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Harassed by Owner of Bens Pro Painting
Bens Pro Painting Review

I feel this review needs to be written for women’s safety as well as to warn others about the owner, Ben, regarding his extreme unprofessionalism and harassing behavior.

The ‘owner’ Ben came to my home several times…initially, he seemed normal and professional but after subsequent visits to my home, he made me feel VERY uncomfortable (I lived alone at the time).

Ben never did actually give me a quote for the painting, which needed to be done, but instead, Ben kept stalling on a quote, in order to come back to my house several times with the excuse he needed to ‘’look again” at what needed to be painted. Unfortunately, what Ben wanted to look at was not the walls of my home but my body parts. Ben eventually commented on my body and made it clear he was interested in more than painting my home (I do not think he ever made a quote). It made me feel so uncomfortable and gross. Ben also starting making comments about OnlyFans and clients of his that participated in OnlyFans. Ben was making very strong advances towards me and I had to ask him to please leave my home.

Ladies beware of Ben, the owner of Ben’s Pro painting (especially, if you live alone). I was scared for my safety, after I confronted him about his behavior, and what he did. Ben started threatening me in text messages and repeatedly calling my phone.

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