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24HourWristbands.com is place is a JOKE
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This place is a JOKE. After placing my order I called to make sure my files were uploaded correctly and the customer service rep proceeded to tell me I’d only paid for a third of my order and needed to give him my credit card so he could charge the rest.

WHAT? I literally had JUST authorized and had a receipt for the full amount, I was supposed to hand my credit card over? Seemed SUPER fishy, so I asked why I was only charged that amount and he said “system glitch” and after I pressed for more info he later changed the story to “I don’t know”.

Obviously I asked to speak with a manager or ANYONE who COULD explain why I called them for something else and was told I needed to pay more for my order. But much to no one’s surprise, no manager was available to take my call. I was told I could go on a list for callbacks and someone would call within 12 hours. I reluctantly agreed and weeks later have gotten NO call from ANYONE.

THEN. The signs and stands came. Signs looked good. The stands were wire H-frames that weren’t strong enough to hold the signs. After SEVERAL attempts, I ended up requesting a refund just for the stands since I had to go order some and have them rushed shipped to get to me in time.

After my second pleasant call with customer service, not only could their customer service not handle the request, they rudely sent me to the website to submit a ticket which I did. Then the ticket was replied to and they requested pictures of what was broken, which I gladly sent. Then they ask for measurements.

I’m sorry – WHAT? What measurements could you possibly need? It’s all in the pictures and it’s a freaking UNDER $30 REFUND. I call customer service AGAIN where I was greeted with the same glorious line, “Actually mam since you submitted a ticket we can’t help you”. This is BY FAR the most worthless customer service I have ever dealt with.

34 Complaints on 24 Hour Wristbands

  1. Great buttons

    Great customer care…. easy to navigate website and you can get help with your order immediately… Great Job

  2. The product is fine! The time line for producing and shipping it was very unclear to me upon order so I missed the deadline I needed the product by.

    The product is fine! The time line for producing and shipping it was very unclear to me upon order so I missed the deadline I needed the product by.

  3. Perfect!!

    I absolutely LOVE my personalized wristbands. The quality is great and well worth the price! Shipping was a little confusing but the customer service I received was phenomenal!!

  4. can koozies

    Service was fast and great!

  5. Very pleased with the product!

    Very happy with the bracelets. They arrived sooner than I expected. I will be shopping again soon!

  6. Fast, easy, and personalized!

    I personalized some koozie as favors for my wedding. The options they had to choose from were great, the font choices were surprisingly good as well! I could not have been happier! Such amazing selection. AND! All it was delivered days after ordering!

  7. Memorial Coozies

    Very quick, professional job! Exactly what I designed and good quality product. I will certainly use them again and recommend them!

  8. Poor Customer Service

    Started off with a chat with a rep and he ended up directing me to call their support line.

    The customer service rep couldn’t get the order number right despite repeating it to him several times. After pulling up the order, I requested for an update on shipping/delivery timeline and he couldn’t specify when it would be delivered. Requested for expedited shipping to ensure delivery before our event and asked for him to charge to the payment method on file to which he could not understand what I was requesting. Asked to speak to his manager and he said they were all at a meeting and unavailable. Finally was able to get him to process the order and send confirmation.

    Received an update via online order that the order may not arrive on time. It did eventually arrive as expected, but it was such a frustrating experience with customer service.

  9. Confusion

    The initial online experience was great. I loved the color choices and that as you created, your could see it in real time. After that I received several calls from reps telling me there was a problem with the art work. AFTER that was cleared up I kept getting robo calls to inform me my order was on hold. I lost count of how many I got because after the first call I spoke with my rep that assured me everything was good. Cost great!!


    Awesome service and friendly customer service when you have a question

    Would use again and again

  11. Timely, great product

    Appreciate the honesty of wanting to order through the USA, but unfortunately I was on a time crunch so I had to choose the overseas option. Product was still great quality and what I expected from the Prototype, We’ll order again. Thank you

  12. Quick and Efficient

    Easy to use website! Great product and fast delivery! Thank you!

  13. Fast and mostly what I expected

    Overall the wristbands are pretty good, especially for the price compared to other quotes I got (tri-color wristbands with only black ink). I would give the inking a B+ because it is good and consistent on most, but if you look closely some ink is denser than other areas, even on the same wristband. I ordered triple colored wristbands (rasta) and most came out good, but there are some where the colors are not nice and separate and instead have mixed together. Even though there weren’t too many bad ones, I definitely think you need to over order by a bit to make up for the few bad ones you will probably receive.

