McConnell, Spencer Beck and myself traded on the account increasing the balance to 250 723USD. After several requests for withdrawals via website and emails that were unanswered my account was zeroed and my expired trade history deleted. Hopefully this is part of the withdrawal process.

  67. SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!

    I invested with bitsevens and it showed that I made alot of profits, Initially I
    invested like 350 USD with them and I made like was it like 30k+ so I requested for withdraw and the lady told me that it would be ideal if I could withdraw when the account is in 50 k, I said alright I traded myself up to 50k but I’ve never heard from her ever since she told me to trade up to 50 k before I make a withdraw.

  68. This client seems Unexperienced on Investments

    I would tell to this lady up here , IF you go for High Risk … which I saw your Informations before aswell which you went from 5000$ of Investment probably not even that into a very High Risk Investment.

    You wanted to make a lot of money , which when you made a good amount you wanted even more “which” you started losing , that’s called being greedy and that’s your fault

    I have like 8 years of experience as a client that was working through out a lot of websites out there and currently doing investment on my own

    The biggest mistake is to go with high risk investment , but you should know that if you are going high risk expect to lose that money but also expect to win a lot.

    This Post is clearly an attention post from an Unexperienced Client that has been doing investment for the first time

    As I read your post , the website doesn’t seem to be bad at all … and who knows how many things you exagerated into this.

  69. Avoid

    I’m a single Mam struggling to make ends meet.. they persuaded me to part with some money with the promise to make a good profit.. I was contacted several times at first and they made a couple of small trades for me, but I have since heard nothing.. I’ve tried to withdraw but it asks for a bitcoin wallet address and I don’t know what that is?? I have asked them for help several times by email and no one is replying… I’ve emailed Spencer beck and also their supposed support… nothing!!! I’m gutted… overdrawn and pissed off!!!

  70. The Best Company

    I could never imagined what Bitsevens would do for me until I started trading with them,I’ve invested 3 months ago and now I’ve seen my bank account explode.I’m glad that I started working with this company because I’m really satisfied with the profit I’m making and with the offers they have.This have been a dream come true.Great Company!Great service!

  71. Great <3

    I invested 300$ six months ago and I have 34011 now!
    Started from the bottom now we here ????

  72. worked out great

    I really didn’t have experience when I started working with this company. They helped me a lot especially my financial adviser. I am making money and a was able to withdraw as well… so far so good

  73. Grateful to Bitsevens

    I achieved optimal levels of performance and accomplishment with Bitsevens.
    Don’t get me wrong, everyone likes a good story, and part of the best profit made ever, i hade ups and downs but i achived so much there.
    I was able to withdraw, i talked to them for everything .
    I recomend this Company to others too.

  74. One of the most valuable Companies

    When a company is as big as bitsevens it is normal that there are people who are not completely satisfied with the results. I am working with these guys since 2016 when bitcoin price was wayy lower than it is now and I never had issues with them, I listened to my broker’s advice’s and that is how I reached to this position where I am.

    The Best one!

  75. Bitsevens broker Spencer Beck Charlotte Thorp5

    Since 21/12/2017 that they took my money I paid them via coinbase and I was told by Spencer Beck that he will call me back the following day 22/12/2017 I haven’t heard from them since then I called them no answer I sent several emails no response i don’t know what is going on have never trade in my life this is my 1st time pls I need help my money is gone I even used a credit card to pay them

  76. broker Spencer Beck is Cruel

    I was contacted by bitsevens Charlotte Thoro in 11/12/2017 and I was asked to pay tru Counbase which I did on 12/12 a broker contacted me
    And on 21/12 he asked me to make another payment that I will make very good profit he convinced me which I agreed to this broker is called Spencer Beck he said he will call me back the following day on 22/12/2017 and since then i didnt hear from him or anyone from bitsevens i couldnt log into acc i sent seversl emails no response from bitsevens i had never trade in my life no idea how it works i called there office in newyork no ans i lost all my money Bitsevens are armef robbers they are SCAm i am telling everyone to run away from them have reported them to the
    At least they should be able to say something to me but i dont know what is going on

  77. Money didn't arrive

    Can anyone pls advice. I invested £8000 with Bitsevens not in one go but on a gradually process and made 8000usd profit. so I requested withdraw, at that point I had a total of 19000usd in my bitsevens account. My account manager who has been helping me with trading helped me to make the withdrawal. I don’t have a bitcoin wallet so the withdraw was made to go back to my original payment which is my debit card. This was on the 23 of December 17.

