By Robert Emmett Murphy Jr.

I hereby refute all political grandstanding regarding the Charlie Hebdo terror attack in the shortest version possible:


(1.) Islamophobia.

Two simple to understand facts should kill all anti-Muslim bigotries, but they don’t:

• One third of the human race is Muslim
• The religion is as diverse as Christianity

art8I can safely generalize about Westborough Baptist, there’s only 200 of them and they are mostly blood relatives. You cannot safely generalize about 1.6 billion people, nor assume the Catholics are no different than Westborough Baptists.


(2.) American Gun Cultists’ dog-whistle applauding of the mass shooting.

This is, without doubt, the most disgusting trend in politicizing the tragedy this week. The American gun cult is whooping in triumph over the terrorist attack in Paris. No less than nine times in various places, including on a discussion thread on my own page and Fox News, I’ve seen a variation of Jeffrey Morin’s statement, “Am I the only one who noticed France’s gun control laws did nothing in preventing criminals from acquiring serious automatic weapons for the killing spree?”

It’s not only disgusting, it flies in the face of reality.

art7Though it hasn’t been established yet, I’m 100% sure that the guns in this crime were walked in from another country. Here in the US they don’t have to work so hard as the gun-walking does not require crossing international borders; America arms criminals internationally, not the other way around. The strong gun laws in New York State are undermined by the lax gun laws in other states, usually Virginia, and a large percentage of our illegal guns are initially bought legally by interstate gun-walkers who are notoriously difficult to prosecute because of our weak gun regulations.

Expanding beyond this tragedy, France saw 1,736 gun deaths in 2010; that comes out to 3.01 gun-related deaths per 100,000 people. The same year, the U.S. had 10.30. France has its criminal gangs, but because of strong gun regulation, most conventional criminals in France do not have fire arms; consistent with that, most French police do not carry firearms. Meanwhile, American criminals are the best armed in the Western world; in reaction to that, American police have been radically militarizing since the 1980s.

Gun and gun violence stats, US vs France, 2011 figures:

Homicide rate per 100,000: ……………………..4.7………………1.0
Total homicides: …………………………………..14,827…………665
% of homicides by firearm………………………60………………9.6
Homicide by firearm rate per 100,000………2.97……………0.06
Total number of homicides by firearm……..9,146………….35
Rank by rate of gun ownership………………..1………………..12
Average firearms per 100 people……………..88.8…………..31.2
Average total all civilian firearms…………270,000,000….19,000,000


(3.) Apologists for the killers.

In the wake of this I think it’s time, once and for all, for all Americans to acknowledge something that’s really hard to accept – assholes have rights too.

Charlie Hebdo: armed attack on officesI’m not saying that the people at Charlie Hebdo were assholes. I can’t read French, so even with the offending cartoons in front of me, I can’t be certain of the legitimacy of the charge of “racist magazine; vulgar, violent and offensive.”

Here’s the thing, it doesn’t matter. A similar attack on this nation’s shameful StormFront Magazine (America’s number one White Supremacist “news” source) would be unacceptable (I so need a stronger word than “unacceptable”).

What they said is not an issue. What was done to them is the only concern. Mitigating this art5savagery with complaints over the victims’ speech is absolutely no different than saying to a girl, “You asked to be raped because of how you dressed.”

If you are a bigot and a fool within my line-of-sight, I will not give you a moment’s peace. That being said, I will also do whatever I can to assure you sleep soundly in you comfortable bed.

Hell, if you’re dead, you won’t be there to hear me when I call you a bigot and a fool.



26 Responses to I Hereby Refute all Political Grandstanding Regarding the Charlie Hebdo Terror Attack

  1. Max Myers says:

    Whilst there is merit to your commentary in that we can’t hysterically tar all Muslims with the same brush, the fact remains that the global horrors being perpetrated are by followers of Islam. It’s only recently that clerics is western nations are beginning to voice their opposition of radicalization.

    However, it does not change the fact that in all countries with a large Muslim immigrant population, that integration and adherence to the laws of their particular host nation are deliberately being ignored and the social welfare programs abused. Yes, I’m well aware that non Muslims do the same thing, but that’s not the topic of this particular discussion. Further, there is a tacit understanding within the Muslim community to seek the establishment of a caliphate, achieving this via the ‘occupy from within’ model. How do I know this? Because as a Jew I wrote for Muslim websites to try and present a balanced perspective and it was during that tenure, that I became aware of this mindset.

