My friend, the illustrious true crime writer, Gary C. King, has been kind enough to post a guest blog of mine on his Facebook site, True Crime King. I’ll tease you with the beginning but you’ll have to zoom over to Gary’s site to read the entire exciting tale of “How I Survived the Baltimore Waterfront Gang”, a true crime story from my gallant, albeit misguided, youth:

The Beginning:

Another life, another era. So long ago I sometimes wonder if it actually happened. But I know it did. You see I wrote down the DeSoto’s license plate number.

It was very green in Maryland. The thunder bellowed and the lightning flashed and I was drenched standing by the roadside in my jeans and tee shirt armed only with my canvas flight bag. I was at an intersection in Hagerstown, Maryland on my way to California. It was 9:30 pm and I was hitchhiking because that’s how I got around back in those pre-historic days. I was traveling light — $4.79, two tee shirts, one extra pair of jeans and a copy of Lord of the Flies.

Click below to go to Gary C. King’s site to read the entire post:

How I Survived the Baltimore Waterfront Gang


3 Responses to “How I Survived The Baltimore Waterfront Gang” by Patrick H. Moore (Teaser)

  1. Max Myers says:

    Patrick, I LOVE this essay.

    “their words like body blows bouncing off my skinny frame.” Too cool, mate.

    “I wasn’t very experienced with women and had the aberrant thought that I wished she was nibbling at my ear. Wisely, I kept it to myself.” – F**king hysterical.

    “She’s got pants so hot they’d scorch your fingers.” – Great image that made me howl and yeah, I wanna meet her, I think.

    “A single driver, a G.I. from Fort Bragg, North Carolina. I got in and we pulled away. It was a nice car.” That you hammered along the interstate at 100, getting pinched by the Highway Patrol. – Bloody classic, mate.

  2. Rick says:

    That is a very entertaining story, Patrick. I assume that you made it safely back to Wisconsin eventually. How does Ballentine’s compare to PBR or Old Milwaukee? Those are horrible brews as well but were well-priced for underage drinkers.

    • PatrickHMoore says:

      After a few more adventures I managed to get there safely. It was getting out of Wisconsin that was really hard but that’s a whole different story to be told at a future date under the general heading of “How God Saved Me” as obscure and unlikely as that sounds.

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