Bill Ackman

Organized Crime Billionaire Oligarch Bully
Bill Ackman Review

NYC Jewish billionaire Bill Ackman is a typical Jewish Organized Crime Oligarch Billionaire bully and extortionist who works on behalf of Israel to target and take out any and all American institutions and citizens protected and covered by the First Amendment or any other part of the United States Constitution to go after, and then “take down,” or “take out,” any one who is critical of Israeli or extremist Zionist Jewish domestic or foreign policy.

He is nothing but a gangster, a mobster, who on a daily basis, aided by fellow modern day Jewish gangsters like ADL Chief Jonathan Greenblatt or Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, in the great tradition of Meyer Lansky, Bugsy Siegel, the psychopaths from “Murder Inc” like Abe Reles, Louis “Lepke” Buchalter, Mickey Cohen, Moe Dalitz, Arnold Rothstein, Dutch Schultz, Moe Sedway, and so many more (

These Jewish organized criminal parasites have now taken to threaten, blackmail, extort, and destroy Harvard University or other ivy league university presidents for the free expression of their student bodies, now no longer all white, but representing brown and people of color, as well as other people not kneeling down to their whites only dictatorship imposed on Americans of color and others.

Where once these Jewish mobsters used civil rights and liberalism to take down the previous White Anglo Saxon Protestants (“WASPs”) who owned and founded America, now they slam the door of civil rights, freedom of expression, the Bill of Rights, and the United States Constitution shut, right in the faces of new Americans, or people of color who dare to challenge their tyranny, murderous rage, and societal enslavement.

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