    Of course there are reformist Muslims that want nothing to do with this 7th century idiocy, but one only has to look at western Islamic communities to see women still imprisoned in that dreadful black burka, or wearing the hijab, or the continuation of Female Genital Mutilation.

    Still, I’m optimistic that as horrific acts of terrorism are seen around the world, the new generation will shy away from this religious madness. What needs to happen is for Muslims, en masse, to protest these atrocities. Can’t hear them? Me neither. Personally, I never liked virgins.

    • Robert Emmett Murphy, Jr. says:

      Islam is no less (or more) a “religion of peace” than any other; even with the threat that Jihadists represent (almost always a localized threat directed against other Muslims, not outsider groups like almost all the people sitting comfortably before their computers and reading this right now) an honest man or woman can not view it as a collective rising of blood-thirsty Mohammadins to burn your house down.

      Only about 30% of the world’s Muslims live in the troubled Middle East and Africa, but the largest Muslim-majority populations are actually in Asia, about 60%, the balance of the world’s Muslims are spread throughout most of the world’s non-Muslim-majority countries. We hear overwhelmingly about the troubles in the Middle East and North Africa (and to a lesser extent sub-Saharan Africa) because of the potential impact on oil prices, but we have almost no interest in Muslim Asia, which is not without it’s troubles and terrorism, but in that region the violence is much less likely to be sectarian in nature – I’m not kidding, what little you hear of in the news is not representative: India (considered Asia, but not a Muslim majority country) is buffeted by savage Jihadist violence, but that is mostly imported from Pakistan (considered the Middle East); the 2002 Bali Bombings similarly proved to be imported ideologies. Almost unknown in the West, the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka were until recently one of the world’s blood-thirsty terrorist insurgencies (then were the first group to use suicide belts), and were made up largely of Muslims, but has little religiosity in their ideology, the were fighting for an independent home-land.

      It’s hard to get the pulse of the “Muslim street” because Islam is global, with 48 Muslim majority countries, but as it happens, PEW Research has made fantastic efforts towards that goal. They did thousands of face-to-face interviews in 39 of these countries, and regular update their findings.

      From PEW there certainly is some bad news, about 75% of the Muslim majority countries are theocracies (meaning that Sharia Law is written into their legal system) and among those interviewed, there are solid majorities in support of that (though somewhat less than 75%). Yes, I definitely believe that preference is a big part of the problem with the Middle East and Africa constantly falling into crisis, and freaks like IS being able to find footholds. But there’s a few things to keep in mind:

      Sharia law is not a singular doctrine, but a bunch of related but still competing doctrines, some more moderate, others more extremist. For example, IS will kill all those who reject their version of Sharia law, even in that person lives under a different form of Sharia.

      Support for Sharia law varies hugely from country to country and region to region. It seems that Sharia law is more popular many of the countries that have of greatest entanglements with the US national interests. For example, in Azerbaijan Sharia Law has only 8% support. In Afghanistan it has 99% support.

      Support for Sharia, or being an Islamist, does not automatically translate into being a Jihadist. Through a complex series of questions, PEW also tried to tease out how much support the Jihadists had in these countries. Not only those engaged in the religious war, but those on the sidelines who are at least sympathetic, and without whom the real Jihadists could not function. Put simply, Jihadists are not popular; those sympathetic make up only about 7% of the population. And not only are the Jihadists and sympathizers a tiny minority, their a fractured minority that don’t like each other (Hezbolla is Jihadist, but they are also IS’ sworn enemies).

      7% is a chicken-feed number. 7% of a population is no yardstick against which to measure how a community acts of thinks.

      As Islam is one third of the human race, or about 1.6 billion, 7% of that number is only….

      OK, it’s alright to get scared again.

      • Christopher Bradley says:

        “…the fact remains that the global horrors being perpetrated are by followers of Islam.” Nonsense. The fact that the great horrors being perpetrated by American Christians are being carried out by the American military makes them no less horrible, and no more ethical.

        • Max Myers says:

          Only partially correct, Christopher and a wonderful try at deflection but alas, ol’ bean, the original commentary is about Allahu Akbar in Charlie Paris, not the vile, manipulative assholes, Bush, et al, that have the blood of untold numbers of humans on their hands in their furtherance of corporate profit.