    By 4th January 18 the payment didnt arrive so started to panic that this could be scam but my bitsevens account manager called me and explained why the payment didnt arrive. it was an error from their side, so he initiated the payment again this time he collected my iban number and swift code. Today is the 6 days since the transfer was made excluding weekend. The payment still haven’t arrived.

    I have called their USA phone number it rings but no one answers. I have also left an email for my account manager but he has not reply or give me a call back like he use to. I don’t know what to make of this. I’m very stressed out about the situation. I have used my kid entire sevenings for this. With the hope to make some profit.

    I don’t know if I should contact my bank and ask if they can open a dispute with the payment processing platform which bitsevens used to transfer my money. They used wemove coins, yourpay, CXE.IO.

    Also like to know if there is chance that the transfer could take longer than 6 days, maybe I still have hopes that I will receive my payment. Pls any recommendations will be much appreciated.

    I will come and update this review if I my payment arrive. If not I will still update this review. I wish I had seen this mis reviews before investing.

  78. Scam Artists

    Investing your money with these con artists will result in absolutely no return.

    Do not trust the positive, fake, reviews.
    Simply a cover up.

    Staff are horrendously rude when you want to attempt at withdrawing and decline to speak to you again.

    Please all stay well clear.


    The company behind them is according
    CAPITAL FORCE LTD (located in Samoa) known for the scam option888.

    But this one is even better:
    you give them bitcoins and nobody can help you because you tranfered it to a private btc wallet – like throwing money trough an open window – that’s the beauty of bitcoin – only you control it, but you just gave the control to a wind (scammer).

    Of course, afterwards, you get nice promises each week by a phone call and a pumped up number in $$ on the web site – who knows maybe you have more :)) after we show you some increased numbers. Just remember, IT’S THE SAME SCAM PATTERN AS OPTION888 WITH THE SAME PEOPLE.

    I won’t tell you that you shouldn’t try to make them even more rich and you more poor – please do it. They enjoy the game much more then you will.

    The deal is : you give us concrete BTC now – we give you nice promises, numbers, illusions and a place in paradise in the future. We guarantee this, but if you ask for written guarantie with real and concrete names, companies, licences – forget it, you are a partybreaker :)))

    Do you need more facts? Just ask ????


    Huge scam!

    They do not reply to eMails and will not answer phone calls.

    Once you ask to withdraw money they don’t like you.

    Please do not fall for the scam.

  81. Overall Good

    Tested out the platform, not bad so far, only having some issues adjusting the time since they are in U.S, other than that everything runs smoothly, withdrawal could be faster as it took a whole 3 days to be completed.

  82. Scam

    I have money with them £271 Tried for 2 months to get my money out website don’t work and emails to them they don’t reply I can not get my money out total scam

  83. I’ve lost my money

    Rick smith is a wanker

  84. Bitsevens

    Bitsevens is a great company and what I like most about them is the great service. At the beginning I was a little bit confused with Bitcoin because I didn’t have so much experience but then I was able to learn a lot.The account manager helped me a lot in my procedure with the activation process and the most important part of it is when I started working with the financial adviser. She was so polite and really patient with me because I’m an old men and she explained to me everything.
    I made 10 thousand profit with them and some of the profits I used for my family, right now we are still trading with the money that is left there.
    Hopefully we will be partners for a long time because they are considered like my family now.

  85. My experience

    I personally have invested money with sure as a new platform they are far from perfect, but I can recomend this platform 10/10 because of the service.

    I have tested the platform with multiple withdrawals, and it usually took 3 days for the bitcoins to show back.

    I would like more information from the previous person as so far I had no issue whatsoever.

    As an investor I would recomend this to everyone.

  86. Great Company

    I actually worked with them and have found them as a great company , They gave me a chance so I can start the first investment with a low amount so I can build experience into their Company , now it’s been 2 months that I have been working with them and made a great amount as a Second Income Monthly Withdrawals now

    I worked with Jake Wayne from their company from the start and has given me some great results from the trades and the daily news from the market , He is a very friendly person , funny guy but very serious at his job.

    I would rate this Company with 5+ Stars