    Even though they weren’t all perfect, I am happy with my order and I intend on ordering more of the same item once I’m out.

  14. Color is wrong

    My experience with the staff was great, everyone was extremely helpful. My problem was that I paid for a proof and when I got the email I was concerned that the ink was orange and not gold. They assured me it was gold. Well they arrived and are the exact color of the proof ….orange!!! Not so elegant for a wedding. Just because they call it gold doesn’t mean it is. Had they explained their gold color is somewhat orange I would’ve changed to a different color

  15. They wristbands were great. Price and shipping speed were wonderful. Will use the company again in the future.

  16. BE WARNED!!!!

    BE WARNED!!! This company does shoddy work. I ordered 1000 wristbands for promotion and can’t use not one if i want to protect my brand. Customer service is horrible and doesn’t comprehend basic english language.

    The print was faded and smaller than the mockup or the preview. The printing was also crooked as if they did no quality control or inspection.

    I would highly recommend staying away from this company. They’re not willing to refund even when they’re the one’s who messed up.



    S T A Y A W A Y!

  17. Outstanding Product

    Great craftsmanship. Very visible eye catching product that is all inclusive of any age. Terrific memento.

  18. Buttons were perfect

    The price was good, buttons were good quality, and delivery was quick. Basically, everything was as advertised. If I need more buttons, I know where to go.

  19. Avoid 24 Hour Wristbands!! Horrible company!!!

    I ordered wristbands for a cancer fight party and then noticed a note by my order: “High Risk Order.” When I clicked on it, I saw a notice that my order was on hold due to a supposed mismatch of credit card info. To clear the hold, I was asked to submit a photo of my driver’s license. Excuse me?! That was a first! I called them and was told that they could try to clear the hold without a photo of my ID, but it might take days AND that because I selected free shipping (never mind that I paid extra to have my product made in the USA for faster shipping), my delivery date was not guaranteed. Seeing red flags all over the place, I asked to cancel the order. I was instructed to update my order with a comment that I didn’t feel comfortable sending in an ID photo and to cancel my order, which I followed to the letter. As soon as I hung up, my credit card had miraculously been charged, in spite of a supposed problem with the info and their purported efforts to protect possible victims of stolen credit card numbers. I went on BBB and see a long list of complaints. And now I see a response from the company that a refund can take up to seven business days. What a joke!

  20. Love your work

    My ordered looked better than expected

  21. Ink injected wristbands

    The order was quick (considering they came from China and it was Chinese New Year) and the product was exactly what I wanted! I will continue to use this company

  22. Bachelorette Cups

    Easy to order, fast delivery, great product, price and shopping experience, will order again for next event.

  23. The violet purple was different than the first time we ordered them.

  24. 40th birthday coozies

    The order was quick and the product was exactly what I wanted! Great job!

  25. My experience was great. Product was awesome. I will use this company again

  26. Wristbands

    The wristband order was correct and delivered on time.

  27. Not true to color shown on computer

    Terribly disappointed. Chose a red band and the color is more of a pink/coral. Definitely not red as was chosen and shown on the screen. Will not use again.

  28. The artwork was a bit off center. Otherwise I’m good.

  29. Very pleased with the wristbands I ordered and the communication I received!

  30. Great Fast Service!

    We ordered personalized bags and bracelets for our church Fall Festival. They arrived super fast and looked great1

  31. Wristbands did not resemble the photo on web site

    Website slow and the way the selection process operates it is easy to place the incorrect order, I did it the first time, received the wrong order, I did it a second time and that too was incorrect, I will find a better place that doesn’t use false advertising

  32. Wonderful quality....fast shipping

    I ordered 500 of these wristbands to give out at a convention and I was very pleased with both the quality and speed of shipping. I would highly recommend and use this company again in a heartbeat.

  33. Yep....they are a ripoff!

    After picking the proper Pantone colors and script location online, the order came out completely different. They would not refund except for 10% of the order. Worst online company in my experience.

  34. Terrible Customer Service

    Bought $200 worth of shot glasses for a bachelor party. What we ordered and what we received were to completely different colors. We ordered what was a fire engine red print on black. What came was a red so dark it was illegible. Contacted “customer service” to correct and was informed that they do not consider it defective and what we received is what we ordered. But. . .as a sign of courtesy would give me 5% refund on my $200 order. I cancelled ordering the rest of my needs for not only my wedding but bachelor and bachelorette parties for 3 other weddings. I will be going somewhere else and trashing the now worthless items I have. Lesson learned. Stay away from this company or lose your money.

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