      • michael mills says:

        A correction:

        The Tamil Tigers were NOT Muslims, they were actually Hindus.

        And in India, the greater part of the violence is perpetrated by Hindus against other Hindus, usually by members of the higher castes against the low-caste population, but sometimes consisting of retaliatory violence by the lower castes.

        Furthermore, in India, Muslims are more often the victims of violence by Hindus than the reverse, particularly as Hindus have the de-facto backing of the state in a way that Muslims do not. For example, the present Prime Minister allowed massacres of Muslims while he was Governor of Gujarat Province.

      • Max Myers says:

        Your response did make me giggle in its misdirection. If being a jihadist and Sharia were the only issues, then one might find some reality in your presentation. However, there are many other issues that you ignore and yes, are directly related to the growing violence. So, Google being the wonderful research tool that it is, here’s some links for you.

        But violent jihad isn’t the only issue here. Using Sharia, Hamas suppress Palestinians, as do many Muslim nations. Secular muslims, of which there are many, are as horrified by the grown use of violence and non muslims but that’s the main difference. Yes, there are those of the Westboro Baptist lunacy, but I’ve not heard of Buddhists, Christians or Jews strapping on suicide vest, engaging in FGM, bilking the social system out of hundreds of millions, creating no go areas in European cities, attacking Jews because they’re Jews, insisting on changes to school policy as they did in Scandinavian school swimming pools, wrapping their women in head to toe cloth, murdering gays as is happening in Europe, particularly in Amsterdam, Sweden, and France plus the purge of the Green Party in Iran but don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself.

        So yes, if one isn’t scared (hysterical) then one is simply ignorant.

        • PatrickHMoore says:

          I would not tend to put that much stock in Voice of America (it’s sponsored by our own State Department). Thus, while perhaps or probably dependable of popular issues (say integration in Selma, Alabama), it may be of questionable accuracy when it come to “terror” issues. After all, the Secretary of State under W. Bush, Colin Powell lied to the nation about Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.

          Gatestone was founded by neocon John Bolton, whom I distrust just as I distrust most statements made by neocons who are focused primarily on spreading and consolidating US power worldwide.

          BBC and the NYT — mainstream papers and all that implies.

          This does not prove that the statements made by this various organs are necessarily false — merely that I tend to be skeptical about the sources.

          This whole issue is highly complex and I suspect the truth lies somewhere in between and in the intersection of the positions set forth by Messrs. Murphy, Mills and Myers. Sounds like a law firm. If I’m added to the equation, it would be Murphy, Mills, Myers & Moore. One of my brothers is a lawyer. Perhaps he could be persuaded to join the firm.

          • Max Myers says:

            Murphy, Mills, Myers & Moore. HAHAHA Love that, mate.

            Yes, the links I provided are all from news sites that have their own agenda, as they all do; some reputable, some not. The point I was trying to make was that one has to look at available info and try to somewhere discern a thread of truth, if, indeed, there is any to be found.

        • michael mills says:

          Max Myers, are you seriously insisting that only Muslims murder homosexuals in Europe?

          There have been plenty of murders of homosexuals in Western countries, including here in Australia, where both perpetrators and victims have been non-Muslims, members of the majority “Christian” community.

          I note that the concept of a Muslim imperative to murder homosexuals has played a propagandistic role in the ongoing conflict between Jews and Arabs. For example, when the burnt body of the Palestinian teenager Muhammad Abu-Khdeir was found, various Jewish sources claimed that he had been murdered by Muslims because he was homosexual. Even the Israeli police initially made that claim. Eventually it had to be admitted that the murder had been committed by three deranged Jews, members of an extremist wing of the religious settler movement.

          It should be noted that the three Jewish murderers did not select Muhammad Abu_Khdeir for killing because of anything he had done; they selected him solely because he was an Arab, a representative of a group that the murderers considered to be enemies of the Jewish people. In other words, the murderers killed an Arab because he was an Arab.

          • Max Myers says:

            Michael, nice bit of spinning, mate, but you can’t doctor the facts concerning Muslim to non Muslim acts of violence and hatred. Obviously it’s not just those of the Islamic persuasion, but that’s the topic in hand, is it not? Yes, it is.

            As for the 3 Jewish bastards that murdered Muhammad Abu-Khdeir, they deserve whatever punishment can be metered out by law. But that’s just the point, isn’t it? Law. If you want to whitewash the surge of Muslim violence toward gays, Jews and Christians, then I will constantly call you out on it.

    • michael mills says:

      Female Genital Mutilation is not a Muslim custom, ie one prescribed by Islam, but rather an ancient African tribal custom, practised by a number of African peoples, both Muslim and non-Muslim. There are references to its practice by the ancient Egyptians.

      Female Genital Mutilation is very rare among Muslim populations outside Africa, and where it does occur among African Muslim populations, it represents the survival of ancient tribal customs predating the introduction of Islam.

      Outside Africa, it occurs frequently in Yemen, where it was probably introduced from Africa, and also in Iraqi Kurdistan, where its origin is unknown.

      It may surprise you to learn that in the 19th Century, clitoridectomies were performed by gynaecologists in Europe and the United States to treat insanity and masturbation. In the United States, clitoridectomy was performed into the 1960s to treat hysteria, erotomania and lesbianism.[

      • Max Myers says:

        So it’s not happening in vast numbers in European Muslim society? Bollox. History is full of horrific injustices. However, most of the world has evolved. Most.

        • michael mills says:

          Max Myers, are you able to present any reliable statistics on the prevalence of Female Genital Mutilation among Muslim immigrants in Europe?

          For example, most of the Muslim immigrants in Britain come originally from Pakistan, where FGM is not a common practice. Is there any evidence that FGM is practised by the Pakistani immigrants in Britain?

          • PatrickHMoore says:

            FGM is appallingly common in many places from what I can gather. It does appear that it originated in Africa among non-Muslim peoples but it has unfortunately spread into Muslim communities in many parts of the world.

            Curiously, according to a site you cite in your comment — it is disturbingly common among all the major races in Ethiopia. Here are the statistics taken from Wikipedia for Ethiopia:

            The WHO gives a prevalence of 74.3% for FGM in Ethiopia (2005).[79] According to a 2005 UNICEF report, Ethiopia’s Regional statistics of the prevalence from the survey are: Afar Region – 94.5%; Harare Region – 81.2%; Amhara Region – 81.1%; Oromia Region – 79.6%; Addis Ababa City – 70.2%; Somali Region – 69.7%; Beneshangul Gumuz Region – 52.9%; Tigray Region – 48.1%; Southern Region – 46.3%. The prevalence also varies with religion in Ethiopia; FGM is prevalent in 92% of Muslim women, 72% of Protestants, 67% of Catholics and 67% of Traditional Religions.[45] FGM has been made illegal by the 2004 Penal Code. [80]

            The oppression of women, sexually, economically and socially, is an age-old problem among humans of all ethnicities and religious persuasions. I suppose it is a question of kind and degree. As long as there are humans on the face of this blighted world, women will be oppressed.

            That being said, women have their ways of oppressing men. Nothing pisses me off more than my better half telling me to take out the garbage or change the oil. Ah yes, the war between the sexes — a battle to the bitter end.

            In all seriousness, though, FGM is an appalling practice and I’ve had my moments of fury when thinking about it.

            I believe that a possible antidote to all forms of cultural oppression (and the congenital diseases that lurk within certain cultures) is to marry outside of one’s culture.

            In a larger sense, though, I despair of these problems being solved within our lifetimes and probably the lifetimes of our children.

            “My friends from the prison, they ask unto me
            How good how good does it feel to be free
            And I say to them most mysteriously
            Are birds free from the paths of the skyway?”

  2. Cynthia Williams says:

    Excellent article, and very informative.

    I would like to suggest that the criticism of wearing a Burka or hijab could go as well for Jews wearing the yarmulke.

    If it is the Religious custom it is just that.

  3. Rick says:

    Robert – I enjoyed reading your thoughtful post and your follow-up comment to Max’s remarks.

  4. Naseer Ahmad says:

    Thanks for your principled post, Robert. A contrast with those who use pat generalizations to deal with this tragedy. Or profit politically.

  5. Naseer Ahmad says:

    You might like this, Robert.

    When it’s The Telegraph saying “We can’t leave the debate on Islam to the Islamophobes” then you know there’s a ground shift going on.

    And may I add, let’s discuss root causes, instead of hateful factoids?

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